First image of the upcoming Nikon Bluetooth remote control

This is the first picture of the new, not yet announced, Bluetooth Nikon remote control that has been already registered with the Taiwan NC agency under the code N16F1 (Bluetooth 4.1 + LE).

Via Nokishita

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  • HD10

    An IR/BT combo would have been nice.

  • Eric Calabros

    Rec button without LV? Seems its for mirrorless.

    • I was going to say the same thing – this appears to be for the new mirrorless camera…

      • Sebako

        Could it not just be for all SnapBridge equipped cameras?

      • Mike

        Or the Fn buttons induce LV…?

        • Doug Chute

          More likely the record button would trigger LV, seeing as you can’t record without live view being active.

          • Spy Black

            Not sure if Nikon has that much common sense.

            • Eric Calabros

              What if you want to enter LV but don’t want to shoot video?

          • Thom Hogan

            More likely is that this is SnapBridge related.

        • Eric Calabros

          Fn buttins on remote do the same things that Fn on camera body do.

          • Doug-e-fresh

            Obviously, but fn buttons serve as a higher function of control than mearly turning on a display screen.

      • animalsbybarry

        At this point Nikon has every reason to release a FF mirrorless NOW
        The A7Riii is very competitive with the D850
        Those who preffer DSLR will buy the D850 those who preffer mirrorless will buy the A7Riii….the new Nikon Mirrorless ,if realeased soon, will therefore compete with A7Riii sales and NOT COMPETE with D850 sales because those who preffer mirrorless will only be buying the A7Riii anyway

        Personally I would preffer mirrorless and based on the cameras alone would choose the A7Riii this spring….but Sony does not have the long lenses I want so if I had to decide today I would still go with the D850

        The perfect lens (in my opinion) to release alongside the new mirrorless Nikon would be

        200-600 F4.6-5.6
        Or better yet
        300-800 F5.6-6.3
        Both lenses would be about the same size, wieght, and reach (with teleconverters) but the 300-800 would rely less on the teleconverters and therefore have better quality

        • I think you just wrongly assume that so many people care about mirrorless right now. If they did, they would have gotten one already. Remember that camera market is still shrinking with or without mirrorless or DSLR and mirrorless will not save the industry. Also, just now in 2017 the latest mirrorless offerings started to make sense with the latest improvements – dual memory cards, better battery life, better EVF, more lenses, etc. I seriously don’t understand how some people bought mirrorless cameras a few years ago… Anyway, you waited to see Sony’s next camera so now you should be able to make your choice and be happy with it. The latest Sony and Nikon offerings are pretty good – you have to decide which way you want to go. I have long made that decision already and I am still happy with it. Will I change my mind one day? I don’t think so. I already have invested in 2 systems over the past 10+ years (Nikon & Leica) and there is no way I will start buying into a third system. If I want to make sure I get the shot, I use Nikon, when I travel or on vacation, I use the lighter and smaller Leica kit. You see – it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

          • ZoetMB

            Most people can’t afford Leica which is so costly, it makes Sony’s prices seem reasonable. 1/3rd of Leica’s M-series lenses are $5000 or more. $6495 for the new 90mm f2.2 Thambar? Sony’s release of the a7rRiii may have been long planned and it might be a coincidence that it’s launching not long after the D850 or it might have been that Sony waited until they knew exactly what the D850 specs and pricing were going to be in order to make sure they covered their bases.

            While it’s true that the iii is the same list price as the ii was at launch, it’s also true that it’s $100 less than the D850. Purposeful?

            If I’m correct that Sony waited for the D850 to “improve” upon it, it was equally smart for Nikon to wait for the a7riii to potentially improve upon that, if indeed they did wait. Or, it just might be that Nikon was late making up their minds as to what they wanted to do, if anything, for their mirrorless, since they seem so indecisive lately.

