Second shipment of Nikon D850 cameras hitting US retailers today

I received several emails from readers that a new batch of Nikon D850 cameras started shipping today in the US (see also the reports on the Nikon D850 Facebook group). I believe the second batch will still not be enough to cover all existing pre-orders.

Check D850 availability: B&H | Adorama | Amazon | BuyDig | BestBuy | Cameta | eBay | WEX | Jessops

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  • James

    I just received my shipping notification from B&H. My order was placed on 8/24 at 2:06 Pacific Time. Hope this helps.

  • Yang Alex Ji

    My Adorama order confirmation was 8/24, 12:15 AM, and there is nothing other than “backordered”.

    • Don Sullivan

      Based on all the upcoming holiday closures at B&H I’m starting to sense I will likely not see anything until November. My order was placed at 7:30AM ET on the 25th. Probably should have chosen Amazon or BestBuy this time of year.

    • Yang Alex Ji

      Order processed and shipped 9/18/2017 7:59 PM. It shows departure from NJ this morning.

  • Don Sullivan

    Based on the slow rate these are being released, and the upcoming string of B&H holiday closures, I’m starting to reset my expectations that I will not see mine until November. I didn’t order until 7:30AM ET on the 25th. I really should have thought about all those closures this time of year when I placed the order and chosen, or at least done a backup order with Amazon instead.

  • decentrist

    and with no prompting, you out yourself

  • ModifiedJason

    B&H shipped mine, purchased right after pre-orders went live. (Don’t have an exact time.) Lucky me, I took a week off to do some fall color photos here in CO next week.

  • Nobody Cares

    FWIW, my card was charged this afternoon and my order now says, “In stock, order sent to warehouse.” I placed my order at roughly 3:04. I’m not an NPS member.

  • Scott

    I ordered mine at 1am PST on the 8/24. My order was processed today, will have it tomorrow, have a UPS tracking number.

    • Ok, so this so far is the latest B&H order that got processed today – 4am EST on 8/24. Anyone got a shipping confirmation for an order placed after 4am EST?

      • Joshua Karch

        Peter mine was ordered at 303 EST and still says in stock, sent to warehouse, and hasn’t shipped.

        • Strange – did you order just the camera or you have other items in the same order?

          • Joshua Karch

            Just the camera, so I’m not sure why they failed to ship it when they shipped other people’s later ordered shipments.

            • Umashanker N

              Joshua, Did they ship yours yet?

            • Joshua Karch

              Still waiting- called a couple of hours ago, supposed to ship today. How about yours?

            • Umashanker N

              Same here, called them this morning, got the same answer. Here’s hoping it ships before they shutdown tomorrow.

            • Umashanker N

              Update, item is shipped. Getting it tomorrow!

            • Umashanker N

              Update: It’s shipped. Getting it tomorrow!

            • Joshua Karch

              Me too; took pretty long given that I ordered at 3:03 but ready for it when it comes

            • Joshua Karch

              Finally, me too…

      • Carey Van Loon

        I ordered at 2am pst/5am est at B&H and just got my shipping notification. YaHOOO!

        • Ok, so you are the latest cutoff: 5am EST on 8/24 (B&H)

      • Or Many


      • James

        My was placed 2:06 AM, Pacific, so 5:06 AM Eastern. Mine will be delivered tomorrow.

      • Caleb Berg

        Ordered from B&H and from Adorama 8/24 3:04 and the B&H was an NPS. The B&H and NPS was screwed up 1st because I’d made 2 orders and seems Nikon just penalized those on NPS, second with B&H shipping.
        Today Adorama shipped out my non-NPS order. Tomorrow B&H will ship my NPS.

      • Caleb Berg

        Peter, I fully appreciate that their links are needed business for your great site to continue. But this time around, I think B&H was overwhelmed and they were just the worst choice for any non-NPS and even for some NPS. Other NPS who ordered 3 days after from Adorama got theirs the 1st Friday. Thinking Adorama will win and B&H will loose some business on this.

        • I don’t think B&H or Adorama can be blamed – they cannot control how many pre-orders they will get. If you want to skip NPS orders, you need to order from Amazon and pay the taxes. As far as I know, Amazon doesn’t do NPS. We had this discussion already with the D800 several years ago. The only problem is that Amazon may just cancel your pre-order if it is not fulfilled in a certain amount of time. I provided multiple links for pre-order, it is up to you to decide where you will pre-order.

