If you live in Norway, you better pre-order the Nikon D800 before the upcoming price increase on April 1st

As previously suspected the Nikon D800 price in Norway will be going up according to this banner posted on the Norwegian online store fotovideo.no. Nikon D800 pre-orders placed before April 1st will be eligible for the current price. The D4 was not mentioned, but I believe its price will go up as well.

Curious to read the official statement - another "system error" two months after the camera was officially announced?

At that point I believe there is a very good chance that more countries will get a price increase for the D4 and D800 cameras.

Update: there could be also a D4/D800 price increase in Sweden and Denmark.

Update #2: The Nikon D800 price increase in Norway is over 12%: from 22,185 to 24,990 kr.

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  • So, which country will be next?

    • pyrula

      I’ve got mine today… price 2 649 euros (slovakia)… The D800 is perfect!

      • Stano

        in which shop did you buy it?

        • pyrula

          prolaika.inshop.sk, preordered in 7.2

          • stano


    • Ren Kockwell

      World’s worst April Fool’s joke.

    • B!

      I think because of high demand they are artificially padding the price. Once the demand is satisfied, they’ll just release rebates to “discount” it to current price.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Yeah, so all 4 of you Norwegians on this site, beware.

      • You rock my world, Rock Kenwell 🙂

      • actually I got 4,543 visits from Norway… that’s was only for yesterday, the point is that other countries will get a price increase as well (Sweden?)

        • Ronny

          I work at one of the stores competing with fotovideo.no, and really do understand why nikon is doing this… i have costumers throwing money at me to get this camera 😛

        • Vidde

          At kameradoktorn.se the listed price for a D4 went from 54990 SEK to 57990 SEK inc. wat. My pre-order has the lower price and I sincerly hope that price will stand once the camera comes. A 3000 increase is a bit much imo.

    • Jeppe Dyrby

      Prices just went up in Denmark as well.

      • Really? Is this anywhere on the Internet?

        • Jeppe Dyrby

          The danish site edbpriser.dk has a list of some of the resellers and their prices:

          Not all of them have raised their prices, but I’m sure they will soon.
          The reseller I’m buying from (photoshop.dk) just raised the price this afternoon from 17.995 DKK to 19.995 DKK. Luckily I have preordered mine.

  • T.I.M

    Still better than $8000 on Ebay !

    I think the pre-orders for the D800e are much more than expected, I hope I’ll get mine shipped on April 16th (ordered the first hour available at B&H)

    • Shelly

      keep us posted when your order comes in from them.
      i preordered from B&H as well but I’m thinking about just trying to get one from bestbuy. I alread had the chance to pick up two if I wanted but turned it down because I didnt think the wait from B&H would be as long as it may turn out to be. I ordered on 2/14. Who knows when my order will come up at the pace they are being released to B&H.

      • Josh

        I just got off the phone from a rep at B&H and he told me that they already sent their first order of D800 bodies out (presumably to NPS members) and that they weren’t expecting the next shipment until late May. He had no timeline for the D800E.

        • Mark J.

          I can back up Josh’s story as it’s the exact thing a B&H rep told me last week after i inquired. He told me at the VERY earliest late April, with likely may for next shipment. AND he told me that even the fact that i ordered within minutes of it going live on their site, that he wasn’t sure i would even get in on this second shipment. Only told me i was “fairly high on the list” for next.

          Needless to say, i started searching locally. Found a local small camera store chain that was getting a second shipment in early this week and snagged it. Picked it up Tuesday, cancelled my B&H order with a vengeance 🙂

          • David

            Yup. B&H have been a disaster throughout this whole thing

            Not getting another shipment until the END of May? And yet Best Buy, Fry’s or little stores have them.

            B&H must have done a terrible job getting stock allocated to them

      • D

        what BB did you have a chance to get it from? I was at BB store and they looked via thier internal system – none of the stores on the east coast show it as available.

        • shelly

          in the southwest reigon–i thought a shipment was going to come in last night but no such luck. 🙁

  • Cobby


  • David R

    I’ve ordered mine from Amazon UK and was lucky enough to get it for £2099 second time round. It has still to arrive and Amazon customer support is pretty hopeless. I did have a very early pre order with jessops but cancelled that when the amazon deal came up.

    Its pretty disgraceful they have screwed up the delivery process and now are increasing the price. Nikon is in total disarray just a good job they make great quality products.

