Nikon D850 pre-orders update

A quick update on the latest Nikon D850 deliveries based on information I received from readers:

Both B&H and Adorama just started shipping Nikon D850 cameras that were pre-ordered on August 24th.

The approximate timing I am hearing is that by the end of November all pre-orders placed in August will be fulfilled. The hope is that the D850 wait list will be eliminated by the end of the year. Please note that this not a promise, just an estimation based on the information I am receiving from retailers and readers.

The Nikon D850 Facebook group also keep a detailed track of the latest B&H unofficial order status/camera deliveries for non-NPS members.

Check D850 availability: B&H | Adorama | Amazon | BuyDig | Cameta | Focus Camera | eBay | WEX | Jessops

Follow D850 on Facebook: Nikon D850 Page | Nikon D850 Group

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  • TheInfinityPoint

    You should probably add “Liability Release:” to “Please note that this not a promise, just an estimation based on the information I am receiving from retailers and readers” and bold the whole statement, lol.

    • I did, right? Just not in bold 🙂

      • Nyarlathotep

        Maybe add the bold.. and blinking text? You know, to be safe.

      • Nyarlathotep

        Also, do you remember how long it took Nikon to finally start to show in store stock on a regular basis with the D800?

        • I believe it was over 6 months if I am not mistakes.

          • Nyarlathotep

            That’s crazy. Nikon really misjudged that one. I waited a few weeks after pre-orders were up, but before it started shipping and it took me 3 months to get mine.

            • If it makes you feel any better: the Leica M10 was announced in January and it is still out of stock everywhere 🙂

            • Nyarlathotep

              That just confuses me. Either there is some insane demand for the M10, which I find hard to believe, or Leica is producing a grand total total of 5 units a month.

            • I think it is a combination of both. I think luxury brands keep supply low on purpose in order to make their products more desirable. It is also true that they produce a very low number of cameras. Same with some watch brands, certain leather purses, etc. If you spend that amount of money, they want to make you feel special 🙂

            • Nyarlathotep

              If I spend that amount of money on a camera, it better be a D5 😉

              Seriously though, I get it Leica banks of the luxury name brand and this type of marketing does seem to work for them. Maybe Nikon is trying to channel that… 😛

            • Afterall it is the Rolls of cameras.

            • We people in India are very lucky then. We have very less wait times here. But then it could be because we buy mainly from brick and mortar shops and not online.

            • Nyarlathotep

              Nikon has a propensity to misjudge demand in each of its regions and the way Nikon regionalizes it equipment, they can’t redirect overstock from one region to another unless they move the stock on the grey market channels. It makes little sense and creates the example you just mentioned.

  • Tyler

    There is hope!

  • oh, and btw:

    Sony a7r III pre-orders not even close to the number of pre-orders the Nikon D850 got in the first 24 hours

    lol 🙂

    • HD10

      It would be interesting to see or have an idea on the pre-order numbers one week after pre-order is possible, then two weeks, then one month after.

      • Thom Hogan

        One problem that has been noted is that Nikon pre-announced the D850. People had almost a month to consider whether they wanted it, and Nikon managed a reasonable buzz campaign during that time. Thus, day one pre-orders were high.

        Sony launched the A7RIII without leaks or pre-information. On day one pre-orders people were still trying to figure out the differences between the new and old model.

        I don’t think you’d get great data from your suggestion.

        • All valid points.

        • Allan

          Is pre-announcing products a good marketing idea?

          • TurtleCat

            Sometimes it is. If you look at Apple, for example, they will often “pre-announce” a new product concept and ship a few months later. They did that with the iPad, watch, and AirPods, etc. But I think it would be tricky to do and do well.

          • BG

            Only if you want pre-orders to exceed your ability to produce the product, thereby annoying your user base tremendously. Good luck. 🙂

            • Thom Hogan

              I understand the cynical sarcasm here, but the right answer is this: if you use this approach you absolutely have to be measuring the response during the pre-announce period and be prepared to modify your initial production.

