Nikon D850 now in stock (update: sold out)

The Nikon D850 is currently in stock at eBay sold by BuyDig who is an authorized Nikon US dealer (see list).

This is a brand new camera with USA warranty sold for MSRP that comes with free shipping and free accessories. More than 10 pieces were available at the time of this post.

Please note that BuyDig doesn't have the D850 listed in stock on their online store.

Update: several readers contacted BuyDig and it seems that this listing was submitted by mistake. BuyDig said that they expect their next D850 shipment on September 30th.

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  • TheInfinityPoint


    And let’s see how long their stock lasts….

    • Proto

      They are still selling – 43 sold already 10:34pm ET

  • Chriz

    I wouldn’t buy their bs. Remember when they were “in stock” on Amazon through Beach Camera! Well, they just called me this week asking if I wanted to finally cancel that order because they lied about it being in stock. I am sure this is the same thing.

    • ebay is different than Amazon and BuyDig is a big ebay seller, I don’t think they will risk it if they don’t have it in stock

    • it already says 68% sold, so they do have a number of pieces in stock

      • Chriz

        Ah, kind of upseting because I listened to the big Amazon rush and as I understand Buydig and Beach Camera is the same and they just had me cancel my order because they said minimum two weeks but not even for sure after that.

      • I saw that too. Figured it wouldn’t hurt to order so I just ordered mine with one day shipping. Should be here on Thursday. Fingers crossed!

        • let us know

          • It’s a no go Peter…Just called BuyDig, they “apologize” for the mistake.

            • Chriz

              I’m not surprised. Why would they call me this week and ask if I want to cancel my order because it’s not coming anytime soon and then turn around and sell 60 online. I’ll wait till the d850 is actually in stock at a reputable seller like b&h or Adorama, even if it takes a few months.

            • sorry to hear that, so they did mess up after all…

    • I guess everything is possible – they have a counter, currently it says over 68% sold. If they don’t ship by the end of the week you can cancel the order.

      • Proto

        its 89% sold now — 6 minutes after you saw 68%.

        89% sold & 8 remaining … so they likely had about 89 units to sell

        • this is insane – never seen this before…

          • Captain Megaton

            It’s tiny quantities though. You have 1000’s of people on wait lists, someone comes out offering 100, of course they will disappear in a blink.

            • I am just saying that I have not seen this before.

            • Captain Megaton

              True. Closest comparable was the D300 or D700, but internet commerce has accelerated and compressed the initial demand spike. (in 2017, we just click “buy” as soon as the camera is announced)

            • ZoetMB

              I remember the D200 being in short supply. I believe it started shipping on 12/16/2005. I didn’t purchase mine until March of 2006 and (the late) J&R didn’t have any when I went in there. They said they had more coming in within a week or two and they would hold one for me (without even a deposit). They called me when they came in and I went in to pick it up on March 30th. That was 104 days after the first delivery.

            • Didn’t this also happen when the D800 was introduced.

            • Toecutter

              Lol…dose of common sense at last

        • and this is a $3,300 camera….

        • 2 available at 10:44…

          • Proto

            Sold out! 60 sold in one hour. Its selling like concert tickets — $3.3K does not blink

    • FountainHead

      Beach Camera/BuyDig very shady.
      Once bought something ‘new’ from them that was open box at best and more likely just used.

    • Seems you were EXACTLY right according to their associate.

  • So far they sold 35 (it was at 19 just 10 min ago) and it says ‘more than 10 available’ all the time. If you go to their site, it says their presale has begun. I figure Chriz might be spot on about his prediction and this is just for pre-order.

    • Proto

      47 sold now — in 28 minutes since you saw it as 35 sold

  • Ed

    Thanks to this post I was able to secure one D850 for me. Had I waited for tomorrow, they would be all sold out by then. Thank You Nikon Rumors for the update. I’m glad I signed for the notification for this website. YESSSSSSS! I cancelled my pre order from Adorama.

    • very welcome 🙂

      • Ed

        Looking forward to your report on the Nikon FF mirrorless. That will be my next gear that I’m eyeing at. Thanks again for the help on the D850. I sold my D810 3 weeks ago and was stuck with my D500. I needed a FF really bad.

  • Mylex

    I have pre-order on web-site from 9/11 and I called them today twice. Three agents said (including chat) my order will be shipped after 2 weeks and they don’t have D850 in stock now. But consider they created D850 bundle yesterday and this listing on eBay today BuyDig may have a few D850 for next day shipping and the rest with free shipping will be fulfilled within/after 2 weeks.

    • I think they might be getting some bonus from eBay and that’s why they listed it there. I don’t know.

