Weekly Nikon news flash #155

  • Nikon D4 wireless test with the WT-5:

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  • Monkey Nigh Mow

    Cheap LR4 with D800. Cool!

    • Where was this deal a month and a half ago when I pre-ordered?!

      • Mark J.

        If your still pre-ordered(likely the case) you can contact B&H and have them retroactively add it to the order. I know it works because i did it myself a week ago. But am about to cancel the order entirely once my D800 gets in stock tomorrow from my local camera shop.

  • Frank Algermissen

    Would like to know if the WG-AS 1 also fits with D4 + SB 910? Anybody tested already?

  • I thought the E would make up more like 5%..

  • Ralph

    Well I hope the D800E is not as slow to go out as the D800. I’ve been waiting years for this. I’m expecting am awesome camera.

  • texajoe

    Alert the media. You must be so proud. How many times did you hit the refresh button in the last 24 hours???

  • Rob

    Whereas you could have had a contributing comment to serve as free advertisement for your photography business, instead you made yourself look like a 12 year old. Now you’ll get free (negative) publicity until the admin sees your dumb comment and deletes it. Good day.

    • Dud

      Or maybe Robert Bromfield will be associated with bad photographer and terrible Robert Bromfield photography when this page is spidered.

    • I think no photo buyer reads this column…

  • “D800E camera will present only 8% of the total D800 production”.

    I’m not sure that will match demand.

    • MuttonPuncher

      I agree Tony, I called the nearest Nikon Pro Dealer to me in Spokane, WA. and the guy there said they had taken 37 pre-orders for the D800 and 14 for the E that’s a 38% clip for the D8ooE.

      • Michael

        Wow, that’s such a big sample size. It must be true!

        • MuttonPuncher

          Sure it’s a small sample but I’m convinced that 8% won’t come close to the demand for the D8ooE. After all I imagine all landscape and nature photographers are going to choose it over the D800 beings they won’t need to worry about the morie issue, me being one of them.

      • grisowoody

        That will be 27% on my calculator – or do I need an update there, too?

        • MuttonPuncher

          My bad math grisowoody, you are correct.

    • jorg

      nikon pro-dealer in berlin germany claims 50% D800E-orders.

    • JLK

      My guess is that a lot of people ordered the 800e without truly understanding the camera. (I know I almost did.) I expect that the initial ratio will be very different than the ratio once the cameras have been in people’s hands for a while. Right now there just isn’t enough information on the two cameras.

  • kyoshinikon

    The Nikon WG-AS1?

    A water guard for a flash that isn’t weather sealed?

    • Calibrator

      Which only confirms my suspicion that Nikon could sell used tampons if they had their logo printed on them.

  • Scott M

    Sadly, I do not believe Lightroom 4 imports D800 NEF files yet. Nor does PSE10.

  • Nikon Shooter

    Yaaawn at this weekly newsflash.

    Admin is obviously busy playing with his new toy. Nothing to see here.

    When is the new Tamron 24-70 with image stabilization coming out anyway? That I’m intrigued about.

  • neneaee

    Will Expo be issued a new lens?

  • Sports

    We need som D400 rumors soon. Just invent some. Please.

    • Vertigo

      + 1000

      Here’s just a thought on frame rate and MP count for the D400:

      – D4: 10 fps@ 16MP = 160 MP processed per second
      – D800: 4 fps @ 36MP = 144 MP/s
      – D7000: 6fps @ 16MP = 96 MP/s

      If the D400 is 24MP, it will probably constrain the frame rate. I mean, even if it processes images as fast as the D800, it would be 6fps only.
      Would 8fps @ 16MP not be preferable ?

      • Sports

        8 fps @ 16 MP would definitely be preferable, or even 10 fps @ 12.
        There will inevitably be a slow-ish consumer camera with 24 MP (D7200 w. existing Sony sensor??). The D400 has to have “better” performance or at least different performance to justify its existance = make money. So, a high fps DX or a low fps FX, right?

        • Vertigo

          A D400 with the D7000’s 16MP sensor, plus 8-10fps, a very fast and precise AF, and a larger viewfinder is all I wish for my bird-in-flight shooting.

          • Ben

            the sony A77 features a 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor and 12fps full-resolution shooting.

            This would be the same sensor nikon would use in a 24MP d400. Can nikon keep up with a 8 month old sony? i hope so.

      • MacCruiskeen

        I for one would take a lower frame rate and higher resolution. How many times do you really need that? For me, a good day’s work might six frames. More than that becomes an editing nightmare.

        • They have one of those for you. It’s called the D800. 😉

          • MacCruiskeen

            Actually, I already have one–it’s called a Mamiya RB67!

            Actually, I’m sure the D800 is perfectly nice, I’m just not going to spend that much money for a DSLR.

      • EnPassant

        A very good summary!
        It puts the finger on the big question; Will 2-3 more fps be enough to justify building a DX-only D400? Is the market for such a body large enough today??

        D300(s) was mostly bought by advanced photographers. They are also the most likely to either upgrade to or use FX-cameras as well.

