Alternative IPTC Preset Manager Software (for Nikon D4)

Nikon offers the free IPTC Preset Manager software which requires Microsoft Silverlight. The software lets you enter IPTC presets for cameras (D4) that embed International Press Telecommunications Council information. NikonWeb offers a simple alternative program that can be downloaded for free here (Windows only):

"This small, stand-alone Windows program consists of a single executable (.exe) file, and does not require any admin rights or other special privileges. You can run it from a USB stick or even your memory card. It will not alter your system in any way. Files created with this program are identical to those created by Nikon's own IPTC Preset Manager (ver 1.0)."

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  • Lobo

    Silverlight?? Isn’t that monster dead yet?

    • eggzz

      no, its actually growing…

      • yep, faster the PCs are, we need more stuff to slow them down.

    • John M


      And, really? Silverlight? For this?

  • Pierre T.

    “Windows only”…

    For those interested, this alternative IPTC Preset Editor runs allright on linux under wine.

  • Alex

    Can anybody fill me in? maybe i dont understand due to insufficient english or technical knowledge.

    Ist this programm RUNNING only under windows/linux, or can i configure it under windows and then load it onto my D4, so that the presets on my D4 or altered?


  • Rudi

    No idea why such sh..t like silverlight is needed for such simple and dump softwarw as this ipct software. It could have done easily in java or something like this. Anyway, the editor isn’t even working properly, i.e. It’s useless….

  • Ken Elliott

    Windows or Mac OS.

    From the site:
    “Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows® XP, Mac OS® X 10.5.8 or later (Intel CPUs only)”

    BTW, they use Silverlight because it is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

    • Info addicted

      Thanks for the additional info. I don’t own a D4 (keeping my D3s) but I appreciate the info.

  • Anonymous

    What does IPTC mean? Who cares for it?

    • Aristotlish

      International Press Telecommunications Council–It means the difference between unemployment and the ability to put food on the table for photojournalists. Submit a photo to a news agency without the required IPTC fields (or worse, the wrong ones) and you won’t have a job for long.

  • NSL

    All my photos are properly identified by IPTC data fields using IPTC standard codes and structured keywords. Without these fields properly filled out, my photographs wouldn’t be accepted for publication.

    • …funny, the photos on your front page lack IPTC and EXIF data.

  • Using Silverlight is so lame, it is a total non standard.

  • BigEATER

    I’m really confused and I’m a native English speaker.
    When I look at the metadata in my pictures from Lightroom, Photoshop, and Preview, the IPTC code fields are already there waiting to be filled in. Are there some photo programs that don’t automatically include space for the IPTC codes and so need an extension like this? What programs would those be?

  • Dan

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