Update on the rumored Nikon Coolpix P900 replacement

Nokishita recently published a full list of cameras and lenses already registered with various government agencies but not yet officially announced. Nikon currently has only one new camera registered (N1622) together with the upcoming N16F1 remove control. I believe this N1622 registration is for the rumored Nikon Coolpix P900 replacement. As Nokishita already reported, the camera was scheduled to be manufactured in the Chinese factory that was recently shut down - this could explain why we have not seen the official announcement yet:


  • Digital camera
  • Made in China (It was planned to be manufactured at the closed factory)
  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth installed


  • Remote controller
  • Wire type: Bluetooth 4.1 + LE
  • Battery: Coin type lithium battery CR 2032


  • Dot site for camera

I also think the N16H0 dot site is an accessory for the P900 camera replacement - something similar to the Olympus EE-1 dot sight:

The price of the P900 recently dropped to $579.95.

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  • doge

    lol. what is that dot sight for? That seems absolutely pointless.

    • Fly Moon

      It seems a best seller at B&H!!

      • Wonder if i can use it with a dslr…

        • Allen_Wentz

          The reviews say yes you can. One reviewer specifically referenced using it on a D3x. I might try one for the 300mm f/4, but it looks awfully breakable.

    • I guess it is used to batter “aim” the camera – when you are are 2000mm, it’s hard to point the lens to the place you want to photograph.

      • animalsbybarry

        A red dot finder (similar to a gunsight) has a red lid in the base
        This is reflected from a curved semitransparent mirror ( the dot can only be seen by the camera user, not by the subject)
        The curve of the mirror is precisely matched to the led distance/angle so the dot appears where the camera is aimed even if it is viewed at an angle.

        The image is not magnified so it makes it easy to acquire your subject with a long lens
        The dot can be adjusted for accuracy

      • Eric Duminil

        How, so it’s like a finderscope on a telescope? It would make sense. My telescope is a 1250mm f/5 and it’s really hard to find the moon without finderscope. So with a longer focal length, smaller aperture and moving objects, I guess it would be next to impossible to find anything without zooming forth and back.

        • yes, that’s exactly what it is for

    • TurtleCat

      It’s a concept very familiar to astronomers. A dot site finder is quite effective in getting you about where you need to be. Many finderscopes are basically the same thing.

  • Aldo

    Flat earthers are not happy

    • bgbs

      On contrary, they are really happy. P900 was the official flat earthers camera.

      • Aldo

        Is that right? You can basically prove the earth is round with it…

        • Flat earthers can use their special logic to prove otherwise.

          • BVS

            Yeah, any curvature is probably just lens distortion. 😉

        • bgbs

          You can prove with that camera that you can see around curvature.

        • Michael Turner

          Flat Earthers use flat lenses.

      • IronHeadSlim

        I’m hoping to see England from New Jersey when the new model comes out! : )

        • Allan


        • bgbs

          You can’t see England it’s too far away. The simple laws of perspective and atmospheric conditions won’t allow you to see anything.

          • IronHeadSlim

            How about with a nice clear high pressure system covering the Atlantic?!

          • Allan

            If Sarah Palin can see Russia through her kitchen window, IronHeadSlim will be able to see England through his P900.

      • I thought it is a flat moon camera.

  • animalsbybarry

    Without a factory to build this camera we are unlikely to see the camera soon

    It’s a scary cycle
    Sales drop so Nikon cuts expenses and builds less product

    Profits increase due to cost cutting

    Not enough new product

    Sales drop again

    Nikon cuts costs again

    Nikon shows another profit

    • Allen_Wentz

      Disruption. Nikon must react as smartphone cameras provide an increasingly high proportion of overall digital image captures.

    • thundrrd

      Then Nikon develops a Killer camera everyone wants but Nikon has closed all it production plants and they have to build it in their garage at home. Nikon becomes a new start up building cameras in their garage at home.

  • Espen4u

    A P910 would’ve been an easy sell. Maybe shutting that factory down completely was a bit premature? My guess is that the DL’s would’ve been born there as well. So does N has any (own) small sensor production sites left?

