Nikon D800 delivery situation improving in the US

B&H sent out this email to existing D4/D800/D800E pre-orders - the situation with D800 deliveries is improving, but this seems not to be the case with the Nikon D4/D800E:

Dear ***:

You're receiving this message because you ordered but have not yet received a Nikon D800, D800E or D4 camera.

We are happy to report that we have seen an uptick in both the frequency of D800 deliveries to us and the quantity of camera bodies per shipment and we are hopeful that this trend will continue. As we have in the past, we will continue to fill orders in the order we received them.
For the D4 and D800E we have not seen the same improvement yet but we do anticipate an increase in frequency and volume during the months of June and July.

We understand that you might want to know your place in our order queue. Unfortunately, we cannot divulge this information because doing so would reveal information of a confidential and proprietary nature. We note from comments made in various online forums that several of our competitors have also adopted policies of the same nature. While we are very aware that some customers may find this policy frustrating, it is nevertheless necessary. We understand that you are interested in the speed with which your order will be filled, and we will continue to fill orders as quickly as we get cameras from Nikon USA.

We remain grateful for your patience and patronage and are honored by your trust.
Henry Posner
Director of Corporate Communications
B&H Photo-Video

If you have received your D4/D800/D800E - when did you order it and from which store? Please post in the comments - this may be helpful to other readers.

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  • Dan


    Ordered D800 from Adorama sometime in the evening of Feb 7th. Just got a call saying it will ship tonight.

  • Anne

    Poor B&H! Doomed by their success! Now amazon and adorama preorders are rolling out and im still waiting, LOL. I ordered at noon on feb 7 and they havent gotten up to my name yet. Oh well. It’ll be soon!

    • Anne is a b&h rep

      Anne, are you still trying to give b&h a “reach around”?

      B&H is doomed by their poor customer service and bad communication of order que

      • Anne

        Not sure what you mean. I meant that so many people ordered from them and now those people (including me) are waiting longer than folks who ordered from other large retailers. It’s clear they had the largest volume of orders (IMO). My post was in direct response to the person who said they ordered from Adorama in the evening of Feb. 7 and got shipping notification. I ordered at noon that day and B&H isn’t up to my order yet.

        So I meant that they are so popular and that’s turned out to be a curse to them and those who ordered from them. A casualty of their own success.

  • Vin

    Any recent D800E from B&H? I hear lots of 800’s from people. Mine still pending, sounds like there was one from BB, & Amazon.

  • CB

    18 D800 units delivered this week by a swiss online retailer… Not much at all…. Queue still over 200 cameras long…

  • Mike

    email I received from Amazon on June 6: –

    We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on April 20, 2012 (Order# xxx…xxx):

    “Nikon D800E 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”
    Estimated arrival date: June 27, 2012 – July 17, 2012

  • Jeremy


    A photography friend of mine, called around and just found a small out of province camera store where he is fourth in line and expects to receive the D800 within three to four weeks.

    My friend cancelled his order with our large local store where they are still struggling to fill the huge list of pre-orders (still hundreds of pre-orders that have still not received their camera…)

    Goes to show that waiting in line

  • Domitor

    Just got my second D4 this week, it still came with the free XQD card and reader. I wasn’t expecting it to be included. ordered my camera in late march. Lucky or are pleople still receiving the free card/reader deal?

    • Where and when did you place your order? I ordered on Jan 13th from B&H and haven’t even received my first one, let alone a second one.

  • Live in Massachusetts. I ordered my D4 from Adorama on March 30th. It’s now June 9th and still nothing. Thinking of going to local camera store. I’ll also be in Europe soon and may try to get one there. I went with Adorama because they had a 3% rebate through Mr. Rebates (it’s currently 4%) plus I get another 2% rebate on my credit card. Every little bit helps. But, at this point, I’d rather have the camera than save a few bucks.

  • Top secret

    Let’s see…B&H is still on day one orders…it’s been 2 1/2 months since the release date…I ordered about 7 days after the initial date ( I would say exact date but it is confidential and I don’t want to give awat any vital information to other customers or the competition). At this rate, I should expect my camera in about 14 months. Thanks for helping me out B&H. By not telling place in queue you may have lost me on this order but it would have gone miles for future orders. Now you may lose me on this order AND future orders. I don’t spend millions so I’m sure you don’t care about one guy (oops, or gal) I hope I didn’t give away any secret information. In their greed not to lose customers I think they failed. Anne, since you work for B&H can you go ahead and put me on the preorder list for a new D1200? Though ultimately it is nikons fault, amazon, adorama and B&H failed in their handling. Stepping down off rant now, sorry.