        Before, my guess many of the D300(s) also had/have a D700 or even D3(s) or were thinking of upgrading. With only 12 MP for FX, meaning only 5 MP in crop-mode there were still a good reason to have a DX-body for extended reach with tele-lenses.

        Today D800 have changed that! For those wanting a DX-body with a semi-pro body D800 in crop-mode is the answer. It can even extend the use of some DX-lenses with the 1.2 crop!
        Instead of like before buying both a D300s and D700 one can today buy the D800 as a two-in-one body solution and save a lot of money!

        For most photographers this is great news as I doubt many have need for more than 4-6 fps. A small percentage of sports photographers may be disappointed only having 6 fps (D800 with grip loaded with the D4 battery in DX-mode) available. However 6 fps is quite plenty and is faster than most cameras (Except F5 having 8 fps) in the filmdays like F4 that managed “only” 5.7 fps while the semi-pro F100 could do 5 fps.

        Except for the semi-pro body the D7000 already has almost all functions of the D300s and the better sensor.

        We will most surely see a D7100 at Photokina this year. Except for still being a smaller size body I am sure it will be an even better camera with more pro-functions added. The only question is what sensor it will use? The new 24 MP Sony sensor which would restrict the speed to 6fps or the new 16 MP Sony sensor (used in NEX-5N, not the same as in NEX-5/D7000)? With the latter 8-9 fps could be possible.

        No DX D400 does however not imply we will see no D400!
        Many others have been thinking D400 will be a full frame body. At first, like most expecting a replacement for D300s I thought that would be nonsense as a FX-sensor in a modernized D300-body simply would be a D800!

        But what if we get no D300s replacement? (Rumors even say Canon’s 7D will not be replaced. Instead 60D replacement (70D?) will be more pro-upgraded.) Then a FX D400 make sense, however not in the D800 body as the difference would be very small (The D4 16 MP sensor in a D800 body makes no economical sense for Nikon to make as it would kill the D4-sales and will be just a dream.). A FX D400 in a smaller D7100 type of body filling the price gap between D800 and the coming D7100 would however make a lot of sense!

        Most propable such a camera would use the new Sony 24 MP sensor to be used in their coming A99 SLT full frame camera. Presentation either at the same time as 7100, or if Sony want a headstart with their A99 expected at Photokina sometime next year.
        That is definitely the camera I am waiting for!

        Making D400 FX would also make Nikons numberings consistent reserving the the four digit numbers for DX-cameras!

      • David

        Sony a77 (24mp) does 12fps. Granted it only goes up to 17 frames in RAW before the buffer runs out, but that’s not too bad at 24mp.

      • Jabs

        I understand your comment but it is wrong on many levels.

        First of all a camera processes multiple streams of data and thus you cannot simply multiply the fps rate-X- the megapixel count to get to the amount of data being processed per second.

        What about HDR, Bracketing, Movie/Filming with stills (in D4) plus Expeed 3 has perhaps 12 channels and multiple processors doing various things to produce an image or a still plus HD video.

        The amount of data being processed is a function of the total of what is being done THEN and what the camera is processing it AS – jpegs, RAW, Video or such plus at what bit rate too. Thus, you have buffers to FILL and then EMPTY before and after the camera shoots the next series. Look at the camera’s buffer size for each shooting mode (stills, Video, HDMI) to determine OUTPUT as a better indicator rather than mere megapixels an fps figures. The number of frames that a camera can shoot at its top speed or at a GIVEN speed or function before slowing down is often a reliable indicator of that output SPEED.

        1+1 nor 2+2 does not = 2 and 4 in digital, as processing in Expeed 3 is digital and thus you are wrong!

        Sorry for this wakeup call.

  • Tony

    “Full statement, as released by Nikon UK

    NIKON UK Press Statement 26-March-2012

    Nikon UK can confirm a correction to the originally published recommended retail prices (RRP) on the D800, D800E and D4 products.

    Due to a local internal systems error, the incorrect RRPs on the D800, D800E and D4 products were communicated in the UK and Irish markets at the time of announcement. The correct RRPs for the products should have been D4: £5289.99, D800: £2,599.99 and D800E: £2,899.99. We would like to apologise sincerely to our customers for this unfortunate mistake, which has been corrected with immediate effect. We know that there has been strong consumer interest in these products and a high level of pre-orders placed with retailers; Nikon will be honouring the original prices to retailers on all customer pre-orders placed before March 24th 2012.”

    My own comments:
    1) So they will honour the pre-order prices for March 24th. I wonder whether they changed their stance on this over the weekend?
    2) They are persisting with their “internal system error” claim. This is either dishonesty or (serious) incompetence.
    3) They would have saved themselves a huge amount of adverse PR, if they had made this statement on Friday, at the same time as they issued the email to retailers.
    4) There is no suggestion that this price increase will affect any country other than the UK

    • Tony

      .. of course I meant “before March 24th”

    • Tony

      .. and of course, I also meant “any country other than the UK and Ireland”. Apologies for forgetting the Irish – it was a systems error on my part.

