Another week, another refurbished Nikon D600 price drop


The price of refurbished Nikon D600 cameras literally drops every week. You can now get the D600 body only for $1,584 with a full 1 year warranty. Update: B&H also dropped the price of the refurbished D600 cameras to $1,584 (with 90 days warranty).

Here are some other recent price drops and savings on refurbished Nikon gear:

Check the full list of refurbished Nikon gear at B&H, Adorama and Cameta Camera.

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  • Brent

    so… tempting…

  • Marcio

    I´m planning to buy a D600 in September… now i´m in doubt, buy a refurbished or a new? Have nikon solved the dust/oil issue?

    • My understanding is that the issue is now fixed. Nikon can also fix the issue if your camera is under warranty.

      • Spy Black

        I know people understandably expect such issues corrected, but for me I bought the D600 knowing full well I would be cleaning the sensor during it’s initial period. Bought a sensor cleaning kit and never looked back…

        • BroncoBro

          Well then, I guess you da man!

        • jk

          but if you damaged the sensor , you’d have to pay some big amount of money to fix it.
          I can clean the sensor myself too but I am too timid to do it.

          • Spy Black

            You can’t damage the sensor, only the filter above it. However using a sensor cleaning kit like you can get from Visible Dust, you won’t damage the filter surface if you follow instructions.

            Regardless of what camera you use, you’re going to have to clean your sensor on a regular basis, so you shouldn’t worry about it and just start doing it.

      • jk

        they just clean it free but then the dust spots come back, I ‘ve sent mine in for service 4 times already.
        I think it is a design flaw and there is no real cure fix for it.

        • Patrick

          I sent my D600 in for service in May and Nikon replaced the shutter assembly. It took them several weeks because they were waiting on the part. I’m guessing they redesigned something. They also changed my problem description which I had entered as “dust and/or oil spots” to “dust NOT oil spots”. I called to tell them that wasn’t what I submitted and they told me it is not oil and changed the description.

    • fred

      D400 announcement in Sept very likely, you may have a choice then.

    • jk

      not solved yet, I took mine for service last weekend and now it is fine.
      but I know the dust spots come back in a matter of a few weeks.

      my D800 never gets that annoying oily dust , so I am guessing this dust on the sensor issue of the D600 is a design flaw rather than a QC related issue(the left AF issue of the D800 is a QC issue since only one of 3 D800 bodies I ‘ve bought had that issue, while all 3 D600 bodies I’ve owned had this issue).
      so if you are really really afraid of the dust issue , get the D800 instead.

      • FredBear

        If it was a design flaw then everyone would have it.
        That’s certainly not the case.

        • Anonymouuuuuus

          I guess everyone have it but not everyone is affected by it. People who mainly do portraiture work would never notice it for example. It must be a design flaw otherwise the Nikon service guys would have eliminated the oil problem upon the first receive of a defective D600

          • FredBear

            No. There are many that don’t have the problem – myself included – and I have looked specifically for it.

    • FredBear

      What dust/oil issue?
      Not on my 8 month old D600.
      Many other ‘happy campers’ too.
      As someone said elsewhere, the issue is way overblown.

  • josefd

    I purchased a refurbished D600 from KEH a month or so ago and my experience with the camera was not very good. KEH was fantastic, even sending back the memory cards I left in the camera by mistake when I returned it.

    The sensor was covered in spots, which I could have lived with, but it also had a problem stopping down whatever lens I tried to use. This resulted in over-exposed photographs with much less depth of field than I had intended. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was until I found a few posts about the same problem online.

    I couldn’t get myself to take a shot at another refurbished D600 so I bought a D7100 as a backup instead.

    • Rock Kenwell

      D600R, same issue with over-exposing after setting the 50mm 1.8G to F11 to F16. By putting to S mode or P mode or turn-off resets it to not have have stuck in 2-3 sec of shutter. but intermittent was getting more frequent and I returned to Adorama. Matrix mode did this more than spot metering mode. Not that I can’t shoot in Manual, just that paying $1600 for a camera and I got this is kind of bad. Picking up old DX was so also sad after return, I will wait.

      • Rock Kenwell

        My D600R was with SN301,xxx with dark spots on upper left. Blow with air gun we used on wafers at my work. Pretty much cleaned up except the largest one. I could live with that. But stuck at long exposure = No. 5.5K Shutter, I put it to 7K and no additional oil upon return. Firmware update was done on my first day with hit.

      • josefd

        Sounds familiar.

        I always use the camera in Aperture Priority mode. It would pick the right exposure for f8, but then would proceed to make the image with the aperture wide open, f4 on my 16-35, f1.8 on my 50 and 28. The result was very over-exposed images very nearly every single time.

        It’s frustrating. I liked the camera a lot, but can’t justify the new price or want to deal with a second refurbished model. The D7100 will work well enough. It’s just going to be a seldom used backup anyway.

  • Rick

    WOW nikon is really making their cameras dirt cheap. The AF problem in D800, the oil in d600…problems after problems in these supposedly higher end cameras. These full frame cams have gotten so cheap many users just jumped ship to FX from DX..and now DX pricing is even more ridiculous. Maybe that’s good for everyone, check craigslist $500 and under gives you so many options to buy all kinds of new and used DX, the entire craigslist is flooded with them some even comes with lenses.

    But yeah, nikons dont hold any value like they used to, my d800e d4 and d600 are dropping value like roller coaster. Great time for dslr ownership

    • jk

      cause they are all made cheap , in order to give them cheaper price marks than competitive Canons.
      this is why they have many many QC related issues, even some design flaws(such as the dust on the sensor issue of the D600).

