Weekly Nikon news flash #436

→ The new Voigtlander Ultron 40mm f/2 SL IIS Aspherical lens for Nikon F-mount is now in stock.

→ The Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD lens (old version) is currently $400 off - the refurbished version is $500 off at Amazon and Adorama.

The Nikon D850 prices on eBay are outrageous (some D850 sold for close to $5,000 - see completed listings).

Here is the patent for the already announced Nikon PC NIKKOR 19mm f/4E ED tilt-shift lens (it was done in collaboration with Konica Minolta).

Capture One 10.2 released with support for the Nikon D7500 and D850 cameras (release notes). Capture One is available at Amazon and B&H.

This is the first picture of the Oprema Jena Biotar 58mm f/2 lens that will available also for Nikon F-mount.

→ I was told that Nikon's Learn & Explore app is not compatible with iOS11.

Nikon released Corporation Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement for the fiscal year ended March 2017 Published.

→ Nikon selected 32 men and 0 women to promote the Nikon D850 camera - see coverage at CNN, NYTimes and BBC.

→ Best 4K DSLR video: Nikon D850 vs. Sony a7R II vs. Panasonic GH5.

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  • Aldo

    The older Tamron 70-200 has really the same optical performance as the new one (except for being able to focus closer)… if you don’t know need the extra focusing speed… it is a great deal.

    • TL Robinson

      I’ve used the older version for going on 2 years now…really steady use – wouldn’t trade it or replace it unless I had to. Excellent piece of glass…

    • Ironically, the two women are clearly not of Asian heritage.

      • Pilar Tuason is a Filipina. Completely asian.

        • amaas

          So is Sara Black according to a quick google, both female photographers are Filipina.

        • Well then, I stand corrected.

    • PhilK

      What Pete Grady said, and Japan and most of Asia are very
      patriarchal, it’s not extremely surprising that most of the
      photographers selected are male.

      Tho Canon in general seems to be a bit more progressive company than Nikon.

      • Bob Thane

        Agreed, though it’s worth noting that apparently Nikon did ask women to be representatives and they turned the offer down. And with there being more male photographers it’s not surprising that it’s easier to find more male photographers willing to be ambassadors.

        • PhilK

          I’d like to see the background for the claim about Nikon asking a bunch of women to be representatives but they all turned down the offer.

    • Eric Calabros

      No. Its 2 females per 25 males. Asia population is around 4.5 billion, so Canon meant only 360 millions of them are female, which is not accurate at all.


      • Feminazism_is_stupid. But I agree that reservations cannot be applied to artistic fields.

        • Feminism and equality is what I fought for years ago, I want women to be equal, to have the right to be killed in the battlefield just like men, why should only men fight on the front line, I want women to have to stand up on busses and trains and NOT expect a seat, I want women to not have doors opened for them, it is ab out time they worked on building sites in equal numbers, digging roads, or do they only want equality when it suits

          • Very well and rightly said. When I hear feminism and equality, I am reminded of Star trek. That would be one equal society.

          • Being sarcastic? I hope so.

            • No

            • Wow. No women i know demand you give up your seat but I have done through my own choice. There are so many talented female photographers out there and they find it difficult to be taken seriously, people patronise them, under mine them manxplain things etc.
              I’m not sure fighting for better pay, recognition and respect is any way related to fighting on the front line or giving up seats. The UK army allows for female front line soldiers now. I think many people don’t get how much women have to fight against, especially in the creative industries, if our only hard ship is front line and seat giving then We have the better side of the deal!

          • Carleton Foxx

            In the States we have been giving women the privilege of dying on battlefields for about the last decade or so. The last time I was on a NY subway no one offered a woman his seat. Digging and building, those jobs don’t really go to American dudes like you’re thinking of…Definitely not Joe Sixpack anymore. From what I can tell, the only people get hired are guys from Central America who the greedy builders and contractors know they can underpay and threaten with deportation. So women don’t really have a chance to compete in that arena.
            So what is equality? Is it the right to be equally screwed by the d-bags who run our corporations? Is it the right go die in a cynical blood-for-oil war just to satisfy the pitiful, weak egos of a bunch of draft-dodging mama’s boys in Washington?

      • PhilK

        Feminism is not stupid. In fact, apparently the Japanese government now has laws in place to pressure companies to shrink the “gender gap” in the Japanese workplace. Partly because Japan is facing a serious labor shortage and gender-discrimination in the workplace is one of the reasons for that.

