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Nikon Rumors
First, I have to give credit to the Canadian nature photographer Brad Hill who correctly “predicted” the D500 announcement (see my post here). Back in September last year I reported about a possible combined announcement of the "D400" and D5, but this rumor kind of faded away (see my post here). Check out also this D500 rumor from 2008 🙂

Here are the updates on my last "what to expect" post:

Still not announced:

Few more potential rumors for late 2016/2017:

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  • HibikiRush

    What’s the status on the issue of E-lenses with the D4?

    • have not seen any updates

      • T.I.M

        Photokina is every 2 years, right ?

    • T.I.M

      Nikon have a fix, it’s called buyaD5andshutup

      • neonspark

        to be honest most people with big E lenses will do that anyway so….

  • The D810 and D3300 are due for replacements.

    • Stephen Corby

      Not even two years on the D810… I don’t think It’ll get revamped that quick. Maybe late winter.

      • Rock Kenwell

        It’s definitely due. Nikon needs an update to compete with the 5D Mark IV.

        • Rock Kenwell

          Just before or during Photokina is most likely when it should be announced.

          • T.I.M

            I have not see pictures of your kids in a long time (almost 24H) do you have any new ones to post ?

            • Rock Kenwell

              You must be confusing me with Ken Rockwell.

            • outkasted


        • toinks

          my guess is that Nikon will release a “true” successor to the D700 that has a D5 sensor in a D500 body. that would make it compete with the upcoming Canon 5D4. 2 possibilities I see coming is Nikon killing the D800 line and releasing a D5x or a D800 successor to compete with the 5Ds. i prefer the former as they already have a D750 for high mp hobbyist that they can upgrade to as well. Nikon has too many full frames at the moment.

          • Rock Kenwell

            I would love to see Nikon release a 20.8 MP D900s and a 46.8 MP D900x. The former would be a D5 sensor in a D500 body, and the latter would be a successor to the D810, also using the D500 body. One would be a low-light, sports camera, and the other a studio/landscape camera, and there would be much joy and happiness in all the land.

          • Eric Calabros

            You say too many FF and yet want them to add another one?

            • toinks

              current Nikon FFs…

              what I predict would be

              D5 sensor in D500 body(true D700)
              D750 successor as replacement for the D610 as well

              same number of FF models

            • harvey

              you have no entry model in your list so I think you are off.

            • toinks

              the D610 is the current entry level FF thats why I pointed out that the D750 successor COULD BE the entry level if they go this route. anyway, Im just guessing so its a personal opinion, you could always think the other way 😉

            • The problem is that for the purposes I use my D800 (landscape, portrait, product), I would rather have a camera the size and shape of the D800. When I need frame rate and low ISO, I go for the D4. I think Nikon realized this use pattern and that is why they did not do a D4x and why they won’t do a D5x.

            • toinks

              the upgrade to the D750 will most likely be more than 24mp w/c should cater to what people like you do. again im just speculating. cheers!

          • neonspark

            how is a D5X competition for a canon camera that doesn’t cost as much as the D3X did, assuming they price it above the D3 like nikon did originally? That is not competition. That is called suicide.

            • toinks

              good point! i missed that.

        • Eric Duminil

          Canon sensors kinda suck compared to Nikon/Sony/Fuji. I suppose the D750 will still very much compete with the 5DIV.

          • neonspark

            I doubt it. the 5D4 will be very fast, have very good video and have very good AF probably from the 1DX line. D750 is too old.

        • vousplaisentezouquoi

          Nikon does not need “all these pixels” to be good (better)……

      • It should be coming soon. Photokina maybe?

      • Captain Megaton

        Depends how quickly Nikon wants to roll out “5” series features like snapbridge and built-in wireless triggers to the full lineup. I’d say D3300, D610, and D810 are all on the shortlist for an earlier than usual refresh for this reason.

        • The D800 is the only pro body of the bunch and I think it should be a priority. They should include the new control layout, AF system, 4K video and radio flash trigger.

      • neonspark

        It will. The D810 isn’t a new model but a refinement of a prior one much in the same way the interim (S) models are. The big step forward will happen after the new canon 5Dmk4 is out and even more so after that 5Ds blew the MP mark so high.

    • nek4life

      I’m really curious to see what the successor to the D810 will be, but unless I can get a decent amount of cash for my D810 I probably won’t upgrade. Although it might be really tempting if they get the mix of features right with a lot of the new tech from the D5.

      • neonspark

        if you paid launch price for it….HA HA HA HA.

        • nek4life

          I got a refurb right after launch because of the firmware issue for $600 off thank you very much. Just had a black dot in the tripod socket.

    • DrNo666

      Looking at the past, a general rule of thumb is that all DSLRs are updated every 2nd year. Another is that Nikon makes 2-4 releases a year. I think D3300 and D610 should be next in line this year.

