Weekly Nikon news flash #447

Zeiss Milvus ZF.2 4-lens bundle for Nikon F-mount now available for $6,850.

→ Nikon rebates for December: B&H | Adorama.

→ There are 5 Nikon DSLR cameras in Dpreview's "2017 Best Cameras" listing (out of 14 cameras: 5x Nikon, 4x Sony, 3x Canon, 1x Fuji, 1x Panasonic).

→ The best lens for star photos comparison: Sigma 14mm f/1.8 Art ($1,599) vs. Rokinon 14mm f/2.4 ($999) and f/2.8 ($379)

Just released: Capture One 11, Aurora HDR 2018 1.1.1 and Franzis HDR Projects 2018

Just released: Capture One 11, Aurora HDR 2018 1.1.1 and Franzis HDR Projects 2018.

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  • Just Me

    HOLIDAY150 coupon is no longer available at BuyDig for the Tamron 24-70

    • Amir

      Peter these days tends to post expired deals! I taught I was the only guy who missed that deal on Tamron 24-70 G2!

      • Sorry, it was valid a few days ago, will take it out.

      • BTW, what other expired deal did I post? Please provide link.

      • PhilK

        Let’s be fair: many of these kinds of deals are very short-lived, and expire without warning.

        I’m glad Peter posts them. Removing them after learning they are expired and updating the posts is a perfectly fine response to unexpected expiration of such deals, IMHO.

        Warning when posting deals that they may expire at any time is also helpful, and I believe Peter does this too.

        If you don’t want to be disappointed, read NR often enough that you aren’t late to the deal party. 😉

        • I ALWAYS check the deals before posting. The problem with the weekly links post is that I am collecting them the whole week… Going back to what Amir said – if he checks a post a week later, yes, some of the deals can be expired.

    • I removed that deal – the coupon was valid a few days ago when I tried it.

  • Fly Moon
    • Just Me

      7 minutes late and $150 short. 🙂

  • Proto

    In DPReview, cameras with the highest quotient of “i want it” are (1) D750 – 905 (2) D850 -632 (3) D5 -484 (4) Sony 7RIII -350 (5) Fuji X100F -340

    Nikon takes all top 3 positions! No Canon in high-wants

    • This is interesting, you can’t blame dpreview for those results.

      • Fly Moon

        This list is wrong. I am a Nikon user. This is not a big deal but we need to have facts.

    • EnPassant

      Not surprising when Canon have the sensors with worst dynamic range. 6DII was an extremely disappointing release. Almost worse than the original 6D. Except for video AF D750 beats it in almost every way.
      5Ds also is another sensor failure. Just like Sony’s NEX-7 it makes a lot of older wide glass bad with smearing corners.
      If I wanted a high resolution sensor with Canon lenses I would rather buy an A7RIII with an AF adapter.
      1DXII and 5DIV might still be okay if fast AF is needed. But neither feel desirable.

      The only current Canon camera i find interesting is M5, although we might see a replacement soon. But price for it is still too high. Just like for Nikon’s D7500 which should have been named D6500 and have a price just above D5600.

      Not that I care. I’m now most curious to see Nikon’s mirrorless cameras coming next year. What else will Nikon release? Except for a D5s maybe a D750 replacement?
      Also Sony’s release of A7III will be interesting as well as Fujifilms new pro x-mount camera coming in February according to the rumors. Olympus EM-5III is also expected.

      Given Canon’s long history of nonsense upgrades of cameras my hopes for the 90D are low. And will Sony release an A77III or for that matter a lens for their APS-C E-mount or an APS-C E-mount camera with a SLR form factor?
      Lots of interesting rumors to look forward to!

      • Spy Black

        The Mk IV sensor had a significant improvement in sensor performance over previous Canons, with around a 2 stop jump in dynamic range and lowered noise. We may be seeing a turning point at Canon who may finally be addressing those particular shortcomings.

        • What we’re seeing, unfortunately, is continued snobbery from Canon, a clear statement: “If you want the best sensors, you have to get the flagship, or wait a generation or two before we consider letting the technology trickle down to lesser models”

          Canon has been doing this for decades, and even when they were “top dog” in image quality back in the mid-2000’s, I still stuck with Nikon because I felt like, even if they were inferior in one regard or the other, they would never withhold their best features and technology from their mid-grade or even beginner cameras, unless they absolutely had no other choice for cost-cutting reasons.

      • Looks like maybe sony trolls got wind of this poll in time. Another hijacking attempt in a different way maybe.

        • No doubt DPreview has a customers panel made of many Sony fans.

        • Not surprised at all after the amount of Sony spam I get here.

    • dikiz

      This is not up-to-date. People don’t update their choice, if they would D750 would be out of the top now

    • ZoetMB

      I couldn’t find this on DPReview. I see a poll in a number of categories as to what users think are the “best” cameras, but that poll doesn’t close until December 18th and it’s not a “I Want It” poll. Can you please point us to the poll you’re referring to.

  • A. F.O.

    After 3 years, I guess, the D750 still beats their rivals for DP guys!… eheheh 🙂
    Nikon really knows how to make a good camera. No doubt.

    • thundrrd

      Yes, Nikon makes great cameras in my opinion, but they are so lame in their marketing and that really hurts them.

      Of course, being that they also try to hide when there are issues with their cameras instead of just getting out in front of it, also hurts them.

      IMHO, I think the big reason Nikon hasn’t killed their brand is because in many cases they make the best camera, but god do they love to shoot themselves in the foot.

      • I agree, I cannot believe how many screw-ups they did in the last few years. But they still know how to do a camera right. Curious to see what they will do with their mirrorless camera.

      • A. F.O.

        Agree, they should only do cameras and lenses and let Americans do the marketing 🙂

  • sickheadache

    Did a quick research of the Zeiss Bundle..if you purchased one by one and including the case..YOU would come out 300 dollars Cheaper, besides the bundle together…hummm

  • Thank you for sharing the NatureTTL video, @NikonRumors:disqus !

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