Nikon Control Beta 3 released

Update: the software has a new name and a new website: and can now be downloaded from the App Store.

New Features:

  • Automatic HDRI Creation
  • Editable Settings
  • Aperture and iPhoto Auto Import
  • GPS Map
  • Self Timer
  • Focus Mode Status
  • Enhanced Viewer
  • Configurable Background Color


  • Much Nicer Design
  • Histogram View in Inspector
  • Faster Histogram Calculation
  • Same Index for Bracketing
  • General Image Details
  • Smaller Main Window

Please note that this is not a Nikon product, however it is based on the Nikon SDK and I can say that it is almost equally good and useful... and free.

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  • Anonymous

    automatic HDR?

    oh great, softwares are starting to make photographers even lazier…

    • Oh, but this one is for tethering. Few months ago some camera manufacturer released that camera that had HDR-built in. It also took panoramas just by swiping the scene. I don’t remember the model or the maker, but it was one of the big ones.

      • Phil

        The Sony DSC-HX1 does the sweeping panorama.

        The Fujifilm Finepix F200 EXR and Ricoh CX1 do something sorta like HDR.

        And I’m sure there are other makers with similar features.

  • Willlis

    Photo Rumors? Ha… when did you start that?

    • just recently – to cover the remaining brands 🙂

  • Fenst

    will wait for windows one

  • Mac only?

    Mac only? When most users have Windows PC! Could the developer plans a Windows version?

    • funny

      It must be like the 5th mac app ever.

  • Willis

    This guy just writes the program… Its his so he can write it for whatever OS he pleases. I believe Nikon has a PC based SDK as well, so have at it if you like.

    Seriously though, as photography goes, the only PC program that i wish were available on Mac is Corel Paint Shop Pro… I’d say there is more selection available for Mac than PC if your a photographer.

  • Daniel

    Oh please, please, please port it to Windows….

  • Hi everybody,

    “Nikon Control” is now called “Sofortbild” (german for “instant image”):

    The new version is almost identically to Beta 3 with some small bugfixes and improvements.

    – Stefan

  • NubNikonist

    Hey, so kind of dumb question, because I don’t know any better.
    Do I run this program on SDK to make it run on windows?
    And can I use my USB cable to connect the camera to the PC?

    Don’t flame me I’ma NU~B =)

  • Am I the only one that is a bit curious about the 1.4 85-200 text on the screen?

  • hello

    Please could there be a version that supports the new Nikon D7100

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