Another alternative solution: how to edit Nikon D810 NEF/RAW files with Capture NX2 (RAW2NEF software)

RAW2NEF software
A quick update on my previous post - here is another work-around on how to edit Nikon D810 files with Capture NX2: few weeks ago Miguel Bañón contacted me with his new release of the free RAW2NEF software (previously used to convert Leica M9 DNG files to NEF format). He has now added support for the Nikon D810 camera and now you can edit D810 files with Nikon Capture NX 2 version 2.4.6. You can read all the details and download the converter over at his blog.

Update: check the new website for more information.

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  • Antonio

    It’s a pity he couldn’t adapt it to work with Capture NX2’s last version so far.

  • Matt C.

    Will this work with Nikon Df and other newer cameras (or only D810 specifically)?

    • Fussybob

      The Df was supported in CNX2 since V2.4.5, latest is V2.4.7 includes the Df. No need for this conversion app. The conversion app only supports the D810 right now.

      • Matt C.

        Thanks for the update. My CNX2 no longer supports my Df since I installed CNX-D.

        • Antonio

          Hi Matt
          Do you have NEF files from another camera model that it continues to support after CNX-D installation?
          I didn’t instal CNX-D yet and after your post I would like to be sure that it will not interfere with my D700 NEF files under CNX2.

          • Matt C.

            From what I can tell, it continues to read my D700 RAW files okay. I haven’t been a big fan of CNX-D and would prefer to use CNX2 if it didn’t cripple it so badly after the upgrade.

          • JXVo

            CNX2 2.4.7 still working perfectly with my D800 after installing NXD.

  • JXVo

    Nice workaround. Hmmm….I’m already on 2.4.7. Possible to roll back?
    Problem is that it gets you deeper in a hole eventually. Inevitably, one day a new OS rolls around that will no longer run CNX2…..then you have the problem of not being able to retain your CNX2 edits stored in NEF files so all the time spent processing them is lost.
    NX-D will open and correctly display NEFs that were previously edited in CNX2 but you cannot work further with the edits you made previously in CNX2. You have to use the “Restore” function, which actually deletes your CNX2 edits, before you can do any work with the raw data. You can’t even print CNX2 edited NEFs from NXD without “restoring” and then reworking them.
    So I am of the view that the sooner I bite the bullet, buy and learn how to use LR5 the better.

  • Carlos

    after this article I decided to stop using any proprietary software, if there’s a “standard” solution. Yes, Standard is proprietary, too, but Adobe gives us the tools we need, Nikon drops them.

  • mok

    My opinion about it is that it is ‘not the way to go’.
    I was also using Capture NX2. Actually still using because did not buy new camera.
    But I am considering to buy new and then of course this will not work with Capture NX2.
    I consider converting somehow to force it work in the CNX2 as a no-option.
    This software will not be developed further.
    Working on something what will not be developed further will sooner or later make user (in my opinion) switching to other software to avoid all this converting.
    Personally I find CNX2 a non-user friendly software (interface) and also quite slow (even on fast machine).
    Therefore I will switch to other software rather that standing by old, non-developing, non-error fixing soft.
    Already was trying some like Capture One Pro but my final choice go for Lightroom.
    I did not yet switch but preparing to it, learning a bit, etc, so that switching will not be painful.
    Also finding settings in Lightroom which makes pictures look same on the first opening as in CNX2. This is possible to set, no problems with colors on my side and I am quite picky here.
    So if the converting, etc, works for you then great.
    But consider future.
    I would say that many of those who will be doing this conversions at some stage will be tired of it and will switch to other software anyway.
    So why not consider it in first place ?
    It can save also your time.

    • Bob P

      Smart users will save all their final edit files in TIFF format to really make sure that they are future proof. Nobody has ever said that the LR, PS, C1Pro, DxO formats will be around forever and future proof. TIFF format will most likely be aorund forever……
      I love CNX2 for excellent RAW conversion and it’s very fast for me, 1-2 seconds for most operation renderings. I have never really had any CNX2 crashes or hangs with the latest versions. Don’t get me wrong I also have LR, PS, Capture One PRO, DxO, Qimage, etc. but find that I can edit and print (color managed) my wedding photos with CNX2 in seconds per print. Anything special is transferred to PS.

    • Antonio

      Can you find a way that makes LR take into consideration your camera settings and open the files according to it as NX2 does?

      I have no experience with LR as my Adobe conversions are performed by ACR (PS5) but I could never find a way for that.

    • Ulysse

      It is not about the software interface neither about CNX2 relative slowness (it gets pretty fast with 64gb of ram and ssd cache memory) , it is all about proprietary ALGORITHMS, fully automated lens distortion and CA control (with nikon lenses). Very intuitive u-point technology and the ability to keep all those savings into a light NEF file. Those elements combine provide the very best final results in terms of jpeg or tiff output. I compared all different raw softwares and no one comes close to CNX2 in terms of image quality, detail and color separation.

  • tertius_decimus

    Thank you, Miguel for this software!

    However, I don’t get it under any sauce: why an average user as you and me has to do the job himself that manufacturer refused to do? Shows how embarrasing Nikon is these days.

  • Global

    Wth is wrong with Nikon — can’t they just pay the $5 per software to Google and make the ‘effing software work? I will pay $5 AFTER the fact to get it as an add-on. So they can’t cut a deal with Google? Did either Google or Nikon actually think we wouldn’t pay to have software that works right? Google is a software company — they will set a proper price. Get with it Nikon!

    Its taking way too long to sort out the software. Nikon better get its act together; its quickly reaching what’s called a “tipping point” and add to that a transformative technological moment and they shouldn’t rest on even a single laurel.

    Make software that does its job as expected by your customers. Bottom line.

  • Ryan Harkin

    I don’t really get it. The D810 has the same sensor as the D800, so why not just a tool to change the “D810” in the NEF to “D800”?

    This worked with the Df before support was introduced by changing “Df” to “D4”.

    Then you could use any type of NEF, 12- or 14- bit RAW, compressed, whatever.

  • Antonio

    The link to the blog does´t work as he created a new one that can be found here:
    He describes there how to roll NX2 back to version 2.4.6

  • árpád kovács

    Hy, I started to use RAW2NEF with my d750 pictures, but it couldn’t open it. The dialog box said, that that file is open, but it wasn’t.
    What did I wrong?

  • Andy Kim

    I used RAW2NEF this morning after took some sunrise it converted fine no problem. This evening took some old bridge when try to converted it error: please see the error image.

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