            • BG

              That’s what I was trying to imply. If they do that, they need to be able to deliver. I wonder if they somehow think that they will sell more cameras overall with the current approach (hype but can’t deliver) than if they went for a slower start (obviously in that case if the camera is a dud first adopters will say so and sales will be down, but if it’s great, overall sales should be the same, just over a longer period of time).

          • Thom Hogan

            I’m not a fan of that approach, especially if you’re doing it for FUD reasons. But it can work well for certain products.

            You really need a strong media coverage during the pre-announce to actual announce/delivery period. That means prototype reviews, press-only events, etc.

          • Allen_Wentz

            Pre-announcing presents huge (IMO stupid) risk _unless_ the firm is 100% competent in its ability to deliver the product 100% as advertised in a reasonable time frame of a few weeks.

            Any anomalies and the marketing backfires.

        • HD10

          It was precisely due to the points you raised (that prospective buyers of the A7R III had not the time and opportunity to decide whether to buy this model or not) that I suggested that we re-looked at the pre-orders for the A7R III after some time have passed as to allow prospective buyers to better evaluate the new offering and decide whether to acquire this.

          Given that the user base of the A7R II in the US and Europe is significantly smaller than that for the D800/D810, I expect that the pre-order for the A7R III will still be much less than that for the D850 but the longer time frame would at least now minimize the variable that prospective A7R III buyers did not have enough time to evaluate and decide whether to buy this.

          As an aside, I spent over a week in the Canadian Rockies in early October and noted that the Sony A7 series (particularly the A7R II) and a few Sony A6xxx series are very popular among photographers from mainland China. These tourists were well-educated and were traveling on their own rather than as part of an escorted group tour that was common many years ago. This coincided with a week-long festival in China and one could not miss them as they were all over the place. Their skill level was rather mixed (evident in that many of them still had their lens hood mounted in the reverse and the almost total absence of tripod) but the absence of Canon, Nikon, Fuji and other camera brands among these travelers was very evident. I mention this not because I expect that many of them would upgrade to the A7R III but rather than Sony has a sizable penetration into a market that may not be easily visible to those in North America and in Europe. Now that the A7R II has been replaced with a newer model, I expect that many of them will buy the latest model so the uptake of the A7R III could be substantial in China.

        • TwoStrayCats

          = 1. The difference is one. For $3,198.00.

      • Yes, sure – I will try to get them.


    Homer Simpson in shipping and receiving? Good luck!

    • marymig

      Only at B&H…

      • Roger S

        Just to be fair, B&H is very prompt at shipping stuff that they have in stock. Using standard (usu. free) shipping rates, when I submit an order I get the package by the end of the following day. I know, I’m lucky to be in their “one-day shipping” zone. Still, I don’t think that their shipping dept is responsible for the problems in getting D850s out. Of course, when I’ve ordered things that are out of stock or back-ordered, the story is very different, as it has been for the D850 pro-orderers. (I’m not affiliated with B&H by the way 🙂 ).

        • Roger S

          I’m replying to myself to suggest that it probably wasn’t necessary to respond in such detail to marymig’s brief, humorous remark.

          • thundrrd


  • Aba Novo

    It is very simple…. Being politically correct, socially-aware and maritally-considerate, Nikon is holding the stock back just to allow people more time to drum up the dough…

    • FountainHead

      Maritally considerate?

      50% of mariages end in divorce anyway, so, you know, screw it 🙂

  • Proto

    And then the wait for XQD cards….

    • Amazon is getting new stock for Lexar 64 gb on 4 november. They have preorder link open. Also price is reasonable.

      • CERO

        They are still producing lexar cards? or just emptying the warehouses?

        • The batch runs for memory cards should be generally of huge numbers just like that of rams or sensors in order to be financially viable. So as long as the company has stock, Amazon or retailers should be able to sell them. And it would take a long time to finish the whole inventory everywhere.

      • Wildness

        Makes you wonder if the Chinese company that bought Lexar already have chips on the way.

