Nikon D4 and D800 price increases coming to more countries?

DigitalRev has the D4 in stock for £4,689.00 + free shipping

The UK may not be the only country to raise the price of the Nikon D4 and D800 cameras. There is a good chance that this will happen also in at least one more European country (maybe Norway?). For now this is just a rumor, but I was told that Nikon D4 orders has been put on hold awaiting the new prices. I have no information about a potential price hike in the US.

If you are in the UK, maybe it's worth checking DigitalRev who currently have the D4 in stock for £4,689.00 (free shipping to the UK).

Update: several readers confirmed that pre-order UK prices will not be changed/increased. Nikon UK also confirmed the price increase on Facebook:

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  • zero1

    I was at a photography event here in Western Australia (Fotofreo) and the Nikon Australia crew were here so I asked them if they knew anything about this price rise issue and they were clearly taken by surprise…they were actually shocked and insisted that this would not happen here. It was clear to me that they knew nothing of this so I am hopeful this will not spread here since our prices are a bit higher already than many other countries.

    I will watch this with interest because I was going to order a D800 on Monday.

  • Cobby

    If this is true then sigh! 🙁 Canon guys get all the fun with price reduction when the years go buy. This Nikon user is disappointed with this pricing policy thing.. Expensive to own a Nikon.. smh

    • Andrew

      Why the price is rising:

      Yeah, always expensive to own a top of the line camera. But then again, the D800 at $3,000 U.S. is much cheaper than the D3x was at $8,000. I don’t see the U.S. price going up since folks in the U.S. are very price sensitive. I wonder whether this recent price hike is related to the cost of petroleum (gasoline/gas) going up. These cameras are shipped from Japan to destinations around the world, and the cost of transporting things through those large ocean going container ships (i.e. cargo ships) is highly dependent on the price of a barrel of oil.

      • Ralph

        Youre kidding, right? They weigh under 2Kg boxed.

        • bobby

          Youre kidding, right?

      • Rob

        They ship via container ship because it is the CHEAPEST form of shipment. When you are shipping entire containers at a time it’s dirt cheap to ship stuff. You can probably fit 1000+ DSLR bodies in a 20′ container, and that might cost $4000 to ship, so less than $4 per camera. If they ship by 40′ container, it’d probably be closer to $3 per camera. Even if the cost doubled, it’s incredibly insignificant towards the overall price of the camera.

        • Art

          Yes, this sounds about right, from my experience it generally costs about $3500 or so to move a 20 foot container on the water. It will vary a bit based on where it is coming from or going to but not by a whole lot.

        • Andrew

          Rob, thanks for your response, I stand corrected!

          I have to concede on the shipping cost, your point is well argued. Now what about all of the component costs, material costs, manufacturing costs, and incidental costs that are energy related, not to mention exchange rates or increased cost of wages, among other things that may have suddenly gone up? You do not have to address any or all of these points since you have won the original argument on the shipping costs issue. This is just to say that the issue of pricing is much more as I am sure you are well aware. Anyway, you have done your job very well on shedding light on the shipping issue.

      • Cobby

        Canon is also top of the line…

  • nof un

    Aaaah, Nikon saw how canon are going to a**-rape their customers with the price of their cameras and decided that two can play that game. Thank you Nikon, for beeing greedy and not caring about your customers.

  • hotubei

    well, they actually increased the prices in Russia also on Mar 22. Here’s dealer’s page on increase for D800 (google translated):
    and here’s one for D4:

    not sure what the increase was for D4 (not following that one), but for D800 it was around 2%