      • Proto

        Also, ebay probably brings them 20x traffic than their own website, and ebay-guarantee is likely more trusted than their direct website

  • Just ordered one, thanks for the tip and link Peter! I paid $25 for delivery on Thursday, though they offered free shipping by Tuesday. Now, what to do about that B&H order I placed on Aug 28. At the very least, I’ll wait until this order is in hand to decide…

    • We’re in the same boat, and shipping method 🙂

      • I’m just downstream from NJ in MD. That should help the one day shipper. 🙂

    • Michal Lepore

      This is where I am at. I got an order in before they were out but I will be contacting them to make sure that It is coming next week before I cancel my BH photo one

    • Keep it until you get this one and then cancel.

      • Yes, I think it’s highly unlikely B&H will hit my credit card before this one arrives… just don’t want to end up with two. Only this morning I assured my wife (conveniently on business abroad) that I was on a “waiting list” for a new camera.

        • Michiel953

          Hahaha! I took my wife to the Meet & Greet, plied her with wine….

          • Very smart. While I’m waiting, my wife wants me to buy new garage doors instead.

  • Ed

    According to Buydig (5) more left. Almost gone again. Get them now before they’re sold out! Thank goodness I secured one. I chose the 1 day shipping. It should be delivered this coming Thursday.

    • all 78 sold out at 10:47

    • Let us know once you get it.

      • Ed

        Will do!!! 😉

  • Ted

    Going, Going, Gone

  • Michal Lepore

    So it ended with 78 sold, you guys really think they had 78 of them?

    • Ted

      I doubt it. Maybe they are staging them by shipping option. If everyone chose 1-day shipping it could get interesting.

    • If they did not get a second shipment, it makes sense – this is probably their entire second shipment

      • Ted

        Guess we’ll find out pretty fast. Thanks for the tip. I was able to get an order in. I didn’t mind waiting a few days or weeks with another vendor, but who knows how it will really drag on. I don’t blame it on the vendor at all, but if this works out it will be nice to have it settled.

        • Plus you got some free accessories 🙂

        • Ted

          Cancelled order. Reported it to eBay. And now BuyDig earned a spot on my personal blacklist.

  • pedantic_brit

    Something doesn’t seem quite right.
    I hope all those who ordered receive their cameras on time – please report back.

  • Ed

    $3300 per camera and it’s selling like pancakes. Wow, Nikon sure got a winner here. I’ve never heard this type of frenzy ever since the PlayStation 3 and 4 release day…lol.

    • Exactly my point…

      • Ed

        Our economy must be in good shape. People don’t mind paying for that much amount. Then again there must be a number of D800/D800E owners that are waiting for this moment to upgrade. They are the added percentage of buyers.

        • Eric Calabros

          Your economy​ is in good shape, but selling a $3k pro tool like pancakes is not necessarily a sign of that. Less than %1 of population are buying these.

          • MB

            Less than 1% of population would mean millions and millions of D850 … as much as I like the camera I doubt that … it will probably be closer to 1‱, and that is fantastic really …

            • Eledeuh

              I think @ericcalabros:disqus is simply saying that there is a very very very feint connexion between “our” economy and any sales number for a Nikon professional grade camera.

            • ZoetMB

              There’s about 118 million households in the U.S., so 1% would mean 1.18 million and in spite of the apparent high initial demand, the actual number is going to be a lot smaller. In 2016, only 8.45 million DSLRs were shipped in the entire world from every company combined.

              Nikon seems to have a winner, but let’s not get carried away. We’ll get the first real hint in November when they release the 2nd quarter numbers, but that will only include the first 23 days of shipments. Nikon sold 720,000 DSLRs in the 1st quarter, but they projected only 2.5 million for the year. That implies an average of 593,000 units in each of the remaining three quarters across all the DSLRs they make (worldwide). If the D850 takes a third of Nikon’s DSLR sales in the last 3 quarters, that would probably mean about 560,000 units for the fiscal year worldwide. The U.S. runs about 22% of CIPA units, so that’s only about 125,000 units.

        • my other point is that Nikon still knows how to make a good camera – yes, they did screw up a few things in the past, but Nikon is not even close to being dead as some have already suggested

          • CERO

            Lets hope there isnt any hidden bad things there. Like the infamous D750 recall row.

            • silmasan

              I doubt that will be the case. I’ve read somewhere (dpr iirc) that the shutter in D8xx is actually the same grade/class as in D# flagships, just rated differently because of the price difference.

          • Thom Hogan

            Nikon knows how to make a good stepper. What’s your point, again? ;~)

            Nikon has always had a strong enthusiast/pro following that lives at the F100/F5 and now D500/D850/D5 level. That’s never been in question. Indeed, Nikon’s market share in film SLR was sliding badly in the F100/F5 era despite the committed group moving to those cameras. Had that slide continued much longer, Nikon would have been a marginal player, like Minolta, Olympus, and Pentax became.