        Here’s an example of another Japanese optical company with a seemingly very different attitude about this matter than Nikon, and how they have been awarded by the Japanese government for it: (Google translated to English)


    • This is Canon Philippines ambassador line-up. And not like Western countries, we don’t whine too much about men vs female domination.

      • Yes, the Nikon picture came from Nikon Asia.

  • cBBp

    why did they work with someone else on the 19mm?

    • PhilK

      What doesn’t make sense to me is that Konica-Minolta sold their consumer photographic/camera division to Sony in 2006 and this document is reputedly dated 2015.

      Also, this is just some random person’s blog in Japan, it is not the official patent documents. It may just be the blogger’s opinion about Konica-Minolta involvement.

      • Nakayamahanzaemon

        It’s not the blogger’s opinion. It’s official. You can see the official document on Japan’s official property site. By the way, according to that blog, the 24mm f1.8 is also a product with Konica Minolta.

        • PhilK

          Yes, I posted 2 additional comments clarifying my understanding after I had the ability to review the pages/documents on a desktop computer and not a phone. 😉

      • Thom Hogan

        Yes, Sony “bought” Konica/Minolta assets in 2006. They did not buy everything. KM retained quite a bit, including an optical design and manufacturing division, which has worked with a number of companies, including Nikon, Olympus, and Sony.

    • PhilK

      OK, was trying to translate the original Japanese pages on a phone, that was a waste of time – working on real computer now.

      The ACTUAL filing date of the patent was March 2008. That was about 26 months after Konica-Minolta sold their digital camera division to Sony. Here’s that press release:


      The press release actually notes that Konica-Minolta was already working with Sony on digital cameras, not sure what that collaboration entailed specifically beyond eg sensors but Minolta also had done collaborations with Leica and so on, so obviously it’s not unheard-of for Konica-Minolta to do camera (and lens?) collaborations.

      In the patent docs, Konica-Minolta is indeed listed alongside Nikon.

      Minolta’s first shift lens didn’t come until 1976 (Nikon 1961, Canon 1973), but it had a unique feature to control the curvature-of-field as well as the shift. It’s depicted here:


      • Mistral75

        Konica Minolta still have an important optical activity, see their website. Another example: most Leica TL lenses (L mount, APS-C) including optical formulas patented by Konica Minolta.

        • PhilK

          As I wrote in another comment to the same post here, apparently Konica-Minolta still do contract lens design. I had no doubt the company still had optical businesses, they are an optical/imaging company. 😉

          I just didn’t realize they were still designing lenses for general-purpose “consumer” markets.

          For my home (US) market, most of the Konica-Minolta products offered here these days are business or industrial items. I had to go to the Japanese site (no English language version available) to find this:


          …which happens to include a news item as follows:

          “Notice of closing of lens prototype service “Optical engineering service” on January 31, 2017″.


          • Mistral75

            From the US website you also have access to:

            https://www.konicaminolta.com/opt/products/reflex/index.html (Interchangeable Lenses for Camera)

            https://www.konicaminolta.com/opt/products/dsc/index.html (Lens Units for Camera (DSC))

            Excerpt from https://www.konicaminolta.com/opt/about/index.html

            Lens design
            (…) Compact camera lenses / Camcorder zoom lenses / Digital camera lenses / Closed circuit TV lenses / Lenses for office equipments /
            Lenses for projector systems / Lenses for industrial devices (…)

            Optical system design
            Optical finder systems / Auto-focus optical systems / (…)

            Mechanical design
            Camera lenses / Camcorder zoom lenses

            • PhilK

              That’s actually the “global” site, not the US site. Says so right at the top. Search engines tend to direct search queries for “Konica Minolta” to the US-specific sites, if the query is done from a US IP address. And if you click the “Global” icon at the top, it will send you then to the US-specific site.

              Neither does that page show optical design services – which as I noted were apparently terminated as of January 2017.

              Also, that “interchangeable lenses for camera” section is curious since the photo appears to depict Minolta lenses which were all transferred over to Sony in 2006. Perhaps they are still making some of them on contract to Sony.

            • Mistral75

              The pages I provided a ling to are indeed from the global site but, as I wrote, you have access to them from the US site:


              Click on ‘Products & Services’ then ‘View All’, then ‘Optical Products’, then ‘Products’ or ‘About’ and… voilà!

    • PhilK
  • ZoetMB

    I hope the sellers with those D850’s at absurd prices get stuck with them. One of them claims to have had four total and sold two. How did they get four in the first place? Another seller claims to have had two and is selling one. And why does one priced around $6000 have a bid, but the ones for around $4000 don’t? Something is very fishy.