    • Anne

      LMAO, I don’t work for B&H!!! I spend enough money there, though. I’ve surely contributed mightily to a few salaries. Because I have OCD when it comes to cameras and electronics, in general, I understand the neurosis going on on this forum. How else to explain being accused of working for a store because I’m a loyal customer and don’t want to bash them??? B&H has be “berry berry good to me!”. What can I say?

      A lot of you folks are irrational. I guess the next time Nikon releases a camera I won’t have to worry about a long preorder list at B&H, huh? Let’s see how that turns out. All of the whiners on this board will order from them again in a heartbeat. Frigging crybaby hypocrites.

      • Top secret

        Sorry Anne. You were just collateral damage. I should not have singled you out. I was just playing around and trying to add a little levity…was joking about 14 months(I hope), you working for them(you don’t, do you?;)), the D1200, place in queue, losing me as a customer, everyone messing up the information super highway (was there a major accident causing congestion). People order online to save money on taxes plain and simple. Money that provides for fire, police and ems services and then complain their city is broke. What’s more important, having the camera soon or saving $250. Can’t do both. Local stores would be swamped also if people weren’t so tight on paying taxes. We can only blame ourselves. So I am truly sorry for offending anyone. This is all our own faults! And I agree, maybe not all but most will order from them again. Hopefully no hard feelings!

        • Anne

          I wasn’t offended. And no, I don’t work for B&H. I’m stuck in the B&H queue because I’ve paid through Paypal’s Bill Me Later so I was charged for the camera when I preordered (I’ve since paid it off). I’m in the same boat as the rest of you and I would love to have my D800 now. But since I can’t control it, I can choose to wait in anger or with patience and calm. I choose the latter. Once I get my camera this (and the rest of you) will be a distant memory.

  • steven

    Got my D4 today after 3 months of waiting but without the XQD card
    Antwerp Belgium

    • Only three months. In 4 days it will be 5 months for me and still no D4. Where did you order yours from? I ordered mine from B&H on Jan. 13th.


      • Steven

        I bought my camera by Grobet in Antwerp Belgium. I guess the demand here is less(?)

  • Gidget

    I order my D4 & D800 from B&H on Feb 9th. Still haven’t heard anything from them and last week I got tired of having them tell me that they couldn’t tell me when I would get it or where I was in line. So I decide to get on some other waiting lists. I put myself down for Calumet’s list in Los Angeles and for Sammy’s Camera in Santa Barbara.

    Today I got a call from Sammy’s in Santa Barbara saying they had both of my cameras. If you are on B&H list I recommend finding your closest physical store and ordering from there. With B&H you could be waiting until July or later.

  • Thumpr455

    I ordered my D800 from Amazon US at about 8:30am, Feb. 7th. Received my camera May 9th.

  • Alan

    Hi everyone. Here in Canada we are suffering. The Camera Store is still swamped with pre-orders. There is no chance of getting a Camera from a Canadian retailer. Just cancelled my order and placed an order with a store in Washington. I’ll get it within three weeks i was told, meanwhile locally they expect to be fulfilling pre-orders until September or October.

    Thanks Nikon from all Canadians!

  • I ordered my D4 from Ritz on Jan 6. I didn’t get it in the first shipment (at which point, I resigned myself to waiting months), but did from the second shipment (one week later). That was quite a nice surprise.

  • Ordered my D800E early on the morning of Feb. 7. I have been bugging B&H for info and a nice B&H guy emailed me that there was a very good chance I would receive my 800E prior to a planned trip to Europe week two, July. He confirmed my order date/time, which I thought was nice. A friend ordered an 800E a few hours later than me from Amazon, and has been told to expect his shipment between June 27 and July 16. Any other 800E news out there?

    • Waldemar

      Mike, I ordered my D800E from B&H on Feb 6 at 10:35 pm PST (I guess that’s 1:35 am EST on Feb 7) and I’m still waiting. No word from B&H when I will receive it. I am also going on a big trip in July (India and Tibet in my case) and would love to have the camera by then. Good luck to both of us.

      • Anne

        Wow, that’s pretty early. I don’t think the notice came out until around midnight EST. I guess they really haven’t produced many 800E’s. I am patiently waiting for my D800 which I ordered at 12:07pm on Feb. 7th. I know they have gotten as far as 11am on Feb. 7th so I’m hoping I can get notification soon. I keep checking the website to see if my order status has changed… nothing yet!

        • Good luck to you. Hope it comes soon!