            The problem is that history is repeating itself. When the growth came off the DSC market Nikon was still on the consumer-product accelerator. They’re now back to the problem they had in the 90’s. Nikon will contract if they have to rely on D7500 and up. Contraction will bring the same problems back that we had last time. Indeed, all the warnings I’ve sounded are the early signs of said problems. It could be a rough time ahead for Nikon, DESPITE having a few very successful products.

            Much more important to the success of Nikon for us dedicated customers is the fate of KeyMission, DL, Coolpix, Nikon 1, the consumer DSLRs, and yes, whatever they choose to do next in mirrorless or any one of the previously mentioned areas.

        • ZoetMB

          The economy was almost always in good shape for people with money. The top 1% received 95% of the gains since the recession and the top 20% actually do pretty damned well. There’s a lot of money out there – it’s just not spread very well across most of the people.

    • Thom Hogan

      You’re comparing things at different orders of magnitude.

      It’s unclear yet how many D850’s Nikon brought into the US in the first shipment, but I’m guessing it was less than 5000. I’d also guess that 15000 units would have met the initial first-day order demand.

      So I’ll place a bet: come Jan/Feb we’re going to see the D850 at discount in the US. Maybe not a big discount, maybe only in a bundle discount, but some sort of discount to keep volume moving.

  • eric

    i wonder if it’s a good thing that many cameras of late are becoming harder to get when they launch. i interpret it as a high demand among enthusiasts and gear people but not necessarily bringing any new users along. i still think the big question for Nikon and other camera makers is how are they going to attract new users long term or are they just going to continue to cater to there base and hope they never stop buying new updates.

    • Eric Calabros

      Some Chinese brand smartphones sell their entire monthly production in less than a minute. So yes there is high demand in those minutes but overally they are no where near the top selling brands like Apple and Huawei.
      Don’t get me wrong, D850 will be a legend like D700, but “becoming harder to get when they launch” is not a proof that market is recovering. Unless you say that market that was highly consumer-dominated is already dead.

    • ZoetMB

      It is good as long as it doesn’t last too long. It creates publicity and it reinforces demand. If the press is all over the D850 and how there’s huge demand and there’s waiting lists, etc., it could definitely encourage someone (with money) to make a decision to move to a “fancy” DSLR.

      Look at Apple. They created huge demand by publicizing the long lines (and people even lining up for days) in the earlier days of the iPhone. That’s been placated somewhat by ecommerce and the fact that most upgrades are now incremental, but I bet there are still crazies who will camp on line in October when the iPhone X is released and that will create more demand.

      Consumers want what they can’t have.

      Creating new users is going to be a lot tougher. I think the camera manufacturers should be running free educational seminars where you bring your smartphone and they demonstrate how much better a DSLR (or large sensor mirrorless) performs in various shooting situations. But even that’s going to be tough as smartphone cameras and internal processing get better and better. They also have to start creating DSLRs (or Mirrorless cameras) that are fashion/design statements if they want to expand the market beyond the “old men” who inhabit this site and sites like it. The “old men” will object, but Apple has proven time and time again how important industrial design is. That doesn’t mean a pink camera, but it does mean designing a body that people are proud to carry.

      The iPhone X, regardless of its merits or lack of, is expected to ship 120 million units through the end of 2018. That’s $120 billion at list prices! (based on the U.S. price).

      • eric

        Good points. I agree with design being important. I think this must be a failure of Nikon’s marketing team doing research on what young people are interested in. I see quite a few young people who use fuji xt100 series because of the retro design or if you have money the look of the Leica M. Nikon needs a product that connects with the under 30 crowd. Without that I don’t see how Nikon avoids shrinking considerably as a company, especially as Apple and other smartphone makers catch up to dslr’s optically which they are almost certain to do within the next decade if not sooner.

      • The demonstrators might have a little trouble proving how much better a DSLR is 90% of day-to-day shooting situations. I remember shooting a construction project in the 70’s with an RB67. I just shot another construction job with an iPhone. The iPhone holds its own.

        • ZoetMB

          They can prove it by displaying on huge monitors, by making large prints, by setting up demos to shoot in low light situations, to catch fast action and to obtain close-ups shooting from far away. But if the consumers say, “I don’t care – I just post photos on Facebook and Instagram,” they’re screwed, especially since DSLRs can’t really do it. And then there’s the matter of the things that smartphones do now that’s better than what DSLRs do, like the few seconds of animation, the artificial portrait modes and doesn’t iOS11 support some kind of image stacking now?

          But this isn’t really anything new. Consumers who shot with Instamatics, Polaroids and other point-and-shoot cameras were rarely interested in going better. The interest in doing something better has to be there.

  • Michiel953

    So what does all this (apparently) ‘selling like hot cakes’ tell us about Nikon’s much criticized (here and elsewhere) – lack of – business savvy? Did Nikon continue to arrogantly not listen to their customers?