  • So I have had the D4 since wednesday and so far I am in love with it for the most part. We have been using d3 bodies for several years and this is a great upgrade (although we have never used the d3s) What I wanted to mention though was that I had several shoots wednesday-friday and had no problems at all. Saturday (yesterday) we had a wedding and the camera did great for the first 4 hours of the day…then all of the sudden I took a shot and then the camera would fire. The green light stayed on as if it was still writing to the card but would not go away and the camera was frozen. I couldn’t adjust setting or anything. The only thing I could do was pull the battery and that worked. I put the battery back in and was good to go. Now I was using my primary slot as the CF card and the xqd as the backup at this point. This was the only day I was running backups though…until this day I had just been writing to the 16gb qxd cards. So…this happened another 8-10 times within approx the next 3 hours of shooting. Somewhere in the middle of that time frame I switched cards out and tried xqd as the main and the CF as the backup. The freezing still happened. Then towards the end of the evening I ran only the CF card with no backups and had no more freeze ups. I just finished a couple of hours of shooting this morning and was only running 1 card at a time (I used both xqd and cf no backups though) and had no issues. So…running two cards and backing up is causing the freezing up error. Also my backups were as fine jpegs in case anyone wants to know 🙂 This kinda sucks because I definitely want to run backup cards at weddings and I also hadn’t figure out if the last shot taken right before it freezes actually gets written to the card.

    Does anyone know if there is a certain place I should report this? I was going to contact Nikon tomorrow and maybe NPS but I thought people should know and beware

    • Andrew

      Seems as if a firmware update would fix this problem.

      • Joe

        that is kinda what I was hoping…soon though 🙂

    • Mark

      I have the same problem with my D4, except that it has frozen several times when only using one card- no backup card. It has happened with both CF and XQD cards- terrifying when the thing just freezes up in the middle of a shoot- it won’t even turn off!

      Removing the battery seems to reset it fine, but as you say, I can’t be sure if I lose the last frame shot each time I get a freeze.

      Just popped into Nikon UK NPS service, and apparently this the first they have heard of the problem. I will book it in later in the week, as I need to use it until then.

      Anyone else experiencing D4 problems?

      • mattsteeves

        I had the same exact problem. Had to remove the battery. It was the first shoot with it, kind of scary.

        Anyone else notice a green cast to the auto white settings?

        • I am having an issue with a green cast on the monitor when reviewing photos. The RAW files look fine once I import them into Lightroom, but the green cast on the camera monitor is more than I can stand. I can’t seem to correct it in any of the menus. Any ideas?

      • Joe

        I spoke with someone from Nikon USA yesterday and they basically blamed my cards…first he asked what kind of cards I was using… I told him the new xqd card and sandisk compact flash. He then said “who is the manufacturer of the xqd card?” Seriously? wtf I said….um SONY! The one that nikon is including with all D4’s right now. He then asked the specs of the cards and I new I was going to have trouble. So he basically said it was the cards and the camera is fine because no one else has reported this issue. He then told me to just keep using it and let them know if I have anymore issues. I told him I thought it might be a firmware thing and he said “no I think its the cards” I was shocked that this early in the game he was saying no it’s not the camera because no one else has reported this. I’m sure in time it will change.

  • broxibear
    • Markus

      Nah, he did not review it. He gave his impression

      • Andrew

        Are you kidding? Sure it is not what I would call a review, but there are a number of comparative shots in which the D800 easily proved it is the superior camera. At ISO 25600, the image from the D800 is stunning! Much better than many cameras will give you at ISO 3200. Sure I am talking generally, but you get the point. Now the D700’s ISO 25600 performance is just not usable. The more details we get from the D800, the more this camera is turning out to be a revolutionary product. And at $3,000 US, I am starting to think that this will be my next camera.

        • Discontinued

          >> … starting to think that this will be my next camera <<

          This is not what I would call quick thinking. Apparently your brain works like a steam engine. Take it easy on the steam when you've finally made up your mind. Otherwise you might hit the shop's door on your way in.

          I already knew this will be my next camera the very moment when I first heard the specs.

          • Andrew

            Actually, I do a lot of deliberation before acting. In fact, even when I decide to do something, I usually am willing to receive input that may alter my final decision. In the case of the D800, it is mighty impressive if you have been following the discussions here over the past few months and the technical information published by Nikon. But because I do not have any present needs, I will wait for the latter part of the year to see what else Nikon will be coming out with. But rest assured that I have not presented a detailed argument here on the other attributes which collectively are swaying me towards purchasing the D800.