      • akkual

        I think D750 kinda replaced the D610.. they will just push D750 price down gradually to same level and deplete the costs of creating D610 meanwhile. I’d expect to see new D5/500 AF in D810 successor quite soon. Remember that D810 in many sense was just AF -upgrade to D800 (and slight change in physical format). I’d predict D900 with 40mpix Sony ISO6400 native sensor, 153 points AF, 4K, D810 like body, touch screen..

      • ZoetMB

        It’s a myth that Nikon releases on a 2-year schedule. Only 21% of FX and 43% of DX have been released on that schedule and in a mature and declining market, there should be no expectation that they would continue to do so anyway.
        Pro FX: 2007: D3, 2008 D3x, 2009 D3s, 2012 D4, 2014 D4s, 2016 D5
        Semi-Pro FX: 2008 D700, 2012 D800/D800E, 2014 D810, 2015 D500.
        Retro FX: 2013 Df
        Enthusiast FX: 2012 D600, 2013 D610, 2014 D750

        Pro DX: 1999 D1, 2001 D1X/D1H, 2003 D2H, 2005 D2Hs/D2X, 2006 D2Xs
        Semi-Pro DX: 2002 D100, 2005 D200, 2007 D300, 2009 D300s, 2016 D500.
        Consumer “A”: 2004: D70, 2005 D70s, 2006 D80, 2008 D90, 2010 D7000, 2013 D7100, 2015 D7200
        Consumer “B”: 2009: D5000, 2011 D5100, 2012 D5200/D5300, 2015 D5500.
        Consumer “C”: 2005: D50, 2006 D40, 2007 D40x, 2008 D60, 2009 D3000, 2010 D3100, 2012 D3200, 2014 D3300

        Having said that, I do think we’ll see a D3300 replacement in late 2016 or early 2017. I know some think otherwise, but IMO, the D750 is the replacement for the D610 and a replacement would be price competition for the D500. My guess would be this time next year for a replacement.

        • El Aura

          The non-X pro bodies have been on a very consistent 4 year cycle with a refresh after two years. This only changed when the D4 slipped by about six months from mid-2011 to begin of 2012 (2011 was the year of big Tsunami in Japan). And the D5 then continued the four-year cycle from there.

        • harvey

          Pro FX: D3x is an anomoly here as it was a high res hi end body that was a response to the 1DS. only one so far since the 1DS line died (note how both Canon and Nikon only have the unibody construction for the hi-speed low res cameras wanted by sports/animals folks;
          Semi-pro FX: D500 is DX(could have gone unibody but it keeps the costs down but hopefully has decent WR);
          D750 has too many features to be entry level; next year its gets upgrade with some D5/D500 features to D760
          entry level FX is not competition for a high end DX body – different horses for different courses, different strokes etc, etc …

  • kazziz

    A10 and A100 are L3x and S2x00 lines followups, hope they disappear… CCD in 2016? Nikon, really?

  • Captain Megaton

    If the Coolpix and 1″ compacts are announced at CP+ that doesn’t leave much else on deck for the rest of 2016. Here’s hoping, like the D500, Nikon still has a few surprises left.

    • Thom Hogan has a good article on its expected in the upcoming year.

      • whisky

        even greater grumpiness? ;~)

    • If they come up with a new large(r) sensor mirrorless system in Photokina, it will be a big deal.

      • br0xibear

        Or maybe one of these at Photokina ? (not a “real” image, lol)

        • neonspark

          omg CAN YOU IMAGINE

        • jojo

          Shame it’s not real, that would
          be Broxi Music to my ears

          • br0xibear

            A few days ago the D500 wasn’t “real” either, lol.

  • DrNo666

    To me, updates of FX lenses are more interesting to look into.

    Primes: 14, 16 (fisheye), 105, 130, 180, 200 (makro) and 400mm (PF)?

    Zooms: 70-200/2.8, 70-300mm, 200-400/4?

    Tilt n Shifts?

    • AYWY

      I’m kind of thinking Nikon and Canon are “done” with the 105, 135, 180 portrait primes. (Excluding the macros) Neither one has released an update for a long time and I suspect this is because most users shooting in that range just prefer the flexibility of a 70-200.
      But hey, Canikon are free to surprise us. 🙂
      The 70-300mm was last refreshed in 2006. So hopefully we’ll see an update soon. The current model is 745g. Hope to get a nice size and weight reduction if a new model gets released.

      • ITN

        There are relatively new patents for a Nikon 105/2, a 135/2, and a VR 135/1.8. This means they’re developing new lenses in this category and may release products when they’re satisfied with their performance. This could take a long time and the lenses that are released may or may not be exactly what was patented.

      • akkual

        Yet there is this monstorous 3kg wielding 200/2 VR, which does not really make sense in terms of tiny bit more light but huge size and 2.5x price when compared to 70-200/2.8 VR2.. but why it makes sense is the immersive image quality what that lense produces even from full open aperture.

