CBS/NCIS is playing tricks with NikonRumors (Nikon D500 transformation)

A reader sent me this ad and for a moment this Nikon D500 strap looked promising:

Unfortunately the mirrored view tells us a different story - CBS is playing tricks with NikonRumors:

This ad was taken from - this could also be a prank, since I could not find it anywhere.
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  • Blog Admin

    We reported this last week on Page2:

    I did not take this serious enough to post it on the first page. I do not trust the original source.
  • joe

    How is this even news?

  • Blog Admin

    this is humor-rumor

  • mainfr4me

    You know they need the latest gear to catch people – even if the gear doesn’t exist yet!

  • Michael

    I love NCIS. I had noticed a long time ago that they used the D200. I was watching the first new episode last week to see if they had upgraded but could not see anything, I wonder if Nikon will upgrade them. Good advertising.

  • Gustav

    I just clicked to the cbs site and the ad is still there. Ads have reversed photos in them all the time, this is not new. The graphics artist probably wanted the logos on the right, so they reversed the photo to make them fit.

  • dnhjr

    thats the D200 man. the logo is just upside down. not that hard to figure out.

  • kyle

    Haha thats funny i dont think they did it on purpose either.

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