Weekly Nikon news flash #158

  • In an email to customer with existing D800 pre-orders Vistek (one of the major Canadian retailers) claims that Nikon is having "production problems" with the D800.
  • Nikon D800E should be now shipping to NPS orders in the US.
  • Collecting all Nikon D800/D4 issues in this [NR] forum thread.
  • New firmware update for the S9200 and S9300 Coolpix cameras.
  • Nikon D800E images started to show up online.

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  • burgerman


    Pic of the dog, sat next to my PC… Its focus is fine.

    Jessops UK shipped mine 22nd march and over 1k pictures ago. Ordered early. Hundreds of focus tests, left side same as centre/etc, and every other possible test including hot pixels, noise (see above) long exposure amp noise (a tiny bit), and tested on the 3 best zooms and 105 macro.

    All beautifully perfect. And amazing to use. I doubt theres any issues or problems. Its new, its in demand, and they just had earthquakes, floods, sunamis, neuclear power station (and power) issues, as well as 1001 other problems. Just be patient! And no I am not a Nikon pro user.

    • KenTi

      Is that ISO 1600 or ISO 6400? From the EXIF viewer in FireFox, is shows as 6400.

      • burgerman

        6400 I mixed them up! Still shows how little noise!

        • KenTi

          Yes it does and adds salt to the wound for us waiting 😉

        • Tom

          Uhh, yeah, I was just about to say, that’s a whole lotta noise for 1600 iso.

    • LarryC

      I’m happy you like your camera, as I’m sure I will too when it arrives, but using zooms and macros to test for a problem that’s been described as apparent only with ultra-wide primes is hardly the basis for concluding all is “beautifully perfect”.

      • burgerman

        Yes but I tested it on the 14-24 described. In fact nikons 3 best zooms as described above…

  • Adam J McKay

    I think this is because Nikons new fiscal year starts in April? So what better way to show high earnings in the first quarter by waiting until April/May to fulfill orders.

  • amadeo

    i just chatted with an amazon us rep, and assured me that i’ll receive my d800 on may 2nd, hope this is true, but this the first time they gave an specific date

    • MV

      amadeo — what is your estimated delivery window as listed on your account page on Amazon site?

      • amadeo

        We’ll notify you via e-mail when we have an estimated delivery date for this item

    • Travone

      I hope I receive my D800 by May 2nd as well as that’s my birthday lol

  • T.I.M

    LoL !
    Did you notice the B&H’s add on the right side “pre-order the D800” ?
    That’s what I call having a great sens of humor !

    • Andrew

      This has nothing to do with a sense of humor, it is because a incredible number of people are adding themselves to the pre-order list. What may surprise a lot of people is if a whole bunch of Canon users are jumping ship and ordering the D800. The same thing has happened in the past with Nikon customers, so why not the other way. It seems that this time around, it is Nikon that is making waves. With the exception of those who are heavily invested in Canon glass, most consumers are eager to get the best of whatever comes along.

      • Andrew

        Alas, wish we can correct errors: “it is because an incredible…”

        • Andrew,

          No worries, you did fine 🙂 Well said.

  • Ok.. thats interesting.. NOT! How about some rumors on the D3200 or D400 FF ??

    • Tom

      D400 FF??? What the??? What are you smoking?? Why would they go FF on a D300 upgrade? The whole point in that line is the be a DX sensor, with pro features. Keeps the cost down.

      • T.I.M


    • El Aura

      What is a D400 FF, apart from being a FF camera with the name D400?
      – The expected upgrade path for existing D300 owners? (Well, the D700 was a FF upgrade to the D300 owners that wanted more, yet is was not called D400.)
      – A FF camera at the D300 price point?
      – A FF camera below the D800?

      Why don’t people clamour for a D500 FF or a D600 FF? Simply because they want a FF at the D300 price point and/or because they want to feel justified in replacing their D300 with a FF model and if there is a D400 FF, they just get the successor to the camera they already own and that is justified and not extravagant.

  • Dan

    Got my D800 in New Zealand, past 1K clicks, no AF issues.

    My serial starts with an 8..

    • Dan, congratulations. Have deposit in for mine with Photo Warehouse, but told that they will get one in and there are a few people with deposits.

  • NotSoFast

    According to Adorama, they have no estimated ship date for next shipment of D4. Have any non-pro orders been shipped yet?

    • William Moore

      Yes, I already received my D4 but I am still waiting for my Nikon D800. I preordered both from Ritz Camera the day each was announced.

  • treehaus

    Well Nikon have only sent 20 D800s to NZ so far. They were all meant for demonstrations purposes but some retailers have sold them on, so you are a very lucky guy. I ordered mine the day they were released and mid May is the best guess for shipment. Nikon NZ dont get told how many and when until they are shipped from Japan and they have had no word yet.

    I have also been told that there is definitely a component issue which Nikon is replacing as well as there being much greater demand than they predicted, D4 supply is much ” better” .

    • Lou

      I don’t think D4 supplies are any better than the D800. I pre-ordered two D4’s on January 6 and have not received them. I believe Nikon is having major production problems as a result of last years natural disasters. I’m OK with that. My problem is with NIKON management.