    • Captain Megaton

      You aren’t seriously implying the supply shortfall is Nikon’s fault for not listening to their customers and correctly estimating demand?

      • Michiel953

        No, I’m not.

        • Captain Megaton


          • Michiel953

            My tongue was in my cheek.

      • IanMak

        Well there is always shortfall in supply for newly released electronics. Mostly because 50% of potential buyers buy on launch and the remaining 50% buy through out the product life. To get that huge supply on day 1 means lots of factory setup and hiring a bunch of people and then firing everyone after launch.

        Thats why iPhones are sold out every year.

    • Yes, remember all those people who “predicted” that Nikon was going down? I cannot think of another camera in the past few years that had such high demand (since the D800) and I have covered a lot of new camera announcements in the past 10+ years.

      • PhilK

        One has to be careful to understand the scale of production before assuming that “sold out” means the same thing for a small company making/shipping small quantities that it means for a huge company shipping gigantic quantities.

        I know of some manufacturers who milk this perception to the hilt: make tiny quantities in initial shipments of a new model and then quickly and predictably shout “SOLD OUT!!” after they sell 10 of the things or something.

        We need to hear from resellers with actual numerical comparisons, as the manufacturers are often very sneaky about releasing figures unless they are extremely impressive. (Though I suspect retailers have some kind of contractual obligation not to reveal statistics, either. The deck is stacked.)

        The other thing this situation (assuming they are actually producing and selling true, large quantities) brings to mind is: is Nikon’s problem really just poor marketing and service, or just not providing the products people want at the prices they are willing to pay??

        Because I don’t think the marketing on this product has been any sort of juggernaut or anything.

        • Thom Hogan

          Indeed. Nikon’s messaging at the moment is seriously and completely messed up: (1) Nikon D850 is a great camera and selling out; (2) Nikon doesn’t like women; and (3) Fujifilm, Olympus, and Sony don’t have pro shooters. Add “we’ll have a mirrorless camera at some point but we won’t tell you what’s happening with our current mirrorless camera” to the DL cancellation and the KeyMission fiasco and you have all kinds of mixed messages coming out of Nikon.

          Nikon shooters, however, recognize the things they want in a camera. The D500 and D850 have those things. So does the D5, but it’s at a price point that limits how well it does. The D750 kind of does, but it’s got some deliberate crippling in it and seems to get recalled once every few months.

          SnapBridge didn’t work, mainly because it was poorly engineered and executed. But the WT-7 is also a joke at the D850 level. So Nikon has vulnerabilities even in their top, well-designed products.

          • (2) and (3) are blown out of proportion

            • Thom Hogan

              But a global corporation has to control its messaging carefully. These are own-goal blunders on Nikon’s part, and blunders big enough to have been picked up by the New York Times, CNN, and the BBC. Add in the cancelled line of cameras and the constant “new product has problem” issues they’ve been having and it all starts to add up negatively for you.

              You don’t always get to control whether something will be blown out of proportion or not. But you can absolutely control the messaging that comes out the mouths and Web pages of your employees and subsidiaries.

            • Tony Beach

              Easy for a man who shoots Nikon to say, but it might be a bit offensive to a woman shooting Fujifilm.

      • Thom Hogan

        I’m still predicting contraction at Nikon.

        Let’s change the way we look at Nikon and see what happens. Pretend there’s a Pro Camera Division and a Consumer Camera Division. The Pro group has always done decently at Nikon, even when the entire Imaging group was having difficulty in the 90’s. The Consumer group is a mess. I predicted that Nikon was going to keep the accelerator pedal all the way to the floor even as they entered a hairpin turn, and that’s what they did. The Consumer group is now a heap of metal and plastic splattered against the end wall.

        Selling out of 5000 initial units in the US of one product is not going to save Nikon. It could have been 15000 initial units and still wouldn’t do so. It certainly is good that the thing that Nikon Imaging depends on, that pro group, is still buying. That gives them a leg to stand on. But they’re certainly not on two legs nor are they running.

        • D700s

          Thom, is there anything good at all at Nikon? Sorry sir but you do spread a lot of doom and gloom when discussing Nikon. No offense, just an observation.

          • Thom Hogan

            In the camera business they make a few good DSLRs, a lot of good lenses. Beyond that, things have been sliding downhill for some time. Just an observation.

    • Thom Hogan

      Nothing. One product does not a company make. Even a few products does not a company make at the level that Nikon is.

  • Captain Megaton

    What percentage does a big partner like buydig have to pay ebay in fees? They must get a special incentive as there would be no point listing on eBay at MSRP when they could just as easily sell the camera through their own storefront.

