Best Buy: Nikon D300 discontinued by the manufacturer?

This rumor is coming from dpreview: a Best Buy employee claimed that the Nikon D300 is discontinued by the manufacturer. The camera is still on Best Buy website. I got similar reports from FNAC (France) and Media Markt (in Sweden). Nikon D300 is still out of stock @ B&H. D300 microsite was removed from Nikon Europe sites few weeks ago.

Can someone from Best Buy check the computer/inventory system for the D300 availability and maybe send us a screenshot? Thanks.

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  • Anonymous

    i was just at best buy today and they still got D300’s in stock for $1499.95. body only

  • Aleksey

    D400 is coming!!! They use D300″s line to produce it.

    • Anonymous

      someone is daydreaming a little too early. use what you already have and go outside and shoot.

      • Silly Response

        What’s wrong with daydreaming about the D400? We all use what we already have, but there’s nothing wrong about thinking about what’s next. And since you’re here too, you’re just as interested in the future. P.S. Why don’t YOU go out and shoot!?!??! Sure, you could say the same thing to me as well. 🙂

        • Anonymous

          it’s dark and rainy outside, my D70s’ battery is charging, there’s bad traffic all over the place because idiots are being paranoid about swine flu, i eating a huge breakfast, and im freezing so that’s my excuse for being home.

          • Anonymous

            Your just full of excuses and clearly do not practice what you preach……

  • Phil

    Just because you’re excited about a release doesn’t mean you don’t shoot lol. I’m waiting on the D400 so I can upgrade from a D80.

    Getting pretty tired of the poor handling of noise 🙁

  • The D300 is a great DX format DSLR. I am not sure how much improvement the D400 will bring beyond adding video capability to the camera. I currently own a D300 and a D90 so I am not sure if it will be all *that* worthwhile “upgrading” to a D400. All things considered it may be best for me and similarly equipped photographers to see what is offered in the way of an FX format DSLR that competes head-on with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

    • Phoggy

      Go for the D700, or it’s successor. I’d say if you already own a D300 there shouldn’t be any reason to buy the newest model, unless you can and just plain want to. I know if I had a D300, I’d probably never replace it, unless it wears out. It’s an awesome camera, IMO. I’m waiting until the D400 comes out and then I will finally make a decision to upgrade my D40 to either that or a D90. But if say the price of the D300 then drops to under $1000, I would seriously consider buying one, if it rivals the price of the D90. Before the D90 was released with the similar sensor and the video capability (as a bonus), I was obsessed with the D300. I could easily live w/o video and have such a great camera. I will watch what happens to the D300’s price very closely.

      • RThomas

        I agree 100% – the D300 is just about perfect and I want at least one more! I do hope the price drops below $1000.

  • hubba

    Before anybody gets all hot and bothered, you should read the original source. Yes, the bestbuy guy said the d300 was discontinued. the conversation continued:

    Then I asked if the d200 is a full frame camera. Yes, it should have that option to take a full frame.

    Maybe the rumour should be that the d200 has a secret full-frame option… :p

  • johnny pierce

    Looks like the D400 is already for sale:

    • Phil

      Camera Type: SLR digital cameras
      Effective Pixels: 24.4 million pixels
      Optical zoom multiples: depending on the lens
      LCD screen size: 3.5 inches
      Storage medium: SD card, CF card
      Battery: Special-purpose may charge the lithium battery

      Hmmmm lol

    • Zoetmb

      Well it must already be for sale since 367 people have already “reviewed” the camera (312 positives, 53 negatives). And no one on the web would dare post a review or rating on something they haven’t seen or used yet, right?. But if it’s on the web, it MUST be true.

    • we covered that a while back

  • Gary.L

    Why in hell would they nuke their 1st truly great camera, when viewed from a value standpoint, or performance only, in the war w/Canon, especially when D200s are STILL available new from their dealers (I noticed that BB finally sold off their stock, and I doubt it they will replenish)????

    I am certain that the D400 will NOT be a bargain, considering their numerous price hikes of recent past?

    With the D90 @900, D400 say $2,200, D700 @2,700, they could still keep the D300 @ $1,600-1,700, which is the going rate, and keep it there for another year.

    Unfortunately I was unable to read the price on the D400 @ the link posted above.

    If the D300 was a dog, I could see pulling the plug on it but it is their FIRST very good DSLR.

    This one has me baffled ……..8-P.

    REALLY baffled.

    Unless………… Canon et al is about to unleash on them, since I am certain they won’t just stand idle and let Nikon take the glory?!?!?!

