More on the D300 @ BestBuy

This is the email I got from a Best Buy employee as a response to the Best Buy: Nikon D300 discontinued by the manufacturer? post:

"Checked the inventory system at work. It is a "deleted item" now.  For what it's worth, the D200 is as well. Doesn't mean we will stop selling it, just stop buying it from Nikon, that's all.  Typically,  stores that still have them, like mine, won't get anymore.  The ones that Best Buy has already purchased long ago and still receiving will just be shipped to stores that sell higher grade cameras.  My store primarily focuses on D40 - D90 because we are in a much smaller market."

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  • Phil

    And so the plot thickens…dun dun duuun!

  • Anonymous

    see? told you.

    the local best buy still got D300’s in stock and they all have no idea if nikon actually discontinued the D300 production.

    this email is telling us they’re not selling very much D300’s because it’s awfully expensive so they’re more focused on D40, D60, D5000, and D90 because it’s way cheaper than D300 body alone.

  • Anonymous

    I think you missed the point here…

    • Anonymous

      your point would be something lame like this “best buy are going to stop selling D300’s because D-FOUR-HUNDRED IS COMING!!!!!111one


      • JJ

        People, people. If you start a discussion just post with a name. Anonymous says this, anonymous say that. A few more posts and no one will be able to keep track of your banter.

        It doesn’t even have to be your own name you know, you can post as the king of Swaziland and nobody will know you aren’t.

        • KoS

          > you can post as the king of Swaziland and nobody will
          > know you aren’t.

          Well, _I_ will know, because _I’m_ the king of Swaziland, so please choose a different alias to avoid further confusion.

          • King of Swaziland

            How DARE you say that??? Impostor!!

  • Jim

    My local BB (Jacksonville, FL) has both the D300 and D700 ($1700 aadn $2700, respectively). Both were on display without lenses or body caps – with fingerprints on the mirrors. Tragic!

    Sounds like good news for the D400 if BB is not restocking their inventory.

    • Jeff

      I live in Jacksonville FL too….

      • Brian

        So do many other people.

        • Josh

          I bet you’re not the only guy named Brian either, just the only one who’s a PITA?

  • Narna

    As far as I know the D300 is still current. our chain can still buy them in Australia. Maybe that just menas Nikon Aus has stock and is being more cagey then NikonUSA but I think its just best buy changing thier inventory.

  • New updates coming!

    Just guesses but plausible ones.

    Updates to the D200 and D300 are coming. Probably a version with the video added to it and a few more improvements.

    Same for the D700 probably with an update coming (D750 or whatever it is called).

    And who knows, even the pro Nikon DSLR cameras will get video through an update too (D3 and D3X with video would please more than others who do not want video). But for the pro Nikon cameras, it will be much later.
    Yes, there are pro using the D3 and D3X who would not mind getting video on top of what they already. For instance, wedding photographers who would be more than happy to avoid carrying a camcorder on top of their set of lenses and DSLR cameras.

    The updates for D200, D300 and D700 coming first. Then, updates for the D3 and D3X will come next (just adding video I assume).

    • bububu

      The D3/D3x replacements will never ever have video. Why? If you shoot professional sport for example, you have to pay to be there. And the contracts for video are a LOT more expensive than the ones for photography, if the video rights aren’t sold exclusively for the while season anyway.
      Though, video on a possible D3(x) replacement would render it uselessly to a lot of professionals.
      But you’re right, a lot of pros would want to have video, this is way the replacement for the D400 will get video.
      This way the D400 will still be interesting for owners of a D3(x) and D700, even future owners of a D700 replacement, as this one won’t get video either.

      • psyked

        Just curious, do those Pros have to surrender their mobile phones during those sport events if it has video functions?

      • Jeff

        I doubt that they’ll charge you for what your camera can do, just what you say you’re going to. And then sue your pants off if they catch you shooting video with a photo contract. Video is important for photojournalists because of the whole ‘multi-media’ thing. I bet it will happen on the D4 and D4x, which of course aren’t due until 2011, possibly on a D3h before that, though I don;t see an easy way out of the 9fps AF barrier, I mean Canon got past it with the 1D mkIII, if one can consider that autofocus, atuomisfocus would be lsightly more accurate, at least for the early production runs.

        • Jerry

          Let me clarify something about the pros and shooting sports events. I am a professional sports photographer that covers NFL and NASCAR among several others. We do NOT pay to be at the events. However, we are sometimes asked to sign disclaimers stating that we will not sell our work to outside (third) parties.
          We are considered credentialed media and are allowed to be at events because we are gathering news for the masses.

      • TTI

        For us in the small country called “Thailand”, the rights for getting in to take the shot is the same, either for photo or video. However, we have to submit the paper 7 days in advance (from our agent of course) that we will be there to shoot, and they will gives us the specific badge to get around.

        Mobile phone ? Nah, we can keep with ourselves… but once you were right there next to the field, it’s useless anyway.

        And yes, we have to signed the disclaimer with them, saying that our pictures will be used solely for the purposes of our newspaper only, not for personal distribution by any means.

  • King of Swaziland

    D300 is readily available down here in Swaziland and I forbid Nikon to discontinue it. All my wives have D300s (some even more than one) and they are really happy with them.

    • Phil

      All your wives?

      How many do you have? lol

      • King of Swaziland

        14 and counting…

        • Miq

          Lol! @ King of Swaziland. You made my day!