    • ZoetMB

      You do have to wonder because not only are there eBay fees (let’s forget the listing fees – doesn’t eBay collect 15% of the sale to ordinary folk?) and then there’s also PayPal fees if that’s how the buyer pays, right? When I sell something on eBay, when all the fees come through, I always have a bit of sticker shock.

  • Amir

    I really don’t understand our south settled people,with all due respect.They are waiting long hours outside shopping centers for new Samsung/Iphone cellphones to get in hand,few days sleeping next to movie centers for ‘Star Wars’ release,long hours standing on streets to see their president(inside totally black car with dark smoked glasses!),and dying for marrying with new D850. I was waiting long for this body to upgrade and that suits me well,but I will wait for next summer because:1)Frimware should be updated to cover some possible faults that will come out sooner or later,2)Some mechanical defects eventually will come out of this Thailand made body that needs to be fixed,3)price tag will be fixed a little and/or discounts will be applied.So let dust settles for awhile folks!

    • peter w

      Waiting a year is a bit long for some of your points, and a bit short for others. Possible faults and defects will be showing up within a month (and after D600 echec, I don’t expect there could be issues popping up that could be relevant for most photographers) and the price will not sink before D860 shows up. Look at the price of D810: it sank 100 € in three years.
      Happy waiting to you, off course. I’ll wait too, hopefully not as long ;).

    • Vince Vinnyp

      I don’t want to come across all fanboy but there is an objective reason to get in early. The other view is if you wait a year to upgrade each cycle to an improved body you are shooting with an inferior body for 2 years. This means any savings, spread across that period seem insignificant and your existing body will probably drop in value faster anyway.
      Yes there may be issues but the focus in on the 3 year old D750. More recent cameras have been pretty solid. Again worse case scenario and it needs to go away for a few days, there are loaner cameras/spare bodies available and you still get those 2 years.

      • I also like to purchase new cameras (or anything) the day of the announcement.

  • IanMak

    I am currently using a D500. I want the full frame experience. Should I buy D850 or Sony A9. This is a good opportunity for me to switch platforms so I need to decide. I feel pretty good about the D850 but the Sony A9 has a lot of gimmicks. Do i care? Would I care in the future?

    • Vince Vinnyp

      I am not sure they do the same job. In my view the A9 is a high speed camera with pretty good image quality the D850 is an all round camera with excellent image quality. They are both great cameras which one you want will depend on what you shoot but trying to be objective (It does say “NIKON rumours”) for most people the D850 will be the better and cheaper choice. The Nikon has the better ecosystem and support at the moment and will likely be compatible with your D500.

    • pedantic_brit

      If you like the D500 you will really like the 850. For BIF you may want to keep the 500 too. The grip, battery pack and charger needed to boost the frame rate of the 850 tp 9fps will cost you 2/3’s of what you could sell your 500 for. Also although the D850 will put just as many “pixels on the duck” you will have a better view of the duck in the D500 vf.

      • peter w

        If the duck goes flapping its wings, you’ld have wanted a zoom or the D850 ;).

        But for other things the D500 is great too. You’ld need a full frame for:
        A even more shallow depth of field (any full frame), a fast prime might be cheaper thought.
        or B insane resolution (D800-D850), (stitch)
        or C extreme high light sensibility / ISO (D4, Df, D5).
        Dynamic range of D500 is great allready. Any aspect of D500 is quite exceptional I think.
        D Gimmicks… what Gimmicks do you think to need? The gimmick I like best about all these Nikons is their SLR-viewfinder.

        • pedantic_brit

          Yup, the D500 is a fantastic camera and my experience with it is what made me pre-order the 850. The cameras have a lot in common but also some different strengths. I would love to have both but sold my D500 to use the funds towards my 850.

    • TurtleCat

      The A9 is trying to be like the Nikon D5. So would you update to the D5? I can tell ya that the “full frame experience” isn’t as amazing as the marketing tells you. Yes, it has some advantages, but the D500 is a super camera.

      That aside, why do you want to consider Sony? For the gimmicks? I can tell you that the gimmicks get old after a short time. You’re better off actually renting/hiring a different platform and seeing if you actually *like* it before jumping ship. The old “grass isn’t always greener on the other side” type of thing.

      Also consider issues outside of the flashbangs. Would you like the ergonomics of the Sony? The handling? The ecosystem? The lenses? Is it worth the cost to change? Only you can answer that. Mirrorless is where things will be eventually but I can tell you from experience that the D500 is very hard to top. And I don’t think any mirrorless tops it overall.

      • IanMak

        Maybe the marketing is overhyping full frame but I do like the full frame lens selections more than APS-C ones (which is mainly dominated by cheap entry level lesnes). I am using the D500 with the Sigma 50-100mm, very sharp and nice lens but the AF is slow and no stabilization.

        So im pretty sure I want to change to a full frame ecosystem where I can get a nice 24-70 and 70-200 with some amazing prime lenses. If not for the lenses I wouldn’t even care for full frame.

