New Nikon Camera Control open source project

I noticed this post on the NikonRumors Forum - a reader is developing an open source Nikon Camera Control software. Please note that this project is at its early stage and could have bugs or not be compatible with all Nikon DSLR cameras. The current features are:

  • tethering
  • remotely control camera basic properties
  • remotely take picture
  • manage multiple profiles
  • raw support
  • histogram & photo metadata view
  • time lapse

Check also those free alternative third party solutions covered in previous blog posts:

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  • Thomas

    This could be interesting as Nikon’s original software CameraComtrol Pro 2 is not working too good together with CNX2. Got lots of slowing down (even after de-installing Nikon Message Center) when in stalled (or some time after) even of CNX2.
    Featurewise I would only wish that I could see/preview a immediately at a choosen magnification (up to 100/200%) in some window w/o switching or waiting for any other software to proceed. I need this to confirm that I achieved critical focus (which unfortunately is currently not working properly in Liveview on a D800).

    • I haven’t tested it thoroughly perhaps but the liveview focussing works for me. Can you elaborate? I’m on a Mac.
      Regards. patrick.

      • Thomas

        If you zoom in 100% on a liveview image, it gets not only blurry but shows heavy artifacts. Same if you use CameraControlPro. Didi not encouter the prob with D300.
        That is no use for critical focusing!
        Mind you, the image comes out OK.
        See example here:

    • fred



  • Open Source

    “Windows application to remotely control NIKON DSLR cameras using a Windows PC”

    What in a Windows PC ?
    I have only a PC, and it works (well) with Linux and opensource software, Nikons softs dont work, so I dont use any.

    • Yep, we have been playing with shooting and controlling Nikon cameras on Linux for a long time. There are several open source packages that can do what camera control does. Hopefully somebody can compile this to a deb so we I can give it a test drive on Linux as well.

      • Have you tried darktable? It supports tethered shooting with nikon cameras, but it didn’t work well when I tried it. I have to try with the new version 1.0 though.

      • anon

        anyone tried entangle?

        • Wow, didn’t know about entangle. I have to check it out, looks interesting.

        • David

          Looks interesting. Wonder if it would compile and run on a Raspberry Pi, giving a compact remote control option.

    • DGM

      Under Linux (which I use too) you have Darktable which is an open source Photo workflow app and RAW developer, which allows tethering and remote control. I use it regularly with my D2Hs and it is perfect (


  • LeGO

    Comment uncalled for. Anyone wanting to help the Nikon Community deserves support and encouragement.

    • Nikon Shooter

      I think what really deserves support and encouragement is your sense of humor.

      Or are you just afraid that a random childish joke will make someone want to quit on the project and switch to Canon?

      • Barry King

        (sigh) Is respect and etiquette so rare these days that a call for respect would be answered by such a childish, humorless and brainless response?

        Nikon Shooter, best to look at yourself in the mirror (if you can stand it that is).

        • none


          Just shows what a messed up state the world is in when folks who just try to be nice and polite and show respect by default are called “trolls” and told to shut up by the rabble.

          /sigh indeed.

        • Stripper Pike

          Stop being so old.

        • Hamuga

          I love the fact that you posted this.

          “…answered by such a childish, humorless and brainless response?”

          And then followed it up with a childish, humorless and brainless response.

          Good times.

    • Voice of wisdom

      @ LeGo, Barry King and “none”:

      How is the comment not helpful? Unless YOU associate open source as meaning it sucks. Therefore YOU are the one who’s saying the person’s efforts suck and are worthless because YOU associate it with being bad.

      Shame on you. You should apologize to the poor guy for being so judgmental and childish.

  • Andy

    Prediction: for someone here will say that writing your own code is illegal, will void your camera’s warranty, and you can go to jail.

    • Boing Wronkwell

      Man! Now he tells us!!

      It’s way too late for me… OFFICER… OVER HERE!

  • So why reinvent the wheel? There are a bunch of apps that already do this.

    What I would really like is Capture Control for iDevices. I don’t need a wireless version, just a wired tether.

    This would allow an iDevice to act as a remote viewfinder! Think of the possibilies!

    Want to become rich and famous? Build this app!

    • Lionel

      I believe the iOS app “DSLR Camera Remote” has the features you are looking for.

      • David Hidding

        The software you have noted requires the camera to be connected to a computer and than a small “server” software to run on the computer. The iPhone or iPad connects to the computer that is controlling the camera.

