Nikon Distortion Control Data firmware update 1.009 released


Nikon released Distortion Control Data version 1.009 L firmware update for D4, D90, D600, D800, D800E, D3100, D3200, D5000, D5100, D5200, D7000 and D7100 DSLR cameras. The L firmware update provides corrections for lens barrel and pincushion distortions.

Firmware download links: Mac | Windows

Istallation instructions: Mac | Windows

Read more on Distortion Control here.

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  • Aldo

    thanks for the heads up

  • Jon Fixed

    Will this fix the lens issues and chromatic aberrations… or just a tweak fix

    • John Baxter Photography

      Yes mate, we now use software to fix physical issues in lenses.
      Soon, we will offer a firmware that changes your camera phone into a D4 with 24-200mm f1.2 lens too. Stay tuned.

      • Steve Stevenson

        Well, mate, distortion is a physical issue with a lens.
        And this is a firmware update to fix it.
        Maybe you should lay off being a smart ass.
        Who knows, maybe they are actually working on a firmware update that can eliminate chromatic aberrations.

        • Drazen B

          “Who knows, maybe they are actually working on a firmware update that can eliminate chromatic aberrations.”

          Agree. And this isn’t so far fetched some people would lead us to believe.

        • Drazen B

          “Who knows, maybe they are actually working on a firmware update that can eliminate chromatic aberrations.”

          Agree. And this isn’t as far fetched as some people would lead us to believe.

        • Jonny

          CA has been reduced in Firmware since the D300. You can confirm this by taking a JPEG and a RAW with the default camera settings and applying no CA reduction in post to the RAW – it will be visibly worse on some lenses.

      • Jerry

        Well, someone has to calm down a little. You’r being so aggressive. Nobody’s born knowing everything.

      • Wayne

        After looking at your site and work, you sure have a lot of snide, know it all things to say for somebody that has no photography skill.

      • Patrick McKay

        Wha? I’d swear, by the all of the snapshots in your “Fashion Models” galleries, that you already shoot with a camera phone. Such clever technique!

    • Sahaja

      Maybe one day they will have firmware that compensates for diffraction as well….

  • Wayne

    How about a firmware update that fixes the D800 brain freeze after it takes a pictures and sits there for a minute+ trying to think about what it’s doing.

    • John Baxter Photography

      How about stop shooting machine gun mode uncompressed raw using a class 2 card?

      • Wayne

        “Machine gun mode” has nothing to do with it. I can take one picture and it’ll do it. Sandisk Extreme Pro, compressed. Apparently you’ve never heard of this issue that’s existed since the D800’s launch.

        • Drazen B

          Same here, 14-bit RAW, lossless compressed – does it even after a single shot. It’s inconsistent though, most of the times it’s fine but then again it shows its ‘ugly head’ once in a while.

          • Wayne

            You described it exactly. Every firmware that comes out I hope it’s the one that fixes it, but nothing so far.

          • umeshrw

            I have noticed that it does that when I am on live view .Shows instant preview when shooting through viewfinder.Beats me though why it should do so.

        • umeshrw

          I had the same problem on my 800e. Then When it came out, I promptly updated the very first firmware(I think it is the first) and now the problem is restricted only to speed of the card.Nikon also mentioned it in the update details. If your cam still has problems then you should better pay a visit to service center.

          • Sebastian Wunsch

            Maybe that should be done then, because with my D800 it’s the same: Sandisk extreme pro SD and every once in a while it want’s to express itself with it’s little green light not wanting to go off.
            But that’s not LV-related, much more in normal shooting mode.

            • Kasper Veenstra

              I have the same problem.. It only happens rarely, but it happens though.. Have no idea where it comes from…

            • guest

              I have the same problem and I was shooting compressed RAW.

            • IdahoJim

              I’ve had the same with my D800, but it’s been very random and not frequent enough to be a real bother for me personally. Just one of those, what the….. wait for it, ah there we go.

        • neversink

          I must be lucky. Never had that problem, and i have an early version of the D800. Seems like a QC issue perhaps….

      • While it’s true that shooting 14-bit uncompressed raw is a common sin among most of the folks with D800 bodies, this has absolutely zilch to do with the issue of the above commenter. Your comment in this context is maddeningly rude.

        • umeshrw

          When one doesn’t have a proper response to a proper answer then question their credibility. That is the new way.

          • New? I dunno. I’m pretty sure argumentum ad hominem is an old expression.

      • markoni

        I don’t believe you had ever shot a D800/800E…

        If you had, you would have known.