    • Matt Comerford

      I’m still waiting for the cheap QXD>USB adapter from B&H…

      • Allen_Wentz

        Thanks for that; I did not know they had one. B&H today shows the $35 Sony XQD EC-34 adapter as in stock.

    • I have my Sony XQD already from Amazon… now just need the Aug 28 order for my D850 from BH and I’ll be ready to go take some pictures of my back yard.

  • Ben Johnson

    Given the disaster this has been so far and how big the backlog is, I’d be stunned if they fill all by end of Dec.

    • Sawyerspadre

      Define disaster. Nikon sold more cameras than they anticipated. Demand is high. The camera is awesome, from all accounts.

      Doesn’t sound like a disaster.

      • Allen_Wentz

        Agreed. Let Nikon have more disasters like D500 and D850.

        • thundrrd


      • Ben Johnson

        Disaster as in unable to fill orders in a reasonable time, making them wait, and not telling them or the dealers what is going on or what to expect. To me that’s a disaster. I’m sure you don’t agree though.

  • FountainHead

    Yeah but I ordered a Playstation game on Saturday and it shipped immediately, so, like, Sony’s like, so much better. So there.

  • As always, “illustration by broxibear”. Cool.

  • Not related to the current topic but still. I just found out that it is no use to shoot with “auto” picture control if one is shooting raw and using LR to process. It doesn’t translate as there is no Auto camera profile listed. Any ideas or suggestions?

    • TurtleCat

      Capture NX-D and jpeg only shooting would be the only two options I’d imagine.

    • Michiel953

      Auto pic control is Jpeg, and handled well in LR6, even before 850 support. Haven’t tried RAW yet.

  • Tony

    In the UK the message from my retailer (Jessops) is still the same as always: “we have no idea when to expect stock – we are waiting for information from Nikon UK”. I presume that it is a deliberate Nikon policy not to give advance estimation about deliveries, but it is frustrating for consumers and retailers alike.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      Maybe too late for you now but London Camera Exchange is getting numbers of D850’s through its door now and about 2 weeks ago a couple arrived at branch in So’ton but again when asked they don’t have any info / or nikon uk doesn’t give them any idea when the cameras come into stock.

  • Max

    I wonder how many D810’s they made in total.

  • J.W. Ramp

    Just wanted to make sure guys knew about GreenToe. I cancelled my 8/28 Adorama pre-order after GT shipped my D850 less than 2 weeks after I put my order in (at beginning of Oct), at a savings compared to MSRP… only thing I’m waiting for now is the battery grip, on backorder from Amazon since Oct 5

    • I don’t know anything about Green Toe, but you most likely got a gray market camera which explains the discount. They are not listed as an authorized Nikon USA dealer:

      That means they will not repair your camera if it breaks. Authorized US dealers are not allowed to give discounts.

      • J.W. Ramp

        That’s a good point. In this case however the vendor that Greentoe connected me with is actually on the authorized dealer list. They ask that we don’t publish who the dealer was to continue encouraging them to participate, but I’d suggest people give it a try. I was hesitant at first but felt well protected if there were any issues.

        Greentoe acted as an intermediate for processing payment and connecting buyers with sellers, rather than being the actual one selling the camera. So the D850 should still be good to go, having come from an authorized dealer.

        • Is the sales recipe from Green Toe or from the actual dealer? The dealer is taking a big risk here and Nikon can cut them if they find out. All this for a small discount on a camera that sales like hot cakes? I am sure Green Toe took a cut as well. Anyway, thanks for the explanation and enjoy the camera.

          • TurtleCat

            Looks like they are like Priceline or Lending Tree. But, you’re right, for a product that’s in demand why sell at a discount? Something is likely up. After all, the dealer’s margin would be the one reduced — not Nikon’s.

        • J.W. Ramp

          Yeah I don’t know… loving the camera though, and happy to save a few hundred bucks! Just waiting on a pesky grip from Amazon..

          • AlphaStatuz

            So you received yours already? No problems? It had a legitimate Nikon serial number? Just curious. They charged me for mine. Just waiting now. And I didn’t go to them to save $100 (nor do I understand why they’d discount a sold out camera) – I simply went there because people were reporting them sourcing cameras far more quickly than any big stores can deliver. Hoping it’s all on the up and up.