  • Nikon User

    FYI – I was in a local cmaera store last week looking at the D300 & D700. Owner puled out the May Nikon Deals DEaler Sheet and showed me the D700 $300 rebate would continue through the May promo (May 3-31), while the D300 $100 expired on May 2 and no new promo for the D300 in May.

    With this, the BB thing, the in & out of stock issues at some big stores, Dell dropped the D300 over a month ago…too many coincidences.

    IMO, the D300 is near the end of the production and will be replaced by something that is very similar, but with Video. It will not be meant to get current d300 users to upgrade, but to get the D200 & under crowd who have held off on the D300 to take the upgrade plunge. FWIW, While I have not used one with video, and may not use it, I personally would not mind if it had it in there, but I wouldn’t pay a bunch extra for just that feature. GImme better AF, clean ISO performance and a well laid-out interface.If those are present, and video gets thrown in, fine with me.

  • Aaron

    Maybe Best Buy is just not going to carry the D300 and other pro/semi-pro models anymore since there are so many other “consumer” cameras available like the D40,D40x, D60, D80, D5000, and D90. That would fit Best Buy’s business model much better anyways. Why would they carry high end pro camera gear? Better sales volume at the lower ends. Same way they sale audio equipment. The masses are asses.

  • MB

    I am not sure D300 is discontinued; it is still orderable item from Nikon.
    What I know for a fact is that demand for it decreased very rapidly lately.
    Few customers are asking about it, and eventually most of them go for D90 (no mater better AF, body, controls, and all other advanced features). I think anticipation of a new model is to blame, and Ken Rockwell’s web site to some extent.
    If only Nikon had enough brains to lower the price for it, now it seams that this good old camera will fade away before its time and much faster than its predecessor D200.

    • Miq


    • Anon

      >>and Ken Rockwell’s web site to some extent.

      Alright, I fukken lol’d.

  • I’ve been wondering what will happen with this ultimately occurs. I bought a D300 through Best Buy and bought an extended warranty plan. After a few months, I had some problems with it, so I brought it back to the store. Since DSLRS are not an item they repair, they simply opened a box in the back room and pulled out a new D300 to swap with.

    What happens if I need a repair on the D300 in the future? Do they ship it to a service center / Nikon, or just swap it out with a potential D400 in the future? 😉

    • dave

      It depends on your service contract. They may send it in to Nikon for service and cover the charge. Or if you got the nice black tie accidental breakage coverage (which cost about half what you paid for the camera), they will exchange it for something in the same price range with as good or better specs, like whatever replaces the D300 (D400?), assuming they sell it.

      • Anonymous

        LOL the accidental thing isn’t even close to the price of the camera…

  • I don’t know, it seems more plausible to me that BB is just getting out of the business of selling expensive cameras… The D40/60/90/5000 market seems to be more their style.

  • rhlpetrus

    Email is obvious, this BB store has little interest in bodies above D90 from Nikon, unrelated to continued or discontinued issues of D300 and/or D700.

    But it’s obvious a D400 is close to release, either early in Summer or by August (more likely).

    D700 won’t be updated soon, since it needs new sensor from upper model, which will be a D4 and is not still on the horizon. My bet is D4 on Jan 2010, D800 with same sensor (16MP?) in Aug 2010.

    D700x is not an update of D700, being just the cheaper D3x, will be around before the end of 2009.

    One possibility is Nikon keeping only one entry-level FF body, with higher pixel count, like Canon.

  • Wasting time

    It seems to me that you have too much time to speculate. Just buy one camera today and use it to its fullest. Otherwise, you will always be waiting for the next best thing while your equipment gets older sitting on a desk. Cameras do not make a good photographer.

  • Ziggy

    To add an observation from Europe…I’ve been trying to get a d300 in the UK for the past few weeks with no luck. Most of the big stores are out and I’ve been told by currys digital that they’re not getting any more in (including the larger stores that sell the D3 D3x..) make of it what you will….

  • Wife of King of Swaz

    I am wife 7 of the King of Swaziland. We, too, have no idea why the King has taken 14 of us for wives. He can’t satisfy a single one of us, let alone 14. This is good as it leaves of lots of time for us to test our 14 Nikon D400 beta pre-production cameras.

  • Quash

    Okay, we all assume the D400 is coming in the next 8 mos., so let’s set this “almost-fact” aside for a second.

    Best Buy may be discontinuing the stock of D300’s because:
    1) the economy has fallen apart
    2) DSLR sales are in the tank
    3) It doesn’t want to be another Circuit City.

    Nikon may be limiting the stock of D300s to keep inventory low enough to meet lower demand, which helps to stabilize the price they’re setting.

    Remember, a camera shop 2 years ago may have carried 6 D90s (okay, they weren’t out 2 years ago). Today, they may just carry one demo and one boxed version and re-order as the go. Keeping low inventory helps keep them alive. If everyone is doing this, Nikon will be moving far less product out of its warehouse.

  • ablueshirt

    way late on this one:

    in best buys stock system deleted can be applied at a SINGLE STORE LEVEL.

    say a store, store 100 used to sell d300s, but due to volume discontinued them. it would be deleted in RSS. if you check another store that still sells them it would be active.


  • Nik oN

    D 300 is back at the Fnac web site ( french top dealer)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

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