        Once I buy lenses, im going to be locked in so I just want to be 100% on this. I am pretty set on the D850 until someone tells me I want a sony. I guess I will ask a sony message board to see if they convince me otherwise. But i am drolling over the megapixels.

        • TurtleCat

          Of course you could use the 14-24, 24-70, and 70-200 on the D500. You’d have most of the same focal length range, a stop difference if you’re framing identically, and you’d have less of a vignette issue as you’re already clipping the corners. Just a thought.

          Personally, unless you’re printing big, megapixels are overrated. Consider what outputs you’re doing. If it’s 99% screen then megapixels really don’t buy you anything meaningful I’d say.

          • IanMak

            To be perfectly honest. Im just some degenerate guy who is obsessed with tech. I remember the times when I would fantasize about having the best computer or cellphone or camera. Now I actually have the money to pull the trigger on all that stuff. But I don’t want to buy something only to be told there was something better I could have bought.

            That being said. I take mostly personal photos. Nothing professional. So no printing or whatever. Still the most challenging part is taking pictures of my dogs. They don’t really cooperate or stop moving. So high FPS is nice but I don’t find that much value in it beyond 5 FPS. I really want good auto focus and stabilization though. Dogs never stay still so I free hand a lot. I have used some other lenses before and I really liked the Tamron 24-70 and 70-200. The AF is noticeably better than Sigma’s and the stabilization is probably just the best.

            I don’t expect to have like some crazy gains against my D500. But its the ecosystem more than just the sensor. APS-C lenses are depressing and I hate buying full frame lenses for APS-C, feels wasteful. Might as well throw even more money at it and buy full frame.

            • silmasan

              D850 without the grip (7fps) + 70-200/2.8E FL VR will be a great combo. As for MP I guess the 25mp MRAW option will be good enough for your purposes.

    • The D850 and the A9 are two completely different cameras. You need to decide if you want resolution or speed. If you want speed, you need to decide between the D5 and the A9. If you want resolution, just get the D850.

  • Michal Lepore

    Spoke with Buy Dig this morning. This listing was supposed to go active in 3 weeks, They do not have the product.

    • pedantic_brit

      Makes sense. You can schedule the listing easily in the “bulk sell” listing interface. i suppose it started after store hours and no one noticed until it ran its course or they couldn’t stop it. Major foul up if true.

    • peter w

      cash flow

      • Rupert MacLannahan

        Michal is correct. Just spoke to them. They say that the listing was a “mistake.” They said that they expect the cameras by the end of the month. I just did not believe them and cancelled my order. Very shady.

        • report that to ebay, this is not acceptable

  • semi unrelated but have you checked the “Sold listings” for the D850? Some are actually selling for $4,000-$6000+!

  • SteveWithAnS

    I preordered the D850 through Amazon and a few days later I cancelled my ordered. I’m sure it is an amazing camera but I have recently started stitching panoramas and 360 photos with my D500 and Autopano and 46mp can’t match my 300mp pictures. I guess you can’t really stitch moving subjects though so I guess 46mp has its place. As a non-pro I couldn’t take the kick in the nuts of buying the D850 and a $1,000 ultrawide angle lens at the same time. Maybe I will wait for that slight price drop, enjoy your cameras.

    • Imagine if you stitch photos from the D850 🙂

      • SteveWithAnS

        I don’t want to start my CPU on fire…I need to figure out some software issues too though. PS doesn’t like files wider than 30,000 pixels and when I import an equirectangular image that is 20,000 pixels wide, PS only seems to let me export to 14,000 x 7,000… I think for now I’d rather go on a few trips to shoot photospheres of cool places than buy the D850 and shoot photospheres of my home…

        • I know what you mean – after I get my D850 on Friday I have to start thinking how to update my 8 years old iMac 🙂

          • Davo

            Exactly why I’m holding off. Need to factor in computer hardware upgrades that are due too. I’m still using a 6 years old mbp.
            But it also means that I’ll probably buy next year and get a peak at the D750 successor and Nikon mirrorless before deciding.

          • SteveWithAnS

            That additional $2,000 expense ain’t no thang…I think my rig must be 3.5 years old now, but it is much better since adding a SSD a year ago and I could probably insert a new CPU and graphics card if I wanted better performance. What I really need is a 4K monitor so I can see my 4K videos and photos at an acceptable resolution…

            • KnightPhoto

              More of us photographers should be getting off the computer upgrade treadmill and into buying a NAS.

              Last year I acquired/configured a 14TB unit (Synology) that includes RAID protection such that if one of the server class hard drives craters, I don’t actually lose any data. Just plug in a new HD and have the thing self-heal. It contains 24TB of drives that through redundancy of RAID provides 14TB usable.