  • T.I.M

    What about $3495 for the D800e and $3195 for the D800 in USA (battery included).

    I’m surprise that the D700 is still listed $2695, I won’t pay more than $1500 for that dinosaur.

    • Robin

      When I said the same about the Dinosaur700 in January 12, people scoffed and ridiculed me.

      Now who’s laughing, you short sighted senile dumb bitches!!!

      P.S. that felt good, now only if I could get hold of a D800.

    • JJ Jayson

      You won’t but many others will. That is an amazing camera that can be had for about $2k in mint condition. You currently need to put up $3k or more to get something better in its class. I just picked one up with only 7811 shutter releases for $1850 and consider my self extremely lucky. You can get one for $2199 once they are no longer backed ordered. Still a kick ass price for what you are getting.

      Btw/ Robin – don’t be a Jerk dude!

      • DinosaurLover

        I love my brand new Dinosaur700! Got in at $2200 from JR in the few minutes that they were in stock right when the price dropped. I’ve been over the moon since then; this is my first serious camera after shooting with a hand-me-down Canon 450D for the past few years and I have been having much more fun and producing much better results than ever before.

        Image-wise, the D800 is not hugely better except at base and possibly very high iso and I’d much rather have 5-8 fps and 12-15mb NEFs to deal with than the monstrous raw files generated by the D800.

        I’m very very happy with my purchase of this legendary camera; “dinosaur” or not, the D700 was a revelation when it was released and is now a tremendous value at $2200.

  • Art

    With all these errors….I suspect it may be time for Nikon to invest in some new “systems”!

    • Anonymous

      Go ahead with Canon… get the 5Dm3 for $500 more.

      • Gregory

        “Go ahead with Canon… get the 5Dm3 TODAY for $500 more.”

        There, I fixed it for you. That’s the only thing the 5DM3 has going for it. You can walk into most camera shops and take one home with you today, if you only decided to get one today.

        No 4 month wait until the NPS members have their bank of cameras before you get one.


        • Doesn’t that strike you as noteworthy? The D800 is sold out everywhere. The 5DmkIII is sitting on shelves. Could be that Canon arranged an extremely abundant supply of 5DmkIIIs.

          Or, maybe demand is weak?

          P.S. I’m not NPS. I got a hold of a D800.

          • Gregory

            I’m Canadian, so the Best Buys here didn’t get any D800s that I can tell. Top of the line Nikon at a Canadian Best Buy is D7000.

            I’m still waiting on my pre-order. Seems most of the North American batch went state-side.

          • St.

            Congratulations, Ron!

            I hope I’ll get mine soon.
            Strange how I they didn’t get to me, as I really ordered in very first minutes… Anyway… the wait just makes it sweeter…

            • T.I.M

              Do as I did, order an extra battery, it will make the wait easier !

            • St.

              I kept my extra (new) battery from D7000 when I sold it.
              But I did buy one of the new Lexar CF UDMA7 (1000x) 32Gb cards.

    • B!

      Perhaps the same pattern (errors) are in line with current release of D800 firmware.

  • branden hughes

    I work at a camera store in Kansas City. We just got our first D800 in store and it was purchased within the first 3 minutes we had it! It was not slated to show up until 4/17.

  • Anonymous

    If Canon can sell the 5dm3 for $3,500, then I don’t see why Nikon can’t increase the US price for the D800 to $3,199. It will still be a good deal. Now only if Adorama came through with my camera.

  • Brock Kentwell

    øh nø!

  • Jorge

    So… I should spend $3000.00 US in order to “save” the price of an increase? No thanks. As a matter of fact, me and my D700’s are very happy together. I had the D800 on pre-0rder since the morning of 2/7, and on 3/20, two days before Amazon was supposedly shipping mine I cancelled; for a while there i got caught up in all the hype. Do I want one? Yes. Do I “need” it to do my job? Absolutely not. Will I get one? Probably around next December if they are available. I’m in no rush at this point. As they say, the scouts take all the arrows” so I will just wait until the D800 is a mature product in the Nikon line, and then I’ll take the bait.
    Just my 2 cents.

    • Ben

      thank you! the more people cancel the sooner i get mine!