            As far as my brain is concerned, I am an engineer and a problem solver. I also have other expertise and interests which is not appropriate to discuss here. These are critical skills that prevents one from bumping into doors! But I would definitely not characterize my brain as acting as a steam engine – whatever you meant by that analogy.

            I wonder though why you would make a comment like the one above about brain and steam since you do not have a lot to go by except the short statement I made above. You are likely to make a much greater error in judgement when you characterize people in the way you did. That is definitely not the way to make friends and influence people unless that does not really matter to you.

            • Discontinued

              >> That is definitely not the way to make friends and influence people unless that does not really matter to you.<<

              This is the internet. Even worse: this is NR. You must be new here. Cheer up and don't get caught.

          • Andrew

            Excuses, excuses, not very civilized. The end does not always justify the means. You attack and then you ask people to cheer up. And then you try to cover yourself by referring to NR. I have posted maybe over 30 articles on NR using the same name “Andrew”, and you did not even notice. Argue your point, but don’t get personal. But apparently, some people do not even have the word “sorry” in their vocabulary. If you think this forum is about “scoring points” and “getting caught”, then maybe I need to communicate with someone more mature.

    • Andrew

      broxibear, I just replied to Marcus’ funny little comment. Anyway, thanks for the video link, I really enjoyed it. The host is a real character. The ISO 25600 performance of the D800 was quite a revelation for me. The image is so good that one could take incredibly clean pictures in near total darkness. This just blows me away. I am completely impressed!

      • broxibear

        Hi Andrew,
        No problem, I like Kai’s reviews/tests/impressions or whatever people want to call them. I like the fact that he takes the camera and uses it as a photographer would, not taking test shots in controlled situations (unless you’re a product photographer and that’s what you want).
        Kai’s personal camera is a Leica M9, so it’s always interesting to me to hear his feelings about cameras from that point of view. His thoughts and observations are far more honest and revealing than many reviews, which are often nothing more than marketing.

  • sgts

    digital rev d800 prices are not that great

  • now who is ripping of whom??

  • Tony

    I bet that Warehouse Express got a lot of last minute pre-orders, at the old prices, from people hoping that they would honour the pre-order price. Some retailers (e.g. Park Cameras) are still accepting pre-orders at the old price.

    The late Friday evening announcement by Nikon UK shows an unbelievable level of disrespect for their distributors.

    I trust that the Nikon UK General Manager (and perhaps soon to be ex-General Manager) has managed to think of a more convincing phrase than “system error” over the weekend.

    • broxibear

      Hi Tony,
      We’ll find out in a few hours what’s going on, Nikon, Amazon, WEX, Calumet, Park etc are all going to be inundated with calls from customers regarding their pre-orders.
      I think the retailers showing the old prices just haven’t been able to change them yet because it’s the weekend.
      Apart from Amazon, I can’t see any other retailer being able to absorb the price increase for pre-orders (if all this turns out to be right). WEX have got more than 300 D4s on pre-order, if they agreed to pay the increase themselves it would cost over £150,000… no way are they going to pay that. A lot of photgraphic retailers are barely keeping their heads above water as it is.
      This whole thing could get very messy.

      • Ronin

        WEX have now updated their prices showing an extra £500 on the D4 🙁

      • Chris

        Just spoke to WEX they say ‘a couple of months’ to actually get the the camera – perhaps they were going long to set expectations – they also said they would honour the price on the site over the weekend.

  • broxibear

    This guys done some video comparisons with the D4, 5D Mark II and GH2 for those interested in video…

  • Market Rules

    It’s very simple, just cancel all of your orders of D800, D4 and 5D Mark III(not the orders, just don’t buy one).
    The number of individuals who really need (will make more money) of this cameras is not enough to avoid a BIG price drop in all.
    Besides, it’s virtually impossible that these cameras make you a good photographer if you’re not already one.
    If all of you keep behaving like kids, sure there can be price hikes like this, you have to show them “WHO IS IN CHARGE OF YOUR MONEY”, they are the ones fighting for it!

