Weekly Nikon news flash #213



  • Nikon USA is apparently getting into the online training course business - they are currently offering "Photo Editing with Nikon's Capture NX 2" for $19.95.


Nikon-2D-9000F-camera Nikon-2D-9000F-camera-back

Rokinon 8mm ultra wide angle f3.5 fisheye lens for Nikon F mount

  • The Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 ultra wide angle fisheye lens for Nikon F mount now sells for $249.


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  • aim54x

    That “Nikon 2D 9000F” does not look like a Nikon (check out the ebay photos, all the labelling looks really strange) and there is no other mention of it online……..very high chance it is fake

    • Yes, I searched too and could not find any reference. They should at least be some info on the fake camera.

    • That “Nikon 2D 9000F” is not an actual Nikon product (surprise, right?). It’s in the same basic class of camera as the Time 35mm camera (“Free with any subscription!”) from the 80’s and any number of others bearing names like Meikai AR-4357 or the Yunon DX-3 (which features an F-45mm lens… um, yeah). If you browse antique shops and thrift stores you will find these pretty often. One time I even had a student bring one in to class in an effort to use a “serious” camera. Thankfully she only paid $5 for it! Many of these resemble SLRs in that they have what looks like a prism housing, but are in fact viewfinder cameras. It can fool the uninitiated. I’ve seen some that come very close to copying a brand name, for instance Maxxim instead of Maxxum, but I’ve never before seen one that actually used a brand name directly.

    • Sesam

      The same crap like the Canomatic focus free camera.

  • John Tangney

    If you translate the page on the lowered prices, it includes the following:

    Nikkor AF-S 70-200mm F2.8G VR II cut $ 6500

    One heck of a price cut! Yes, I assume that is not really US dollars, but it sure looks strange!

    • BSemple

      The page is from Nikon Taiwan so the currency listed is probably New Taiwan Dollars (TWD). $6,500 TWD is equivalent to around $220 USD … that now makes sense for a drop in price.

  • Micah Goldstein

    That Nikon is 100% fake. You really ought to label it as such.

  • That “Nikon 2D” reminds me of those Ukrainian “Leica Kriegsmarine” models that are golden colored – you know, because the Germans used them to signal from one warship to another.. 😀 😀 😀

  • nikkorlodeon

    I bought a camera like this back in the 80s. It was sold as a “blank” camera. It came with a nifty sticker sheet. The sheet had few various name brands and model labels you could adhere to the camera. I think I stuck Minolta ones on mine.

    • 103David

      I remember the first time seeing one of the blanks and pondering the possibilities…one was to relabel the blanks with the name of one’s closest compretitor and then have them in our used department with $1.00 each/3 for $2.00 price tags on them.
      Then we realized by reverse shoplifting, we could go over there, innocently browse…and actually leave the relabeled blanks there on the shelves. Quarterly inventories must have been hell over at Ritz.

  • Aldo

    that camera looks pro.. I’m getting one…

  • babola

    That petal lens hood will be non-optimal fit for the 70-300mm lens.

    There is a reason Nikon made straight-cut and not petal lens hood for this lens – simply to provide greater protection for accidental light ‘leakage’ onto the front element. This is telephoto zoom, which benefits from deeper lens hood.

    Petal hoods are normally made for lenses of 50mm and wider, to reduce the amount of vignetting in the corners.

    • JakeB

      Absolutely agree, well said.

      I guess the ‘paper lens’ designer missed that fact. He is stil giving us an option for the straight front cu paper lens, but yeah, I agree, the petal one isn’t fitting for 70-300.

      Still 70-200 f/2.8 and 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 use petal lens hoods but those are much deeper.

    • iamlucky13

      Also, you generally want to make a hood out of dark material to minimize glare. I doubt most inkjets will make lines that show up on black paper.

      But you could print it out on white, layer it over dark paper, and cut both.