          • Caleb Berg

            Yes, I entirely agree, as it seems these dealers may end up loosing some customers & it’s not their fault. But from those I know, the Adorama crowd did better than those of B&H, perhaps because of a size difference. Would be very interesting to know Nikon production count from this time. I remembering hearing in the past about 35k per month & it’d be even better to know the order numbers of these retailers.

            • we will never know the real numbers – just guesses and estimations

      • ESHPhoto

        Email confirmation at 5:12 AM Eastern — received the camera today.

  • Or Many

    Ordered from B&H on 8/24 in 04:28 and got the tracking number by UPS next day shipping… So Tomorrow finely 🙂

  • Sure you can post links here – readers do it all the time. The only exceptions are a few fake news websites and YouTube channels. Some links may be marked for manual verification and it may take me a few hours to get to them.

  • Cynog

    Reading these comments, I’m feeling very lucky. I’m getting mine today from Wex Photographic. The only reason I didn’t get it on the 7th is that I asked them to hold back because I was going to be out of the country.

  • MadDogDrake

    that is the dumbest thing I have heard a retailer do in a long time… lol… something not even released to the public delaying an order on something in stock?Sounds like B and H is run by small minded simpletons TBH…Glad I ordered from Adorama

    • I don’t think that’s the case – we were just discussing the possibilities.

      • Mylex

        Question about possibilities: I made pre-order on Buydig on 9/11/2017, it’s still in processing state. But BuyDig put on sale “more that 10 available” D850 bundles with 24-120mm lens on eBay right now. Can they do that as authorized Nikon re-sellers?

      • silmasan

        Peter.. that’s a copy/parrot/duplicate of Todd Davis’ comment you’re replying to… These pests are getting out of control, I suggest you bring this matter to Disqus or at least let them know they have this copybot problem everywhere (I assume you’re a paying customer of their software so they have the obligation to solve this for you).

        • Again? I blocked a few of them already – please mark them so I can ban them.

          • silmasan

            Actually I’ve noticed more than several recently… As others have noticed too. I just didn’t want to bother you as you had no proper internet last week. For some reason they’ve made your site a place for ‘farming’ fake accounts.. I can’t help much, Disqus should be the one battling/filtering them.

            • yes, it is hard for me to detect them because I read all comments via email

        • they are all coming from Russia, I had way too many issues with attacks coming from Russia and I may have to kill access to the entire country – it’s really out is control, I get several dozen requests for password reset every day… I am sorry for all readers in Russia, but I have no other choice…

          • silmasan

            Ah.. of course.. the patterns look clear. Farm fake accounts for cross-upvotes at some tech-related sites, and then use them at a mainstream/political news site. Every comment they make in any given thread is a copy.

            I’ve just spam-marked some (only some!) that i caught before..

            • I deleted and blocked them. Thanks!

    • Thom Hogan

      You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but it’s an opinion based upon lack of information and frustration, not knowledge. Had you ever seen B&H’s data systems and warehouse operations as I have, you wouldn’t be writing that.

      People seem to think this is simple, but it isn’t. All kinds of things happen with pre-orders that can trip them up. You elected to “have all items shipped when in stock,” or your credit card expiry date has passed when the item actually came into stock, and so on. This causes all kinds of exceptions that then have to be dealt with individually. So, if someone has a real issue with B&H on the way their order is being
      handled versus other customer orders, please send me an email with the
      details, and I will get that to someone who will check that out within
      B&H and respond. But be aware, they’re about to go on one of their holidays, so if you need immediate response, you should have already contacted them directly.

  • Intriguing how urgent so many are to get something they’ve done perfectly fine without for their entire lives. But, I share the excitement of getting new stuff.

    • Michiel953

      So have you got yours Pete?

      • Nah, I really don’t have a use for it. It’s probably not a camera that I will ever own.

        • Michiel953

          You’ve got your Df! A classic in thr making.

          • Captain Megaton

            I think the vast majority of D750 owners will be quite happy to pass on the D850 too.

  • HD10

    I ordered a D850 from BH Photo and another one from Adorama. I typically order a pair of the same camera model to use. I was hoping that I would at least get one for an upcoming trip to the Canadian Glacier national Park this Thursday but from the status order, it looks like BH Photo and Adorama will deliver my order by Wednesday. Great!

    • HD10

      It looks like Adorama beats BH Photo. Despite my ordering from BH Photo first, I just received my D850 from Adorama while BH Photo still shows “Processing” one day later. Kudos for Adorama!

