The 2017 Black Friday Nikon deals are now live

The new Nikon Black Friday deals are now live at B&H and Adorama:

Nikon DSLR + battery grip offers

Nikkor lens rebates

I did not list the Nikon D3400, D5600 and D7500 deals but you can find them at B&H and Adorama.

See the 2017 Nikon Black Friday flyer here.

Check also the Black Friday deals from Sigma and Tamron (more available here):

Sigma announces their Black Friday lens sale

2017 Tamron Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Black Friday offers from Topaz Labs, Macphun and Franzis


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  • wow…

  • teteouu

    No D850 Black Friday deals :'(

    • next year 🙂

    • Jin Gin

      You cannot even get one with cash in hands…

  • Juan Manuel Rojas

    Will the stock last until the morning? LOL, can’t wait to finally buy my D750!

    • The D750 will probably stay in stock, but some of the lenses I think will be sold out (70-200?)

  • I just ordered mine form B&H. Not sure why Amazon has not updated their pricing yet.

    • rex360hype

      3rd party sellers are starting to update their prices. Got mine from Adorama through Amazon.

  • BG

    Nikon, stop throwing battery packs at me. I don’t want one. Slash another couple hundred bucks from those deals instead.

    • Spy Black

      Yeah really.

    • IronHeadSlim

      You could sell it as new on ebay or other. It comes in it’s own box just like a stand alone.

      • BG

        I’m not interested in doing their work for them. They are in the business of selling stuff, not me. If they produced too many batter grips and have to unload them somehow – not my problem. I imagine the eBay prices of those grips plummeting after Black Friday…

        • Allen_Wentz

          I bet they thought they would sell lots of D500 grips to folks like me who prefer single-digit type bodies. But unlike for instance the (wiggly) D850 grip, the D500 does not add frame rate and the D500 has great ergonomics, obviating the need for a kludgy grip.

          Grip or no grip is actually a substantive decision for those of us who immediately add expensive L-brackets to every camera body and require a different bracket for a grip body.

          • monocolor

            I find the retail pricing on OEM battery grips is ridiculous. So I’m glad they offer a bundle with it included… at least on the D750 since it was going to be a purchase for me anyways. Instead of buying a used one for discount, I get a brand new copy.

  • monocolor

    I’ve been trying to order a D750 since midnight on B&H and the battery grip continues to not be listed in the shopping cart — just showing $125 worth of bundleware (with doesn’t include the grip). Further, the page listing is off and on showing the grip in the included items.. hit or miss. But even on a hit it isn’t showing in the cart.

    • Juan Manuel Rojas

      Same happens to me, but when you look at your cart, click where it says “Includes free item(s): Total Value: $125.85” and it will list the “Nikon MB-D16 Multi Battery Power Pack” as one of the free items.

      • monocolor

        Thank you. Indeed it does and the order confirmation email lists it too.

  • robertwomg

    Is there any Black Friday deals in Canada for the D500?

    • Have not seen any so far.

    • Fly Moon

      I think there will be more deals in Canada on Boxing Day.

  • Alexander Gray

    Once again y’all, walk into your local Best Buy to find these deals. I’ve got the lenses in Seattle for now…

    • My two local BestBuy stores are a joke – they don’t have anything in stock.

      • Proto

        Those stores are probably tired of being the showroom for folks buying online : )

        • This was the Nikon stand at my local BestBuy a while back:

          I don’t think much has changed since.

          • CERO

            HAH reminds me of the Fry’s in Houston’s loop.
            Outdated, and empty.

        • Allen_Wentz

          That is what Best Buy may claim, but IMO it is just incompetent retailers/vendors. Costco pimps out Nikon D7xxx just fine.

          • Thom Hogan

            Best Buy shelf space is a pay to play proposition. I’ll be that what you’re seeing is the result of NikonUSA’s cutbacks, not Best Buy’s.

            • Adam Brown

              My local Best Buy.. I was surprised to find basically all the Sony mirrorless — Not positive if they had the A6500 on display, but definitely saw a full display with the A6000, A6300, A7ii, A7rii and A7sii.
              The entire rest of the “dSLR” section was mostly pretty sad.

