Alternative/unofficial online Nikon picture control viewer in development


Dmitrij Sosnovsenko is currently developing his own version of an online Nikon picture control viewer that can be found at The software is still in early beta and for now only lets you view styles (custom curve, gamma) directly in a Web browser (IE >=8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). The plans for the future are to develop this to a full blown online editor. I will keep you updated on the progress.

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  • Robert Ash

    That could be fantastic as a full-blown editor if it matched or bettered Nikon CaptureNX. It would be great to someday have a genuine alternative to Photoshop that is not subscription-based. Maybe that’s not realistic given how powerful Photoshop is, but it’s worth hoping for!

    • Chris Pearson

      There are a number of applications that can open a Nikon NEF file for free.

      Take a look at GIMP (with the UFRaw plugin) and Darktable (Linux/Mac only) for a Photoshop/Lightroom style combo. I also believe Picassa can process NEF files.

      • Robert Ash

        Great to know, thanks. I think I’m pipe-dreaming because Photoshop does a magnificent job with layers and Lab color, that’s a lot to ask of any other app……

        • Chris Pearson

          GIMP supports LAB if that’s what you want.

          There’s only really a few things stopping me using GIMP most the time.

          16 bit colour (coming next major release)
          Adjustment layers (eta version 3)

          It’s genuinely getting to a point where most people will be perfectly happy with GIMP unless you want ACR.

  • View NX does the same already, and it’s free. I’ve used it too. Works fine for creating custom curves.

    • fjfjjj

      Depends on your definition of free. Freedom is more than money. “‘Free software’ is software provided under terms that respect the freedom of its users (individually and in groups) and allow them to run it, adapt it to their needs, and redistribute it with or without changes.”

      • Aldo


        • fjfjjj

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          • Aldo

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            • fjfjjj

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            • Aldo

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            • Aldo

              I dont know if it’s true… but I want to believe it is.

      • Free is software I can use without paying for it, whether monetarily or wasting time. Time wasted could be interface, slow processing, or repairing damage that installing it has done.

        In the past, I avoided anything Nikon because they put that horrid message center and everything that went with it. I found with the latest one that I could just extract the picture control utility and use it stand alone. And it was a free of charge download. The profiles I made have proven to have quite a bit of value for video on my D7100 and OOC jpegs on my D700. So, for me, that’s better than free.

        As far as license goes, Nikon has no way of enforcing any restrictions on how I use the software. So I don’t see a lack of freedom there either.

        I welcome any third party utilities that are useful. But in this case, I’ve made the profiles I needed and they’re on my camera now. Unless either of my cameras burst into flames or I purchase a D800, I doubt I’ll need either software ever again.

        • fjfjjj

          Like it or not, during the View NX installation you agreed to a 10-page EULA you didn’t understand, which governs your use of the software. You might say that you’ll simply ignore it, because Nikon cannot enforce it, but that means you’re cornering yourself to commit a crime in order to maintain your freedom. That’s not good freedom.

          When you discover that View NX will never-ever run on the new version of your OS, despite all the time you’ve spent mastering it, is that freedom? When nobody in the Nikon community has the source code to View NX (which would allow them to re-compile and re-distribute it for the new OS) is that freedom?

          Software freedom is a big issue. You are free to define it your own way, but please do not devalue a project because the existing commercial version is monetarily “free.”

          • Well as I said–although in hindsight I see my wording was vague–I didn’t agree to any EULA. I extracted the application I needed from the installer (PictureControlUtil.exe in case you’re wondering).

            I don’t disagree with your philosophy here. I’m just stating that there’s another option. And it does work, in case anyone is wondering. I used UniExtract and got the part I wanted. Simple. For me at least.

            Software freedom is absolutely a big issue, but not the only one. Sure free and open source is great. “Freedom” is irrelevant without availability and compatibility.

            Since both options are monetarily free, there’s not an obvious advantage for the end user. An advantage needs to be experienced, otherwise most users just don’t care; no matter how right your philosophy is.

            So what this software needs is a killer feature. Like RGB curves control. That’s something I could use today. I’d even pay money for that. ViewNX doesn’t do it.

  • Bill

    How to download the files? It seems to be very useful.

    • biodiscus

      A bit later, on next week, I add the download-button 🙂

  • Maji

    Thank you Dmitrij Sosnovsenko for giving us one more choice. I hope you can gradually scale up the program to make it a full fledged image editor and compete in the market. Best of luck.

  • Joachim Lehmann


  • Yota

    In the sample picture shown, am I the only one who likes the original better? 🙂

    • nikon_user

      No, you are not 🙂

      • Aldo

        lol… forever alone status

        • Aldo

          oh… you just changed yota to nikon_user? or this thing is tripping.

          • Yota

            Thanks for your participation Aldo, and to share your persecution feeling with the rest of the web.

  • kamshingk .

    Wow, i saw my .ncp files up there SHING-Nolstage and SHING-Negative~

    • biodiscus

      Thank You for are interesting styles.
      I downloaded the files from where it openly on the Internet.
      If you do not want you .npc to have me, I’ll remove them.

  • Pembaca Gerak

    admn i already check for fuji provia 100F, you makes look good but the yellow cast from neutral base seems error. I made a “look” from VSCO in Lightroom. I want to share it with you but i dont know how.

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