            • I just checked and it says the D850 is not available for sale:
              This looks too shady for me. I would not use it.

            • AlphaStatuz

              It does, but they manually enter your order in. I received an instant email receipt and my credit statement does show a camera and video retailer. We shall see. Like I said, fingers crossed and I only made the jump because I’ve read nothing but glowing reviews from people who ordered Nikon 750s, 810s, lenses and so forth through them.

              If something goes wrong, I’ll definitely be spreading the word, but hopefully I’ll have only positive reviews and a great new camera in hand to report on.

            • Thanks for the update.

            • J.W. Ramp

              yep – ordered through them on Oct 11, shipped on Oct 16 and received soon thereafter. Very happy to be able to cancel my Adorama preorder from a few days after release.

      • AlphaStatuz

        I actually just placed an order through greentoe as well after reading dozens of reviews of them on dpreview over the past few years (all positive). They’re not a store themselves – they network to the retailer chain (stores which perhaps may benefit from the crowd sourcing because they don’t have an online presence such as B&H).

        Their site explicitly states that they never sell grey market equipment – that all bodies and lenses are brand new, USA models.

        We’ll see what happens. They told me they were quoting 2-3 months potentially but mentioned unofficially that most of their orders have been filled in 2-4 weeks, so fingers crossed.

        • So what is the incentives for stores to sell trough GreenToe when they can sell the D850 for full price? This is where it doesn’t make sense to me. Otherwise, I see how this could be a way to move products that are not in high demand.

  • Jeffrey G. Bank

    Any word on the grips?

    • At least one shipment has arrived in the US – I picked up one from my local dealer and Roberts called a few days later saying my pre-order was in (I let that one go to someone else).

    • The first batch in the US shipped last week, no idea when more are coming,

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      The grip looks good but one aspect I don’t like is the cost of the D5 battery and its charger, in the uk about £180 for the D5 battery and a further £350 for the charger.

    • Tim

      Adorama just charged my CC this morning for the grip which I ordered on Aug. 24 at 12:05am. I’m assuming this from a 2nd batch.

      • nice, thanks for the update

  • Thom Hogan

    I’m pretty sure NPS PP is now filled, so we’re back to the same thing.

    If you have high need of a D850, find a PRO Authorized Dealer who isn’t on credit hold with NikonUSA and who has no pending orders and get them to order one for you. If all the above is true and the dealer is honest, you’ll get a body out of the next shipment to arrive.

    The way NikonUSA allocates bodies out of shipments is unchanged as far as I can see. They start by allocating across all the many dealers and store locations (who have pending orders) at least one unit, and only after those numbers are known the rest are allocated.

  • Ali Moradi

    I just received mine and I ordered it at the end of September. I had an order placed in multiple stores but the small local shop was able to get it to me first. The trick is to find a shop that isn’t too small (so that they actually get decent sized orders) but not too large (so that there isn’t a ton of people pre ordering). I think it took a total of 3 weeks wait for me to get mine. No battery grip anywhere though!

    • Good news finally!

      • Ali Moradi

        It’s hard resisting the urge to not resell it on eBay. They’re going for outrageous prices right now. I’m wondering how many of them are actually selling at those prices though.

        • decentrist

          Bad juju, but profitable!

          • Ali Moradi

            I’m not sure if it’s morally bad. There are people who want the item bad enough now that are willing to pay more and I’m someone who might be willing to wait longer for the additional money. It’s just the free market in action.

            On the other hand, I’m not sure if I actually want to wait haha.

  • mikerofoto

    crazy that August pre order are not filled up yet, if you want one now you better just wait for christmas when they might have it in stock somewhere. its an incredible camera and no wonder people wants it.

    • Allen_Wentz

      Yeah. I did not preorder because at the road show my D500 had not yet been stolen, so I was in no rush to upgrade my FX.