  • Xaphod

    I am not planning on getting the d800 but considering it is only 2600chf here (about $2950usd) shipped, maybe it could just be a weird investment vehicle if the prices keep going up 🙂

  • hq

    I can’t believe B&H haven’t shipped any pre-order yet!

    • Ren Kockwell

      Of course not. Because I ordered mine from them, that’s why.

    • Annoyed

      Seriously, absolutely nothing shipped to non-NPS. Extremely frustrating. They’ve already admitted there’s ZERO chance any D800s will ship before the 16th when they’re back from passover, and of course even then they have no clue. Why did I order at 4am again? By the time B&H ships, they’ll be available on local shelves everywhere.

      • I just got several emails from readers – today B&H and Adorama did ship D800 cameras to non-NPS orders.

  • Switzerland: I’ve got mine today from a lokal dealer, CHF 2’950… It’s gonna be a long night 🙂

    • Steven

      From which shop did you order? Still waiting for mine …

  • stavrosf

    I have just got it today… 2500€
    Don’t know why it is cheaper in Greece (I can imagine though). Here it is very hard to find. My dealer told me that I was too lucky to got it!

    • Alex

      apo pou tin pires stauro

    • Old Amsterdam

      Euro 2500,- in Greece, is that 23% V.A.T. included?

      • 700 Geek

        they have VAT in Greece, but nobody cares about it, so it is Euro 2,500.- with or without VAT.


        • dgm

          This is stupid and uncalled for. Look at what they’re going through and ask yourself if you would put up with it.

          • David

            I could put up with a debt-fuelled spending spress, no problem!

      • stavrosf

        2500€ price is including 23% VAT and we do care about VAT.
        I guess it is a special price due to being a “special” customer, having bought multiple cameras and lenses from my dealer.

    • Achim

      2500 € is really cheap!
      In Germany i paid 2899 €

      Situation in Germany is the same as in other countries.
      Specialized photo stores have no D800 in stock. Only a few dealers got one or two cameras.
      There is a big electronic store called “Mediamarkt” in Germany with over 250 stores over the whole country. They got the highest amount of cameras i guess. I heard that every store got one. Nobody preordered at Mediamarkt so i went in and took the one that was available 🙂
      People discussed that in german Nikon forum and today i think Mediamarkt is sold out as well.
      Awesome camera i can tell you. Lucky everybody who could catch one….

  • I am not an NPS member, I have had my SUPERB and perfect D800 since friday morning. Thats 5 days. All I did was order it when announced.

    I was going to get a D800E and ebay this one, when available. But after seeing the detail, even in JPGs with sharpening reduced to practically zero, or RAWs with no added sharpening its honestly hard to see how its possible to be sharper*. And I examine everything at 100 percent on screen. I hate sharpening artifacts, but this camera with good lenses* and technique doesent need or benefit from any sharpening. But at 100 percent depth of feild is TINY and very noticible. Of course in prints its exactly the same as the D700…

    * Stopped down a touch, 14-24, 24-70, 70-200 VR2, 105vr – Cant say the same for other lenses…

    • No freaking kidding. This thing has blown away every other camera I’ve ever SEEN, sharpness-wise. I haven’t shot with the super-high resolution medium format backs, but for a DSLR, this thing is incredible.

      Zoom. Zoom. Zoom zoom zoom. Zoom Zoom. Zoom. Sharper still, every single click of the magnifying glass!!! I know own 3x the number of memory cards I have in the past, but small price to pay I suppose. 😉

      I haven’t pushed low-light a ton yet, but I’m optimistic from the tests around the web that it’s as good as the D700 or better.

      D800 = total win.

      • Mike

        Indeed. At ISO 2000, at the same size, the D800 shows as little noise as the D3s. Incredible!

      • Eric Eckes

        Mine is on order and who knows when I will get it. I am very curious to hear your impressions of its low light capabilities. I shoot underwater and low light is a constant pain.

  • Donatello

    Good April Fools’ Day prank by Nikon…
    …wait a minute!

  • Mike

    System error = “Marketing department vastly undervalued this camera. That guy has been sent down to wash toilets and the new guy has figured we could sell it for more.”

    Got my D800 yesterday in Toronto. My store had 200 pre-orders and 8 came in. I am non NPS and got one. Ordered on launch day. Canada seems to be the fortunate country because the price actually went down $150 after launch. Resolution is rediculous. Even JPEG M Fine has excellent, excellent resolution. The HDR feature is amazing. My only “but” is that I like the depth of my D3s grip better. But I do realize the D800 is not necessarily intended for ” all day use”. No complaints!