    I bet that if the amount of cancelled orders reaches a certain level, price hike will go back, if they can’t sell what they expect, there’s only one way to go…

    Nikon and Canon have a greater need to sell the cameras than 99% of us have to buy it, thats is the big issue that most forget. Leave them on thin air and watch it go down.

    • D700guy

      That’s exactly right. If the price of my D4 suddenly jumps $1400 before I receive it, you can bet I will cancel that order. A D3s starts looking mighty attractive at $3000 less

  • If it happens here, it’s “Bait and Switch” if you ask me.
    I will be highly disappointed if my pre-ordered D800 is suddenly less for more.
    Aren’t there consumer laws (U.S.) that prevent this sort of (unethical) marketing?

  • Kevin

    wake me up when full frame cameras cost less than 1.5k 🙂


      D700 second hand??

    • Prices of new Canon 5Dmk2s are dropping to the point where they are now the most affordable way to get into FF I was quoted under $1900 last week for a 5d2. I am a Nikon DX shooter and am considering the switch to Canon FF due to price and D800 availability problems and the superiority of Canon Video and sound.

  • Oz

    For those in Australia who may be interested. Just picked my D800 up in Perth W.A.
    $3400. No price hike or any of those shenanigans.

    • WA_nikon

      @Oz –
      Where did you pick up the D800 from in Perth? Did you pre-order it on Feb 7th? I’m in Perth and want one of those ASAP.

      • Oz

        @WA_nikon –
        I got it from Leederville Camera. I ordered it on 16th Feb, about 5 mins after they put it up on the website. The guy in the shop told me he only got 2 in this morning. One was mine, not sure about the other.

  • glen

    yeah that’s right.. the prices increased I believe is due to the customers’ eagerness, excitement, exaggeration and the like…
    be normal and let them (Nikon, Canon, and all others which increases the price at the point like this seeing many pre-orders etc. and many customers are eagerly needing such equipment) feel of the things that we don’t want them to do. one month of the same increased production and will be at their inventory of the next month will be a big loss for them. that them they will realize the consequences of what they have done (taking advantage of the situation).

  • Cyntha

    oh, no, in the Netherlands also a priceincrease to € 3479 for the D800, but also a pricedrop somewhere else to €2666,79. in both cases, no stock. This way I will go for the D7000 and spend the rest of the money to Zeiss to make my microscope suitable for DX. So, Nikon, please keep the price the same or go for a pricedrop.

    • Udo

      Where did you see the pricedrop to 2666.79? I saw the increase to 3479 at I’m about to order one.

      best udo

  • Ozmill

    Wex in uk just announced they will honor pre-order prices!

  • Srini

    D800 has an edge over Canon 5D Mark III. Rather than putting up the price, annoy and disappoint Nikon camera lovers, I wish they had brought down the price to circa £1999……The D800 will sell like a hot cake than any DSLRs in the months/years to come, until Nikon betters it with something else. Lowering the price is a far better marketing strategy than the short sighted price hikes; it would keep the loyal fan base happy, while pulling away buyers from Canon. I think they missed the trick….

    • Anne

      After reading posts on this site for the past week or so, I know that NOTHING will keep the “loyal fan base” happy. 90% of the people on this site should be in the b*tch and moan club.

      Lowering the price of the camera, if you can even been serious, is not going to help Nikon or it’s customers in any way. It will just cheapen the product (literally and figuratively). But more importantly, it will increase the demand (which already over the top) will which drive the price up.

      I’m waiting for my D800 patiently. It’s getting rave reviews and rating all over which makes me really happy to know I will be getting one eventually. I have never, ever seen so many whining, temper tantrums from grown, professional people. Save a few, we’re all waiting to receive the camera. Everybody here needs to chill out. I visit this site regularly to find out relevant news on the D800 and find myself sifting through turds of crying and complaining posts just to find out real news. It’s like roadkill now -I can’t turn away at this point…

      • Srini

        Similarly, hiking the camera price in selected regions like UK / Ireland is a pure opportunism. Relax

  • Robert

    It seems as if Nikon will honour orders put latest 23 of March in the UK and that it is indeed a local price increase (only for the UK market and now confirmed only for new orders).