  • Stano

    Am I the only one that ordered one of the Tascam bundles from buydig/beach camera?

    I was told about THIS batch the day I ordered 9/7.
    I was #11 in line.
    Guess I will see what they say in the morning.

  • Captain Megaton

    I had a hands on with it the other day.

    Take a D500. Expand the sensor to full frame and the finder to match and then some. Remove 3 fps. You have a D850.

    Physically they look and feel almost interchangeable.

  • Looks like Nikon has a winner on their hands with the amount of hype and pre orders for the 850.
    Enjoy everyone and current d750 users don’t forget little old me when you put it on eBay, go on drop the price down just to be nice!

  • Yawn

  • Richard Haw

    there is a long waiting list even here in Japan. it may take till November to normalize

  • Nikkor300f4VR

    Because I’ve ordered ten.. Sorry about that..

  • Michiel953

    Reading all this I feel very lucky having been able to use mine for almost two weeks now.

    Peter or any others in the know, any news on when LR will support the D850? I know one British photog that’s using LR with the D850 right now, but is not al liberty to disclose how…

    • You could shoot TIFFs.

      • Michiel953

        Can I? I thought the choice was RAW and/or Jpeg.

        • The specs on B&H say it produces TIFFs. Might try that. My Df does. You could then convert them to DNG for something easier to work with. There’s probably a conversion utility already out there that would do it before you loaded them into Lightroom.

        • I just made a TIFF file. It’s 50M out of the Df so good luck. I exported it as a DNG which dropped it to 18M. Adobe supposedly makes a stand alone TIFF to DNG convertor.

    • Polsloe

      I’m using the Adobe DNG converter then bringing in those files into LR (you will of course need the very latest DNG converter)

    • no idea but it’s should be soon 2-3 weeks max

  • bradley porter

    I don’t think B&H or Adorama can be blamed – they cannot control how many pre-orders they will get. If you want to skip NPS orders, you need to order from Amazon and pay the taxes. As far as I know, Amazon doesn’t do NPS. We had this discussion already with the D800 several years ago. The only problem is that Amazon may just cancel your pre-order if it is not fulfilled in a certain amount of time. I provided multiple links for pre-order, it is up to you to decide where you will pre-order.

  • Anyone got the skinny on likely availability of the MB-D18 grip ?

  • jojo

    24th 6:30am, B&H, shipped, getting it today evening

    • this is the latest shipped pre-order so far

  • karthikmcs

    I ordered on Sep 13 (it is definitely late). Will I get before Christmas?

  • Mylex

    It looks like nobody noticed my previous post about BuyDig. They do not fulfill pre-orders (at least mine from 9/11 but instead trying to sell D850 (as bundles with 24-120mm lens) on eBay for $4,693.89 and “More than 10 available”. As it doesn’t look good for their reputation my question is how it works legally and with “Nikon Authorized reseller” status?

    • Renaldo J

      I imagine its a maneuver to up sell people that just want the camera body. Is it a lame move, yeah I think it is. But not too sure its an illegal thing they are doing. Do you know of anyone else that preordered from them?

    • Renaldo J

      Interesting, I reached out to chat service asking them about preorders, and how the process worked. I got an email from Beach Camera support. So looks as though they are purchasing through them.

    • I used to sell wines wholesale. I’d visit one of my client stores and tell them I could get them two bottles of the new release from Chateau Rayas. Eyebrows would go up, a broad smile came across their face. Then, consternation as I told them they would have to buy six cases of some wine that wasn’t moving in order to get the Rayas.

    • it’s still overpriced – the 24-120mm lens is $1100 (way overpriced for this lens btw) and you are still paying a few $100 for the extras:

  • Renaldo J

    i’m really curious if anyone on here ordered after the initial preorder announcement? And if so, what kind of timeline you have for receiving yours, if any?

    • Dave

      I decided to wait until 5 September to order. To date, I have no indication from B&H as to when I will receive the camera. Given the pace of things, it’ll probably be sometime around 4 July, 2018.

      • Thomas

        Hope not..i ordered September 12

        • Renaldo J

          Same, as a Canon convert I decided to wait for some of the reviews to come in on the D850 before I pulled the trigger. I understand, and am ok knowing i’ll be behind some folks. I’m just hoping it wont be next year some time before I get it.

          • Nikon Fans

            I ordered on 08/25 from B&H and paid by PayPal. Then got D850 credit card bill last week and still waiting. I feel I need to wait until October or more.

