Another free software for Nikon shooters

Here it is: StudioTether & LightroomTether (Mac). This is how the app looks like after it is installed:


Here is a list of other free software for Nikon cameras from previous posts:

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  • Anonymous

    This is just a thought. I’m not familiar with the specific tech behind all this, so bare with me. First of I think it is great that these kind of apps have surfaced. Reading about them an idea came to me. Wouldn’t it be great that you could have these kinds of apps on an iPod Touch or iPhone.

    So the question is: is this possible tech wise? If so, could someone suggest to someone capable of making an similar application to iPod Touch or iPhone. Tethering, HDR, interval photography, bracketing, etc.

    Hey, this was just a thought, so please advise me if this is possible or not. I think it would just be really cool, if it were possible to make an app to iPhone/Touch similar to the six apps mentioned above.

    • why on most closed and by far not best OS of the world?
      Windows Mobile would be much better but even that imho makes no sense when you can just hook it up to EEE

    • Willis

      I expect that you might indeed see this functionality once the iPhone 3.0 software is out. That will open up the phone’s port to thrid party connections.

  • Jim

    @ Admin:

    Give us the d400 we’re all waiting for instead of that kind of news…

    I konw you have some secrets to tell us!

    • Willis


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