        • monocolor

          I was in the area during the summer near the local Best Buy on a slow weekend and decided to try out the D750. The local BB has a huge display of cameras in a ring (with items in the middle to photograph) and a low hassle sales team that only asked me once if I needed help then left me be. Excellent, that is how I like sales staff interaction.

          However, I had to ask the Nikon-specific sales clerk for assistance as the display D750+24-120mm had a very dark viewfinder. He takes the camera, confirms the issue and gives it a few sharp blows to the side!, looks through the viewfinder to see it is now bright, and hands the camera to me. uhhh.. don’t buy display items apparently. haha friendly guy though. So he had that going for him.

      • Alexander Gray

        Then move to Seattle and fix your hurricane and shortage problem all in one go. 😉

    • monocolor

      The ‘local’ Best Buy is a good 45 minute drive into heavy traffic for me. If there is an issue with the item, it is another 45 minute drive into heavy traffic. I’ll stick to ordering online when I can..

  • Desirider

    On the B&H page D750+MB-D16 is the same price as D610 body only. Crazy!

  • Aldo

    Just sell the pack yourself… OR donate to charity. I happen to collect packs for the hungry

  • Eric Calabros

    The role of this monkey really needs to be explained, but the value is unrivalled: D3400, 18-55, 70-300, 35mm for just $800!

    • fanboy fagz

      whered you find that?

      • Roger S

        Adorama is offering this — not sure if others are as well. Quite a deal.

    • Proto

      Monkey is used for baby photography… to get the kid to look into the lens!

      • Spy Black

        …or adults that act like children…

        • They used one with a Barbie doll instead when they took Roy Moore’s official portrait.

          • mhammon

            Barbie would be too old for him.

    • mhammon

      I think the White House photographers use one, too. 🙂

      • Allen_Wentz

        No. At the WH the monkey is replaced with a mirror. Different tools for different children.

    • CERO

      Probably photos kit for toddlers (aka to take photos of kids in studios)

  • Spy Black

    Strange that I’m seeing all sorts of “Black Friday” deals everywhere on all sorts of things. I’m also hearing Christmas music in Dunkin’ Donuts. Strikes me as a desperate move to schlep shit on everyone. There’s no pretense about anything anymore. Every day is Black Friday for the rest of your life.

    • AlphaStatuz

      That’s our world. Everything around us is the product of corporate influence. I’ll stop there before I bend this into a ten paragraph political rant.

      • Aldo

        That is how capitalism works unfortunately

    • Claude Mayonnaise

      If you think about it, It’s our own fault for allowing our world to become this materialistic. Do we really need a D850? Nope, but we sure do go and spend the money. We are bombarded with such an amazing amount of advertising and internet hype that the consumer just keeps on consuming.

    • doge

      Never stop to think.

    • Kriss_De_Valnor

      This world does need a hard reset. Pronto!

    • Roger S

      At least the lions are trying to get something that they actually need.

      • When one “needs” something, they don’t wait for the sales to happen.

        • Allen_Wentz

          True. I bought the 16-80mm at full price of over $1k when I needed it, and was happy with the purchase. Then again, now that kit deals sometimes exist a lot of folks will postpone buying until such deals present.

    • yepits me

      What is it with people and TV,s

      • Yeah, TVs are like crack cocaine or something. I searched the web for a shot of Black Friday shoppers to go with the one of the lions and water buffalo. I liked the shot with the TVs more than the rest of what I saw, but more because of the composition than the fact it was TVs. I DO like the contrast between lions having to eat and people satisfying some superficial urge, though.

  • Hugh J.

    D750 bundle says addt’l Nikon battery, but it’s Watson in cart.

    • Which listing is that? I checked the B&H listing and it was fine.

      • monocolor

        The grip isn’t listing in the shopping cart however. Just the Watson battery shows (and bag and sd card).

      • Hugh J.

        Yep, nevermind… Before morning coffee kicked in. 🙂 Great deal, especially compared to refurb body only.

