Free open source tethering software for Nikon DSLR cameras


DigiCamControl is a free, open source program that gives you full control over Nikon cameras from your Windows PC. It supports tethering, live view, remote triggering, direct image transfer, controlling multiple cameras simultaneously and even offers you to control the camera from your tablet or smartphone. This is the first full release of digiCamControl which has support for almost all Nikon DSLR's cameras.

Connect your camera to the computer with a USB cable and fire up the program, and you have full access to almost all camera controls. You can have the viewfinder image live on your computer monitor and you can focus and expose manually or automatically and see the result directly on your computer screen.

The program supports almost all digital Nikon SLR's plus quite a few other cameras, and enables you to utilize almost all your camera's features remotely. Apart from shooting single frames, digiCamControl also offers sequences, bracketing, time lapse and focus stacking.

You have detailed control over the image transfer, storing, naming and many other aspects of your shooting session from within the program.

Once you have set up your camera, you can control it wirelessly using a smartphone or a tablet. Both iPhones, iPads, Android devices and other devices that can run a web browser are supported. You can even use a second remote computer (Mac, pc, Unix or whatever) to control and release the camera.

DigiCamControl is developed by Duka Istvan and is distributed as open source with both the finished program and the original source code (C#) freely available under the GNU license. You can read the history of digiCamControl here.

Here are several other alternative and free software solutions for Nikon cameras from previous posts:

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  • does anyone know any free tethering software for the d7100(MAC)? I see nothing on the “Sofortbild” website about support for the d7100..

    • pointshooter

      This mode not supported by all cameras. Currently it works just for Nikon D4, D800, D5200, D7100 and D600.

      So it looks like it is supported for the D7100 camera.

      • Fran

        It is, I use it.

        • how’d you get it to work with the d7100? are you a mac user?

          • Fran

            Yes, and I had a guide, I’ll do my best to dig it up for you…

    • I can’t get Sofortbild to work with a D7100 or D3200 on a Mac. I have the USB cable plugged into the computer and the camera, and the application and camera on, but… take a picture and nothing happens.

      What’s the trick?

    • reddit kid

      WTF would you use a mac? expensive, lower powerful, screens not as good as a good PC screen (let alone a great or top end PC screen) horrible mouse, horrible keyboard, terrible keyboard shortcuts. Forever slowingdown. messy OS less support for programs, physically less support for upgrades.

      Macs are crap.

      • reddit grownup

        Did he ask for you opinion on that? No! So why leave a comment so absurd. Just because a Mac is not what you want doesn’t mean everyone else thinks its “crap”. Everyone thinks differently about things and can see benefits about something that another person does not. Thats why theres a lot to choose between in the pc market.

      • Ryan

        keyboard shortcuts are better so is the keyboard ios is easier to use you must be thinking of the Macintosh 1

  • Gareth O’Neill

    There is a lot of potential here, especially as it’s free and not Adobe. If it works flawlessly I will almost certainly give it a try.

    • NigelHansen

      Spoken like a true amateur.

      • NoobKiller

        @ “Nigel” Spoken like a true asshole..

      • YoursSincerely

        Spoken like an Asshole

      • Gareth O’Neill

        Sorry Nige, I couldn’t find your site. I guess you’re in advertising.

      • chubbs

        What the hell? Because using free things is not what pros do?

      • Sleeper

        Spoken like a dick head

      • m35g35

        At least true amateur’s are pure. Not tainted by corporate bs.

      • gsum

        And what do you think Lightroom and Photo$hop’s RAW processing software is based on? The free ‘amateur’ RawShooter of course. The world of ‘professional’ photography doesn’t start and end with Adobe’s products.

      • This isn’t DPR. Here we can call you the out as the jerk that you are.

    • Jorge

      Capture NX came boxed with my D300. Once I got my D700, i upgraded to Capture NX2. I use it as a substitute/supplement to my LR with both my D700, and D800. I love what I can do with it.
      I also have the enitre NIK suite – and I still go to NX2 many times.
      Ignore the haters.

  • Timo

    Does it support longer than 30sec bulb?

    • AM

      Why don’t you download it and try? What part of “It’s Free!!!!!” you don’t understand?

      • Ken Elliott

        Because asking is faster, and a proper response can benefit many. That’s how discussion boards function.

  • French Fries

    No Mac support… what a fail!

    • neonspark

      Macs are such tiny market most devs don’t care.