    “In a statement released today, 26 March 2012, Nikon said: “Nikon UK can confirm a correction to the originally published recommended retail prices (RRP) on the D800, D800E and D4 products.

    Due to a local internal systems error, the incorrect RRPs on the D800, D800E and D4 products were communicated in the UK and Irish markets at the time of announcement. The correct RRPs for the products should have been D4: £5289.99, D800: £2,599.99 and D800E: £2,899.99. We would like to apologise sincerely to our customers for this unfortunate mistake, which has been corrected with immediate effect. We know that there has been strong consumer interest in these products and a high level of pre-orders placed with retailers; Nikon will be honouring the original prices to retailers on all customer pre-orders placed before March 24th 2012.” ”

    BR Robert

  • Martin horn

    Just got this email of wex in uk today

    Dear Customer
    I refer to the order you placed with us for a Nikon D800.
    You may be aware that Nikon have announced an increase in the recommended retail price for this camera, with immediate effect.  I would just like to reassure you that Wex Photographic intends to honour the price of £2,399 at which you placed your pre order and will not seek to pass on any price increase.
    Stock of this product has been in very high demand across the world and accordingly Nikon have not been able to supply it as quickly as originally hoped.  Please rest assured that Wex Photographic is getting good allocations of the available stock and, as is our practise, will be satisfying pre orders on a first come, first served basis.  We will provide further information on when we expect to deliver you camera as soon as this is available.
    Please do not hesitate to call us on 01603 486413 or email us if you would like to discuss further.
    Customer Services

    T 01603 486413 F 01603 481837
    wex photographic
    13 Frensham Road
    Norwich Norfolk NR3 2BT



  • Srini

    Good that at least all pre-orders will be filled at the original price. But do not just believe that internal error went undetected for such a long time. I won’t be buying this at £2600 for the body. Sorry Nikon! 🙁

  • Shane

    Nikon uk honouring uk & ireland pre orders in statement this Monday morning

  • sgts

    If you work for nikon and you didnt notice the price d800’s were selling for – you should be looking for another job.

  • sgts

    I mean really, really resigning if you’ve made such a schoolboy error like that – if no one resigns its obviously a price hike.

    So which is it nikon ??????

  • John

    Has anyone gotten shipping confirmation on a non-NPS D4 from Adorama yet?

    Just curious, I ordered one on the phone with them minutes after the store opened on Jan 6th (and before the online ordering was available with them) and haven’t gotten it yet.

    • D700guy

      I ordered my D4 through Adorama, and my D800E through B&H. Neither have shipped, and neither have increased in price

      • John

        good morning

        your {d4} order will go out when the next shipment of cameras comes in which will be in the next few weeks

        thank you

  • Sandy

    Price went up by €300 in Ireland today. Preorder prices are being honoured.

  • Ben

    According to my german online retailer (Foto Koch) D4s are being shipped tomorrow to non-NPS clients that ordered during the first wave (6th of Jan). Still old pricing for sure…

  • SupaDave03

    I also Pre-Ordered the D4 through Adorama on January 15th havent heard anything? Is anyone else in the same boat? Has anyone’s D4 shipped out yet and if so when did you Pre-Order?

    • D700guy

      Mine was pre-ordered on January6th.
      Not a word.

    • new_D4

      I ordered my D4 on Feb 27th and all I’ve had is confirmation that it is on back order. I keep asking them in different ways for an “estimated delivery date” or “where am I in the Q?” but they won’t tell me anything. It was interesting that I’ve only seen a couple of people on here that mention they have ordered a D4 from Adorama.

      • SupaDave03

        Well Im now in the hunt for a D800 Hoping to to pick one up at a local BestBuy. As soon as I fine one im going to cancel my order which sounds like from adorama I have plenty of time to look for one.

  • sean

    I feel really let down by nikon about this, it was going to be another few weeks before I could work out the finance on this but now that its over the 3000 euro mark I doubt i’ll be bothering… not good nikon, just plain ol greedy to be honest

  • Rick

    and from Calumet (I pre-ordered on the 7th):

    Dear Customer

    Thank you for your order of the new Nikon D800.
    The current levels of demand for this ground-breaking new camera have surpassed what Nikon had been expecting. This unfortunately has left us short on supply, but rest assured we are allocating stock to customer orders as soon as it arrives from Nikon UK.