              The big concept is you decouple the need for more storage space from computing power, are RAID protected, more organized, lose the growing plethora of external hard-drives, is accessible from any computer on your network, is accessible from the internet, and has somewhat unlimited expansion potential (depending on model), gives you enough of a surplus of space that tinkering with 4K is not a problem, and simplifies backup in that you have one main target to backup.

              I now have so much redundant space I can afford to have more than one copy of things on the NAS itself, while I conduct a long overdue cleansing/culling. My initial foray into NAS was $1400 BTW, Give it some thought.

              Also Peter I am able to continue using my 7 year old iMac 2010 i7.

            • SteveWithAnS

              Sounds interesting and a lot easier than making manual backups…but I like the fact that external drives can easily be stored in a safe or off-site location whereas it seems like an NAS could still be stolen in one fell swoop or be lost in a fire…that is unless I am missing something. Too bad 8TB of cloud storage doesn’t seem cost effective at the moment. If I was a professional I would take a closer look into NAS and RAID systems, but I am pretty good at manually duplicating all of my files; it lets me get in touch with my inner OCD.

            • KnightPhoto

              Yes recently invested in my 2nd NAS for offsite backup purposes ($900 used).

              And don’t forget the value of that 2nd offsite copy of your data not connected to the internet and thereby avoiding ransomeware!

            • SteveWithAnS

              Looks like you’ve thought of everything. Sounds like your files will be safe for years to come. What type of photography do you Do? I’m just wondering say for wedding photographers if they keep all of their files forever or if they eventually get rid of most of them after delivering the files to their client.

            • KnightPhoto

              Myself it has been semi-pro Theatre, Concert, and Event and personal Birding and Wildlife as well as family and travel. I do keep my paid stuff forever (I do cull prior to delivering to client, but then I keep everything I delivered to the client which is generally the best in one folder and 2nd best in a second folder). Typically this is 200-300 images total delivered to client with 50-100 in the favourites folder. In my case my client only ever asks for the Jpg (which I create from RAW) and I keep the RAW too. Probably I should deliver fewer to client, e.g. 25-50 stand-outs in the favourites folder and 150 second-bests but hey I like to give them choices depending on the subject (e.g. a band with a lot of different performers). I generally hand process each of the 50-100 favourites and more or less copy/paste the processing for the second-bests. I’ve had some success with OOC JPGs too, Nikon does a great job on these, so sometimes I shoot RAW+JPG and just deliver the OOC JPGs with a light processing touch like batch sharpening.

              I haven’t bothered venturing into weddings and have great respect for these folks, very hard work!

              On the personal side when shooting birding and wildlife and even some landscape I have a 5 year backlog that requires culling as well as selection of best images and then organization and display onto a website (multi-year project 🙂

              And the family and travel stuff is generally also not culled yet but I’m working on it. Basically the problem has been if I have paid work to do, that is of necessity the priority and there has been little time left over to do creative things with my personal backlog. As mentioned since getting the NAS I was able to create two copies of everything onto my NAS initially and I am ~50% complete on a first cull. When I get that done I can go ahead and delete the non-culled folder that I have the luxury of keeping in case I accidentally delete whole folders or make other human errors. Sounds pretty OCD myself but since I am nearing retirement I’m actually looking forward to it!

            • SteveWithAnS

              Nice. I hope you enjoy your time processing personal photos once you retire. It sounds like they could keep you busy for months or a few years.

              I had to get better at deleting files since I got the D500 and shoot birds and street at 10fps. Many of the files are similar but I try to only keep the best otherwise storage quickly becomes unmanageable as I keep RAW and JPG. It is not possible for me to keep most original 4K files and I have to trim them and then export a high bitrate file of the clips and then use that as the new file to work from. I think if someone shot a lot of 4K content they could easily rack up 100s of TB of files…what is 1,000TB called?

  • *****************************************************************************
    ********************UPDATE (sad) UPDATE (sad):********************

    I called BuyDig right now. Their associate said “I’m sorry to inform you that eBay falsely put up this sale and we will not be getting the actual item in stock until September 30th, I really do apologize about eBay’s mistake”

    After numerous questions about “how is it eBay when it’s under BuyDig, etc, etc.” she claimed that they have other employees who work for eBay and they mistakenly put up the sale. The employee seemed like she wasn’t the most knowledgable person to speak with so I did not cancel my order in the hopes of her just not knowing that they received additional stock or something along those lines….but after speaking to her, the conclusion is we all got punk’d.

    • pedantic_brit


    • how can ebay put a wrong listing for BuyDig…. anyway, I really thought they had them in stock

      • pedantic_brit

        Exactly – sounds like they were just trying to dodge their responsibility for the foul up. I have to assume it was a foul up and not intentional because I see no upside from their point of view.