        • monocolor

          Why did you delete your comment, it still seems accurate until otherwise verified. The battery grip doesn’t show in the cart — there is no mention of it whatsoever outside of an image of the D750 and the grip. But no text to indicate it is bundled (you and I know it should be, but there is no proof). I’ve had to go around and around with B&H customer support a few years ago because one of their BF deals came with rewards that they weren’t honoring, claiming they weren’t offered. Screenshots are helpful but, in this case, even a screenshot isn’t showing it in the cart.

  • Ed Hassell

    Most (all?) of Sigma’s Art lenses are now on sale, too (typically, $100 off, but a few are more deeply discounted).

  • Joshua Deluco-Cowan

    So when are the deals on the D750 good thru ?

    • AlphaStatuz

      At least cyber Monday, I’d wager.

  • Allen_Wentz

    Anyone looking at DX should snap up the D500 with 16-80mm deal. The D810 and D750 are price deals on cameras already replaced or due for upgrades, but D500 is the best DX DSLR camera made today. Don’t get disillusioned by the “kit” pricing with the lens, the 16-80mm even at the full price I paid is a very good lens on the D500.

    IMO the only reason not to buy a D500 is if one will be buying a D850.

    • These aren’t cameras that, as much as I think they’re really good, I’m not interested in buying. So I don’t follow the pricing that closely. But, I’ve used a D750 a couple times and thought it was an exceptional machine for a lot of types of photography. To see it priced below a D500 is an eye opener. The D500 must be a pretty remarkable. And I’ve heard good things about the 16-80mm. I had the 16-85mm on my D300s and did’t think that highly of it.

      • RC Jenkins

        The D750 is an excellent ‘all-rounder,’ while the D500 is a much more specialized machine for fast-paced action (which is traditionally expensive due to higher memory, faster processing, more advanced AF, etc.) and durability. The D750’s only ‘advantage’ is primarily due to its larger sensor size. I can assure you that my D750 (for example) hasn’t aged as well as some of my other Nikons…rubber peeling off of the front of the body is never a good sign… 🙂

        I wouldn’t be surprised if these cost tradeoffs make the D500 more expensive to produce; though regardless, the pricing may also indicate that Nikon wants to (continue?) to sell more D750’s. This could be a strategic decision to attempt to sell more FX lenses, to undercut competition, or to play to the strengths of a potentially larger market the D750 may appeal to.

        A lot of variables; but both are remarkable machines that do what they’re supposed to do very well and have high value relative to their prices and competition.

        • dclivejazz

          Rubber had started to peel off my D800e before I got my D810 and now it’s happening some to that camera too. I don’t put crazy shutter counts on them either because I now use my Fuji stuff as my carry-around-everywhere cameras. They get regular if not constant use but I wish the rubber cladding would hold up better.

          • RC Jenkins

            That’s interesting; I use my Fuji (XPro2) as my carry-around-everywhere camera now as well. I love some aspects and dislike others. It’s built like a tank–except for the rubber eyecup.

            I hope at some point Nikon offers a mirrorless that marries some of the things that my Fuji does well with things I like in my Nikons.

          • HD10

            The perspiration and the oil from our hands causes deterioration to the the rubber/adhesive. A wet-wipe followed by a dry-wipe would minimize or event prevent the deterioration for many years.

            • That and extended use in hot and humid environments too. But this problem is seen only now. None of my earlier bodies had this problem even with more extensive use. QC problems and penny pinching most probably.

        • The “rubber” is stretched and loose on my Df as well. I don’t get it. I used F2s and F3s FOREVER and the leatherette never came loose or stretched. You’d think that would be one ting that would have carried over to the present.

          • Claude Mayonnaise

            I recently regripped my D700 myself. It would have been an overpriced job had I sent it in. It was kind of a bitch cleaning all of the glue off of the metal but in the end it worked out perfectly. I also loved the look of my D700 without a grip. It looked like a Terminator model. Still badass and firing away after all these years.