        • El Aura

          I have shot a D800 for over a year now and have never noticed any such problem. And I haven’t really read much about people complaining about such ‘freezing’ problems with the D800.

          • d800user

            NR ‘on’ with longer exposure..

            • Andreu

              Some users like myself have the same issue and I can tell you, it’s not the speed of the cards, mine are 90Mb and 95Mb, never had NR turned on and not in burst mode too.

          • korayus

            I am using D800 with 2 cards (both 128 GB Lexar 400X SD and CF backup mode). Sometines it freeze about more than 20 secontds when I just turn on and try to see last picture on dh card! SO its noting about buffer or wtiting. Its a bug and sometines the D800 freezes up to 40 seconds!!!

      • Aldo

        I get the brain freeze and shoot jpegs with top of the line cards.. no burst.

    • Jeff Peebles

      Are you using long exposure compensation?

      • JakeB

        Got nothing to do with that, Jeff.

    • vipmediastar

      i have that problems. its annoying.

    • me too, same problem, though it’s infrequent, the freeze is still enough to be aggravating

    • Indecline

      Never has happened for me. Shoot trains with a D800e on the high speed mode. I’ve had the camera since September of 2012.

  • jeff


    • gregheller

      I just submitted an inquiry to Nikon support about the D300s being left out while still being sold by Nikon USA the D90 which is older was included – still being sold.I’ll let you know the response here.

  • Nikonsteve1

    Will this download automatically with the A, B update for the D7100?

    • Robert

      No. The distortion ctrl parameter db is a separate file/data area, hence the L version nr.

  • Paul

    Is there a change log?

    • Jeroen Wijnands

      No, that would imply Nikon actually communicating with customers. Nikon doesn’t work that way.

    • Sahaja

      Yes that would be useful. It is only worthwhile updating if data for lenses you actually use has been improved or added.

    • PaulK

      No, but these are the following lenses that have been added

      AF-S NIKKOR 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G ED
      AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/4G ED VR

      AF-S NIKKOR 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED

      AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR
      Nothing has been removed as far as I can tell

  • DTF

    Followed all instructions for the D4( twice) then, with the update file loaded on the XQD card, the firmware version does not display “update” so can’t update. What gives?

    • Sazerac

      I had same problem. You must put bin file on card itself not a folder you may have created. I guess the camera can’t look into folders but the card itself. Once I did this the UPDATE choice appeared.

    • It worked for me. Follow the instructions .

      • DTF

        Network was connected. Went all the way back to the last update and there is the warning there that the network has to be turned off: Been playing with theWT-5 so the network was turned on. Once network turned off, update went quickly. REMINDER – TURN OFF NETWORK PRIOR TO UPDATING!

    • Jebagi Erol Paker


  • NanDub

    Good, 4 out of 5 of my Nikkors are supported. One dissappointment: my beloved 70-210 F/4 is not in the list…

    • J Mc

      Arhh, ditto! The 70-210 f4-5.6 D is but not the constant aperture. I guess Lightroom will still have to keep doing the correction work for this lens.

  • Leebee

    When you format the card in the camera it will add a folder called DCIM DO NOT put the firmware update file in that folder. Just erase the folder and copy the firmware update to the card (root directory). If you put it in the DCIM folder the update will not work.

    • Yes, the file has to be in the root of the memory card.

  • LetsGetItTogetherPeople

    Is there any possibility using a firmware update to fix the D800 Live View feed during night (star) photography or is this an impossibility due to the sensor? Live View is way too grainy to get any sort of accurate focus in low light. I saw a side by side video of a D800 and Canon 5diii Live View during the night and the difference is maddening how much better the 5Diii does!

    • patto01

      It’s a lot easier to focus on a far away object before it gets dark and then set your lens to manual focus and tape it into place or set it to infinity on the distance scale. After you start shooting, zoom in to the max. magnification and tweak as necessary. I’ve gotten really sharp photos this way for astrophotography and shooting the northern lights.

      • LetsGetItTogetherPeople

        Wouldn’t you agree it is a lot easier to do this using Live View. My D700 did pretty well but my D800 is challenged at this task. My question isn’t a matter of how to get focus, It is can the Live View issue be fixed with a firmware update or is it a sensor problem?

        • Sahaja

          If you can’t bear to go to Canon or tape your lens maybe get a manual focus lens with a hard infinity stop.

        • patto01

          Had you not asked specific to astrophotography, I wouldn’t have replied because I don’t know that much about the mechanics of dSLRs. But in the case of astrophotography, I don’t believe it’s possible to gather enough light in Live View to focus accurately. If you use the method I described, you’ll have several seconds worth of light (vs. less than a second) to focus by and once you nail it, the only thing you have to do is take pictures.