            I don’t know what you mean by “save” the industry. The niche players will probably eventually disappear no matter what or simply have Chinese companies OEM their low end camera and they’ll add their logos. While it’s true that overall camera sales are down, as I’ve posted before CIPA stats show that mirrorless sales are up 51% YTD, although they’re still only 53% of DSLR unit sales.

            If mirrorless attracts smartphone users and it also becomes the second camera for DSLR users, it could indeed “save” the industry. If all it does is move users from DSLRs to mirrorless, it doesn’t help the industry grow, but it does postpone death.

        • D700s

          I know we’re off topic here but I have to ask. What is it about mirrorless that makes it too special. Marketing and hipster attraction are making this mirrorless craze more than it really is. Maybe someday there is a remarkable difference but I don’t see it yet. Sorry, I was thinking out loud again.

          • From a user’s perspective, there are some advantages, such as seeing a much more accurate facsimile of what the final shot will look like in terms of color, noise, and DOF, since your preview comes from the same sensor you shoot from.

            Then there’s the potential for adapted lenses from almost any system, since the Achilles heel of cross system compatibility (being flange distance) is totally irrelevant when there’s no mirror to limit things.

            There’s less chance for broken AF, since there’s no mirror/sub-mirror to get out of line. WYSIWYG, and if it looks in focus on the screen/EVF, it’s really in focus.

            Through the lens/mirror AF has some limitations since you always lose light, and there’s only so close you can get to the edges of the mirror.

            And if you’re into manual focus (lots of folks still are) MF with live view is a revelation.

            From the manufacturers’ side, mirror systems are expensive to design and produce. If they sell a camera at the same price as its mirrored counterpart, they’re probably getting a bit more profit. (Although, if one considers that incredibly capable film cameras were selling for a fraction of most DSLRs today, one wonders how much truth there is to that.)

          • akkual

            Smaller size as there is no room needs for the mirror. That is by far the only major thing that makes difference in favor of mirrorless. I am personally intriqued buying Fujifilm GFX for this particular reason, it gives medium format in size of FF DSLR with superior lenses. Then speed and battery lifetime favors DSLRs, but mirrorless will eventually catch in those, I assume. Rest of the ups and downs are quite irrelevant tomatoes/tomatos in DSLR vs. mirrorless fight.

        • I can think of a whole lot of reasons, and they’re all lenses that don’t exist yet.

          Granted, they could kick it off with only a couple good ones and have spectacular performance with adapted F mount lenses, and it’d probably sell like hotcakes.

          Other than possibly AF, there’s not a lot of benefit to purpose built lenses that aren’t wide for a mirrorless body. At least in terms of optical formula. For example, check out the optical formulas of lenses like the Sony 24-70mm or 70-200mm GM. They clearly have room to build the same lense with a big flange distance. Even looks like it from the outside!

          Having said that, I guess there’s nothing stopping Nikon from selling some slightly rejiggered F mount lenses with taller mirrorless mounts and calling it good. Just that an adapter solution maintains their (declining) lens compatibility karma.

        • SteveWithAnS

          F/5.6 throughout or bust!

          What’s the benefit of buying a slightly lighter mirrorless body if youre going to strap a large heavy lens on it?

          • ZoetMB

            Because it fits in the case better and makes it easier to drag around; when you use a small, light lens, the kit is incredibly small and when you put a big lens on it, it’s still a bit smaller and lighter than the equivalent DSLR kit. But is it worth a total reinvestment just to get that? Probably not. If I bought a Sony with the big 3 zooms, I’d have to spend $11K, not including filters, batteries, tax, etc. and I can only get about $2200 for the Nikon kit I have. For $8K, I’ll carry the larger, heaver kit. But…if Nikon released a quality mirrorless that was compatible with current lenses, that would be a much less expensive investment and probably quite doable.

            • SteveWithAnS

              Yeah, I was asking why it made sense with large telephoto lenses. I get that I could fit a mirrorless camera with a pancake lens in my front pocket…probably. It just seemed like animalsbybarry had a hardon for a light mirrorless camera strapped to an 8lb+ lens and at that weight I’d rather have a camera body with fantastic ergonomics (D500, D850) than some tiny mirrorless body that saved me 0.5lbs.