    • T N Args

      Check sold listings and you will see one sale at $5k and numerous sales at $4.3k-ish. Also note that some of those prices are pretty close to retail in a range of countries, meaning that buyers are choosing grey market but getting the camera now for same price as retail for them.

      • Robert

        Looks like the D850 is “too cheap” in the U.S.. Good for the people being able to buy cheap, not so good for Nikon. I agree to that that is the reason for the inflated (normalised) prices in the second hand market.

        • Very true. For the first time a camera is being sold in India for quite a higher price compared to USA . It has never happened before.

  • TurtleCat

    Being from 2013 I wouldn’t think the Nikon Learn and Explore app is even 64 bit. If so, when someone updates to iOS 11, it will be removed.

    Nikon is so behind the curve on software things it boggles the mind.

  • Cole Juarez

    The older Tamron 70-200 has really the same optical performance as the new one (except for being able to focus closer)… if you don’t know need the extra focusing speed… it is a great deal.

  • KT

    Only the new iPhone X would be able to compete with the D850 for the title of most ridiculously priced, out-of-this world asking-price on ebay. Way to go D850.

    • Why blame Nikon? This is done by individuals selling on ebay.

    • Kriss_De_Valnor

      It’s how the market forces work – supply vs demand. Even communism couldn’t get rid of them. Some people are just greedy and some people will pay this $1000 extra. I’m not one of them.

  • Proto

    So, on ebay, D850 is re-selling at $1000 – $1400 premium. Wonder what they will accomplish besides instant gratification….

    • Aldo

      People buying or selling?

      • Proto

        Folks are buying. 4 D850 sold at $4.4+ …

        Do an advanced search in ebay for sold items, and you will find the yahoos

        • CERO

          As others said, might be international buyers who want cheaper than their country prices and have international shipping.

          Thank gods my country can ship directly from the US for very good prices (like amazon, with free international prime shipping).

        • Aldo

          Wow.. I should have bought some… these are NPS people maybe cuz nobody seems to have one yet even when they ordered first day

          • or small stores that are trying to make a buck

  • PhilK

    The main thing the D850 prices on ebay tell us is how high the demand for that camera is.

    That is undoubtedly a good thing for Nikon, as long as their supply constraint doesn’t continue for too long and eventually undermine the sales of that model.

    They also have to be careful not to over-produce and end up with dead-stock and pressure to discount in order to clear inventory.

  • Michael Smith

    I love how that ebay listing says “brand new,” but the box says “I bought two of these so I can resell one, but I’m keeping the one I didn’t open for myself.”

  • Nakayamahanzaemon

    Thank you, Peter. I finally found out who is actually making a 19mm f/4E ED tilt-shift lens. It’s Konica Minolta.

    I read an interview with some Nikon engineers on the 19mm, and one of them said that the lens is manufactured in a “cooperative factory” in Japan. I thought “What is a cooperative factory?”

    I soon realized that it’s not manufactured in Nikon’s own factory, but which company is making? Sigma? Tamron? Or Cosina? I thought Konica Minolta is one of the options, because Minolta introduced their own shift lens years ago. It’s Konica Minolta. I got it.

    By the way, according to comments on that blog, Nikon first filed a patent with Cosina, but it was rejected for some reason. That’s why Nikon filed another one with Konica Minolta.

  • Steve Hughes

    I’m just wondering – with that Voigtlander lens, why would they make it with the Ai-style metering tab up top? There can’t be many cameras still in use that would require it. Are they just being cutesie?

    • MB

      It looks more retro this way and that should appeal more to potential customers of this kind of products 🙂

    • amaas

      The earlier 2 versions of the lens (the SL and SLII) lacked the AI tab. The new versions are deliberately retro in design including the AI tab (in fact the only difference between the new one and the SLII is the retro physical design).

  • Kriss_De_Valnor

    Nikon D850 for nearly $5K???

    It’s how the market forces work – supply vs demand.

  • peter w

    Indeed, good question Arati Kumar-Rao, what could be a valid excuse?

  • scott wang

    I hope the sellers with those D850’s at absurd prices get stuck with them. One of them claims to have had four total and sold two. How did they get four in the first place? Another seller claims to have had two and is selling one. And why does one priced around $6000 have a bid, but the ones for around $4000 don’t? Something is very fishy.