    • Rudi

      I think the price before is the dealers price and the system didn’t calculate the end users price correctly or the wrong price was written to this database field or whatever. I don’t think it’s dishonesty or serious incompetence. You can throw the first stone if you are without mistakes!

      • Tony

        I’m sorry but I disagree. Setting the price of a product is a key part of business operation. To make a large price miscalculation on a product costing thousands of pounds/dollars, and not to notice this miscalculation for at least 7 weeks, does seem to me to be incompetence.

        • Richard M

          I agree, Tony. It is at least incompetent. I had an email from WEX this morning to say they will honour the pre-order price. My order was placed on the morning of their pre-orders opening but I haven’t got my D800 yet. I suspect the dealers gave Nikon UK a bashing over pre-orders hence the change of position. Still tough for the likes of WEX as they must have taken pre-orders yesterday (after Nikon UK’s new deadline) before they updated their website price. There was probably a rush to get orders in at the old price.

      • Sahaja

        Rudi, stop trying to make up excuses for Nikon – that’s the sort of thing those Sony fanboys do.

        They wrote the wrong price in their database for three different cameras (D800, D800e, and D4)? Yeah, sure.

        Computers systems also don’t “miscalculate” on simple maths.

        And no one at Nikon UK noticed this “unfortunate mistake” for nearly two months? Come on.

        Anyway UK customers can still order from another EU country and get a better price – and, in some cases, a much better warranty too.

    • broxibear

      Thanks Tony,
      There was a piece on amateur photographer today about this, and Nikon pro dealer Robert White said “the issue was a ‘foggy subject’ and that it was attempting to clarify the position with Nikon UK this morning.
      Robert White is telling customers that the D800 will be available at the end of March, or early April, while the D4 will go on sale in ‘mid-April’.”
      TechRadar’s article said “Jeremy Gilbert, UK marketing manager said, “What’s important is that we are honouring the pricing. There has been an error on the system that got flagged when we started shipping the product, it’s a genuine error.”
      “These things are never easy, it’s a genuine mistake which we have to rectify, but we have tried to ensure that we minimise any customer dissatisfaction, and we’ve been proactive as possible to ensure that pre-orders are met.”
      Gilbert said that he didn’t believe that the D4 price increase to within just £10 of the Canon 1DX would affect future sales, “The price shouldn’t detract from how good a product we have, and I don’t think it’s necessarily going to affect the long term future of the product, it’s still a good product.”
      I’m glad pre-order prices are going to be honored…I’m not sure I believe a word from Nikon’s PR Dept about it being a “genuine mistake” though.

      • David

        ROFL, the price shouldn’t detract from how good a product we have

        £500 is a lot of money. That would sure as hell detract people to suddenly announce a £500 increase.

        And there’s not a chance it’s a genuine mistake. The UK was already paying over the odds compared to other countries. I don’t think they had a mistake for 7 weeks, while thousands of pre-orders were placed on their brand new products. It wasn’t one camera.. it was all three! And it wasn’t a few hours, or even a few days.. it was 6-7 WEEKS!

  • broxibear

    I thought Nikon UK would have put something about this on their website, blog or twitter but they haven’t ?…they have updated their UK price list which now includes the new D4 and D800/E price increase http://www.nikon.co.uk/customer_services/brochure_request/pricelist/files/ukpricelistMarch12.pdf

  • stve

    I feel sorry for anyone who jumped the gun this week & cancelled their order.

  • texasjoe

    Cool video with Adam. He looks like a kid the day after Christmas playing with his toys.

    • broxibear

      Until a few days later when he’s considering selling his D4 and keeping a hold of his D3s…

      • ShaoLynx

        Quoting from that video:
        If you “use a cat5 cable and plug it in your camera on one end, and then plug the other end in your MacBook Pro” (around 8:20) then don’t expect anything to happen. Just maybe you want to put a little switch in between.
        It helps if you know what you’re doing.

  • Nokin

    The $50 Lightroom 4 discount is also offered at B&H with some Nikon lenses (such as the 50mm f/1.8G AF-S). Have the lens, still waiting for the D800.

    Very excited that Robert Bromfield posted first. His mom is proud.

  • GfK

    About the last video.
    I am very concerned about touching the screen of connected device selecting focus point and shoot.
    But since focus points are NOT spread all over the entire sensor area, how is it focusing? ??

  • C_QQ_C

    If you’d like to visit the German Nikon Expo, for free , then you can registere here before april 26th …


    If you do you get a PDF which is your “eintrits karte” straight away..

  • Martin MAGUIRE

    Just ordered the D800 in Dublin, Ireland had until close of business today to secure old price as of opening tomorrow the store is adding €300 and €600 to the D4. Looks like launch price in UK & Ireland was actually the wholesale price not retail. I don’t want a video camera, I don’t want a 36mb camera but in order to replace my D700 I have little choice as my Jacobson blimp is made for the D700 which is over the 100k+ shutter count.

  • Martin MAGUIRE

    Of course that should read 36mp !!!

  • trialcritic

    Great images of D800 by user over 3 days! Do see


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