      • Amac

        Lets not turn this into a mac vs pc thing.
        I have yet to be restricted by utilizing strictly Mac.
        Look at the huge majority of photo studios using macs, if developers wanna make money, you bet they would write for Mac.
        I love the open source idea, it opens the door for customization, we all benefit.

        • neonspark

          i’ts not a mac vs pc, but a marketshare vs no marketshare kind of thing.

          • Amac

            I agree pc has much more machines out there. However office machines & gamers are not the market for professional imaging or design.
            I have both but shake my head when my new PCM can’t compare to my 2yr old PC?

            I’m glad the open source offers more options.

            • neonspark

              the adobe suite sells more on the PC than on any other platform and they are after professional imaging and design. plus look at the list below the article. most is PC only. developers go where the people are. can’t blame them for it.

      • Yomi Jones

        I find it funny you think Mac’s have no market share, especially in the professional photographer market. I think you must be stuck, mentally, in 1995.

      • Shawn Earle

        Amen Bro! Screw that Mac Junk!

    • Calibrator

      The only “fail” I see here is on your part:
      You don’t have the slightest idea how open source works and how small some teams are that manage to put out something of use for other people – for free!

    • Sigh!

      Someone on his own time, decided to make a tool for himself, under the platform of his choosing, and when he was done, he also released it to the world.

      Because his platform is different from the one you are using, you see this as failure?!?!?!

      Well, he also gave you the source code. So nothing is stopping you from making the necessary modifications and compile it for Mac.

      I want to believe you’re just a troll, but I see too many people that genuinely feel the way you do, IE: If it doesn’t work readily for me, it has to suck and I will scream it everywhere I can (independently from brand of choosing, it’s a social trait).

      • iamlucky13

        Great post, although a point of clarification.

        Being open source doesn’t always (in fact often does not) mean it is some ambitious soul working on their own time out of the goodness of their hearts. Many open source projects use fund raising from interested donors to allow the programmers to eat while working on it full time.

        Others are supported by corporations who see a need for a given tool, don’t like the options out there, and hope to gain support from other collaborators once they have the basic version working. Open Office/Libre Office came about this way, originally because Sun wanted to stop paying Microsoft for an office suite, but eventually leading them to make the program they developed for their own use open-source.

        • DarkArtDesign

          Seriously dont have enough knowledge at all with what you are talking, I have been an Arist of some Medium All of my life and only recently went Digital down to life changing events, started playing manipulating/Creating with CS Photoshop while passing a course for WC3 Web-Design Standards (DreamWeaver & Flash) and all the while playing with Photography – I have always played with Canon but I recently earnt’ a Nikon D7000 which quite impressed me, and was looking, like I can with my Canon cameras to just plug in and play Due to DPP software etc: – didnt think it would be such an issue, similar one if you use an older piece of adobe software its hard to get the Raw file pluggin (so looking like I ready for full upgrade :))

          but read on I must . . . 🙂

    • SicOfTrolls

      Check out Sofortbild it available in the App Store (yes for free before you ask without checking) does the same thing only works on Mac and doesn’t require a .net download that adds a bunch of crap you don’t need or want on your computer. If you don’t have a solution then ask nicely or just shut up. I’m with Sigh and Calibrator on this one. No failure on the app creator’s part, the only failure here is you.

      • Thanks, I didn’t know that it is available on the app store.

    • onodera

      Install Mono and build it from source.

      • MyrddinWilt

        If it is .NET then Mono will run the same executable as Windows.

        What could cause issues would be if the program uses linked libraries that are not available on Mac. But that would require more than build from source to fix.

        Seems a rather pathetic complaint for someone to make about a free program. I use Windows and Mac but I accept that there are fewer programs for Mac.

  • Boulderghost

    Since its free, it’s hard to complain. Does this need internet access to utilize wireless remote support? If so, then outside of a studio CamRanger ($$$) is still the way to go.

  • Ahiker

    What about “Control My Nikon”. I tried that (only $39) it found that it does a great job! Anyone know of the differences between these two products?

    • Gord

      This one is free?

      • MyrddinWilt

        This one you can change the code and extend to add your own features…

  • gallon

    Looking over the list of cameras and features, I notice that ‘download’ is a question mark for most Nikons. Can anyone elaborate?

  • JoeKing123445

    I’ve been using DIYPhotobits Camera Control for a while now. Only problem is the developer has sort of abandoned it for a couple of years now. I will probably give this a try.