  • alphab

    If you buy on Ebay, make sure it comes in it’s original box and the seller can show he is the original buyer. On Friday morning I had my brand new D850 stolen by burglars who broke into our house. The only things taken were the camera, the (correct!) charger, and two sigma lenses. Don’t know why they left the Nikkor 85mm and the 20mm 1.8 lenses.
    Damn now I have to wait in line again… At least the insurance will cover all costs.
    Hold on to your camera if you got yours already!

    • TheInfinityPoint

      Sorry to hear that. If you have your serial number (which I think is on the box?) that would also help. There are websites out there that will crawl the web looking for images posted with your serial number, if you’re curious to see where it ended up.

    • Wow, it seems that they knew what they wanted. Maybe thee were desperate NR reader. Sorry for the joke – I hope you can get a new one asap.

      • alphab

        Do you have anybody in mind who could fit that profile? 🙂

    • TwoStrayCats

      Obviously those burglars are pro shooters who had you staked out and a plan in hand. If you’d had an Otus that would’ve been gone, too.

      • decentrist

        crackheads or spec geeks, not pros, they stole the Sigmas, and left the Nikkors.

  • 24×36

    They can keep CaptureOne, since it only supports the “latest” (or almost latest) Mac OS. I’m not going through another OS upgrade just to get support for a new camera. Should not be necessary – the software makers are just getting lazy in this respect. Lightroom will lose me too, for the same reason.

    • ToastyFlake

      Why don’t you update your OS?

      • Because updating your OS for too many years will inevitably make your system actually run SLOWER instead of FASTER, because it’s assuming that your hardware isn’t 5+ years old.

        It’s even worse on iOS.

        • 24×36

          Plus I have built myself a “Hackintosh,” a home built machine running Mac OS instead of Windblows. More of a hassle to change the OS for me than the average Mac user. And there’s nothing lacking with my current OS.

          • Max

            Cool. I also want to try that. Did you have trouble installing os?

            • 24×36

              Not really. But it’s a little convoluted and I don’t want to bother with the upgrade when there’s absolutely no (other) need for it. Running Mavericks and it’s been rock solid.

        • amaas

          OS X has generally gained performance in every update since 10.7, as long as you’re on supported hardware. Mostly it’s been small compute gains and significant battery life gains, but no slowdowns on OS X in quite a while.

          It’s exactly the opposite of iOS, which gets slower with every release it seems.

    • TwoStrayCats

      Lightroom, with all its updates in the past two years, runs fine on Yosemite. And I have no intention of updating my OS.

      • 24×36

        I’m running Mavericks, which the newest Lightroom versions won’t run on.

  • TwoStrayCats

    EBay actually has a couple of D850’s for OVER $6K. That has got to be the epitome of stupid. In one year the B&H price will be $2,995 out the door.

  • PubliusII

    A 40-mm Voightländer lens and a 58-mm Biotar??

    Lovely-looking things, but why? Why do these exist? Why does company make a manual-focus prime lens for the F-mount in competition with similar or identical Nikkors, current and past, including robust, long-standing models that are available at used-equipment prices?

    Are these things selling to hipsters? Really, I’d love to know who they think will buy these.

    • amaas

      There is no Nikon equivalent to the Voigtlander 40/2 (which is a full-frame f2 pancake with AI and pre-AI support, Nikon’s 40mm is a DX-only macro at 2.5 times the size, the old 45/2.8 is grossly inferior optically and the manual focus 35/2 is both optically inferior and 3 times the size). It’s also a redesign of a lens that’s been out for well over a decade, I owned the second version (SLII) which I purchased in 2007 and the original SL came out around 2003-2004 (all 3 lenses are optically identical, the SLII added a lens CPU, the current version adds only the retro physical design)

      Same for the 58 biotar, no Nikon equivalent except the ancient 58/1.4S. This is a deliberately old-fashioned lens for video work and/or achieving a specific look in portraiture, which you can’t get with modern glass. The biotar has a VERY distinct rendering signature.

      • PubliusII

        The Biotar’s variable softness optically makes sense, and I shouldn’t have included it — although i think the market is tiny. But, hey, it’s their money making it.

        If you want a full-frame 40mm f/2, buy a second-hand Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 or f/2 — there are several available, including a fine pancakey model, the Series E — for small money, and step back a little.

        Still looks like bling to me.

  • PhilK

    Thanks for that, but that could just be un-corroborateable PR cover, too. (Eg, they invited 1 or 2 women, and all 1 or 2 of them decided not to participate)

    • Bob Thane

      Oh, of course. But the best we can do is take their word for it until someone comes up with proof that they’re lying.

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