  • T.I.M

    I got mine already, a long time ago, actually years ago !
    But they mess up the name on it, shows D800 instead of D850, I already took thousands of sharp and nice pictures with it !
    The one that they sent me have a special upgrade, it can use the CF cards!

    • WoodyM

      funny.. I think there was a service update that included a sticker for the fix.

      • Nyarlathotep

        I think the sticker adds 5 horsepower too.

    • Allen_Wentz

      Sorry T.I.M. but you screwed up the prefix. Or maybe your D800 has a magic bus, but my CF cards are only 1/3 the speed of my XQD cards. I call that a downgrade, not an upgrade.

      • T.I.M

        I don’t take pictures of shooting stars every nights.
        CF cards are fast enough for me.

  • WoodyM

    wow I must have been lucky. Ordered 8/24 about 8:15 Central from Adorama. received 9/20. Ordered XQD cards same day. Also order Sony XDQ 128 on Amazon today @ $139 lowered from $189 . Adorama has Lexar XQD card on backorder, the sales guy said they are waiting to see if they get new XDQ from Longsys

  • Дмитрий

    16-35 2,8
    24-70 4,0
    nikon no have lenses

    • Vince Vinnyp

      14-24 2.8 24-120 F4 ehm go fish …

    • TurtleCat

      Quite an ignorant argument there. Nikon as 14-24 f2.8, 17-35 f2.8 (although older), 24-120 f4, and factor in similar third party lenses…

      • HD10

        I personally would welcome a Nikkor 24-70mm f4. The Nikkor 24-120mm f4 simply cannot cut it on the long end with the D8xx (and now even more with the D850) so I always bring the 70-200mm f/4 with me on travels. The Nikkor 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 is also limited with the D8xx so likeiwse an unlikely candidate for use with the D850. I would welcome a NIkkor 24-70mm f/4 for use with the D850 on travel if it can equal or be better than the Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8E from f4 onwards..

        • TurtleCat

          If I were to do another f4 it would probably be a revised 24-85 with f4 but even then I don’t know if it’s necessary with the 24-120 which is pretty good. I had no issues with it on my old D800 or D750.

          • HD10

            The Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 generally needs to be stopped down to f/5.6 beyond 50mm to get good results. In contrast, the Nikkor DX 16-80mm f/2.8-4,0 can be used wide-open throughout its zoom range. In that respect, I would rather have a smaller lighter 24-70mm f4 than a 24-120mm f/4 that is weak beyond 50mm.

            If Nikon can make an equally good FX version of the 16-80nm f/2.8-4,0 (whether the long end is 70mm, 85mm, 105mm or 120mm), I will happily get one and may yet be persuaded not to bring my 70-200mm f4. My Nikkor 70-200mm f 4 is significantly much better than my Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 in the range where these two lenses overlap.

            • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

              True clearly a need for Nikon to update the 24-120 Afs F4 VR.

            • Allen_Wentz

              Please yes!

        • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

          Good point there made – wish Nikon did equivalent lens to the excellent Canon 24-70 F4 L IS with built in Macro mode. Be good if Nikon did this and update the current 24-120 Afs VR F4.

    • TwoStrayCats

      You’re right: they have only the two you mention. Go buy a Sony and immerse yourself in lenses beyond your wildest dreams.

    • HD10

      You clearly use Sony.

      With the Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 and 16-35mm f/4, I have the lenses I need and do not miss not having a 16-35mm f/2.8.

      I have the Sony 24-70mm f/4. It would be an inferior choice for the A7R (all versions).

  • Has anyone received a D850 from Amazon in the last 2-3 weeks, I have not received a single report for Amazon shipping lately.

    • Joel Bazzle

      The order I placed at the end of September is still listed as arriving between November 29 and December 7.

      • Yes, something weird is going on with Amazon – I think they have not shipped a D850 in the past 2-3 weeks maybe even longer while pretty much all other stores received a shipment, some even two during the same time period. I get updates from readers pretty much daily and have not seen anything from Amazon for a while.

        • Joel Bazzle

          Many moons ago, I pre-ordered my old D800 from amazon. If I remember correctly, it shipped almost a month earlier than the estimated ship date amazon gave me.