  • Vincent

    Now we’ll see if Nikon is still stupid (Jpeg only), or got smarter (RAW)

    • Allen_Wentz

      Nikon’s engineers are _not_ stupid. My guess is that many folks would not like what they get with RAW data from a relatively cheap 100x zoom lens before Nikon works image correction magic on it.

      • Or they want to protect their higher end products. Afterall this camera can be a smartphone to telephoto DSLRs

        • BVS

          Nikon B700 has RAW though.

          • Allen_Wentz

            I did not know that. And aside from sample variation B700 pix are reported as reasonably good.

  • Jean Bernard

    Strange since few Months ago it was the N16D3 that was supposed to be the P900 replacement to be build in Malaysia…

    • I am just reporting based on the info from Nikoshita – they are very reliable.

  • T.I.M

    They already replaced the the P900, it’s called the Hubble telescope.

  • CG462

    I wonder if they stick with the same lens or increase the range.

  • Vox Pupuli

    That’s great as if N16H0 dot site is an accessory for the P900 camera replacement that would indicate that Nikon is addin hot/cold shoe.

    As said earlier: Nikon P900 is one hell of an camera.(I captured ISS and Galilean moons with ease) – it came 2.5 years ago and still does not have any competition.
    In my opinion if Nikon is about to announce its successor ( I think too
    early ) for 100th anniversary one can assume that it should continue the
    line with the same sensor size: 1/2.3″ (6.17 x 4.55 mm) and as rumored
    larger telephoto range.

    What I would love to see:
    – 24mm-3000mm range,
    – Keep phenomenal f2.8(or try to improve it if possible) on wide and try
    best possible on telephoto.(less than f8 would be great)
    – ISO. With newer sensor sensitivity/ISO should be better, preferably 100-12800. (Plus maybe night mode 25600 B&W only)

    – As an upgrade of P900 it should keep all its functions i.e. GPS, WiFi/NFS connectivity, EVF, articulate screen, flash, usb charging(I use it to connect mobile battery pack 5200mAh 2nd gen Anker Astro) … etc.

    I don’t care about:
    – resolution. If its (predecessor’s) 16MP its fine. Even lower 12-14MP would be ok if pixel size/sensitivity would be better.
    – size&weight – if it’s 3000mm then I don’t care if it’s larger and weights upto 1300g.
    – USB 3.0 or other better connectivity.
    – better EVF or screen resolutions.
    – price – I can pay up to 850USD for good quality 3000mm.(bargain)

    What would be nice to have but not absolute priority(most important things first/decreasing importance order):
    – better metering and AF.
    – MANUAL LENS RINGS with proper markings for both precision zoom and focus.(so we could switch from motor and zoom using hand on ring – would allow precision zoom and save lots of battery life)
    – better optical stabilisation.(if it’s even possible after P900)
    – 4k 30fps recording mode.
    – shutter speed 1/8000 to 30sec.
    – RAW
    – Hot shoe (GPS module could be moved to the side)
    – Two card slots (gives possibilities as to ‘RAID’ modes: one card
    records video one taken photo while recording, two cards simultanious
    ‘safety’ record etc) Both SD/SDHC/SDXC cards (UHS-I or II or III bus
    – Better resolution EVF.
    – 4″ fully articulate screen size.
    – Super Slow Motion Video: VGA 640×480@500 or 1000 fps.
    – LUA scripts runner.(sth like in CHDK)
    – Quiter, faster motor for zoom (like Canon USM)
    – Larger/more capacity battery/400 or more CIPA.
    – Dedicated programmable buttom.(for instance for x125 zoom etc.)
    – Marks on lens indicating what zoom is used (i.e. 24mm, 50mm, 100mm, etc…)

    Meeting 90% of these requirements would be my dream superzoom camera.
    That’s my two cents.

  • Mike Penco

    I own a Nikon Coolpix P500. Is there any attachment that I can use to facilitate the use of additional lenses?

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