Happy Birthday NikonRumors.com!

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Today NikonRumors.com turns 1 year old. Happy Birthday! We have gone a long way - I have to thank to all NR readers and contributers that help build up this online community.

In our first year we had 738 posts and 18,608 comments! The new NikonRumors Forum is gaining momentum as well - take a look at the photo-a-day thread.

What's new?

What's next?

  • Expect a giveaway in the next few days - it will have to do with ThinkTank Photo and NikonRumors Forum. The giveaway will not be limited to US readers.
  • Several people have emailed me to complain about the black background. Soon, you will be able to change it to white on all 3 blogs.
  • NikonRumors will continue to use and support open source tools - almost every software/tool used in the creation of this blog is open source.

Just a reminder about the many ways you can follow NR:

Stand by NR! (you got to see this video):

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  • SB-900 Type R user

    This is awesome because it’s my BDAY TOO!!! HAPPY BDAY!

  • hubba

    happy birthday NR! hope we get a D400! 🙂

  • Happy Bd wish you long live

  • Happy Birthday NR. Here’s wishing you many more!!

  • AZ

    good job admin!

  • jørgen

    CONGRATULATIONS from Norway! Keep up the good work.

  • Willis

    Nice Work… Keep the rumors coming and congratulations on your anniversary.

  • Dom

    Only 1 year! Just thinking that you’re always be there.
    Long life online to NR and happy birthday.

  • Jim Tjon

    Congratulations NR, you’re best source for Nikon related rumours. You’re even been quoted in DPREVIEW.
    Keep it up and I surely stand by you.

  • HDZ


    Opps!! Happy Birth Day!!! 😉

  • Happy b-day NR! Keep it up!

  • Thanks to everyone!

  • congrats!

  • Michael

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You have done a Great Job and we thank you so much for ALL you do!

  • Gra

    Thank god the site wasn’t created on April 1st…this site would have been a rumour all this time!!!

    Congrats on your first year and Happy Birthday NR. Great site. Some achievement in this disposable day and age.

  • GSG009

    peoples from China send best wish to nikonrumors.And happy birthday nikonrumors,u are one wonderful site!~~~

  • Eric

    Thanks for all the great work, admin! Here’s to another exciting year with the D400 and D700x!

  • kai

    Happy Birthday! Keep up the good work!

  • Lance

    Thanks for all the entertainment! BTW, that video is AWESOME!

    Happy B-Day!

    • Thanks again – yes the video is great!

  • iamlucky13

    Wow! Only 1 year? From the apparent quality of the research you do on the rumors and the amount of discussion the site gets, I figured it had been around longer than that. Good job and keep it up.

  • loved the video, love the site.

    keep it coming


  • Ian Dudley

    Well done on your first year! Found your site via Nikonlinks a few months ago, and now watch it daily. Having been a Nikon owner since 1970, I still take an interest in all the new goodies, and you help whet the appetite! Many more anniversaries to follow, I hope!

  • NR-Reader

    Thanks for everything that u bring us, and Happy birthday! Congrat! Looking forward for more.. Now NR became my daily newspaper.. hahaha I need to read it daily hahahaha Thanks!

  • cyb3r

    I’m a bit late but still … Happy Birthday! You’re doing great job and helping a lot of people! Wish you all the best! 🙂

  • Stefano

    Thanks guys! You’re doing a great work! N great video! What a community! Amazing!

  • Thank you all again!

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