  • n11

    The biggest problem I have with the D600 is the AF area, its so small! There’s no room for 1/3 portrait framing with 1.4 lenses without moving the camera.

    • Maji

      Well, I guess Nikon is trying to create a differentiation between the different products sold at different price points.

    • Aldo

      the d800 AF isn’t perfect… I can’t even begin to think how I would manage with the d600 if I owned it. But it has very good qualities and the price drops only makes it more tempting as the guy above says.

    • jk

      and it cannot focus in lowlight ,any lower light level than -1 EV.

    • Set it to back focus, then use the centre focus point, let go of the AE-L/AF-L button, recompose, and shoot.

      This is more predictable than relying on auto to pick focus points for you, the centre point is fastest and most accurate, and reframing the shot takes just a fraction of a second.

      • Ryan

        Recomposing with a 1.4 lens wide open is a 100% guarantee that you will miss the focus almost every time. No one can accurately recompose the camera and maintain the distance from the subject within a millimeter every time. Doesn’t work that way

  • gr8fan

    They are paying the price for their low[er] QA/QC… Sad… Such a brand!

    • my d600, non functional plastic lock on mode dial, my d800 rubber hand grip came off … will never buy another nikon … will sell my lenses when it’s time to buy the next generation of sensors in smaller cameras.

  • Scott M

    It’s nice that they started offering refurbished cameras with a 1 year warranty. Now I’ll actually think about buying one.

  • jk

    why does anyone even buy a refurbished D600?

  • Part of me wishes I had waited on my D600 purchase, but a bigger part of me looks at the photo’s I’ve taken with it over the past 9 months and thinks, “it was totally worth it to have it all this time”

    But….a second D600 as a backup / camera B is now a much more viable option!

  • joe

    I’ll accept that my car leaks oil but not my camera. Pros don’t have the time to wait for cleaning just to save $400

    • Spy Black

      Pros know how to clean their sensor in less than 5 minutes…

      • js200022

        That is not the point. The oil/dust in the D600 is really an issue.

        • Spy Black

          No it’s not. I own one. It’s overblown.

    • Ryan

      The oil leaks are pretty ridiculous from a brand new camera, but it unfortunately has nothing to do with the D600 and is no fault of the camera. Pretty much all brand new D4’s (including mine) and D800’s and my D7000 had the same issue when new. It gets better with use, so use it for 5,000 frames or so and then send it in to get cleaned and it wont be an issue. It’s like a break in period (much like what your car’s manual suggests….)

  • Sahaja

    Price “literally drops every week”? They must be getting a lot of returns.

  • Sylvain Larive

    Sooooo many complaints for such a good (mark my words, good, not perfect) FX Camera at prices we were only dreaming of 1 year ago.

    The AF coverage is almost always iffy on FF cameras. This is just slightly worse. Yes there is dust / oil and if you can’t ignore it or clean your sensor this isn’t he camera for you. If you were expecting D4 quality at a quarter of the price, you’re probably getting scammed a lot…

    • I don’t like my NIkon FM2n

      I disagree the D600 is not perfect! Film has much better high resolution photos plus I can shoot at ISO 100 all the time and the low light performance is always great.

      • Sylvain Larive

        I much prefer programming on my IBM 80286 because it has a much better keyboard than my Core i7 rig… The 16 colors left much more room for artistic impression than these new video cards do!

    • Anonymouuuuuus

      Can’t believe there are still people who defend this camera. The dust/ oil issue is due to BAD ENGINEERING in the first place. That’s why it won’t go away. For some unexplainable reason they decided to put a DX focus module on an FX body. WHY??? And if that wasn’t enough, they decided to reduce maximum shutter speed to 1/4000 from 1/8000 even the D7000 had and to cripple the firmware. No it doesn’t stop here. They decided to put 1000€ more on top of its intended price when they introduced it to the market, knowingly that the people who will pay this extra 1000€ are the people who trusted Nikon most and ordered the camera before anyone could review it. This was their penalty and I was one of them :-(.

      Before buying the D600 I had already invested more than 15000€ in Nikon gear. After the D600 TOTAL disappointment I sold all that gear and now I’m a very happy Fuji X-E1 user 🙂

  • FredBear

    Misleading title. Prices on many Nikon DSLR’s have decreased, not just the D600.
    The D600 plus 24-85 was $1699 and now the body only is $1584?
    Seems the refurbished price for the body has increased unless you believe the 24-85 lens is only worth less than $115?

  • Keep dropping in price, the D800 is already worthless…

  • speedgraphic

    Nikon basically botched the launch of this camera. Between the dust issues, and it’s market position, they built a winner, and sold confusion. Pros don’t want it’s because it’s not pro enough (hence the high price of D700s), Wealthy consumers either are forum dorks who are scared of the launch issues, or and wealthy enough to buy a D800, and don’t understand/care about the pretty important differences. I’m a wedding photographer and I use the D600. I’m lucky enough not to have experienced the dust issue, so for me it’s been great. AF area, don’t care. Could use a full magnesium shell but, these things get replaced all the time and I have a back up. I’d rather have 2x D600s than 1 D4. I’m a happy camper and I’m glad to see them sell for cheap, I’d recommend this mostly great camera to many pros as a solution to specific scenarios. Consumers don’t know their ass from their F stops so who the fuck cares?

    • Anonymouuuuuus

      I own one. The only great thing about the D600 is its phenomenal sensor. Otherwise it is crap.

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