          But your line of speculation has me wishing I’d gone through B&H, haha.

  • Kyle Camerer

    just got confirmation my D850 from B&H will arrive tomorrow, the 31st.

    • TwoStrayCats

      Happy Halloween! Low light and saturated reds!!!

      • Kyle Camerer

        Thanks. But eh, I don’t really care about high iso quality. Doubt it will ever go above iso 800 for what I’ll be using it for.

  • Crystal Johnson

    I ordered mine on August 29th from Adorama – and it shipped Friday and I got it today. I was so excited when I got the text wanting to authorize the payment.

    • nice, so it’s moving along

  • Nesto

    not to brag but I got my D850 last week that I ordered from Best Buy on Sept 8th 😉 i think for those that are still waiting on Adorama and B&H, its an allocation issue

  • Dan

    I just ordered mine this week (09/28/17) from B&H.
    Do you guys think I can get it this year?!

    • Matt Comerford

      possibly 10/30/18 🙂

    • Dan

      10/28/17 not September : v(
      even later

  • Nikos

    Any update about BestBuy orders? 🙂

    • see previous comments in this post

  • For Canadian friends, Just bought D850 in Bestbuy via online store, looks like I grabbed the only one they had since it shows Sold out now 🙁 Keep looking good luck 🙂

    • D900

      Ouch! It’s no fun being a Canadian. You are almost paying as much as the Brits. 🙂

      • Well, if you convert it to US$ it is almost identical 🙂 and if it earns back the expense in one shoot then it does not hurt that much 🙂

  • Wildness

    I had the camera on preorder at Amazon, but decided to call around to some camera stores and ended up with a camera three days later as they were just getting their shipment and some weren’t yet spoken for.

  • RES

    BestBuy preorder from 9/9 shipped

  • Todd Peterson

    Got my D850 yesterday afternoon. I ordered it from my local dealer in Dallas, Competitive camera back the 2nd week in September. Still waiting on the grip, was told I should have it later this week. It’s killing me but I haven’t unboxed it yet. Waiting to get in our A/V studio so we can youtube the unboxing.

    • AlphaStatuz

      I really wanted to go local, but good lord… I called Samy’s in SF about three weeks ago and they told me their list was still over 120. A store like that can’t be receiving more than 15 per shipment, I’d wager.

      • Kent Squires

        I decided not to jump on the opening day pre-order bandwagon as I did with the D800 and D810. Then I changed my mind several weeks after the initial pre-order date. I ordered through my local independent brick and mortar store and received the D850 in early October, less than a month after Nikon’s initial September 7 shipment. My local store did even better with the D5.
        I have, and will continue, to buy from B&H and Adorama who both have extensive product offerings and great support. However, I have found when it comes to high demand camera bodies, lenses, etc., my local store is most likely to be the best option. And I will continue to support my local independent whenever possible.

  • Sandeep Sarma

    Any unlucky ones order from bestbuy ?

  • Bart Baharudin

    I mailed the local Nikon (Malaysia) to ask about the stock availability in our local stores and they replied with “we do not have the estimated date of D850 incoming supply” and then they wrote “we are unable to disclose the dealer ordering details to external parties” then I tried mailing almost all of our local online camera shops that I can think of, and they said most probably the stock will arrive early November, at least here in Malaysia

  • Philippe GOUVET

    Yes! Got my D850 a few hours ago! Ordered from B&H August 24, around 1pm. Now, what about the grip and slide digitizer???

  • Al Eisen

    Wow, over two months have gone by, and Nikon is still filling orders from first day of preorders. Talk about FAIL. They better start producing these things before Sony releases the new a7riii and whoops them in sales.

    • Matt Comerford

      no fail, now that I have my D850, Nikon and B&H are my favorite companies ever! 😀

      • Lol, I know that feeling 🙂

  • Nikon Fans

    Best buy just charge my credit card for My D850 one hour ago. (Purchased on 10/02) Dose it mean I will get it in this week? I can not wait to call them tomorrow!
    Preorder on 08/25 from B&H and still waiting…

    • Colin

      Lucky I placed mine minutes after receiving the email they where available on 10/02 and still nothing.