    Over the weekend Nikon UK announced a price increase on the D4, D800 and D800E. The internet is full of rumours relating to this but we wanted to confirm that your order will be delivered at the original price and we will not be passing the price increase on to you.

    We pride ourselves on our customer service and customer relationships and we hope you find this a positive gesture.
    We will ensure that we despatch your camera to you as soon as possible and thank you for purchasing your new Nikon camera from Calumet photographic.

    If you have any concerns or require any further information please feel free to contact me directly.

    Yours sincerely,

    Reece Piper
    Head of Retail
    Calumet Photographic Ltd
    Calumet Direct 93 – 103 Drummond Street
    London NW1 2HJ

  • Christobella

    My reply from Nikon customer service. Seems promising:

    “Thank you for your email.

    I am very sorry to learn about your dissatisfaction with the recent pricing change.

    Due to a local internal systems error, the incorrect RRPs on the D800, D800E and D4 products were communicated in the UK and Irish markets at the time of announcement. The correct RRPs for the products should have been D4: £5289.99, D800: £2,599.99 and D800E: £2,899.99. We would like to apologize sincerely for this unfortunate mistake, which has been corrected with immediate effect.

    We know that there has been strong consumer interest in these products and a high level of pre-orders placed with retailers. I would like to confirm that Nikon will be honouring the original prices to retailers on all customer pre-orders placed before March 24th 2012.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us again in case of any questions.

    Kind regards,

    Aleksander Nowak
    Nikon Europe Support

    • AnoNemo

      That’s a big pile of crap! They just told you that you have to believe them, for 45-50 days and after 10-15000 cameras pre-ordered they did not notice anything. Oh, and that was the replacement of the their top of the line products.

      If you call this promising then I think you should stop watching fairy tales. 🙂

      • Christobella

        How very eloquent you are. That was my first post on this website, and I did so because I thought it may be of interest to others. I do not feel that it invited nor deserved any profanity in response.
        Of course their excuses for raising the prices are nonsense, we can all see that. But I very much doubt that they would send me a dated written assurance, admissible in the small claims court, that they intend to honour their original prices unless they intend to do just that.

    • Andrew

      Good job Nikon!

      It is encouraging to see Nikon taking the right action to fulfill orders placed at the lower price. It does not make sense that anyone would doubt that an error was made since it would be very easy for internal corporate documents to show that the approved prices were incorrectly communicated to these markets.

      Everyone who pre-ordered the D4 or D800 just got themselves a big break in the price. This does not happen everyday, but it is good to know that a lot of people got lucky.

      • LSD


        Either you’re an blind optimist or get paid for writing nonsense!

        • Andrew

          LSD, or is it drugs for short – whatever, that is a comical name you selected for yourself – but it is appropriate to your response. LSD affects a person’s vision and ability to reason clearly.

          Did you not read Christobella’s post I was referring to, or were you reacting to the statement – “Good job Nikon.” It is amazing when people talk about “nonsense” and they do not even make sense. Read the article I am responding to before you scream nonsense!

          Also, when you form an opinion, explain what you mean by it or support your thinking with data or sound reasoning. Your comment has not educated me or anyone else in this blog.

          • LSD


            I was reacting to your reply (all except the first point, to be more precise).

            Good thing you recognize the name i selected for myself, it was the first thing that popped in my mind after reading your reply…

            I don’t thing the fact that Nikon is gonna honor the pre orders price cleans up the act.

            The “nonsense” I refer to is your reading of the situation, people got lucky because they are gonna fulfill the pre orders at the price they’ve done it? You evaluate this as positive, it is the least you should expect (more like a neutral).

            Sorry I was not very explicit, but this was what was implicit to me.

            Please, don’t be offended, I’m not charging you extra money…

            • LSD

              Also, you take the “error” explanation as something credible…

            • Andrew

              Thanks for your response, now you are making sense.