      • Allen_Wentz

        D750 is FX, so comparison to DX D500 is problematic; totally dependent on what any given photog wants to achieve. But within DX, the D500 is simply the best.

        The second best DX body is probably the D850. Its ability to capture both FX and DX well make it the best all-around body. Why does it matter? For tele. One’s expensive tele glass on DX at 1.5x FOV is more limiting than being able to view at 1.0x FOV while still capturing 19 MP at 1.5x DX FOV. Finding a smallish critter in the brush is easier at 300mm than at 450mm, yet the resultant capture is the FOV equivalent of the 450mm.

  • Sawyerspadre

    The D7200 body for $799 is also a pretty good deal. You still have the WMU wifi app, and the controls are very D750esque.

    Seems like a much better deal than the D7500, and you get 2 slots, non-CPU lens support, grip availability…

    • Gilbert Yu

      Does anyone see the D7200 body only for $799? i only see it at $997.

      • riotsheelds

        It was in the original ad, but Nikon pulled it. Who knows why. Refurbs are on eBay from Buydig for $650, though.

      • Sawyerspadre

        The ad says the D7200 price starts on the 23rd. Truly a Black Friday only deal…

  • Ramon Crivelli

    Anyone knows if all the deals are avaible at all Nikon authorized dealers or only the biggest like Adorama, Amazon, b&h,etc?

    • Thom Hogan

      All Authorized Dealers.

  • rolleiflexes

    that’s a pretty sweet price on the D750, seriously tempting

  • BayouBill

    The D810 deal is almost twice the price of the D750 deal, but the D810 is not nearly twice the D750 in terms of IQ.

    • AlphaStatuz

      The 810 was cheaper last year, I believe. I suppose their stock on them is such that they aren’t concerned with the ability to sell through at current prices, although I can’t imagine who would buy a new 810 now over a 750 or 850.

      • monocolor

        The 810 kit was 100 dollars less and the body 200 or 300 dollars less IIRC from looking at the 2016 BF ad here on NR (they are still available if you want specifics).

        I just put in an order for a 750 because its the balance of price, performance, and resolution I want. Just because you can’t imagine the reason doesn’t mean there isn’t a valid one behind the decision.

    • That’s because these fall in the “diminishing returns” territory. Besides, when you are talking about “810 upwards, it is not only the sensor or AF which is considered. Other esoterics like durability, ergonomics, button placements etc are very important for the intended users. That is the reason why Dx D500 has a price like Fx D750 and still holding it whereas that of D750 has fallen quite a bit.

      • RC Jenkins

        Agreed. There are some extremes that the D810 can do that the D750 just can’t. Off the top of my head, I can think of:
        1) 50% more pixels
        2) No AA filter
        3) 2/3 stop slower ISO (80% improvement in terms of absolute light)
        4) 1/8000 shutter speed (2x improvement)
        5) ~2x the buffer (in terms of frames, not buffer size. Buffer size itself is likely ~3x larger)
        6) Roughly 50% larger AF area coverage
        7) Quieter shutter
        8) Better durability (inc. shutter), weather sealing, etc.

        Interestingly, the combo of first three points here alone could be considered close to “twice the IQ” for things like landscapes or studio shots.

        Similarly, #3 & #4 allow the D810 again allow the D810 to capture scenes the D750 can’t–like portraits wide open in bright lighting–so the D810 can capture a scene that is 1 2/3 brighter (almost 4x brighter) than the D750.

        And also, #5, #6, & #7 may allow the D810 to capture continuous action or wildlife better than the D750, though there are routinely too many variables to quantify this.

        As umeshrw points out, this is diminishing returns. Whether this translates to “twice the price” is subjective.

        • spicynujac

          Quieter shutter is the only one of those that makes a difference to me. As far as one camera capturing scenes the other cannot, the D750 is the top low light performer (I think even tied with the D5 line) so it will get low light shots when other cameras cannot. I’m much more concerned about shooting with too little light than too much. Even at the same price, I’d prefer the D750, but to each his own.

          High price does not always mean better performance. The $6500 D5 has “only” 20 megapixels and “only” 100 minimum ISO, yet it’s Nikon’s top of the line camera. Different models for different uses.