          And, no, I don’t agree. Even if you could use Live View, if you don’t switch to manual focus and tape your focus ring down, you’ll be refocusing all night! Short cuts often make for poor habits and will show in your photos…

          Anyway, good luck! I love night photography and have been looking at tracking mounts.

  • Jenny C

    Would you guys rather use in-camera distortion correction or in the post?

    Which one would you prefer and why?


    • Jeroen Wijnands

      If the camera has the power let it handle it. Doing lens correction is a pain in the rear.

    • DTF

      As I see it: for a jpg file, in-camera only makes sense. For a RAW file, only post correction makes sense. In fact, unless I’m missing something, that’s the only way each works. I don’t see any setting to produce non-corrected jpg files. And, a RAW file is by definition non-corrected. If I’m wrong on this, we’ll know pretty soon.

      • ShaoLynx

        Well DTF, I think you’re correct.
        RAW doesn’t do anything in-camera (are exceptions, anyone?), and doing it in post is easy as pie, just create an auto-correct preset in Lightroom to use at import (I do): then the corrections (including CA 😉 are applied before you get to work on them without any extra effort on your behalve. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.
        Besides, turning all these in-camera features off vastly increases your buffer size.
        Anyway, that’s the way my camera is set up.
        All in line with the motto: ”Shoot RAW first, ask questions later” 😉 (14bit, losslessly compressed, of course)

    • DTF

      Well, I was wrong. With the D4, in the Shooting menu, there is Auto Distortion Control option. And, it certainly makes a difference if you are going for high speed frame rates. With Auto Distortion on, the buffer is 50. With it off, the buffer is 99. So, the Auto Distortion Control when on takes up a huge amount of processing power such that the high speed buffer is cut in half,

  • Craigie

    Just updated my D600. I aware of what distortion is, but i didnt do a before and after shot to see what the difference was with this upgrade.

    • jon

      Question: Does this just fix JPEG distortion or does it now also fix RAW issues as well? I suspect it is only JPEG.

      • Jonny

        Should just be the JPEG as RAW distortion is removed in post, AFAIK the software used to convert must be aware of the distortion alogorithm, which is why Nikon and Adobe give different results on the same lenses. Unless Nikon embeds something into the RAW that tells the convertor what to do to correct the problem, but thats unlikely and prob only a Nikon engineer would know

      • vipmediastar

        i did a test in raw and since the lcd displays jpg i can tell a diffrence in before and after with d800 and 24-70

        • Aldo

          Really? that’s interesting… if you can elaborate it’d be great.

  • bgbs

    Are the D700 users screwed on purpose or something? Nikon, if you’re not giving us a firmware update, at least give us a real D700 replacement

    • Calibrator

      What makes you think that you have the right to get the latter?

    • Jeroen Wijnands

      Pff… D700 replacement? At least they sort of tried with the D800. Us D300 shooters are totally forgotten

      • MikeV

        D7100 isn’t a good d300 replacement?

        • patto01

          It’s not even a bad replacement!

        • Neopulse

          Ehhh not exactly. It’s a D7000 replacement mind you. The D300 is a slightly different category compared to the D7100.

    • Richard

      It does seem odd that the D90 uses this lens data correction system, but that the later D700 and all the D3 family don’t. Different design teams, I suppose?

      • Remedy

        What’s even more curios is that D90 is probably THE ONLY DSLR in history with ZERO firmware updates 🙁 This one time when they released lens correction update like those mentioned in this news does not count.

        • if it ain’t brake, don’t fix it

          • Remedy

            The thing is there are few issues to solve. For instance tendency to overexposure in matrix metering with ADL on, AF speed in live view, AWB picking too cold colors in shaded areas etc.

          • ShaoLynx

            If it don’t brake, you MUST fix it!
            LOL 😉

          • Aldo

            if it ain’t brake.. brace for impact!

    • Anónimo

      Do you really need a D700 “replacement”? Mine still does it fine, besides I never understood why Nikon never offered firmware updates including certain facilities/improvements. Maybe they want certain people look at their cameras as outdated and buy a new body…

  • Bruce

    Just installed this update (L 1.009) on my D4. Now my Nikkor 24-70 shows noticeable barrel distortion in the corners at 24mm where as before (with L 1.006) it did not.

    • vipmediastar

      i did a quick test same lens on the d800. i noticed a change where the distortion seems better.

  • Parampreet Dhatt

    The instructions on the Nikon website mention that the memory card must be formatted after applying the firmware update.
    Is this necessary, or its just to ensure that the firmware file gets deleted from the memory card?