              “I don’t think the fact that Nikon is gonna honor the pre orders price cleans up the act.”

              You don’t really believe this, do you? You sound like a reasonable person, so let us reason. I have not seen anything that Nikon has done wrong in this case. They made an error and posted an incorrect price; then they published a response that they will honor the price. Do you not think that this is an honorable thing to do? I know you do from the tone of your response; and yet instead of complementing Nikon for their action, you are looking for something to hold it against them. This is why the world has so many problems. Instead of complementing people that are doing right by fixing a problem when something goes wrong, you are trying to build a case against them. It is the same thing (I take no personal offense, I am just trying to make a point) you did against me, you rushed into judgement that I am crazy (i.e. must be on LSD) when you did not fully understand my point. Lets address your next argument below.

              “Also, you take the “error” explanation as something credible…”

              What else am I supposed to do, read into their (i.e. Nikon’s) motives? You and I have “absolutely” no “proof” or information to doubt Nikon’s credibility in this matter. Now if Nikon did not honor the price, then one might arguably try to build a case against them. I have seen so many people form opinions about others when they do not have one “shred” of evidence of wrong doing other than an accusation. Have you not heard the statement that a person should only be guilty “beyond any reasonable doubt”? The standard should not be “suspicion”.

              To conclude on a high note, if I had ordered the D800 at the lower price only to find out that one of Nikon’s employees did make a mistake and entered into the system the wrong price, I would be very happy that I acted when I did. If you read this NR blog, there are many people that are happy who back-ordered the camera. If fact, those that placed multiple orders from different retailers may some of them pick up that additional camera at the lower price for their friends to purchase from them at the savings or try to resell it at a profit. I feel sorry though for those who missed out, but that is life!

            • LSD


              1- In relation to the “error” credibility, too much time passed since the price was known, 1 month and a half more or less is way too much. Canon’s 5D MarkIII price was out almost one month after D800’s price was known …

              2- By honoring the pre order price, Nikon has fulfilled it’s obligation, although only maybe because they knew lots of people would be (rightfully) upset if they didn’t.

              3- Usually, you praise somebody when they exceed their obligations, not when they do what is “standard”.

              4- In fact, you’ve just touched one key point, those who have placed multiple orders now have a reason for not canceling any…

              5- I haven’t rushed into judgement, i simply presented two possible explanations for your views (ok, 3, the other was LSD, but I’ve tried to keep that between the lines until you’ve made such a fuss about it).

              6- Lets drop this, there’s no use.
              You know that story where 3 guys look at a glass?
              One says it’s half full, other one says it’s half empty and the third one says “who cares? it’s p*ss!”
              So is this topic… the price is higher, that is the only thing that matters.

              I’ll leave you a new soundtrack for the D800’s commercial:

  • Ken D

    Did anyone of you notice that they temporarily closed now the last nuclear power plant in Japan and that they produce electricity now by means of thermal power plants!!!? The rias in energy costs is about 19% it is said. So is it still unclear why prices of Japanese products raise???? And do not forget the strong Yen the Japanese are struggling with…

    • GreenSpam

      The strong yen it’s very easy to solve… but wait, that makes oil cheaper!

      • Avatar Funny Pic

        Need a D800 to make one like that…

      • Srini

        Yen has already weakened about 10% from Feb 2012 low of 76. Now it is 83.00. It will weaken further.

      • Andrew

        The strong Yen means that Nikon’s products are either more expensive overseas, or they have to lower their price to sell their products in dollars. Also, it means the profits obtained from the US when converted from Dollars to Yen means less profit for Nikon. And as you know profit is needed to develop great new products.