      • Nikon Fans

        Just find out from the store “Back order” or cancel it without charging! ; ( Hope will get it in November.

    • Nikon Fans

      Best Buy just send me”This item has been delayed, but we are continuing to work on it. If we cannot complete your order by 12/01/2017, we will let you know and cancel the item.” ; (

  • Philippe GOUVET

    I would like to add some info about B&H: I needed a California friend to ship the D850 back to me, since the camera showed up a couple of days too late for me. And I didn’t particularly like what he wrote. So here it is:
    “I did drive to Cerritos, and the UPS clerk there took one look at the box and said “B&H?…We have a lot of problems with their shipments.” It turns out that the shipping box was too small to provide the required two-inches of approved cushioning material on all sides of the camera box inside. In fact, the camera box was cushioned on only two of its six sides and could be felt to move around inside when the shipping box was shaken gently. Fortunately there were no visible problems with the camera box; but the clerk informed me that if B&H had actually insured the shipment (which they had not), and if there had been any actual damage, then UPS would have denied the claim based upon the violation of their (in the small print) minimum packaging requirements.”
    How nice is that for such rare (!), expensive and fragile cameras?

    • Matt Comerford

      same with any big box store IMO, sometimes amazon ships stuff in a box 2x the size with a piece of paper as packing.

  • Keith Walls

    I’d just like to know where the MB-D18 battery grips are. I can see why the cameras are slow in coming, but the BATTERY GRIPS? Please…

  • David Qin

    Local small store often have one unit d850 in stock every couple of days, but big store never show in stock, seems small stores don’t follow the shipping batch, anybody know why?

  • Ben Johnson

    I ordered from B&H on 08-25-17 at 9:13 am. In a chat, which I had a copy emailed to me, I was told “You can expect your order to be filled with the next shipment. we are expecting a shipment by next week.” … “I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. you can expect your order to shipped with the next shipment”. We’ll see. I have have orders with 3 other places too but I think those are even more behind. Apparently there’s a shipment due Nov 8th.

    • I was told that the next shipment will be big, bigger than previous shipments.

      • Ben Johnson

        I’ll believe that when I see it too. I no longer trust Nikon nor any of the dealers. Show me the camera.

      • surgeon67

        I’ve got a question, and I don’t know where exactly to post this, so here seems as good as any:
        I’ve seen on other forums where an online reseller (I’ll avoid the name) is able to process orders for the D850 in 8-12 days, and the sales receipt shows that the sale is from more “traditional” online sellers like the New York stores for example. So, it would seem that those sellers are filling orders through this intermediary before filling their own backorder log. If this is true, why would they do this? It seems counterproductive, but maybe it makes perfect sense for them. If so, maybe I should stop being so patient for my spot in line..
        Just wondering.

        • I know what you are talking about and it just doesn’t make any sense to me. The math simply doesn’t add up. First, if the retailer get caught, Nikon may cut them as an authorized dealer. Second, they don’t make any extra money from this – the third party service has to also add their commissions on top. They may as well sell those D850 cameras on eBay. Something is fishy here. My suspicion is those cameras are gray market.

          • surgeon67

            I thought that might be the case too, but from what I’ve seen that’s not the case. I don’t get it. Add this to the constant stream of 850’s on ebay with sales receipts from the same stores I’m waiting on being sold for what a D5 would go for (with tag line saying I got 2, this one’s for sale), just…well it doesn’t help my patience (I don’t blame the ebay sellers tho…If I had 2 I’d sure post one for sale).

            As it stands, I’m hoping mine show up before Christmas, but if I don’t see some movement, I might be inclined to go “green” …and maybe cut in front of myself in line.

            • My only explanation is that this company pays crazy commission and burns cash just to make a name. I don’t see how a dealer will take a chance and risk it with Nikon while screwing their own customers without making some extra cash.