          • Anne

            Same to you!!! I’ve just been viewing some photos taken with the D800E on Flickr and they are stunning! One guy’s name is Gary J Weathers. I hope my D800 comes close to capturing that level of detail!

            • Vin

              Gary J Weathers is very close to where i am, wish i had my E,… no call from local photo place, or B&H,…

        • Waldemar

          Well, I just got lucky but not with B&H. Although I placed my order with B&H on Feb 6, almost immediately after the announcement, B&H failed miserably!!! On April 27 I placed a backup order for the D800E with PCNation after hearing many complains others had about their D800 orders with B&H. PCNation just came through and my camera is on its way. Pearl at PCNation was extremely helpful. I am about to cancel the B&H order and you guys are one number closer, whatever that means. And, NO, I do not work for PCNation. I’m just very happy with their service.

          • Thanks. I called Pearl and she was very helpful. The D800E is on back order but she told me her list is only 14 people! Her last 800E shipment was days ago and contained 8 units. On the fear that B&H has hundreds of shooters on their back order list, I ordered and 800E from Pearl also. I now feel I can afford to be as “patient” as I can possibly be, knowing I have an “insurance policy” on B&H.

        • Anne

          Actually, my confirmation was at 12:31pm. So that means there are probably a 1000 orders ahead of mine, lol.

  • Waldemar

    If anyone is looking for D800, Pearl at PCNation will have extras to ship out tomorrow. You need to contact her directly at 800-235-4050 ext. 3009.

    • Waldemar is correct. I just talked to Pearl. I am waiting for the 800E, but she has a D800 in stock now.

  • Dman

    I tried pcnation…says in stock, have confirmation number, free 3 day shipping. Hope I don’t regret it. I know nothing about the company so it’s a big gamble. I’ll keep you posted. Worried about return if there is an issue.

    • Waldemar

      No worries, Dman. I bought from them before and had very positive experience. Also, they are rated pretty good by

      • Dman

        Thanks Walemar! Its nice to hear. I looked at the reviews briefly before ordering and it looked good. They are now showing to be preorder. Hopefully I actually got one and wasn’t just put on a list. Looking forward to it…may be canceling b&h order if this works out.

  • Mark

    I bought two today from Best Buy in San Diego and they said they have 5 more in stock. It’s a crazy world.

  • Dman

    Waldemar, sorry I left the “d” out in earlier post.
    So far so good with PCnation. I talked to customer service to clear up a potential issue with credit card and the CS rep was great! While I was on the phone he called me on a landline for validation since I’m a first time customer. Personally, I appreciate that step to attempt to ensure validity. The rep informed me they had one D800 and it should be on my order. I just checked and under status it shows “Packed–ready for carrier pick up”! I hope to get it Friday (if today counts as one of the 3 days in the free 3 day shipping). I will update again once it shows up and then after testing it out. Thanks Waldemar for the tip, though I did not talk to Pearl, it still looks like I’m going to get it sooner than through B&H. I’ll still use B&H for other things.

    • MIKE

      Congrats and happy shooting!

      PS: Check out the just-released review on the D800 at the DP Review site. It goes over the new features in detail and gives it high marks.

    • Waldemar

      Dman. I just got my D800E, brand spanking new and in perfect working order. It arrived by FedEx a day earlier than promised. Hope your experience is equally positive. No worries about leaving the d from my name. Happy shooting with your new purchase.

      • Dman

        Thanks Mike and Waldemar!
        Mike, great stuff from the link you posted!
        Waldemar, glad you got it and all is good! My 800 shipped today scheduled to arrive Saturday. Thanks again for the tip on PCnation. Happy shooting everyone!

  • Ordered mine through B&H around 2:30pm Feb 7th and haven’t received it. Not feeling very hopeful…

    • Mine is shipping TODAY!!!!!

      • Anne

        Did you order it PST or EST? If you ordered it at 5:30 EST, B&H must have gotten a ton. I order at 12:31pm EST. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait. My palms are sweaty!!!

  • Anne

    OMG, B&H just changed my status to “In Stock, Order sent to Warehouse!!!!!”. I’m feeling faint!

    • Anne

      I checked several times this morning and it still said “Backordered”. Just checked again after a few hours and the status changed. I got my confirmation on Feb. 7th at 12:31pm.

      • They must have received a big shipment because mine was just sent to the warehouse too! I talked with them and it should ship today!!!

        • MIKE

          CONGRATS! We live in envy of you guys! Happy shooting!

        • Anne

          Did you get a notice or did you go to the website? I haven’t received an email. Just found out through my normal stalking of B&H, lol.

