Nikon is still expected to announce a replacement for the Coolpix P900 camera

Nikon Coolpix P900 camera

Nikon is still expected to announce a replacement for the Nikon Coolpix P900 superzoom camera. The new model is rumored to have a monster 125x zoom or 24-3000mm equivalent lens (the P900 has 83x zoom).

I do not know if the new model will have RAW support.

The price of the P900 recently went up to $696.95 (it was originally $599.96) - probably as a result of Sony's $1,700 RX10 IV camera that was announced last week.

The good news is that refurbished Nikon Coolpix P900 cameras are currently selling for $469.95 at Adorama.

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  • Yawn…
    Unfiltered comment:
    Nikon, put your effort into a reasonably working God Damn Snapbridge.

    • Actually I had a lot of readers asking me about this camera.

      • Just goofin’ around Peter. I’m sure this camera will do quite well, Even though the mega zooms make me cringe. Really want Nikon to nail the UX on the snapbridge progression, but not holding my breath.

        • no problem, I hope they add RAW to the next model – this is a fun camera

          • A. F.O.


          • JoeFunny30

            definitely! I would be surprised if they didn’t add raw; it just makes sense and after all, this isn’t canon we’re talking about.

            • spam

              Canon have RAW in their high end superzoom cameras. So does Panasonic and Sony. Nikon had it last in 8800 from around 2004 – if I remember correctly.

            • Alexander Gray

              I’ll double check here in a moment but I thought the b700 had raw.

            • spam

              You’re right! Missed that one. Weird to have RAW in B700 and not in their high end model.

              I was waiting for the DL24-500, but Nikon cancelled all the DL models. Guess it’s unlikely now with a Nikon superzoom with a larger sensor.

            • JoeFunny30

              I was taking a stab at Canon and their lack of 4k options.

            • Andrew

              You have to hand it to Canon for giving Nikon a 4K gift on Nikon’s 100th Anniversary. It is the Japanese way of handing over to their brother a life support. Why take all the spoil? For that Canon, we are 100% grateful 😉 I call it a donkey race, that stubborn mule just did not know when they were ahead… Double pixel autofocus without 4K, LOL.

            • Haakon Haakenstad

              b700 have raw

        • Andrew

          Matt, why are you being so lazy? If this was the eighties your response might have been understood. But why not look at the various reviews on this camera and all of the sample pictures that are readily available before expressing disdain and skepticism. Both of your remarks are so grossly off the mark it makes one cringe at your comments.

          I have bought various zoom cameras in my day and own a Panasonic 60x ultra zoom whose image quality pales when compared to the Nikon P900 83x Optical Zoom camera. The size of the lens and its optical performance is substantial on this camera (P900). If you want, Nikon can oblige you with the AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR zoom lens at a cool $16,000 if your resources and taste are more exquisite. But you will never get the reach of the P900. The P900 is an amazing accomplishment.

        • Todd R Murphy

          the p900 works very well all round in the outback shooting scapes to birds in flight auto focus is quite reasonable with good usable jpegs….just lacking in finer details.

      • br0xibear
      • Spy Black

        Now if they’d only make it functional.

    • Mehdi R

      Which camera are you using? I just bought the D7500 and I was quite suspicious of Snapbridge performance after all complains, but I did not experience any connection issues as people complaining. Also transfer speed isn’t that bad, actually good enough to use for sharing on social media. There was no connection inconsistency at all, at least for me 🙂

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    a good decision and perhaps for Coolpix series a maximum of current 4 models will be sufficient going forward, along with an update to Coolpix A ( may be formed from the 2 short focal cameras from the cancelled DL series ??) ?. However Nikon may need to spell out there plans for Nikon 1 series and what is happening with this once and for all.

  • doge

    Minimum 1″ sensor for all coolpix cameras or you can kiss all sales goodbye.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      be good if using those 1″ inchers they do an update to the Coolpix A.

      • doge

        Coolpix A uses a DX sensor. and it’s successor would use one as well.

        But Coolpix A didn’t sell, so there won’t be a successor any time soon.

        • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

          Thanks Dodge.

  • fjfjjj

    Nikon Coolpix 9000 is the most advanced superzoom camera in the history of the 19th and 20th and 21st Centuries in Japan. Only Nikon semiconductor fabrication technology was able to engineer the advanced technology that allows this superzoom camera to surpass all superzoom cameras ever conceived by the human brain and other hominid brains. People who use the Nikon Coolpix 9000 become immediately converted in their minds to our advanced understanding that superzoom cameras are the most advanced cameras in this era of consciousness on our galaxy and find that other cameras including PhaseOne and Hasselblad and Casio cannot compete with the stunning quality produced by having a superzoom camera, especially the pinnacle of all superzoom cameras beyond anything imagined in science fiction, the Nikon Coolpix 9000.