  • Got mine today in a very small shop in Germany. The dealer was so happy that he asked me if he could just hold it for some seconds.
    Since Amazon Germany was not able to provide any information I just phoned the dealer on Monday and ordered it. Was super surprised when they called me this morning.
    Sooooo happy.
    It’s going to be a very interesting weekend 😉

  • Sftwins

    Got mine today (Germany). Called up a shop and Munich. They had just received a batch and I was able to pick one up just like that. The camera is impressive. Wow.

    • T.I.M

      Germany is the best country in Europe.

      • B!

        Based on?

        • T.I.M

          Based on a 2 months trip in 2008

      • Fiks Mons

        75 years ago maybe..

        • Really?

          Genocidal Fascists & Trolls are the best!

    • Could you share at which store you got it Sftwins? Going into Munich tomorrow to pick up my D300 (had it serviced at the Nikon service center) and wouldn’t mind coming back with a D800 instead ;).

  • fakno

    And I thought I’d wait a few months and get it for <2200 EUR…

  • T.I.M

    There is tons of D800 over priced on Ebay, I prefer wait 10 years for mine rather give my money to thoses thieves !

  • Anthony

    Looks more to me like Nikon does not think the Euro (and the British pound) is a stable currency in the short term and is raising prices in anticipation of a weaker Euro. Given the instability in Greece, this price increase is not unreasonable. I wonder how long the Euro can continue to survive as a currency.

    • T.I.M

      “Euro is a stable currency”
      You are kidding right ?
      I lost almost $4000 in January because the Euro went from 1.33 to 1.26 dollar !

  • T.I.M

    B&H will be closed Friday April 6th to Sunday April 15th. (9 days)
    They will be so busy on April 16th that I don’t expect them to ship my D800e before April 17-18.

    • B!

      I just wonder if they’ll be able to ship anything to “regular” customer and wheather all NPS order have been satisfied. I’m still waiting for my D4 but fearing that B&H won’t be serving non big wig NPS photographers soon I placed a backup order in few other places. First in wins!!!.

      Kind of reminds me of old adage: “Never put all your eggs in one basket”

  • SO JEALOUS! Ordered mine in Montréal at a big store, I am # 30 in line and they only received 10… Do not have it yet. Can’t wait!!

    • T.I.M

      @Sam the Joubster

      C’est par ce que tu as payé avec des dollars Canadiens !
      Next time pay with the real money, the US dollar !


  • AXV

    I bet they are doing it because the canon one is more expensive. F*ck you nikon again and again…

  • Let’s hope this doesn’t affect the euro zone (i don’t think so due to the current situation)

  • Harald Bluetooth

    The Quislings are getting a price uptick! Good for them. They’re living off the random luck of oil money and can afford it.

    • NikinMike

      Agree with Kenneth . Your comment is insulting and admin should ban you – you should have your mouth washed out.

    • Old Amsterdam

      What a lousy and simple comment from Harald Bluetooth!
      Ban-worthy for sure.
      If he’s Danish I advise him to read some history books.
      The Danish King allowed his Military forces to work for the Germans during 40-45 without penalties.
      I meet a lot of Danish soldiers each year, still amazed about their “interest” in and their showing of Nazi symbols.

  • jeff

    Want to know what’s wrong with the NPS program? The fact the we are waiting for products but the NPS members get them because they “need” them. Yet somehow, they show up on eBay. I wonder… Coincidence? I’m sure all the NPS members wouldn’t think of selling their D800’s and D4’s on eBay. Of course, I also believe in the Easter Bunny!

  • Are you Danish, Harald Bluetooth? I am Norwegian, or a quistling as you call it. Its actually quite insulting to be compared to such a nazi traitor. But enough about that. Several people that i know, sendt mail to Nikon Norway late last week, asking if there was going to be an increase in the price. They replied: No increase in price in Norway. Only UK … Either they was lying, or they didnt know at the time that they where upping the price. In either case ODD! I had confidence in the belief that this company wouldnt screw their faitful Nikonians. But now i just dont know…

    • NikonMike

      Ignor the man Kenneth – I agree with you and I think you took that insult very calmly, the man is an idiot. Kind regards from a fellow Norwegian.