          • Well, I was having breakfast (PST Here) and my phone pinged me with a new email from B&H that my card had been declined and to call them. I literally ran to my computer to get things smoothed out. I’ve moved and changed banks since Feb, not to mention my new bank blocked the charge for security. So after a quick authorization to my new bank to let the charge through I knew it was on it’s way. I even changed it to overnight shipping since my sister-in-law is having a baby tomorrow and her husband is deployed! What timing!

            • Anne

              It’s so funny what this long wait has done to us. I’m on the pc chatting with B&H to see if mine will ship today. I’m in Jersey (local) so I usually get things the next day no matter what the shipping is. I’m totally psyched. I was told mine would ship today and I will receive it tomorrow! Suddenly the loooooonnnnnnngggggg wait is a distant memory. Wait? What wait? Didn’t I just order yesterday? Seems like it now that it’s on it way!!!

            • MIKE

              Best of luck to your sister-in-law, her newborn and your brother…that’s the stuff that really matters!

  • MIKE

    Any D800E good news out there?

    • Anne

      I hope you get some soon. Flickr D800E photos have me second guessing my choice of D800 over D800E. But I’m sure for what I use it for (portraits) the D800 was the better choice. I am so stoked that I am soon the be the owner of what will be a legendary camera. Everybody wants one.

  • franky

    i saw an anaconda swallow an alligator whole, as a result the anaconda died from eatting much larger than the capacity of it’s stomach. is that the nikon co. or b&h? always uncertainty…

  • Stephen Walcott

    Why is Nikon so slow with shipments for D4’s? They seem to be on the ball with D800’s according to what I’m reading here.
    Has anyone that ordered a D4 from B&H before Jan 13th received theirs yet? I’m trying to figure out where I stand. They told me that I had people at least a couple of days in front of me still waiting. Really!

    Thanks for any info!

  • Meredith

    I ordered my D800 from B&H around 1:30pm EST on the release date and I received my shipping confirmation today!

  • Movement

    B&H order- Nikon D800E- 02/07/2012 12:30am EST
    Status: In stock, order sent to warehouse Pending…

    • Anne

      Are you saying you ordered minutes after preordering opened up or 24 hours later (Feb. 8th)? If it’s the latter, B&H must have gotten a sh!tload of D800s! I order just after noon on Feb. 7th and mine is shipping. I’m sooooo excited! I bet all the B&H bashers will be back on the bandwagon if they get stock and no one else does… just sayin’. I’m glad I had patience and stayed loyal. In the end, we are all gonna get our cameras.

      Good luck to those waiting for D4’s and E’s and D800s!

    • Anne

      I just realized you ordered the “E”. Congrats!

  • lucas

    I ordered a D800 in May from B&H and had not done my homework before, thinking I’d receive one pretty quickly. After realizing it may be a while before I receive one, I called a local shop and was placed 6th in line for a D800. Even if the local shop only gets 5-10 monthly or bimonthly, I should have better chances with them. Bottom line, for those of you still waiting on B&H, check your local shops and maybe you’ll get lucky.
    Until then I’m happy shooting on my always-beautiful-picture-taking original 5D.

    • Anne

      Sounds like B&H list is really moving now. I ordered 12 hours after preorders opened up and will be getting mine delivered today (it’s on the truck!). Hope you get your camera soon either way.

  • Anne

    My baby’s (D800) here!!!!!! And I’m on conference calls for work, ugh. I’ll just charge the batteries and be ready for my new adventures after work.

    And yes, I am anthropomorphizing a camera! Don’t care!

    • Anne

      I hope everyone here gets their cameras (D4, D800 and D800Es) as quickly as possible. We need to be out shooting, people!

      Good luck to everyone.

  • B&H D-800E Shipped!!

    Ordered 9:30 pm Feb 6th (12:30am eastern 02/07)- minutes after their pre-order page went live. Just got FedEx tracking confirmation for delivery next week.

    Several weeks ago when it was announced here that Best Buy would be getting some E’s, I placed an order there as well. About a week later BB cancelled my order saying,” Unfortunately, we are out of stock on this item and unable to obtain any more at this time. As a result, your order will be canceled, but we would like to inform you that the Nikon D800 model is currently available…”

    I can’t imagine anyone would settle for a regular 800 after specifically ordering an E.

    • Anne

      I would be peeved! Congrats to you! The “E” photos on Flickr look awesome. I got my D800 this morning, charged up the batteries and am about to take some test shots. It’s a lot different than my D90 so I got learn my way around it. I guess my dog will be modeling in a few minutes.