      • Matt Comerford

        I ordered on the 24th at noon eastern time and haven’t heard a peep, hopefully there’s another batch before October but I’ve read otherwise.

    • Michiel953

      “Pre-order”??? My dealer (not a chain shop, two brothers that took over the shop from their father) sees me for who I am, a non-pro sucker, and invited me to the meet & greet on the 24th. My wife joined (clever move). He never asked if I wanted to buy it, I just asked (after a few days) if mine would be in on the 7th or the 8th. I picked it up after a phonecall on the 7th.
      Great shop.

    • I ordered on August 28 from BH… don’t recall the time of day. I’ve only received a couple of email updates from customer service apologizing for delay, etc. Already have my XQD card; taking advantage of the wait to find a Zeiss 21/2.8 ZF.2. 🙂

    • Photoman

      I ordered my on Sept. 10. Hoping to have in hand by November.

    • Michael Cary Arellano

      I pre-ordered mine Aug 29th at the local camera shop (since they have great freebies like an XQD card+reader), and was told *maybe* the end of Oct, at best, due to my position in line. On Sept 7th I realized I could combine the local pre-order goodies with NPS priority delivery. I requested NPS priority on Sept 7th, received it Sept 15th. First time NPS has ever been of use to me, couldn’t be happier with the camera so far! Silent mode is game-changing for my wedding work

    • Gary

      I ordered mine in the UK on 31st Aug from a shop in the UK. Took delivery today.

  • Umashanker N

    Ordered the minute pre orders went live on B&H. Received confirmation at 12:02AM Pacific Time on Aug-24. The order status since yesterday afternoon is “In Stock, Order Sent To Warehouse”. Whereas orders placed much later than mine are already shipped. Something is seriously wrong with B&H shipping order. So much for “Your order will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis”.

    • Pells

      This happened to me as well, but I live in NYC and just got a shipping notice with same day shipping. So will have it today.

    • Jeff M

      Exact same. Ordered almost immediately (3:04am) through B&H. This morning I got an update email saying my order status had changed. It still says “in stock, order sent to warehouse” and “processing.” I’m assuming that it is getting sent out today.

    • Lyle Cameron

      Same here except my Aug 24 confirmation was 12:07 Pacific, 3:07 Eastern. Status yest and this am was “in stock and in warehouse and in process”. I called B&H this am & they said shipment going out definitely today but I’ll receive Friday but she’ll change it to next day delivery. Received e-mail conf order updated to next day (meaning I’ll receive in Ca tomorrow, Sept 20) but still no e-mail with UPS number. Frustrating as others who ordered later than I received tracking number by now.

      • Lyle Cameron

        Update. Just received B&H e-mail that D850 shipped and I’ll get it tomorrow (Ca). B&H kept their word. Glad I ordered XQD card + reader last month.

        • Umashanker N

          Same here. Getting it tomorrow!

  • Eddiewouldgo

    Must be different in Europe or at least in Sweden.

    Got mine first day of release & was told I was the first to get one of the 30 assigned to local store & Im not an NPS Member. I am however a loyal customer to the store.

  • tomp61

    Just received confirmation from Amazon my 08/24 9:30am Central Time order is shipping and will have delivered on 09/21! Originally was in the 10/23 window.

    • Matt Comerford

      jealous! 🙂 enjoy!

      • tomp61

        Thanks! Just wanted to give people a heads up on an Amazon order as I haven’t seen any reports on them shipping much yet!

        • they usually ship 2-3 days after other dealers

          • CERO

            Must be bad luck, they always ship on my same day or the next o_O
            Prime sure helps.

    • nice, that means Amazon is ahead in the pre-orders

  • Michael Smith

    I ordered mine from a very small local camera shop and just got confirmation that it will be in store on Thursday!

    • Roderick Phifer

      Did you pre-order on 8/24?

      • Michael Smith

        I actually think mine was on the 25th, but I reserved one the stock that the shop was getting.

  • D700s

    For those that don’t know. My order at B&H changed yesterday to “sent to warehouse”. I usually receive a UPS notification the same day from B&H purchases but didn’t for the D850 order. I called this morning and they told me that backordered items do not ship the same day they become available however, it’s shipping today. So if you status changes and you get a shipping notification that may be the case. It is coming but did not ship as soon as my status changed.