        Nice, but not the direct control I would like.

    • Ray

      If that’s what you want, there’s nothing and nobody to stop you writing such an application yourself.

      Become rich and famous yourself.

  • TeHo


    I have one idea to implement if possible. There are several cameras and lenses that have problems with focus and needs microadjustments (MA). As I also understand (I might be wrong) when using live view the focusing is sharp.
    Is there a way with the software to do MA automatically or in some other way take an image the ordinary way (mirror down) and one using liveview (mirror up, or a take a sharp reference image manually) and compare those two? If that is possible would it not be possible to make the process of MA a lens automatically?

    Hopeless idea?

  • JohnGG

    I wonder why no one is talking about/reviewing the program “ControlMyNikon” at I bought this program when it was $9.99 and it makes the Nikon software (or any other) obsolete. In my opinion it is the best Nikon-camera-control software – ever.

    Please admin, check the site and make a comment.

    • because it is expensive

      • $19.95


        • Calibrator

          Too much for many FX buyers!
          Software has to be free after all as no metal, glass and plastics are involved!

          • JohnGG

            Joke or no joke, have you ever heard about “value for money”?

  • unna

    It will be cool to control several cameras

  • Geoff Caddick

    Even this software isn’t going to make this woman into a 22 year old glam puss.

    • Calibrator

      I see there’s a “dick” in your name.

      Nomen est omen.

      • FUhi

        And you have “bra” in yours.


  • My anti-virus keeps deleting the program…..cant dl’it to test… i could turn the anti off…

    • B!

      Because there are no viruses for Macs? Read up and don’t spread the BS gospel from Steve.

      • Steve Jobs RIP

        Yes that’s right. Mac’s have the best security in the world.

        Perhaps you should do some research before posting your nonsense.

        • C!

          I hope that was sarcasm B! that or you are an uneducated steve jobs lover, who thinks he was the sole creater of apple computers and that Wozniack had nothing to do with Apple. Grow up, Get educated, There are tons of viruses and trojans for Macs.

    • Justice for Tyrone.

      You obviously don’t know anything about computers. If you did you wouldn’t buy a mac.

      • PC maniac

        You obviously know everything there is to know about computers.

  • Only smart person

    Writing your own code is illegal, will void your camera’s warranty, and you can go to jail.

    • B!

      LOL, you just couldn’t resist.

    • Sean

      Are you in the USA? As in FREE?

  • Shawn

    A couple years back I got some free software for my iMac called Sofortbild

    I don’t use it a lot, but if you have a Mac it’s pretty good and does most things, and it’s free!

  • jim ohr

    Another reasonably priced alternative is CameraRC (www.camerarc.COM).

  • VoteforMe

    Please next time put an “open source” kitty instead of this woman. lol

    • Esoteric Jokes Suck

      You know most people have no idea what you’re on about.

      • VoteforMe

        At least you are 😉

  • Just had a super quick look at the Google code site. It’s written using .NET so it *could* be ported to work using mono on Mac and Linux. However this will need a new UI making as it’s currently using WPF (Windows Presentation Framework, a way to draw the user interface) which afiak isn’t supported on mono.

    So doable but will require a new UI option, and without opening up the code I couldn’t tell you if if that would be easy/hard.

  • This could be interesting…

  • Will be watching this closely, could be interesting.

  • Nic

    This OpenSource application based internally on Windows own stuff called WIA or Windows Image Aquisition, this interface is needed since WinXp for connecting and control scanner and digital cameras by basic functions. E.g. setting exposure fnumber downloading images to pc etc. but no way to port it to linux mac etc. And no way to offer live view or bulb exposure so far M$ decide it to support it.

  • Duke of Edinburgh

    Why didn’t they use the girl in the red dress?

  • 1

    When did this site turn into the youtube comments section

    Perhaps it is time we need to register before being allowed to post?

  • bob

    I have searched all around so I probably know the answer.. BUT… anyone know of ANY Windows based program that can tether control a Nikon P7100? or the very old Nikon Coolpix L1?

    Everything seems to be DSLR based and I assume there is a reason for that, but I just thought I’d ask.



    • Mitch W.

      If you’re asking what I think, check out Control My Nikon…works well and there’s a 14 day trial, and only cost $30.

      • Mitch W.

        oops…nevermind, I thought it said D7100, then noticed it says P7100

  • Kimberly Norton

    Think someone can give us a Date/Time stamp for the Nikon d7100?

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