    • umeshrw

      Not necessary. I put it at root along with previously existing folders etc. Still updated. deleted the bin file later and put the card back in. working fine. guess it is for non techno savvy people.

  • Mark

    The installation doesn’t seem to work for me. I’m on a Mac

    • Mark

      The message is “Install failed: The installer can’t write the receipt for ‘Distortion Control Data.pkg’

  • Rikard

    I hope somebody will hack this so we can add support for 3rd party lenses (I have a bunch)…

    • SkyMeow

      That would be great but Nikon nicely put Legal notice in the folder precisely telling us not to do it. LOL

  • Cesar

    D90? D5000?? And no freakin’ D700? What is this madness??

    Ah I don’t care barrel distortion anyways… I keep saying to myself… it’s just an excuse for lenses to have barrel distortion in the first place 🙂

    • Maji

      I believe that D700 did not have the lens distortion correction database. Copy and paste from Nikon’s website below “[Supported cameras]

      D4 / D90 / D600 / D800 / D800E /D3100 / D3200 / D5000 / D5100 / D5200 / D7000 / D7100”. I see D90 and D5000 there. Also, I think D90 is the first camera with the distortion control database.

  • RogP

    I downloaded the file for Windows & double clicked to extract the update, but it went into Install Shield instead. So I followed through but as far as I can tell nothing has been extracted. Have I installed a trojan or virus or is this just a Windows XP bug? Help….!

    • umeshrw

      It goes through install process and then creates a folder with a .BIN file inside it in the same place as original. That BIN file is to be used.

    • Robert

      With Windows 7 the extracted folders/files were put on the desktop.

    • zaini

      why are u being so paranoid?

      read the instuction

  • Julian

    Is the distortion correction happening only on the jpgs then – or does this somehow work on the RAW data?

  • RogP

    Sorry – panic over. I see that it’s put a new folder with the bin file onto the desk top (why!!!!) instead of in the folder where I’d saved the exe – as any rational person would expect.

  • George Kalogeris

    This firmware means nothing if I am shooting raw,
    Am I correct?

    • AM

      I would update it anyway. There are rumors that Nikon tends to sneak in other fixes without acknowledging there were some previous bugs.

    • umeshrw

      For PS or LR you are right. For capture nx or view nx it matters.

    • AM

      No, you’re not correct. Distortion Control also affects raw:

      • George Kalogeris

        Since I am able to disable or enable distortion correction
        In LR when working on RAw,
        I believe the file itself is not affected by this setting

        • babs b

          You’re right. The in-camera lens correction would only affect the JPEG files, not RAW. RAW correction is done in post.

      • LarryC

        If distortion control is applied in camera, what happens when you apply it again in LR? Do you get two corrections of the same problem? I would think that would be worse than leaving the file “raw” in camera and handling it manually in LR.

  • Mark Parren

    Program runs, but can’t find files.

    • wys

      The files are in a Nikon folder on your desktop.

  • Bjørn Anders Jørgensen

    Only Nikon can make a 8 MB installer for a 64 kb file…

    • George Kalogeris

      wow! You ‘re really right!

    • Yes, this was crazy – they should just let people download the file directly.

      • Assaad

        The installer s made for legal issue, so to force you to agree about the usage term before getting the file. I guess so.

        • That could be, but they could have added the agreement before downloading.

    • cppguy16

      You actually have to install an application, which you then have to instantly uninstall. Crazy.

  • rodgers

    How does one download and install these updates.

    • Neopulse

      Follow the instructions, fairly easy. Make sure you open the installer in the OS first and then drag and drop correctly the file into your card. Also make sure you have a fully charged battery when you do the installation. Menu –> Settings –> Firmware Version –> Update

  • WYS

    Curious why we can’t directly download the single bin file that’s is only 58kb. Instead it’s a 7mb installer just to extract that one file. Of couse 7mb isn’t a lot of space but seems like added hassle for no reason.

    • overengineering

    • Aldo

      My workstation won’t boot if I have the CF card with the file in it plugged in. The file may conflict with system files if it is just laying around bare. That’s my theory.

  • BrianB

    I don’t see this firmware update on Why is that?

  • Choo Hock Chuan

    Where the D3x firmware?

  • paul

    Does Auto Distortion Correction get recognized in Lightroom for raw files?