    • chromedome

      I had the exact same thing happen: B&H status changed yesterday mid-day to sent to warehouse, and card charged. Got an email just before 9am PST saying the order had been changed (shipping charge removed, free one day shipping applied). Got my shipping notice from B&H at 4pm PST, and a UPS My Choice notice a 430pm PST. So B&H followed thru on the free overnight shipping — hope Nikon is reimbursing B&H for the overnight shipping cost.

      • D700s

        I live 90 minutes from B&H so anything I order arrives next day. If I order before 4:00PM I can pick up the items at 9:00AM the next morning. Even so, they sent the camera Next Day Air.

  • Eddiewouldgo

    Must be different in Europe or at least in Sweden.

    Got mine first day of release & was told I was the first to get one of the 30 assigned to local store & Im not an NPS Member. I am however a loyal customer to the store.

  • Just received notice from Amazon saying my D850 “new estimated delivery date” is this Friday! Previous delivery estimate was 10/16/2017->10/24/2017. I placed the order minutes after appearing on 08/24/2017.

    • nice, so their previous estimation was wrong

      • Looks that way. The October estimate was set pretty shortly after I placed the order. Although the wording of ‘estimated delivery date’ is still not a definitive statement. I’ll post back here once it actually ships, and again once received.

      • Just received shipping notice with UPS tracking number.

  • Kevin Kumana

    I ordered from Amazon mid morning on August 24th. My expected shipping date was October 16-24, but was just revised to September 27 🙂

  • Merijn van Dyck

    lol 🙂

  • disqus_hlLLDdz9K1

    my package is on the way (Adorama Aug 24, 7:30am). Thank you Peter and I hope you will get yours soon

  • Mine was shipped via BH! Though they are promising next day delivery on their website, but mine shipped with 3 day shipping. GRRR.

    • MSchuver

      Mine shipped Monday, but isn’t scheduled to arrive until Friday. Pretty sad overnight shipping. Oh well, I waited this long.

      • Same here – mine is coming on Friday as well.

  • TheBronx

    The comments on this thread are the most humorous ones that I’ve read in a while. The despair of those that may have to wait another day or week or two for a camera that they’ll probably be using for years and don’t absolutely need today is just astounding. Definitely having to wait a few more days or weeks is a serious first-world problem. If that’s you’re only problem, count your luck stars. Thanks for the humor!

    • stephen mccloud

      Really sad and yet somehow funny. $4,000 (vertical + batteries) for a camera that will be obsolete in 3 years and people have to have it yesterday. And Trump is still president. The world has gone mad. Conspicuous consumption is still going strong.

  • ANY NEWS ON DELIVERY TO local retailers?

    • It already happened yesterday and today, at least in the US.


        • Yes, maybe the shipment took a day longer to get to CA. Have fun!

  • S Cargill

    “Sold Out” is a negative connotation for the buyer. Its a stupid term derived by sellers that we are the ignorant people. Nope the seller is the ignorant one for not having enough product on hand. If they are truly a company that wants to sell they would have anything you wanted available for sell. The same old tactic used over and over again. “Sold Out” = We are to stupid to have enough product on hand to sell and we want to hype up the product. Then when we have to much stock we will knock off the price.

  • NNB

    Actually I’ve noticed more than several recently… As others have noticed too. I just didn’t want to bother you as you had no proper internet last week. For some reason they’ve made your site a place for ‘farming’ fake accounts.. I can’t help much, Disqus should be the one battling/filtering them.

    • Just report them as spam please and I will delete/report/ban them. They are all coming from Russia.

  • Logan Russell

    Because I’ve ordered ten.. Sorry about that..

    • Matt Comerford

      how original!

    • silmasan

      bot alert… :-/

  • Omar Geovani Feliciano

    Bestbuy sent mine on friday and I will be getting tuesday the 26th. I am so excited!!!!

  • BG

    Do not pre order D850 from B&H. I pre-ordered on September 7th and today is November 27th and they would not say when it will be shipped. Other stores are shipping their orders and even my local store promised to get it. I placed another order on October 23rd from Unique Photo and they called today and told me that they will ship it. If you order today, you will get it early December from unique. B&H are liars and they are not shipping as they say. If you want to buy D850, order from unique and you will get it early December. Do not get to B&H trap.

  • Edmund Dworakowski

    I’ve had my D850 for weeks, but there is no sign of my MB 18 battery grip ! How can they have the balls to sell you a $3400 camera without making enough accessories ? Nikon is proving itself to be a 2nd – 3rd rate mover in this “professional” camera market. They could learn a lot from Fuji !

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