  • Siege72

    Great reasons to stop production:

    * Clear out inventory. Sell everything you have at full price, and avoid d200-style bargains.

    * If there is a shortage (for a little while), the rules of supply & demand will make a higher-priced d400 easier to stomach.

    * Marketing. If Canon comes out with an “ultimate” camera, Nikon can claim to have something better in the works — “just wait and see”.

    (new poster, long time lurker)

  • Anonymous

    I go to work today but i’ll check the inventory system and report back 🙂

    • Thanks! You can contact me here:

    • Anonymous

      Doing that can get you terminated.

      • Anon

        Because Best Buy really cares that much? They’re not going to waste their time chasing after an anonymous tipster, much less for such a silly thing as if a camera is discontinued or not.

      • rwbenjey

        If “doing that can get you terminated”, why did you say you would report back?

        • Anonymous

          That was me that made that comment, not the person that offered to report back. And yes, the company does terminate people for divulging that info. Just wanted to make sure the person knew that.

  • Zoetmb

    I don’t think an announcement in June with availability in August is out of the question…that would be the same timeframe as between the D200 and D300. And a D400 is not really intended as an upgrade for those who already have the D300. Just because Nikon comes out with a new model in the same series every 18 months doesn’t mean they expect everyone who bought the older model to upgrade. But they might expect D100, D70, D80 or D200 users (as well as new users) to upgrade to this camera.

    Therefore, it doesn’t have to have much more than the D300 had. The fact that it has a new nameplate and will probably have video will be enough to sell it (although people will complain like hell on sites like this one if that’s all it is, since posters expect each new model to do something miraculous that the previous model didn’t do.)

  • PHB

    Seems somewhat unlikely that the D300 will be out of stock. You can still buy a D80 and until recently you could get a D200.

    The way that modern outsourced volume manufacture works is that you do a production run and make all your product at one time. Or you do a shot initial run, gauge demand and then perform a full run.

    So it is unlikely that any D300s have been made for at least 12 months. The aggressive pricing on the D90 suggests that D300 stocks have been running low for some time.

    When they start to run out of stock they will come out with a revised model. How much revised will depend on how much time has elapsed.

  • Swiss69

    the D300 Body is running out in good Switzerland Internet Shops… and in the others the price went up… so what?

  • Jørgen

    Stop the Press! Here is a picture of D400! Taken in Norway

  • In episode 8 on Scott Kelby was talking about Nikon’s D300 Special Site

    Is it a good idea to advertise a discontinued camera? Don’t think so…

  • Mark

    B&H shows that they are accepting orders for D300 with an 18-200 lens

  • Remington

    Interesting… however, dpreview is hardly the most reliable source for “accurate” information or even rumors for that matter. Lot’s of opinions there and you what they say about opinions… they’re like @$$holes, everybody has one and they all stink.

    I’ll wait for the official press release from Nikon before I lay my money down on anything.

    Just my opinion, though 🙂

  • Daniel

    I’m still very happy with my D300 set-up and will continue to use it until a worthy predecessor comes around that motivates me to action. At this point, any photographic issues are self-inflicted.

    On that note, I think the D300 is toast. Out with the old; in with the new. Make way for a better sensor, higher resolution, better color algorithms, wider dr, more accurate focus, HD video, built-in horizon and more. It’s all part of Nikon’s constantly moving innovation train.

    • Remington

      A worthy “predecessor” to the D300 is already here… it’s called the D200 and you can get one for $599 at Best Buy evidently…think you meant worthy “successor”.

  • ablueshirt

    Best buy just restructured alot of their stores in terms of camera assortment.

    there were alot of stores (mine included) that used to stock D300s. our store no longer stocks the d300. its now only top tier stores along with the D700, and upper canon stuff (5d mk2)

    ill dig into the system tomorrow and look for more info.


  • It lives!

    “D300 microsite was removed from Nikon Europe sites few weeks ago.”

    Err…..still there

    come to that so is the D40 one….

    • missunderstanding: the microsite is there but the D300 banner on the main page was removed – see the screenshot in the linked post.

  • Willems Danny

    2 Weeks ago some photographers of Getty Images where playing with a new (nameless) camera. It looked a little different than the D300.
    It has 15 Megapixels & Video. They where talking about the very good results with low light, almost as good as D3.
    Could this be the D400 ?

  • Nik oN

    The D 300 is back in several kitts in French shops FNAC!!?????????

  • Nik oN

    maybe no D 400 yet !!!!!!! I dont know but the D 5000 just go out!! I don’t see a D 400 coming soon and I see more nikon letting the D 5000 doin the job for the summer!!

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