Available third party software solutions based on Nikon’s SDK

Nikon Digital Imaging Product software development kits SDK
Here are some of the third party Nikon software solutions I have covered over the years. I believe most (if not all) of them are based on Nikon's SDK. Almost all of them are free:

Nikon Camera Control software (tethering, remote camera control and more)

DigiCamControl (open source tethering software)

Nikontrol 3K (remote control for PC)


CameraRC (provides complete tethering support for supported Nikon cameras)

Sofortbild (another tethering solution)

Live view
DCamCapture (tethering for PC)

Online Nikon picture control viewer

RAW2NEF (converter)

IPTC Preset Editor (lets you enter IPTC presets for cameras)

StudioTether & LightroomTether (for tethering)

Airnef utility can download files from a WiFi-equipped Nikon camera to a computer.

And finally, an old program that will add video recording capabilities to your Nikon D300 camera (PC only).

Update: a reader pointed also the DslrDashborad software.

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  • doge

    That web based picture control viewer is pretty cool.

  • FredBear

    Interested to hear what people say about these tethering solutions….
    Would be nice if there was a tether working on Android tablets too

    • Manu FernandesVillela

      have a look at http://dslrdashboard.info/ , excellent and free.

    • neonspark

      you mean there is none? I thought android had everything under the sun.

      • FredBear

        They do tend to have an advanced feature called a USB port.

        • captaindash

          Haha. I’m a mac guy, but touche.

          • FredBear

            🙂 If not for the lack of a USB port, I’d be a ‘Mac Guy’ (iPad anyway) too 😉

  • Spy Black

    Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when you have X tethering options that should be native in NX2?

    • Yeah same thing with their Android app lacking almost everything and qDslrDashboard making it look easy.

  • digiCamControl is really great but PC only, no Android. It will connect direct to D5300/D750’s wifi, but so does the article-neglected qDslrDashboard, which is also free and supports PC, Linux, Android, and OSX (iOS in development). It’s what the Nikon Android app SHOULD have been instead of it’s infinince of patheticism. Finding this app rejustified my D5300’s wifi and made the world a better place in general. Now I just need a decent tablet since my phone is small and slow. Only drawback is that attempting to record video severs the wifi connection but that’s the camera’s fault, and I doubt we’ll ever see a firmware update for it even though it certainly needs one. Also would love to see digiCamControl for Android as it has some really incredible features.

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    Good article.

  • Simon

    ControlMyNikon (not free) seemed pretty good as well.

  • Elvir Redzepovic

    Nikons software is and always was a joke. I still can’t fathom how that big company for the sake of their lifes just can’t make software that is not buggy, crashes, or sftware that actually has som FEATURES…Their WIFI app is a joke, Capture NX was 32 bit for how long ? And yet IT MATTERS since 32 bit can’t use more then 3.5GB of RAM. They are just a standing joke in software world.

    • Ric

      Not always been a joke. NX2 is good for NEF raw editing, The interface got old and did not improve. Having the adjustments in the raw file is better than any sidecars.

      My $.02

  • alinus

    Missing : DslrDashborad.(http://dslrdashboard.info/)
    The best tethering software for Nikon.
    Supports all Nikon cameras, works on Windows and Android and supports Wifi connection to DSLR.

    • Not missing from my earlier post… 😉

  • FredBear

    Thanks Manu.

  • Captain Megaton

    Thanks to admin making the list. Far more utilities out there than I was aware of!

  • Julian

    Really good to point out the alternatives to the official Nikon offerings. Nikon should really just focus on providing solid APIs and let 3rd partys do the rest.

  • thanks, I will add this to my post

    • Haha, guess my post was TLDR worthy.

  • Littlelio

    Very helpful, thanks.

    Due to my work, I was seeking a good Nikon tethering all the time, with some requirement:

    * It MUST be stable. If the connection drops, it will seriously make me very embarrassed, and perhaps the moment has gone.
    * It should tether to a network drive. (Most of them can, but e.g. canon EOS utility can not)
    * Sadly, Nikon can not save the photo in the camera and PC at the same time, due to the SDK limitation. I hope it can do this just like Canon.
    * Multi-platform, windows + MAC + perhaps Linux? (MAC is very odd especially with D800, the connection is very bad. It is said that the USB spec is different but it really scares me off)
    * Again, it must be stable. I was using breeze system software, but once it just quit when I use D800 shooting RAW. (D800 is always very unfriendly…) LR also treats D800 badly, even today.
    * Some small but useful function, such as the file naming and numbering. Breeze does this well: if you enter a new string as the name, the suffix will automatically count from 0001.

    So for now, I don’t think the perfect solution exists… Well, the absolutely good solution is tethering via wireless but obviously this is even more unstable and slow, especially one wants to capture RAW from D800.

    This is a great post and I hope some day, perhaps I can make my own tethering program! At the SDK is free!

  • Marek

    There is also http://www.candylabs.com/videovelocity for time-lapse specifically.

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