            • surgeon67

              well FWIW I just saw someone posting that Amazon has given a ship date of 11/13 on an order placed 9/28. *IF* that’s true, then maybe the dam has finally broken.

            • could be – I was told the next shipment will be big

    • Nikon Fans

      I just got message from UPS :”Your package has been delivered.” It is D850 from B&H with one day shipping and I ordered on 08/25 @ 10pm.
      Can not wait to go home to open it! YA…..

      • marymig

        Wow…B&H are still clearing backlog from August.

      • Ben Johnson

        WTF???? I ordered at 9:13am on 8/25 and didn’t get one!!!! I’ve already fired them for life.

        • Nikon Fans

          Yes, we should preorder from other sources like Best Buy(I ordered on 10/02 and they start to charge my credit card last week).
          At that time, I was traveling and order from out of US. I payed by PayPal. So I had payed off my order already. I think you should get it soon as well.

          • Ben Johnson

            Best Buy renewed their pending charge on my credit card every week.

            • Nikon Fans

              Me too, but I canceled my order yesterday since I got one. I think waiting almost end for you as well.

  • marymig

    Amazon tells me my Nikon 850 is arriving at my doorstep on Nov. 10. Ordered on September 30.

    • Ben Johnson

      I’m glad for you but, WTF Amazon?? I order Sep 28th and haven’t heard squat from them.

      • marymig

        Check your orders page.

        • Ben Johnson

          I already did. It says arriving 15-17 Nov, even though you ordered from Amazon 2 days after I did, but you look like you’re getting yours 5-7 days before me. This makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.

          • Maybe because of the shipping you selected, or maybe Amazon prime?

            • Ben Johnson

              And this am B&H sent me a out of stock email yet they promised I’d get camera out of the Nov 8th shipment, which according to you is supposed to be huge. I know you just repeat what they tell you. This is why I don’t believe anything Nikon nor the dealers tell me.

            • marymig

              Great..! Glad I cancelled on B&H.

            • Yes, consider the Info I get as rumors and not facts.

          • marymig

            Amazon upgraded me to free 1 day shipping.

            • Ben Johnson

              They didn’t upgrade my shipping. I guess you’re special. Congrats!

  • Ben Johnson

    FINALLY. First, call me dumb for not ordering from all 4 places back in Aug. I’ve learned my lesson. Second, Despite what these dealers claim, they are not always shipping in sequence of orders placed For example, today, 9 Nov, B&H shipped an order from 10pm 8/25 and didn’t send mine, ordered 9:13am 8/25. Many more examples are out there. Third, I now have proof the dealers know at least 3 days in advance how many they’re getting on a given day. They twice told me today “we didn’t get the number Nikon promised”, so why did an order made after mine get filled and not mine? Plus, they will lie to you: on 05 Nov I was told “I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. you can expect your order to shipped with the next shipment.” Well, that was today and I didn’t get one from B&H. I’ve been lied to twice by B&H and misled countless times.

    Here’s how my experience went down:

    B&H – order 9:13am 25 Aug, not filled in their 09 Nov shipment for some odd reason because they filled ones from the evening of 8/25, cancelled later on 09 Nov. I’ve fired B&H for life.

    Amazon – ordered 33 days later on Sep 28, filled and shipped 09 Nov

    Best Buy – Ordered Oct 3rd, haven’t decided what to do with that one. “Expected to ship by Sat, Nov 18.” is what it currently says.

    Focus Camera – ordered Oct 12, cancelled 07 Nov.

    Best of luck to all in the D850 debacle.

    • marymig

      I suspect B&H and other outfits rank their customers. So somebody who has bought stuff for $$$$ in the last few years has priority over someone who has bought stuff for $$$ in the last few years. You want to keep your best customers.

      • Ben Johnson

        I spent thousands there this year. Guess that’s not enough to keep my place in line since they skipped me and gave one to a guy who ordered 13 hours after me. Now they’re not getting my business anymore, ever.

  • Mukesh Nyati

    I ordered on Sept 24 from B&H. Today is Dec 5th – and no update.

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