  • ameerali olavara

    thanks for the heads up

  • Twoflower

    Here is my help from Nikon over Nikkor 18 -140 mm barrel distortion firmware – Nikon support is really useless:

    Melina Becker: How can I help you?
    Pierre Lud:
    When exactly will the Nikkor 18 -140 mm barrel distortion firmware be
    available to upload to Nikon camaras? I see every one is asking this on
    the internet and I want to know what is Nikons commitment in this
    Melina Becker: It is true that we receive questions about a distortion correction firmware.
    Melina Becker: I can assure you that we forwarded these ideas as improvement suggestions to the appropriate Nikon departement.
    Pierre Lud: And what is the outcome?
    Melina Becker: I hope you understand that we are not involved in making those decisions of the department for design and developement.
    Melina Becker: This is why we can of course forward your ideas so that they will be considered as improvements.
    Melina Becker: But unfortunately we won’t receive any updates about wether your ideas will be implemented or not.
    Pierre Lud:
    Pardon me Melina, I don’t know why you would think you are involved in
    making those decisions of the department for design and developement.
    What you are is the interface between a Nikon customer (me) and Nikon –
    the person that pass on the messages so to speak. Therefore I, as Nikon
    customer, insist that you escalte this to your manager and he/she
    escalte this to the appropiate department or whatever and give me the
    Nikon customer a proper answer. Melina you can make the difference
    today, believe me.
    Melina Becker: I totally agree with you that I am the direct communication partner for you with Nikon.
    Melina Becker:
    This is why I will book your question as an improvement/product
    suggestion as I did with the same question of customers before you.
    Melina Becker: The departement for design and developement will consider your suggestions.
    Melina Becker:
    But because the decision is up to this specific departement I hope you
    understand that I cannot assure you that there will definately be a
    distortion correction firmware.
    Melina Becker: I am telling you this so you know how important your ideas are for Nikon.
    I think it is also important for you to know what we can do for you and
    what we just cannot promise from the technical customer support.
    Pierre Lud:
    That is all good to know, but I want my question answered now : When
    exactly will the Nikkor 18 -140 mm barrel distortion firmware be
    available to upload to Nikon camaras?
    Melina Becker: We don’t know if there will be a firmware.
    Melina Becker: And if there will be one we don’t know when.
    Pierre Lud: please find out from your departement for design and developement now.
    Melina Becker: These information are confidential.
    Melina Becker: I’m sorry but there is no other answer to your question.
    Pierre Lud: Oh, now it’s confidential. I own the lens. This is nonsence. I want to speak to your manager now.
    Melina Becker: As told you in the first place, we won’t receive any updates from the department for design and developement.
    This means that they keep those information confidential.
    Pierre Lud: Can I please speak to your manager now?
    Melina Becker: This is not possible becaue my manager is saying the exact same.
    Melina Becker: I can forward a complaint for you.
    Melina Becker: Please let me know if you want a product suggestion or a complaint.
    Melina Becker: Or is there anything else I can help you with?
    Pierre Lud: Melina get your manager online please.
    Melina Becker: That won’t happen.
    Pierre Lud: What?
    Melina Becker: My manager agrees with everything I told you.
    Melina Becker: This is all we can do for you.
    Pierre Lud:
    You really suck, and therefore Nikon supprt sucks! And the manager is
    useless. What must customers do with this? I posting this discussion
    online on all camara forums and see if Nikon wakes up to supporting
    their customers beter.
    Melina Becker: I’m sorry to hear that you feel this way.
    Pierre Lud: Why are you sorry?
    Melina Becker:
    As I said before, I will forward your suggestion to the relevant
    departement but cannot guarantee that your idea will be implemented.
    Pierre Lud: You caused this feeling.
    Pierre Lud: and your action is not good enough
    Pierre Lud:
    it did not work for the hunderd that you did the same thing before me :
    I will forward your suggestion to the relevant departement but cannot
    guarantee that your idea will be implemented.

  • Owen

    does it affect raw pic(distortion control)

  • Richard M. Fidler

    whew… okay, finally got this figured out, when you download the Distortion Control data, move it to it’s own folder, click on it, it will produce a bin file in the same folder…. If you kept it in your downloads you may not have noticed it, it’s small and it works fast. Load the bin file onto a blank memory card, insert in camera and navigate to Firmware Version, if you have done everything right (it’s easy once you know where the bin file was created) simply move your cursor (indicator) to update and press OK, voila, A:1.10 B:1.10 L:2.013. Good Luck!

  • Milagros Turdó

    i’ve been trying to update the software of my 3200 but it doesn’t really work… i’m guessing it’s the compatibility or sth so i tryed to update the 1.006 to 1.009 but the nikon page doesn’t have it and i can’t find it… any ideas?

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