      They knew about possible production issues before they announced the cameras. I think Nikon should have announced the camera, but waited to release it until they had more control of the production process. (i.e. anounce in Jan, release in May/June). Instead, Nikon is all about beating Canon to the punch, regardless of how much they inconvenience loyal Nikon customers.

      I know NPS members have received their orders, but that leaves a lot of non-NPS professionals (like me) and others without the D4 for who knows how long.

      Realistically, I don’t espect to see my D4’s until late this year. Perhaps September. Which really sucks!

  • T.I.M

    YES !!!!!!!!!

    My D800e just got shipped from B&H, the tracking (UPS) say that I will receive it thursday !
    Forget all I said about B&H, they rock !!!!

    I don’t know if it’s because I paid cash (Paypal), I’m not a NPS member (but a B&H customer for many years and many $$$$)

    You should have see my AF-s 200mm f/2 ‘s face when I told him that it will mount on a D800e this week-end !

    THANK YOU B&H !!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU !!!!

    • KenTi

      Did you do in-store purchase or order online? If so, what date/time (EST) did you order online?

      • T.I.M

        I ordered my D800e online February 7th at around 2-3AM ET
        I first tried to paid by debit card but for safty reasons my card have a $3,000.00/24h limit, so I had to use Paypal.

        At first, the shipping was not free ($27.35) but when I found out few days later that the D800e was now free shipping I called B&H and they refunded me the $27.35

        I spend already more than $20,000.00 this year at B&H so I don’t know if it does make me a “priority” customer, but I was not expecting to get my D800e shipped today !

        I have the champagne waiting in the fridge for a while, only few days now before the cork pop out !


        • KenTi

          Thanks, I just sent a letter of complain off to B&H. I ordered mine @ 12:06AM ET on 2/7… (No, I didn’t say who got their order and where I got the info, just asked them what happened to first come first served as they indicated in previous e-mails)

          If I was the owner of a business, I would send a highly popular item first to the people who spent the most money, but I’m not the owner, so I can sit here and be jealous. 🙂

          I also paid for overnight $69.50, my guess is that the free shipping is for 2-day?

          • T.I.M

            I feel sorry for you, it’s already 2 months wait, I hope you’ll get it soon.
            Did you pay cash (debit card, check, Paypal) or credit card ?

            I’m glad I ordered an extra battery last month (same battery as the D7000) because they are now out-of-stock everywhere (and the price went up !)

            • KenTi

              Ironically, I paid with an Amazon credit card 😉

              I have plenty of batteries (4) (I own a D7000 and V1)

              At least B&H is shipping to non NPS members, so that’s a plus.

            • KenTi

              You’ll love this from B&H:

              I am very sorry if someone else got a camera before you if they ordered it after you did. I can not confirm if this is true because about 2,000 people ordered it on the day that you did and it would be very difficult to go through all of them to see what was shipped out and what was not, especially if I do not have the name of the person who got his camera. I will say this however, if this is the case that someone got it before you, and they didn’t deserve it, then i sincerely apologize, it must have been a glitch in our system and it obviously should not have happened. Now if your next question will be can we send you a camera to accommodate you for the inconvenience than I apologize again, but we would not be able to do that since we do not have any of these cameras at this time. However I see that the date and the time of day that you made your order means that you are at the top (or very near the top) of our backorder list and you will probably get a camera in the next shipment.

              I love the anticipation of me asking for a camera to make up for the issue… I wouldn’t have said that because I already know they’ve shipped their current stock out. 🙂

          • D700guy

            I too pre-ordered on Feb 7th from B&H. No word on any shipping date for me as well.

            • nuser

              same here, not a word from them, and now some rumors about production issues…

    • Vin

      Well sounds like I am about 6 hours behind you, how many orders, who knows? Better check my card? Let us know how it is! Lucky Duck!

    • Wow, I guess you got one of the first non-NPS orders from B&H.

      • Vin

        to hear B&H has 2000 orders for the D800E on 7th of Feb. that is really interesting!

  • EnPassant

    I was thinking of writing a comment about why we may not get a D400 DX replacement for the D300s, but instead may get a cheaper and smaller full frame camera filling the price gap between D800 and the replacement for D7000. I would argue that we never saw a F200 because most people started buying digital cameras instead and now most pro D300 users moved to FX-cameras or soon will do so, especially to D800.

    But having a sudden, elusive moment of inspiration I decided to write a song instead which I dedicate to all readers of Nikon Rumors.

    I named it:
    The camera times they are a-changin’

    Come gather ’round people
    Wherever you roam
    And admit that the cameras
    Around you have moved
    And accept it that soon
    There will be no dx-pro
    If your time to you
    Is worth savin’
    Then you better start learnin’
    Or you’ll never be a fx-pro
    For the camera times they are a-changin’.

    Come writers and critics
    Who prophesize with your pen
    And keep your eyes wide
    The chance won’t come again
    And don’t speak too soon
    For the shutter still movin’
    And there’s no tellin’ when
    That it’s closin’
    For the loser now
    Will be later to win
    For the camera times they are a-changin’.