        • Rupert MacLannahan

          They also tried to blame eBay when I spoke to them, and when I said something like “you guys are the ones who put it up there, not eBay,” they did not have much of an answer. They did offer me a $50 credit to buy something else on their website, but once a business has proven themselves shady or incompetent, I move on, so I moved on and canceled my order. Lesson learned.

    • Yanfei Guo

      Which number did you called? I tried their customer service number and found that they are closed for holiday until this Sunday. Can you share the number you have called?

  • so in the above photo you get some cotton buds to clean your ears, a cheap unbranded mem card, $5 camera bag and a cloth. Well I suppose it is something all worth about $8, more than we get in the UK

    • WoodyM

      Hey, that memory card will work great in my first digital camera. 20 years ago.

  • Yep, I just chatted with buydig, they said it was supposed to list a later ship date. They couldn’t give me an exact date, but said it should ship by the end of the month.

  • John Alexander

    clickity click

  • For a fact, there are currently 27 for sale on US eBay, all over 4.5K starting price. Have to wonder just how many were “professional orders” that were not taken.
    I realize this happens with many new products, but seems more than usual for this rollout.

  • Suhail Alam

    I ordered fairly late from Amazon, I think September 6th.. my order just processed and should arrive Tuesday. Just FYI

    • That’s good, so Amazon will soon fulfill all of their pre-orders.

    • Thanks, I will share this online.

      • Suhail Alam

        Shipping confirmation received! I figured since Amazon is forced to charge sales tax that less people would order on Amazon. It was 300 ish more but I really like the confidence of returns on Amazon if there was a defect.

        • Yes, I think you are correct – the sales tax plus I think they are a much bigger reseller and probably got a larger shipment (I am just guessing here).

  • fotofinish

    I want to know when the ES-2 Digitizing Set will be available. No one seems to have it.


    Gouging has begun in my area: Craigslist ad had a D850, body only, for sale by someone who “wants to keep their 810” for $4300

  • On BuyDig, this same kit is currently indicating that if you order it in the next 19 hours (i.e., by 1pm EST tomorrow), they will deliver on Monday, September 25, with one-day shipping.

  • Ed

    Well, still no word on the shipping. Looks like this listing was BS after all. Is it even legal to post an item and say it’s in stock when in reality they don’t even have it? Can that business practice be legal? It’s good that I still kept an open pre-order from another shop. Buydig and Beach Cameras should be sued and close for misleading buyers.

    • Report them to eBay.

      • Ed

        Well, I was able cancel my order with Buydig and have them reported to Ebay for selling intangible items.

  • Jacob

    Has anyone preordered from a UK distributer and received it yet? I’m still waiting, impatiently….

  • I’m in Japan and seen the D850 in stock with demo models out as well. Wish the US would be the same. Lol
    Really though, played with it and its crazy what the extra mp does when zooming in on the screen.

  • For those who ordered (and didn’t cancel) a D850 during this ill-fated eBay sale, BuyDig has just updated the delivery date on the original listed (sold out) item to Wednesday, September 27, for one-day delivery orders. Over the past several days, their customer service has assured me that my order will be filled upon receipt of their next shipment which they expect by the end of the month. Just want to share this for those hanging on to hope here…

    • yes, I think they said that they expect their shipment at the end of September

    • Matt Comerford

      any updates, Michael?

      • My latest email from them yesterday says “we are getting shipments between the end of the month until the beginning of October.” On the original eBay listing, the delivery date creeps back one day, each day; it’s currently showing September 29 for one-day orders. I did receive an actual order number (on request) which begins with “WX” to distinguish as an eBay order.

        • Matt Comerford

          Thanks for the update! Sounds like you’ll get your camera whenever the next batch arrives. I’m still waiting on my Aug 24th B&H order :/

      • New ship date is October 6, according to my call with customer service yesterday…

        • Stefan Schmitz

          Well, it sounds more and more like Buydig is stringing us along. I no longer trust anything that they say.

          • Could be, but hope not. Meanwhile, I’m working on my lens collection; and pondering the purchase of a D810 instead. 🙂

            • Stefan Schmitz

              Well, I just read on DPreview that Buydig is now talking about a ship date of the end of October. I’ve had it and will cancel my order.

  • Ed

    UPDATE: Got my D850. Not from Buydig, but rather thru Focus Camera. After I cancelled the Buydig, I preordered through Focus Camera on Sept. 22. Got it delivered today. So I cancelled all my other outstanding preorders. I believe you get a better chance of getting it when you preorder through those mom and pops camera shop than Adorama and B&H. I’m a happy camper now!!!

    • Did you just get it? I was told that new shipment is coming at the end of this week/month.

      • Ed

        Yes, I have it on my hands. I’m doing test shot on it already…..***big grin**…As I said, I’m happy now!

        • thanks, I will post online – many people will be happy to hear that 🙂

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