Nikon has a design patent for a new Coolpix superzoom camera

Nikon has a new design patent (date of patent: August 29th, 2017) for a Coolpix superzoom camera. This could be the rumored replacement of the P900 or a new version of the B500/B700 models. Here are a few side-by-side comparisons with the current Coolpix models:

Comparison with the Nikon Coolpix B500 camera ($256.95):

Comparison with the Nikon Coolpix B700 camera ($446.95):

Comparison with the Nikon Coolpix P900 camera ($655.67):

Additional drawing from the patent application:

Source (thanks Broxibear!)

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  • Hope it has a bigger sensor… 1 inch sensors SUCK!… 😛

    • Antonio Sánchez

      It would be quite a feat to achieve the rumored focal length (125x) with an 1 inch sensor. It will most likely keep the 1/2.3 inch sensor of the P900.

      EDIT: I meant in size, probably an updated sensor.

    • Max

      The current Coolpix cameras’ sensors are SMALLER than 1 inch.

      • Naacryl


        • Max

          you’re the only one that’s impressed.

      • Greg

        coolpix A?

        • Max

          Not the A, sorry. Why did they even call it a coolpix?

    • Does size matter 🙂

    • PhilK

      I gues that’s why Sony just announced a ~$1700 USD camera with a 1″ sensor. 😉

    • David Uglava

      1 inch sensors do not suck. Don’t forget which camera had that sensor so far and it was amazing!
      For example… BMPCC !! 🙂

    • Rob

      Hope it has a bigger sensor, 1/2.3 sensors suck. If you are lucky they will chuck in a 1/1.7.

  • Raymond

    shooting with a 83x compact zoom without a viewfinder??

  • Photobug

    Nice comparision betweern the old and the new.

  • Tieu Ngao

    I don’t want a superzoom camera like the P900, instead I want a smaller camera with the reach up to 800-1000mm, BUT the IQ must be 99% of the combination D500 and 200-500mm lens WHEN THERE’S ENOUGH LIGHT.

    • William Faucher

      I honestly can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, or not.

      • Tieu Ngao

        I’m serious and you don’t think it’s possible?
        I mainly shoot landscape, street/events with my D750, but I’m also interested in shooting action/wildlife. The problem is the gears are too big/heavy and expensive (eg. the combination I mentioned above). I think Nikon can make a bridge camera that has IQ and performance better than the Nikon 1 V3 + CX 70-300mm lens (this combination is lightweight and has the reach of 810mm).

        • William Faucher

          The P900 doesn’t even shoot raw. Maybe this one will, we shall see, but its sensor is also smaller than that of the Nikon 1. Bigger sensor, bigger glass, more expensive. Smaller sensor, less IQ, more noise, less DR. Maybe we’ll get some kind of compromise, a bridge camera.

          But to say the same IQ as the D500 in a small package like this? Laughable at best. Reach is not all that matters when it comes to wildlife, low-light performance is far more important when you’re in the wee hours of the morning and the animals come out.

          • I suspect that the reason the P900 doesn’t shoot RAW is because a lot of lens corrections are being performed by software as the image is captured. The software is designed to improve the performance of the lens. Just hypothesizing.

            • Lladnar

              It’s possible that RAW would reveal poor IQ that is present prior to heavy digital processing.

          • Tieu Ngao

            For amateurs like me, we don’t want to be in the woods when it gets dark!

            • Andrew

              The first lesson amateurs learn is that photography is the art of compromise. Amateurs like point-and-shoot and the small image sensor of the P900 gives you that with its amazing zoom range. But then you are restricted to mostly day light shooting for the highest image quality.

              If you want to take pictures in the dark, then get the D850 or D7500 based upon your budget. And crop your image to your heart’s delight to zoom in, in order to get the reach you desire. But do not ask for the impossible out of a camera like the P900.

              Your request is reasonable and that is why the Nikon DL camera series was originally announced with their 1-inch image sensors as opposed to the 1/2.3-inch sensor in the P900. So who knows, the P900 replacement might incorporate the larger 1-inch sensor.

          • Andrew

            A serious wildlife photographer would consider taking at least two cameras with them and the P900 would be one of the cameras. And for me, the D850 would be the other. The P900 has an amazing near professional level lens and will give you quality JPEG images for its incredible reach. Then use the D850 to shoot raw.

            I am convinced that the reason why the P900 does not have Raw is that Nikon knows you will not get anything decent out of its tiny 1/2.3 inch sensor, so that is an issue I would not sweat.

            Now I expect Nikon to do with the P900 successor what they did with the D850 when it came with a D500 crop mode. It would be a wonderful thing if the P900 comes with a 1-inch image sensor for better lower light performance and then provide a 1/2.3 inch sensor crop mode to maintain and exceed its amazing new reach.

            • Allen_Wentz

              Sorry but no way I see a “serious wildlife photographer” having any use for a P900 type camera. At the long end quality is just too poor. Great for a paparazzo, or for a birder who just needs to remember the trip and i.d. the bird, but not for serious wildlife photography.

              That extra weight carried would be better spent on top quality binoculars.