    • RMJ

      Nikon could have made their original longer and better if they would have used petal design to begin with. Even 600mm lens would benefit from petal design, although the benefit would be minimal most likely. Basically : the longer, the better. And with petal design you can make it always longer (because it shapes the incoming light in the shape of the sensor).

      However, if this printable petal hood is shorter than the original hood, then obviously it is worse than the original. If it’s longer, then it most likely will have better shading capabilities (unless it’s too long, or shaped slightly wrong, in which case it starts causing vignetting).

  • neversink

    6mm f2.8 — a beautiful lens that only will be used a few times due to the circular image (albeit the lens distortion correction software.) what a beautiful but nutty lens. I would rather have the 13mm nikkor, which can go for just as much ($30,000), but is much more usable.
    For the record, I’ll never buy either lens….

    • Groosome

      I thought that 6mm lens was previously shown here trying to fetch $100,000 or something… maybe I’m remembering wrong

      • neversink

        People will try to get whatever amount they can, but the market will set the price. I am a little shocked to see a $30,000 price tag on this baby. Think it’s a bit high. But, then again, they are a collector’s item and rare, and that explains the high price. Perhaps in ten years this might fetch $100,000.

  • 103David

    We used to see variations of the “Nikon 2D etc” show up at my camera store with some regularity. Occasionally it would come with rather a sad story of the proud owner being hosed on the price at the flea-market and that would be unhappy. But far more often the owner, wishing to sell it to us for an enormous sum, would leave the store convinced we were trying to rip him off. I usually would actually pay a dollar or two for them just to place them on the shelves so the shoplifters and unsupervised children behaving badly would have something to keep themselves amused. Several times confused shoplifters (not being in that line of work because they were smart) would bring them back and try to resell them to us. Sometimes on the same day and that would be pretty funny.
    If someone wanted to squander some brain cells they could author a pretty interesting piece on human interpretation of perceived value. Probably that would be pretty funny too.

    • I remember those camera store days as well. We would usually see them on Mondays or Tuesdays following the flea market. Those who were tricked into buying one wanted to know how to get the lens off so they could add other lenses. I felt really bad since most of the victims were non-English speaking folks who really didn’t know any better and thought they were getting a genuine Nikon or Canon.

  • chubbs

    Anyone ever use that Rokinon lens? How does it fare on DX? Is the effect wasted on a crop sensor?

    I’m not a pro, just a hobbyist.

    • chubbs

      Sorry, I missed the part where it said it was for APSC sensor. But I’d still like to know if anyone has any experience with it.

      • I’d like to know too.

      • John_Skinner

        I have had the 3 lenses here. The 8mm 14mm (Rokinon) and the 14-24 Nikkor. I dumped the 14 and kept the 8mm and 14-24 for the FX. The 8mm Rokinon is a great lens on the DX bodies.

        • John_Skinner

          This is completely unedited with the exception of a hue/saturation level. No corrective filters applied to it. What you see is the exact image off a D2x body.

          • chubbs

            Thanks! That looks great! I want one now.

  • The 6mm lens that just sold on Ebay for $31k had some rear element issues. That’s the kiss of death for many lens sales. My old $500 20mm I had for sale ended up getting only $200 when a mark on the rear element was discovered.

    As for fisheye, I have the 6mm/2.8 (with no lens damage) I got a year ago and also a Sigma 8mm that i got for about $800 in 2008. The 8mm edges are not sharp and the colors blur a bit, but the same area is tack sharp on the 6mm. The 6mm that sold via Gray’s of Westminster for $160k was an F mount converted to Ai and it sold in a day. I don’t understand that!

    • neversink

      Yikes… As I posted above… If I had my druthers, i’d rather own the rare but more versatile and usable 13mm Nikkor lens than the 6mm circular fisheye, which is limiting.

  • Jim

    Instead of downloading a file to print out in paper, would it not better to have a file for 3D printing in hard plastic ?

  • Gregory

    Nikon Schools should be free online. Many photographers do it for free, as promotion of their workshops. Nikon could do the same, after all it push it core bussines, sell cameras.
    Is another non-sense from camera makers.

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