    • A. F.O.


  • Eric Calabros

    Don’t expect raw. Nikon certainly don’t want you to see the horrible​ diffraction effect at 3000mm.

    • TurtleCat

      Not sure that would be an issue. In most cases the atmospheric effects far outweigh diffraction at >1000mm.

  • James Michael

    These cameras are always such a disappointment, and it is mostly in the firmware. They lack simple features even found on low end D3xxx DSLRs. Things like back button focus, and the ability to re-assign buttons. Many people buying this camera are stepping up from cheapo point and shoots, and deserve a better feature set. Especially considering how much money they cost.

    • Just Me

      Have you ever tried to teach someone, coming from point and shoots, how to use back button focus?

      • James Michael

        Just myself, but I learned to manual focus on 35mm film. My point is that if Nikon is trying to grow the brand there is a path to success.
        cell phone -> point n shoot -> bridge -> DSLR
        There should be some consistency in feature sets. As people grow their skills they take more control over their picture. Nearly everybody starts with the camera set to automatic. I can think of a dozen reasons to have advanced features on entry level cameras, but no reason to cripple them.

  • A. F.O.

    1 inch sensor, please, and raw….it will be 2 kg lenses? And 10 fps, please!!! 🙂

  • Glenn Koppel

    And they raise the price $100 on a camera they are going to replace? Very odd strategy but what I expect from Nikon.

    • Lladnar

      Yeah that’s weird/dumb, regardless of what Sony’s announced.

    • I agree – strange, but the refurbished price is pretty good.

      • Spy Black

        The problem with a “refurbished” body (and in the case of Adorama means someone returned a product and they’re just reselling it as refurbished) is that you never know what the state of the lens is. The lens could be decentered, and in the case of a camera of this nature, will have detrimental results.

        • That is true, but I believe most of the refurnished items are just inventory dumps of brand new products.

          • Spy Black

            Not necessarily at Adorama and B&H.

        • NetBrowser

          I purchased a Nikon P900 refurb from Adorama about a year ago and it was not a Adorama return. It came in a white Nikon box that Nikon uses for refurbished products. It was the same style box that was used for a refurbished Nikon binocular that I had bought from another vendor a few years ago.
          The camera and the binocular were both like new and I could not see anything on either to indicate it was ever used.
          Canon is a different story. I purchased a refurb SX Powershot from the Canon USA store and was told by the rep that the only way I could tell it was not a new unit is from the gold sticker placed on it. Well, it did have a gold sticker along with big scratches, dents, a smudged lens and skin flakes in the viewer. They did take it back but never refunded shipping as promised and no explanation or any kind of apology in response to a very civil letter that I sent to them.
          I would easily buy another Nikon refurb but never a Canon refurb. I would buy a Canon new unit if it met the criteria I was looking for.

    • Andrew

      Not strange at all. In business, pricing can be influenced by supply and demand dynamics. The summer months may have increased the demand for this product. In addition, this camera at present has no peers. The Nikon P900 is the perfect camera to take on vacations. It allows you to capture quality images (pictures) at distances that the eyes cannot perceive.

  • citrate

    This site is so anti-Sony. Why?

    • animalsbybarry

      Jealousy/envy/fear of obsolecenc

      Not saying these feelings are or are not warranted, but these feelings account for the animosity

      I use both systems and my next camera will be whichever one best meets my needs when I am ready to buy it

    • Have you been to a Sony site lately? They are anti everything 🙂

    • Andrew

      Count me in among the many Sony fans at this site. I love their Walkman players, their amazing Triluminos TV Display Color Technology, Video Cam, PS4, Mics, Headsets, and more 😉 But with all of that love, Nikon is where my camera dollars are being spent.

      Many of us at this site are more objective than you might imagine as I have purchased Canon, Panasonic, and Olympus cameras. So we really appreciate the competition as it is good for the overall (photographic) industry.

      • I purchase the Sony RX1 a while back. A great camera but Sony just never bother to update the AF speed (they did that for several other models at that time) – they just released a new version of it… The menu system was horrible. This was probably my first and last Sony camera.