            • Yes, this camera is huge with birders. I see at least a dozen P900s every time I go to my local park. Borders generally don’t care about RAW support, the price is right too. Nikon must have sold a lot of those.

            • Andrew

              I think you are overlooking the strengths of the P900. The images you get out of the P900 at its optical range of 2000mm (83x Zoom) is impressive for a $700 ultra-zoom camera. Sure you can get the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 600mm f/4G ED Zoom lens and crop. And no one will fault you for paying a king’s ransom at $10,000, not including the fact that it weighs a ton at 11 lbs (i.e. 5 kg). Even before reaching the P900’s 2000mm full range, a conservative 1200mm setting will give you quality images that the 600mm pro lens cannot acquire.

              Carrying a quality binocular instead of the P900 is like sightseeing from a moving vehicle 😉 Spending $2,400 on Nikon’s 10x Binocular (EDG 10×32) is not my idea of leisure when I can get 83x out of the P900 with its quality ED glass lens 😉

              Please allow me to entertain you with this official Nikon video. You can take note at 2:02 minutes of the P900’s performance at its long range of 2000mm (83x):


          • Max

            Like the rx10?

        • Michiel953

          I can see the problem with the gears.

        • Lladnar

          Super niche market for how expensive it would be to produce for them to consider it a profitable concept, doubt that would ever happen.

        • Spy Black

          You’re not going to see a bridge camera with better IQ than, say, a J5 with a 70-300 anytime soon.

          • David

            Well, that’s what the superzoom DL would have tested, now wouldn’t it have?

        • ZoetMB

          Better than the Nikon 1 V3 possibly. But 99% of the D500 and 200-500, even limited to just well lit situations? I think that’s a quite ridiculous request.

          • Max

            Well, under good light most differences go away, at least on ooc jpgs. (not talking about recoverable DR in raw files).
            What’s left then to compare is really lens performance, especially long end sharpness.

    • RC Jenkins

      Define “IQ”

    • Allen_Wentz

      So you want 99% of the IQ of the SEVEN POUND D500/200-500mm package in a small superzoom? Get real.

  • You can keep any camera that does not have a proper viewfinder

  • nikon please stop. just focus on your mirrorless full frame first.

    • Eddy Kamera

      It’s a fullframe coolpix.. haha.

  • Michiel953

    Somehow, the number 900 seems less interesting than the number 850.

    • 850 has two non-zero integers, therefore it is more interesting.

  • Sebako

    It looks nothing like the P900. It does, however, look almost exactly like the B500, in particular (though not limited to) with the viewfinder missing and the display hinge being located on the bottom, not the side. In fact, it’s so close that it’s almost like they took design drawings for the B500 and published them as a patent.
    However, the B500 and B700 are the youngest of the Coolpix bunch and are probably not up for a refreshment yet. The P900 would actually be. So I doubt this patent has anything to do directly with any upcoming new products.

    • it looks similar to the B500 but it is not the same camera – see the top view

  • RC Jenkins

    “Mirrorless” typically refers to “mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras” (“MILC’s”).

    • dave

      I swear those initials remind me of another MIL thing

      • ZoetMB

        No, that’s the subject of the photos you take with a MILC.

  • gnome

    Does anyone know how well do the Nikon patents correlate with product announcements? I.e. roughly what % of Nikon products were preceded by some patent, and/or what % of patents are then followed by a product. I am just wondering how reliable it is to look at patents to predict new products… mainly thinking about lenses here, but applies to cameras as well.

  • Spy Black

    I don’t know how similar cameras from other manufacturers perform, but the P900 is essentially useless for any quick photography, whether it for getting a quick shot off in street photography like I do with my compacts, or spray & pray shooting as many do for sports ot wildlife. It’d be foolish to believe that the shutter lag in the P900 wasn’t deliberately designed right in, it’s too blatantly obvious.

    • bgbs

      P900 is an amazing paparazzi camera. You can hide in the bushes a mile away and take close ups of the beach.

  • James Michael

    I would much rather have a B700 than the current P900. The P900 has 83x (2000mm) at 16mp, but the B700 is 60x (1440mm) at 20mp and has NRW files. I imagine that the sharpness falls off significantly on both cameras at the long end anyway. YMMV.

  • Naacryl


    I remember those from the 90s

  • Thinkpad_T60

    Great. Now where are the DLs ?

    • Murdered and buried in the backyard of the Sony RX100 and RX10 marketing team.

      • HotDuckZ

        Sorry to everyone but this comment is too idiot.

  • Snore. Wake me up when camera patents involve a P&S lens that goes 20mm or wider.

    • David

      Casio has an Exilim (I believe at least one model) that starts at 19mm equivalent. Thought about picking one up in China but haven’t pulled the trigger. The issue is I’m pretty sure the lens is designed mostly for selfies and such in the Chinese market so not sure if the lens will perform at all decently towards infinity.

      • Well, yeah if the camera is *that* compact, (smaller than 1″ or 4/3″ sensor) …then I’d rather just use a gopro.

  • bgbs

    P900 is a state of the art binocular. It’s an amazing machine. You can take close ups of the moon. P900 is the camera that finally proved that we never landed on the moon. Did you know this?

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