          • TwoStrayCats

            It will attract chicks. And you will look like someone important.

        • Noah Sabatier

          I believe sigma produces a 300-800mm F5.6, it’s a monster of a lens and I don’t believe it’s highly popular. Just checked, it’s $8000 US on the sigma website.

      • blahfasl

        That does not make too much sense. Even though I really hope they will finally make their move ton conquer the mirrorless world.

    • Shutterbug

      Or it does both (enters live view) with the press of a button. Or it’s designed to be used once already in Live View when the camera is primarily set up for Video. You might be right but there are several ways it could still apply to something like the D850.

      • Eric Calabros

        A remote that only works in LV? Doesn’t make sense.. marketing-wise.

        • Thom Hogan

          Note that it’s Bluetooth. SnapBridge is Bluetooth, and able to pull the camera into LV. Now think about the consequences…

  • Cpk


    • blahfasl

      Knowing Nikon, that would be too cheap!

  • doge

    It probably doesn’t work with Keymission cameras.

  • Vosi

    I’ve never been so excited just by seeing a new remote.

  • Fly Moon

    I’ll buy one

  • Honestly, I’d rather see Nikon put out a robust and well executed remote control phone app…

    • %(numUsers)

      “Nikon” and “robust software” in one sentence… yeah, next you’ll want it to be “user friendly” as well.

      • TurtleCat

        True enough. Even though they seem loathe to do it, Nikon should outsource all software things to companies that can do it and do it very well.

        • thundrrd


        • %(numUsers)

          Yeah… unfortunately, Nikon still doesn’t seem to want to play nice with other companies – be it software or third party lenses. (Sigma, with its rather superb lenses lately seems to be still in the doghouse…)

          Which is really a crying shame, and an astonishingly bad business model. Nikon has historically always had a rather fiercely loyal user base, and their new DSLR bodies are coming along quite nicely in many respects… but FFS, open up a bit, will ya?!

    • Spy Black

      The saddest part is that before Nikon fucked everything up with SnapBridge, you could control your entire camera from apps like DSLR Dashboard with the built-in Wi-Fi or add-on Wi-Fi unit.

      • Thom Hogan

        I don’t believe that’s changed. Sure, some of the underlying API/communications have changed and Nikon may not have documented that well, but…

  • Hans Bull

    If it only wasn’t so ugly

    • Mike

      Does a remote need to be pretty? lol

      • TurtleCat

        No, but it helps with impulse purchases. It needs to have high usability. I’m not entirely sure this one has the best usability. It should also be added as a smartphone app. There’s no logical reason why this couldn’t be included in the current ones.

  • bobgrant

    Who designed that? Subaru? Ug-a-lee.

  • decentrist

    the red button releases an emp signal to all Sony cameras within a city block…..only for the first fifty customers

  • WoodyM

    Remotes are like donuts, you can’t stop with just one.

  • Elbert Jan Achterberg

    Could be great, but how will it affect battery life and is the coupling fast and reliable or a major pain (like my Bluetooth carkit)

  • Vince Vinnyp

    the + – Buttons could be great of they are for exp comp or MF but power zooms have not gone well.

  • speedy

    User Interface is like a joke, not very good if it needs explaining. This one need a manual.

    • TurtleCat

      It’s a typical camera-maker interface. Made by extreme left brained people who think everyone is like them.

    • BVS

      What’s complicated about it? It simply replicates the buttons on the camera.

      • Thom Hogan

        Which camera? ;~)

        And everyone’s been ignoring the +- button at the top.

  • speedy

    Maybe this was designed by the engineers in China after they heart their plant will be axed.

  • Neil Mortimer

    That thing looks like it is worth at least $400, based on Nikon’s similar products.