  • glen

    this price increased is not due to any increased in production cost, transportation cost, etc. this might be due to demand.
    Nikon cannot fulfill the demand of their cameras. instead of saying that they cannot make the same number of camera to fulfil the volume of pre-orders, which is not good for the company’s capability, they just make the price higher which they are aware and “simply saying, it’s a mistake or error”… this price increase will tend to reduce the volume of orders, isn’t it? but for sure many customers will react, so for their easy answer, an error.. marketing strategy..customer might say ahhhh ok.. not thinking of anything is happening badly…

    • Pinhole

      I would say that it was the best way to try to avoid a big number of pre-orders not being honored!
      After those temporary price drops appeared, cancelled pre orders would surely rise on the expectation of a near future permanent price drop.
      So, nothing like shuffling all the cards again…
      If you don’t know who the sucker is…

      I guess it’s not good for Nikon image either way, greed or “incompetence”, who cares?

  • Just got email, my D4 is ready to be picked up, too bad I am on holiday trip and can not get it before next monday, can’t wait…

  • Crystal

    Wow – I just went to – the D800 is 2599 (pounds) which is $4,148.52 (Via google conversions). That is a ton more then the site which is still showing $2999.

    • Gary

      The UK price of £2,599 includes value add tax (VAT) at 20%. So the pre-tax price is around £2,166.

      On the UK Post Office web site I can buy dollars at a rate of £1 = $1.5510. £2,166 therefore equates to $3,360.

      So, yes, Nikon is charging a UK price premium of 12% compared with US. The rest of the increase is down to the difference in UK-US tax rates.

      Note, before the increase in the UK the £2,399 price would have represented a £2,000 pre-tax price. I.e. $3,102 equivalent. This would be a 3.5% premium.

      So, yes, Nikon has set higher prices in the UK than in the US. And yes, the recent increase has increased the gap. BUT not all of the price you pay goes to Nikon, and the UK Govenment makes the difference MUCH worse.

  • Gary

    Nikon UK announced the D4 price early in January.

    Nikon UK announced the D800 price on Feb 7th.

    Canon announced two new cameras – both at materially higher prices than their nearest Nikon counterparts.

    Nikon found that the demand for the D800 and D4 greatly exceeds their ability to supply them, while Canon units remain on the shelves.

    DxO then reported that these Nikon cameras have the best DSLR sensors in the known universe. Some people speculated that this will increase the demand for these Nikon cameras.

    Six weeks after D800 announcement, and nearly ten weeks after D4 announcement, Nikon “suddenly” noticed that they have a “system error”.

    Clearly the above are unrelated events – unless, of course, they are trying to tell us that the “system” in question is their “Marketing System”. In which case it hadn’t seen any of this coming and, as a result, they had pitched the price lower than they needed to.

    It is understandable that they’ve increased the price. Just as understandble as it would be if Canon started to drop their prices. But, nevertheless it’s a pain in the butt.

    Nikon rightly are honouring the price of orders placed by the 24th. It’s not “Good job Nikon!” – to have not done so would have been “Bad job Nikon!!!”

    Having said that, when NikonRumors announced the impending price rise, those on the cusp of placing an order could still have done so at the original price had they chosen to.

    For those who had saved up nearly enough money but couldn’t afford to put in an order before the hike – I genuinely understand your frustration and anger. I’m one of the lucky ones. I placed my order on Feb 7th, and picked up my D800 last Thursday. Even so, I wrote letters of complaint to both the Nikon CEO, and to Nikon UK. And, quite frankly, I think they just fob people off.

    BUT, I still believe that if you were in the market for a D800 then you’d be “cutting your nose off to spite your face” if you decided to boycott the D800 now. It really is a great camera. FWIW (if anything) if I was in your shoes ,then I’d still order it at the new price. But, if there’s a good enough alternative available to you at a price that’s acceptable right now, go for that instead.

    • I don’t think there is anyone out there who believes that this was a mistake.

  • Hi there,
    I am a movie stills fotographer in Germany. I got my Nikon D4 today. I am not an NPS member. The price was € 5829,00 including the 16 GB XQD card and the reader. I am soooooooo happy! This Camera seems to be made just for me.

  • Jason

    Today I bought a D4 in Tokyo. the price was 555,360 after the small tax refund for foreigners. According to that is £4,226.89 GBP This was at “Map camera”

    Yodabashi (Biggest Japanese Chain store) was a lot more expensive.

    However thats $6,751.57 USD so I paid at least $750 USD more than the published US price of $5999.

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