  • razaec

    just saw an auction earlier today with the d800, and the last bid was NOK 28000 the same price as the 5dmk3!!! people here are crazy with this camera… and they have the money!!!! when I checked just now, the link disappeared.. wonder how much it was sold for…

    • NikonMike

      It went for kr 29000 thats about $5300, should point out that the reason for the auction was for UNICEF.
      The extra maney raised by the auction goes to that fund by the company who ran the auction which they do a lot – they are a camera outlet and the camera was orderred and reserved for that purpose.
      So it is not just cray people buying . there was many who bid in the auction.

  • Update: there could be also a D4/D800 price increase in Sweden.

    • NikonMike

      Hi – do you allow people on this site to make insulting comments to other people. Very disapointed to see H Bluetooth throwing out what he did.

      • David

        I doubt he has time to ready every single comment and moderate them.

        Besides – who cares? It’s the internet. You should be able to handle offensive text on a screen and not get all upset about it.

  • George

    I got my D800 the first day they were released in Australia. I had only put the per-order in with JB HI-FI two weeks before that! As JB HIFI is one of the largest sellers of general electrical and music. I think no one thought to go to them for per orders. I picked mine up for $3300 AU. Thats the lowest price I have seen in AU.

    All the high end camera places had long pre order lists. I was the first to put in a pre order with them in Brisbane.

  • NikonMike

    D800 sold today on auction at kr 29000 (thats about $5300) normal price kr 22150 ($4000), had mine on order since mid feb for deliv 22 March, told of delay with expected deliv about mid May and was number 78 on a list of 100 (no chance). Cancelled my order and bought a D7000 today as a backup or DX usage camera for my D700 (saved some money and can now drown my sorrows in some whiskey).
    Will now wait 6 months and see what happens in the market – perhaps a d400 may arrive ?.

    • less time

      D400 or whatever they call, coming very soon, not 6 months for sure.

  • bldnk

    D4 – 8500$
    D800 – 4000$

  • SlowShopper

    Really, really really, Nikon are pulling prices due to the hurried shoppers. Advise the hurried to wait. The Nikon is having a bad attitude and is deceiving buyers and joking. But there are always people who go in the games.

  • Cancel your order…

    If buyers begin to cancel orders, prices will fall. There will be no lack of D800 or D4, why hurry at the moment? Have not yet learned …
    Who is causing this whole situation are price buyers rushed. Is the law of supply and demand!

  • Brieuc

    In Charleroi (Belgium) they sell it for 2450 EUR with vat… I was shocked when the seller told me the price…”Really 2450 and not 2899″ did I ask. his answer “Yep”


    It would be nice for his business if he can have like 10 no… 100 preorders!

  • Steven

    Someone in Switzerland has its D800 from a local seller ?

  • Brieuc

    and with warranty of Procirep Nikon Belux… well it sure comes from Luxemburg…

  • Talked to Nikon rep. in Sweden and he said that the price increase where just UK and Ireland and he had no information about potential price increase in Sweden or Scandinavian countries.

    • Jeppe Dyrby

      Talked to my reseller in Denmark wednesday, they said they didnt know anything about price changes, today it just went up by 2000 DKK.

  • doug

    Omg, so everything that was predicted actually happened, i fell very upset for you guys that didn’t receive your D800, Nikon is really playing the dirty game here, the camera rocks big time, i believe is the best camera out there: “Bang for Buck” as you americans call it.

  • The Nikon D800 price increase in Norway is over 12%: from 22,185 to 24,990 kr.

    • mok

      so the price difference after all will be abt 3000 nok (~500 usd) towards 5dm3. Canon cost nmow abt 28000 kr.
      Before increase difference is abt 6000 nok (~1000 usd). That will make both cameras for future buyers smaller argumentation regarding price difference

  • Stefan Andersson

    I talked to the reseller here in sweden and they will increase the price here too…

  • ST

    Just pre-ordered my D800 from fotovideo.no in Norway. Got the old price. But was told that it would take 2-3 months before the camera will be available. It’s going to be a looong wait.

  • Snw

    Some of the danish camera stores have increased the price as well.. others still have the same old price.. but i guess it’s just a matter of time before they increase the price.. the cheapest you can get it for right now is 17712 dkk which is around 3 173.28 usd

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