    • MB

      The only similar Nikon product I know of is ML-L3 and is much cheaper than $400 …
      This one has a couple more buttons but I doubt it will cost more than $100, or at least it shouldn’t because 3rd party shops will clone it in no time …

  • Shutterbug

    Would be great if it works with Snapbridge. E.g. the D500 can’t be released with the ML-L3, which is a shame.
    However, it’s great to see the remote has a loop for a strap or hook. Missed that on the ML-L3.

    • Strangely, ML-L3 compatible cameras are actually easier to trigger with a phone, since there are plenty of free apps that will trigger a camera via IR. I can’t get Snapbridge to connect to my D500 99% of the time, other than just bluetooth.

      • Sawyerspadre

        This thing is Bluetooth, so you may be in luck!

  • Art

    $345. Not because I know anything but simply because Nikon tends to charge insane prices for simple stuff. Buy a lens cap lately?

    • Sawyerspadre

      If this is more than $49, it’s a ripoff. Compare it to other Bluetooth remotes.

      • Eric Calabros

        To which one?

        • Sawyerspadre

          An example might be the Apple Siri Remote, which ships with the Apple TV. You can buy one for $59, and it has IR, BT, a Mic for Siri, and a mini trackpad, plus buttons, and a rechargeable battery, that charges via Lightning. It’s also firmware upgrade able via Lightning, for future enhancements.

          It shows how much capability can be included at $59

  • ok, then get the Sony and call it a day – you are killing yourself, at the end of the day it’s just a camera….

  • SteveWithAnS

    Have you heard anything about a special nikon USB 3.0 to USB C cable to allow us to bypass using Snapbridge for newer android phones?

    • no, I have not

      • SteveWithAnS

        That’d be a low tech dream come true.

        Do you think the D850 will have any slight holiday savings, or is it too close to the release for that to happen?

        • MB
        • TurtleCat

          No chance. They are selling all they can make. No reason to drop the price until demand softens.

        • Sawyerspadre

          Maybe if you are thinking of Fathers Day ( in June) or perhaps the July 4th Independence Day! Not likely before then.

          • SteveWithAnS

            Darn. I preordered one, but cancelled after a while because I got tired of waiting. 3299 seems like a great price, but I’d instantly put in another order if it fell to 2999. Maybe I’ll wait for the possible sale in June. My D500 is fine for now, but what’s the point of taking pictures if you can’t print out life size fathead pinups of people from 45mp files?

      • Sawyerspadre

        Apple has a USB to Lightning adapter, that I have used all the way back to my D700. They also have an SD to lightning adapter. Both used to only work with iPad but now work with iPhone as well.

    • Thom Hogan

      Why would that be a special cable? The Nikon cameras that use USB 3.0 use a standard cable connection, and there are plenty of USB 3 to C options out there (you still only get 3 speed, though).

      • SteveWithAnS

        See, the nikon one would have their logo in gold letters and cost $70 compared to the Amazon basics one for $6 and it’d be a collector’s item.

        Didn’t you mention previously that tethering like this would not work without some software enhancement?

        • Thom Hogan

          Tethering would require software on the attached device. But many people already use the fact that the phones will detect the DCIM folder for browsing/import.

          • SteveWithAnS

            So it should work on an android phone then? I imagine it’d be easier if I shot RAW and also JPEG for quick transfers so I wouldn’t have to use LR on my phone to do that conversion…

            • Thom Hogan

              Don’t know, as I don’t have a current Android phone (let alone all the OS variations) to test it.

            • SteveWithAnS

              I ordered a cable, so I’ll check it out and let people know. Peter’s way is cutting edge low-tech, so maybe I will have to try that out too.

            • I can bet I can transfer images faster than Snapbridge 🙂

            • SteveWithAnS

              I bet you could transfer videos too if you wanted to.

            • yes, done it many times

            • Eric Calabros

              Not sure about tethering, but downloading Jpegs is very easy. We use ES Explorer (this damn app opens anything from any source).