        • Spy Black

          Same problem with my RX100 III, sluggish AF as well as sluggish startup when it’s been off for a while, which has cost me several missed fleeting moments. Fragile as an egg too, despite being “all metal”. I now cycle between a J4, Pana GM5, and Canon G9X Mk II, the J4 surprisingly still the fastest of the 3.

          • Yes, Sony’s strategy is to release a new version 9 months later and those were not cheap cameras, so I gave up on them.

            • Nikkor300f4VR

              That was my story with them too.. I bought their first RX10, it’s still okayish, but Sony is a disappointment in every way: always promising 200%, delivering only 50%.. They never change.. My money is going to Nikon since 2014, that is how I punishing them, LOL!

        • Yitzchal

          Love my RX1r…. You have to learn to be patient and you will get some images that will be completely stunning…

          • I agree, the results are amazing.

  • animalsbybarry

    Nikon has patented a 7.4-600 mm f2.8-6.3 lens for a 1″ sensor
    This is what I would like to see to replace the D900

    A 1″ sensor with this lens

    There will still be quality issues with a superzoom 1″ sensor (would rather have the zoom start at a much longer focal length) but the smaller sensor on the current P900 is just too small, may as well use your cellphone

  • MB

    Equivalent to 24-3000mm lens on a 1″ sensor … really?
    That would be 1100mm lens, I mean imagine this in front of you compact super zoom (and this is only 800mm :))

  • I already have enough equipment to cover the wide end. It’s the 1,000 + range (600 x 1.5) that is my weakness. That’s why the P900 is so desirable because mine gets me to 1,800 mm with some sharpness. Over 1,800, not so much and I use tripod. Of course the wide end is convenient if you only want to carry one camera.

  • Zanner

    With that zoom, it’ll most likely be one of those tiny <1" sensors

    • KnightPhoto

      Lady Birders is one market. Travelling birders another market.

      They don’t like the weight/bulk of even a D7100 with 300PF + TC14.

      Oops my reply was meant for Michael Jin…

  • Michael Jin

    My biggest question is who is even the target consumer for this kind of camera in this day and age?

    • NetBrowser

      Wildlife photographers, especially those after bird photos. There are three uses for birders that I am aware of:
      – Get a nice photographic image.
      – Get a photo to use afterwards to identify the bird.
      – Document what was observed.
      Another market is sports photography. The challenge is to have a enough light so a higher shutter speed can be used to reduce blurring in action shots.
      The advantage of the P900 and other super zoom bridge cameras compared to DSLR models is cost, weight and size.

  • mikew

    Wonder if some of the focus improvements like AFC tracking that where promised in the DL24-500 will find their way in to it.

  • mikew
  • Vox Pupuli

    Nikon P900 is one hell of an camera.(I camptured ISS and Galilean Jovian moons with ease) – it came 2.5 years ago and still does not have any competition. In my opinion if Nikon is about to announce its successor ( I think too early ) for 100th anniversary one can assume that it should continue the line with the same sensor size: 1/2.3″ (6.17 x 4.55 mm) and as rumored larger telephoto range.

    What I would love to see:

    – 24mm-3000mm (Yes, I know that at ~3000 tripod would be needed)
    – Keep phenomenal f2.8 on wide and try best possible on telephoto.
    – ISO. With newer sensor sensitivity/ISO should be better preferably 100-12800.

    – As an upgrade of P900 it should keep all its perks i.e. GPS and connectivity, EVF, articulate screen, flash etc.

    I don’t care about:
    – resolution. If its (predecessor’s) 16MP its fine. Even lower 12-14MP would be ok if pixel size/sensitivity would be better.
    – weight – if it’s 3000mm then I don’t care if it weights upto 1300g.
    – USB 3.0 or other better connectivity.
    – better EVF or screen resolutions.
    – price – I can pay up to 850USD for good quality 3000mm.(bargain)

    What would be nice to have but not absolute priority:
    – better optical stabilisation.(if it’s even possible after P900)
    – 4k 30fps recording mode.
    – better metering and AF.
    – shutter speed 1/8000 to 30sec.
    – RAW
    – larger battery
    – two card slots (gives possibilities as to ‘RAID’ modes: one card records video one taken photo while recording, two cards simultanious ‘safety’ record etc)

    That’s mine two cents.

    • Nikkor300f4VR

      Right, let’s call it P990..
      (just because the P999 is reserved for the replacement for P990)

  • Nikkor300f4VR

    Yummy, yummy, yummy.. 😀

  • JoeFunny30

    Any new news on this?

  • Any news on this?

  • Scott Romack

    Very cool,

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