    • Yes, this software is on the list I published above.

      • Dundee

        What/Where list, admin?

        • at the bottom of the post, there is a list of previously covered software solutions

  • Just tried it on my laptop and it works with my Nikon D300 and D800. I’ve been using OnOne DSLR Camera remote and have not been happy as of late on top of them discontinuing it, this replacement could not have come at a better time. I will definitely donate and support this product.

  • peter2

    Work beautifully on my D800. The “default” interface can control most of the camera setting from the computer.

    The one thing I love, is that the “Transfer” modes. You can choose so that it either save to PC only, or Camera only, or save in both. One thing that I always wish for in Light Room is to have images saved in both camera card and PC at the same time. As soon as you plug the tethering in LR, there’s no way you can have a copy in your camera card. Woohoo.

    Looks like I no longer have to use LR for tethering. When Adobe decides (uh who knows) to push LR into the clouds, they can eat it.

    • Calibrator

      > One thing that I always wish for in Light Room is to have images saved
      in both camera card and PC at the same time.

      Why do you need the images on the card, too?

      • peter2

        Same reason I appreciate 2 card slots. If one fails I hope I have backups on the other ones.

        While I try my best to keep the laptop from damaging, sometimes I can’t be sure about it shooting on location. If the it fails for any reasons and the pictures only get saved in the laptop, I’ll be one without pictures for my clients. But if everything is fine, I’ll be happy to delete the pictures in the cards. 🙂

        Your mileage may be different, but that’s just me.

      • load into another computer

        • Phocus252

          as well to be able to view the images on the camera and have a second set of eyes on the laptop

      • Jimbo

        Computers crash. It did for me with LR3 on an important assignment. By sheer luck we captured enough images to salvage the job.

  • Peter Allen

    Can’t get the program to open on my Windows 7 64-bit laptop. Installed both additional files but it won’t launch.

  • Zoltan

    Some kind of “power save mode” in timelapse photography would be a GRRRREEEAAAT advantage! fully charged battery is completely exhausted after 80-100 photos taken under Nikon Camera Control Pro or DCamCapture. External power is not a solution in outdoor photography.

  • mitotimo

    worked on my D5000 and windows 7. Live view is not lagging and can control focus right from the computer. Save me a lot of time in my product photography.

  • pete

    here is one a bit cheaper than camRanger but does the same thing

  • panga

    does it work for the nikon d3200

  • Jake Sullivan

    how come live view dosnt work with nikon d3100

  • S R

    I’m thinking of buying a Kindle Fire since my laptop is dying. Would this software work on that? Sorry if that’s a dumb question, I haven’t owned a tablet PC before.

    • S R

      Looks like the Kindle fire has an Android based OS.

  • Shawn Earle

    I am on my tablet now, but i’m just getting ready to jump on my laptop and try this out with my D3200! Wish me luck! And thanks to all the guys out there making free programs for us not so rich folks! 🙂

  • tanya

    Will this work with NikonD5100?

  • bhphoto

    does it work for the d70s?

  • Chris

    I have a Nikon D5200 I also have a memory card that is wifi so I can take pictures and they up load instantly to my Ipad.
    What I also want to do is upload as I go to Icloud or facebook as I am doing a photo Booth for my nieces wedding.
    because the memory card uses the Wifi connection I cant do both.
    Can someone please help a lady that is not a hard core photographer just a happy snapper.

  • dyscarp

    Am I reading this correctly, that the camera has to be connected to a computer? This kind of defeats the idea of controlling it wirelessly.

  • Rambo Matt

    不错 是好文章

  • Steve

    I’m confused article says just plug in a USB cable and away you go. Also one guy commented he has the USB plugged into the D3200, But I have the D3200 and it does not have a USB port so how do I make this software work>

    • Asinus

      Yes it does. I guess you should look at your manual if you can’t find it.

  • molly

    I really hate getting random downloads and viruses (like we all do I’m sure). Does this product effect your security or make you download random things? please let me know so I can download with my mind at ease! Thanks =)

  • Rohan

    can this software support 20 Nikons at a time?

  • echoes

    I also suggest DslrDashboard, works well on both OSX and Windows!

  • PetraJaneB

    Wow! This is the first software I’ve found that allows me to set up my Nikon D3100 camera to capture an automatic session of photos using my laptop, and it’s Open Source too! Wish I’d found this years ago. Thank you and kudos to the author!!

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