      • DrNo666

        Yes the market for 105 135 and 180 is not that large and the 70-200 is razor sharp and flexible.

        The 70-300 has alot if nice reviews but personally i dont like it at all. It was my first telelens.

    • Plug

      The fisheye and an update of the 105 micro are needed replacements. 400mm PF? Yes please. I think some of the fast primes such as the 35mm f1.4 face considerable competition from Sigma and ought to be improved and updated to E status.

      • julian_n

        Surely the 200 macro (micro) is due a refresh first – it is a D lens.

    • neonspark

      I want an update to the 14-24. make it wider and better. Once there was a rumor of a 10-16mm nikon wide lens. IMO that would be awesome as nothing like that exists and it could easily be f/4.

  • CRB

    D500 and 1″ with the 18-50mm eq lens..i want them both…

  • Nirmalya Sinha

    Now that Nikon has given some serious thought in the DX
    lineup and some interesting DX lenses has come up in the market by Sigma,
    Tokina and Tamron, can’t we think about the Nikon 50-150mm f2.8 DX VR lens? DX
    users have been seriously missing the 70-200mm FX equivalent lens. Only option
    in this segment is the Sigma 50-150mm f2.8 OS lens. That lens is a good one,
    but we will love if Nikon comes up with its own version. Nikon – are you

    • Eric Calabros

      At least there is a third party solution for that. What we badly need is a 13mm f/2.8 with or without VR

      • Pippo

        or, at least 16/18mm f/1.8. 70-200 on DX is fantastic, ideal. I dont use midrange on reportages. For portraits we have 85mm, for indoor standart zooms

      • Trond Arild Ydersbond

        It should be 1.8, VR is not essential. Just a true DX version of the 20/1.8G 🙂

    • Trond Arild Ydersbond

      Guess not. The latest Sigma is hard to compete with, and it’s not really that expensive. Only drawback is the size. Seems to me that most people asking for a 50-150 haven’t really tried the Sigma versions. Why should a Nikon version sell that well? What is really badly missing IMHO, is an update to the 17-55, say a 15-50(55)/2.8 VR. I would also love a DX version of the classic 17-35/2.8, say 11-24/2.8. The old 12-24/4 is long overdue for replacement.

  • Nicolas Le Bayon

    and what about a new 300/2.8E FL ?

  • peter w

    My compliments for correcting this to Brad Hill.

  • HotDuckZ

    I don’t want Nikon to replaced they lens with AF-P, but some of Canon users will really want it. However I loved 1″ compact camera with 18-50.

  • No Tilt-Shift lenses ? I’m so sad I’ve to switch to Canon to have à 17mm :/

    • harvey

      agreed – I sold mine, hoping for new ones but I am thinking about the Canon 17 and perhaps the 24II as well. Put them on an A7Rii. Yes, there are the 5Dr twins but its the idea of that as a long time Nikon user that I just can’t get over.

      • neonspark

        there is a patent but that is all. it must simply be a realization that TS lenses are not as badly needed as they were in film thanks to post processing software versus more urgent innovations like the PF line and stepper motors. Still, I think they should make one just so that the niche market that wants it gets it and everybody else moves on to real innovation like the lighter weight PF line in focal lengths no other OEM has.

  • maxx

    Maybe you forget D900 (after more than 4 years from D800) this summer and the new D850 (instead of D750) in october/december 2016 or january 2017. Am I wrong?

    • Pippo

      D900 is FF mirrorless, D820 next year. If we dont have D810, D850 be resonable, otherwise, not.

      • harvey

        a mirrorless would not be called a D900.

  • mrterrabyte

    I’ll put money on a D850 and D5x…probably 50mp +

    • Roy Kroon

      D850 with a big buffer and good af, I’m ready to break my piggybank for that Nikon.

      • Morris

        with that 42? bsi sensor
        similar speed as for now

    • The D5x is very unlikely, but I did not see the D500 as likely either.

  • 10DollaEveryting

    Stop leeching rumors from other sites, admin you e-gypsy!

  • Sheen Watkins

    Any thoughts on the 300mm f/2.8 FL ED VR??

  • It’s very possible Nikon began developing the D500 back when the D300s came out, and they just kept shifting the specs and putting it on the back burner. The earthquake/tsunami of 2011 probably affected it as well.

  • Nikon should have had more foresight with their naming convention. They’ve shot themselves in the foot by naming cameras with no consideration of the future. The flagship Dx line is safe, but where do you go after D950? Or D9500?

    • Nikos Delhanidis

      F960, F9600 😛 Good ol’ F 😛

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    Well i dare to predict a D850, D900 even before 2017. With the D5 AF, 50-100 raw frames buffer, 7-8 fps 😛 And i’d sell my kidneys to make it my first FF body since the film era 🙂

  • NikonFanboy

    hi admin any news on micro 200mm f/4 replacement? thanks nfb

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