    Come dx-users
    Please heed the call
    Don’t stand in the studio
    Don’t block up the hall
    For he that gets last
    Will be he who has stalled
    There’s a picture outside
    And it is ragin’
    It’ll soon shake your lenses
    And rattle your tripods
    For the camera times they are a-changin’.

    Come photographers
    Throughout the land
    And don’t criticize
    What you can’t understand
    The newer cameras
    Are beyond your command
    Your old lens is
    Rapidly agin’
    Please get a stable new one
    If you shake your hand
    For the camera times they are a-changin’.

    The light it is drawn
    The flash it is blast
    The slow af now
    Will later be fast
    As the present now
    Will later be past
    The photos are
    Rapidly fadin’
    And the first one now
    Will later be last
    For the camera times they are a-changin’.

    My credit goes to Bob Dylan for helping with the lyrics and as music I propose his 1964 classic The times they are a-changin’.

  • Dean

    Does anyone know on which days do Henry’s store receive stock? Or for that matter on which days does Nikon Canada ship? I’m pretty sure there will be a shipment this week, just wondering which day to stalk Henry’s… :-))

  • I only…

    … buy a new DSLR from Nikon when they come with a new FX below of D800. Nothing less, nothing more.

  • PicturePerfect

    Just got my 3rd, repeat 3rd, shipping estimate from Amazon US. This one at least is within the timeframe for my 2d estimate, so it didn’t lengthen the end date. It just moved the earliest date forward to the 19th of April. The previous estimates all lenthened the end date. So hopefully there is some light at the end of the tunnel and my D800 will be shipping soon (or I am going up to Seattle and picket their offices!) What a cluster foo!

    • Andromeda

      What date/time did you ordered Bro?

      • PicturePerfect

        I ordered 2/7. The info I got was over the phone from the CSR after she did some checking. The website info for my order has not changed (yet?) so we shall see. After 3 estimates and one absolute assurance I am pretty gun shy about any info from Amazon at this point. I will report back if and when it ships. Good luck to all!

        • Andromeda

          What time on 2/7? I’m afraid that doesn’t mean squad…Mine says 4/13-/5/1 and I ordered on 2/7 @ 3:45am

          • PicturePerfect

            If I had the time I would have stated it.

  • B&H D800e

    Order Date:
    02/07/2012 – 12:30 pm eastern
    Order Type:
    Order Status: Backordered

    Haven’t bought much recently, so order history must definitely influence priority.

    • Rob

      Some people who ordered over 11 hours BEFORE you are still waiting for theirs to ship. You ordered over 12 hours after preorders opened. Thousands of people probably ordered during those 12 hours BEFORE you. It has nothing to do with order history.

    • Vin-D800E-May?

      It sounds like we are at about same time to order the “E” from B&H. The guy who had one pay pal payed was like 6-7 hours before us. So that could be 6, 66, or 666, people we have to wait for to get there’s first? This keeps me up at night waiting! Need to go for another run!

  • B&H D800e

    Order Date:
    02/07/2012 – 12:30 (AM) eastern- is what I meant to say.
    Order Type:
    Order Status: Backordered

    20-grand-Tim ordered 2-3 hours after Ken and I and already got his camera.
    Order history must definitely influence priority.

  • AlexG

    I am (im)patiently waiting for my D800E, too. My order status from cameracanada.com is simply “Pending/Back Ordered” – can’t wait! Meanwhile, i’m reading as much as i can on it. Does anyone know Japanese to be able to translate the D800E review at http://photo.yodobashi.com/gear/nikon/camera/d800e/index.html? The Google translation is incomprehensible but has spewed out some tantalizing comments about resolution, ISO, and camera shake.

  • I haven’t found any D800s in Finland, could you please let us know where they have them available?

  • @EnPassant
    That was hilarious! Thankyou for that beautiful song!

  • Mat

    Email from jessop UK. re : d800
    I am able to advise that we did receive some of these units from Nikon this but unfortunately, not enough to cover you back order. We are expecting more next week and throughout April but we are unsure of the quantities at this time.
    We are unable to locate a customers place in the queue due to the fact that we also have Jessops Direct order and Store orders that are not accounted for in the Web orders system.
    I am sorry for the delay and any inconvenience that this is causing you.

  • Dale

    Just got a call from McBains Camera in Edmonton and my D800 is shipping to me tomorrow, they just received another shipment. The first shipment they received around 3 weeks ago was only 3 D800s and they had 100 pre-orders.
    I had ordered as soon as they had it on their website Feb. 7th.

    Glad I didn’t order from Vistek

  • Luis

    Just got the call from my vendor that they have a D800E for me. The only reason I got it was because it was slated for an NPS member who decided not to get it and I was the first one in the non-NPS waiting list. Every D800E they got was only NPS.

  • Abbey

    Looks like I should have done some reading before putting an order through to Vistek…

  • JasonC

    Just curious what peoples B&H order numbers are that pre-ordered in the early morning hours of Feb 7th since B&H processes sequentially. My last 5 digits of the order are: 69115

    • KenTi

      I ordered at 12:06 Eastern (my e-mail has a time of 12:14 because it took a while for it to arrive) and the number ends with 68976…. 139 difference.

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