Deal of the day: Nikon 100th anniversary premium leather bag now $153/38% off

The Nikon 100th anniversary premium leather bag is now $153 off/38% off only at Amazon US (price: $246.95). The price at B&H and Adorama is still $399.95. Additional pictures:

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  • D700s

    I saw this at the D850 event in August. While it is a nice bag it’s very small.

    • Aldo

      I like the patting between lenses… very discrete

      • Patting ???

        • Aldo


          • FountainHead

            ‘discrete’ ???

            (Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’ll get my coat.)
            (Actually, -ete might also work here…)

            • Aldo

              Lol sall good… victim of mobile device like Trump… fixed

            • Trump? Then it would have been dis-Cretan

          • Proto

            Its more fun patting when its not padded…..

            • Aldo

              Pretty much

        • Mahatma

          Dear god,another anal retentive

  • teteouu

    I want it !! 😮
    Don’t think it will deliver in Reunion Island :/

  • Nice womans handbag

    • Aldo

      If you are European then it’s ‘manly’

      • If you are American then it’s ‘hipster’ 😉

        • Aldo

          True that

        • Hipsters are also very feminine. Guys dressed like queer lumberjacks is a tough look to get used to. (Nothing wrong with queer lumberjacks, obv.)

  • Proto

    Why will one pay $399 to carry a banner with Nikon’s logo and corporate milestone? Items like this will keep going on clearance sale — because Nikon is not a fan brand like Madonna, Beatles or Rihanna, nor a prestige brand like Leica or Hasselblad.

    Nikon is a functional brand, and they should stick to making great products at great prices.

    • Shutterbug

      They don’t, they pay $153. And how is this different than ANY other bag? Even Lowepro and Tamrac have lots of bags well over $200.

      Hell, the tiny leather wrap for the Sony RX1 costs $248 – makes this bag look like a steal. Leather is expensive, some people like it.

      • Proto

        Its $399 at BH and Adorama. And its only on sale at Amazon — to bring it down to a practial price like Lowepro. Read!

        • Shutterbug

          Lots of Lowepro cost more than $399 too. Read.

          • Proto

            Lowepro has better functionality in their products (i’ve been using them and thinktank for 10 years). But this Nikon bag is just a overpriced, leather marketing banner. Think! : )

            • soo

              Nah lowerpro bags and think tank keep thinking heir good but they are rubbish and fall apart! Nikon isn’t overpriced at all and probably last longer just cause Nikon labeled it. I’ve had bags from every brand for 29 years now so you shouldn’t keep thinking thinktank !!

            • Joe

              Wow, all from someone who doesn’t own one. Good luck

      • Actually it’s 153 off.

  • Michiel953

    I have a Domke something weathered canvas bag for photography only outings, body and three or four 1.4G primes. My daily (workdays) bag however is a Tumi “ballistic” nylon messenger bag with a Billingham insert. Works well with a D8xx with 1.4G prime, hood on, in the main compartment, lots of daily stuff and a 13″ laptop amd some documents pressed in.

  • Spy Black

    Carry your gear around in that bag for a month and you’ll be ready to update your gear again…

    • Aldo

      Funny you know there are a lot of ‘pro’ bags out there that have abrasive padding. If your gear looks ‘shiny’ overtime rather than the original matt-like finish… this is why.

      • Proto

        Lol. which bag offers abrasive padding?

        • Aldo

          Anything with plastic-like feel to it rather than the cloth feel

    • Proto

      Yup, hipsters — who want to feel retro using dials on DF, but actually run it on auto mode….. who think rattling equipment in Domke bags is cool because its feels like a 70’s era war photojournalist, although they are walking in Disneyland resort and scratching their gear……

  • I’ve been using the leather Ona Brixton for over a year to carry my Nikon gear. It’s help up very well, fabulous bag. That is just a marketing photograph …

  • Scott Kantrowitz

    (Deal) Already gone?

    • Yes, I think the discounted bags sold by Amazon directly are all gone.

      • Proto

        its a matter of time before the rest of the inventory goes on sale… at $399, its an overpriced leather marketing banner….

    • yes, the price is back to normal now

      • Nikon Fans

        Too late from me.

  • mikeswitz

    A nice looking leather bag,for a reasonable price and people here are morally outraged? Clearly they are not listening to what is going on in the rest of the world.

  • Gary Hargreaves

    not finding it at that price. saw an announcement yesterday that you havd to also buy a dslr .

  • Naacryl


    • Aldo

      I think the ‘blotchy’ is intentional though… don’t know about the quality.

      • TurtleCat

        Their reputation is for good quality and many satisfied purchasers.

  • D700s

    You can get a discount on the bag if you purchase the D850. The rep said it’s a special promotion for D850 buyers. It’s not as good as the Amazon price but cheaper than retail. Just ask the location you purchase from for the discount.

  • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

    Oh man, I’ve been checking Nikon rumors every hour and I missed this one!
    All sold out.
    Oh well, better that way because I didn’t need it.

  • Nikon Fans

    It is not there anymore!

  • Allen_Wentz

    Instead of “Nikon 100th Anniversary” it should just say “Nikon, steal me” in bright red…

    All these years I keep searching for ways to make my Nikons NOT look like Nikons. Scruffy backpacks have been most convenient but various ice chests and lunch coolers have been the most deceptive looking.

  • steven8217

    I guess it is best design for the upcoming Nikon Mirrorless camera 🙂

  • MB

    This bag is made by ONA and they are high quality and expensive even without Nikon logo:

  • D700s

    Glad I don’t own any logo clothing or merchandise. Because I’m sure no-one here does. lol

    • MB

      I do, so what? Am I to feel bad about it now? col

      • Spy Black

        I ordered the T-shirt after I saw you post your picture of it. Thought it was cool until I got it and noticed it had the 100th anniversary logo on the sleeve. I know that was the whole intent, but I just dug the Nippon Kogaku logo. So I think I’m just gonna cut the sleeves off, I just want the main logo. It got me thinking I should download a high res of the Nippon Kogaku logo and make my own shirt. 😀

    • TurtleCat

      Did you remove the corporate and dealer logos from your vehicle(s) and other equipment as well?

      • decentrist

        No, He unpeeled his Nikon bumper sticker and mailed it to you.

  • magudo

    Where do you see the discount? I went to Amazon US and it’s $399

    • The sale is over I guess. It was still there earlier today.

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