  • This would be great. I am tired of buying the aftermarket wireless shutter releases. I can’t get one to last longer than 6 months.

    • Spy Black

      At $5-$10 a pop, does it matter?

      • Allen_Wentz

        Yes. We buy Nikon because we want solid, dependable; not a new cheap piece of junk every six months.

        • Spy Black

          Do you honestly believe the Nikon ML-L3 is going to last longer? 😀

      • I have always bought the RFN-4s which is a radio control shutter release for my D800 It works great for landscapes, however its 64 bucks on Amazon and the reliability is low. I do have a wired shutter release, but now days I just use the 2 to 5 sec timer built into the camera.

  • MonkeySpanner

    I have not yet tried snap bridge. Is it as bad as everyone here says? The only thing I need a wireless implementation to do is send all jpgs to my cellie without complaining and dont give me effin grief. I dont think that is too much to ask in 2017.

    • SteveWithAnS

      Snapbridge is an absolute joke. Actually, the best luck I had with it was with my Galaxy S5 and D500 when the D500 first came out. My connection was intermittent and it did not have repeatable results. On my S8+ with the most recent version on snapbridge I cannot even get it to connect. The app on the phone was saying Connected and the camera was saying connection failed…I have tried snapbridge on at least 3 occasions after they push updates, but none of them have worked well enough to want to bother with. They need to give us tethering ability to bypass the connection issues.

      • Vince Vinnyp

        My first experience with Snapbridge is the D850 and I wish it did more but from my limited experience and use it does seem to work as advertised. (I have an S7 edge) it adds GPS which saves a tiny bit of time, and I have occasionally used the in camera raw processing then the images just transferred automatically to my phone via Wi-Fi. Most useful has been as a just in case remote so I don’t need to carry one. I really can’t understand why it can’t remote control basic settings as my Sony, Panasonic and Gopro apps can.

    • KnightPhoto

      I use SnapBridge on my D500 with BlackBerry PRIV Android and likewise works as advertised.

      It’s not quite effin seamless 😉 nor without grief (I had to redo one set of uploads, not sure what happened), but I successfully uploaded about 90 images total in 6 different sessions over a three-day period couple weekends ago. In a couple cases I uploaded 20-30 images at a pop and it took just a couple minutes. I shot RAW+JPG and after shooting I used the playback “select images for download” option.

      So yah, SnapBridge seems to be working now. Much more dependable than my experiences back in 2016, so they seem to have improved both the App and camera firmware to achieve this.

  • akkual

    Which mirrorless actually has GLOBAL electronic shutter? I think some day, but AFAIK, no APS-C or bigger mirrorless does have one. But alas, DSLR is basically a mirrorless, when you just slap the mirror up, except for the EVF. And I am pretty sure, we will see well made hybrid one day. I have Fuji XPro-1 as my walk around camera and I absolutely love the way I can swap between no delay OVF and precision EVF.

    • Thom Hogan

      Well almost none have a true global electronic shutter. But your DSLR doesn’t have a global shutter either above the flash sync speed. That was Sony’s point with the A9: it’s now nearly equivalent to the mechanical shutter in terms of motion issues.

  • Vosi

    At the end of the day all that matters is the pictures that you bring home, those small things you speak don’t mean anything. Even your phone can take raw pictures these days and you can edit them however you want. So, the camera technology is pretty dam good these days. You can pick up a Nikon D3300 an make a killer photo. You don’t need all that fancy stuff. I use Nikon cameras for 10 years now and I’m pretty happy with them. Currently I use two nikon D750 an I don’t need the need to change.

  • gorji

    Hope it works better than POS SnapBridge.

  • Unrest

    If you prefer traditional viewfinder (as I do), get a DSLR. If you prefer EVF, get a mirrorless camera.
    Why do people think both cannot co-exist and proclaim with authority that eventually the DSLR will not be the future of cameras?? It’s really annoying, sorry.

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