          • RC Jenkins

            I’m not sure what you’re saying here? You’re making the same mistake BayouBill made of comparing only a single aspect. That’s not what this is about. Also, the D810 has a quieter shutter than the D750.

            Nobody said anything about a relationship between price & image quality.

  • RC Jenkins

    I find it interesting how many of us comment on what is “the better or “the best” deal in a vacuum without considering its alignment to a user’s specific use cases and priorities.

    The ‘best’ deal is the one that offers the features & responses that align closest to what & how you shoot and falls within your budget. This is always subjective.

    • That is exactly why the sales become a deal. So that even if it is not the correct deal, it seems to be so.

    • decentrist

      and then the D850 happened

  • Дмитрий

    рука – лицо так наебывать юзера. d810 за 3200 с батблоком как будто он не устарел и не стоит 2200 на черном рынке уже как 2года.
    за 2200 покупать влом все ждали за 1700-1900 распродаж

  • Tom Malewicki

    D750 being so cheap must be that they are trying to get rid of stock. It is the only reason why, I am sure they are getting ready for an update next year. D500 and D810 I am sure will be around for a while.

    • BVS

      Except that they had the same deal this time last year, and we thought the same thing then…

    • CERO

      I’mstill scratching my head. Does this means the D6XX lineup will be abandoned and only focus on D7XX and D8XX series?

  • Lucas Ettore Chiereguini

    I’m almost buying a D500, just need my credit to allow me. I wish Brazil could’ve made this offer for the free grip, because it’s something I need for the most… And I can’t buy it from B&H because of taxes…

    • SteveWithAnS

      Do it, the D500 is amazing.

    • Allen_Wentz

      Seriously, what do you “need” a grip for with a D500? Do you need extra battery for time-lapse? I have large hands and mostly single-digit bodies, and find D500 ergonomics excellent without adding the grip.

      • Lucas Ettore Chiereguini

        mostly because of portrait perspective… I shoot it too much handheld… Also, some of my trips are some Km from the closest energy source, and some home made solar painel isn’t quick enough 🙁

        but, I like big cameras and I cannot lie.

        • spicynujac

          Grip is great for portraits, otherwise I take it off. Vello brand from B&H is good, Nikon is overpriced, other brands I tried were junk.

          • Lucas Ettore Chiereguini

            what about Meike? Junk too? I’ll take a look at the Vello one… I always had everything from Nikon, it would be the first time I owned something from 3rds

            • spicynujac

              I think I tried Meike but I’m not positive. I tried a bad Vivitar one and another one. But Vello is cheap, so I would just buy Vello. There are also plenty of good third party of lenses you are missing out if you don’t try them. Nikon makes good equipment, but they are not better than competing products 100% of the time.

  • CERO

    nice prices! so bad im broke.. but I hope for next year to get some lenses. My D500 is gorgeous.

  • Coffee

    Biggest issue of this promotion, they won’t ship it to Canada. Now where is my Canadian promotion for a free grip!

    • KnightPhoto

      Last Black Friday I bought my second D500 $450 off, my local Canadian dealer. Get yourself down to a dealer and see if it is a possibility this year (takes the edge off paying for a genuine grip 😉

    • KnightPhoto

      Did you get the email from Nikon Canada – $500 off on the D500…
      and $750 on the D750

  • Vik M

    I had been waiting for a while and Finally pulled the trigger. My D750 was delivered today from B&H. Thanks for the link!

    • Juan Manuel Rojas

      Congratulations!! Still waiting for mine… enjoy it!

  • Дмитрий

    were is rebate? dont see

  • yat

    why d750 accessory deal is better at adorama than bhphoto?
    anything i am missing?

    • Juan Manuel Rojas

      It’s not really “better”… the bag provided by Adorama is of a much lower quality, the memory is smaller than BHPHOTO (32gb vs 64gb), and the rest of the stuff that Adorama gives you really don’t look so atractive. I guess it’s just a personal thing.

      • yat

        Interesting. Thanks.

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