    • Vin

      thank you for the up date, lets hope they can move faster then an hour a month on this, or a few people find them else where. or maybe else where gets a few in?

    • MIKE

      Be sure to get a great preview at the DP REVIEW website. Great, detailed info. on the D800 and the D800E.

  • Dman

    My 800 is on the truck and out for delivery…hope it gets here before 10, I have to work today so I wouldn’t see it until tomorrow afternoon! It’ll be great to take pics of my newborn on fathers day with it…update to follow. Good to see people are finally getting the goods!

  • Drew

    Last night I noticed the Nikon Store had the EN-EL15 batteries in stock. I ordered one. I may not have a D800 inbound yet but dammit I wont be waiting for the battery to charge when I finally do get the camera in hand 🙂

  • Dman

    800 got here yesterday as promised by pcnation and FedEx. I had already left for work so I got to see it today. Pcnation packed it well, it is a USA version and the pic I took was the first shutter actuation. Kudos to pcnation! I have yet to shoot it other than the one photo to check shutter count. LCD does NOT look green to me. Camera feels good but need to shoot it more. I want the battery grip but $450 is ridiculous! Hopefully in the next few days I can put it through its paces. Looks like I am canceling b&h order. Anyone that ordered after about first week will move up one slot. More to come. Thanks again to Waldemar for the tip to go hru pcnation.
    Drew, that’s funny about the battery but smart thinking.

  • Dman

    I forgot…SN is 168xxx

  • Dman

    Did I miss something? I’m not sure to whom you are referring, but if I somehow offended you I’m sorry. I haven’t said anything negative to anyone. I’m confused.

    • Anne

      Lol, of course not. Not sure how this got posted here. It was in response to ssomeone(check page 4) who called me stupid. Maybe his post was removed and my comments wound up here. You have been very kind and friendly on this board, Dman! Congrats on your camera. I have taken some pics and, just as i thought, i have a bit of a learning curve. My dog won,t sit still and my self portraits are less than stellar. I will have to bribe a friend to come over for a photoshoot this weekend. Btw, my serial number begins with “301” and i got it from B&H.

      • Anne

        Yup, his post was removed, thankfully. There was no place on this board for stuff like that. We are all in the same boat; we love photography and either just received or are waiting for a legendary camera. I want everyone to get theirs. Im having too much fun viewing photos on Flickr!

        • Yes, I remove posts with offensive language. Unfortunately this messes up the sequence of the follow-up comments.

          • Anne

            I think that’s a great policy! Feel free to delete my response to the negative poster. I don’t want anyone else to think I’m going postal on them, lol. Poor Dman thought he offended me!

            Great site by the way.

  • Eugene

    Ordered from BH on Feb. 9th 2:00am PST. Got tired of lame emails, called and canceled order.
    Ordered from Bedford Camera June 7th. Shipped yesterday June 18th. No tax.
    Will never pre-order from bh again.

  • Keri

    I really appreciate this thread. My husband surprised me by ordering a D800 for my birthday (which is today). He ordered in from B&H on May 29 along with a lens which I have received. I’ve spent all day trying to figure out when I might expect delivery. Since part of the order shipped, I can’t access my order on B&H’s website so I don’t have any idea how to even check! Has anyone ordered from B&H more recently than Feb?

    • jason

      @ Keri

      from NR Forum few hours ago, last reported D800 shipment was for order placed 2:53pm EST, on Feb 7 at B&H. I have not gotten mine yet – feb 7, 9:00pm.

      May 29 order from B&H will be a wait.

      • Keri

        Jason – I’m not complaining. I know it will be a loooooong wait. I am assuming however that after the initial rush, pre-orders scaled back so once the first day or 2 are filled, new shipments will be able to fill days worth of pre-orders rather then hours or minutes. Maybe I’m too optimistic but that’s why I wanted to see if there were any other latecomers to this game. I have a vacation in Aug which I’m certain I will not have it in time for. I’m the photographer for my daughters’ gymnastics team so I was kind of hoping to have it by the time the season started in Sept. Just feeling things out. Will it be a 2 month wait or a 12 month wait? Nothing to be done about it.

        I’m taking my cue from Anne who just relaxed and enjoyed life. I have contacted B&H’s webmaster to see about fixing my inability to check my order status on-line but haven’t heard back yet.

        I have checked with a few local places. One isn’t even taking any more names for their list since they are still filling first week orders and the other put me on their list but has not yet responded to my inquiry about how long the list is. In the meantime, I’ll just work on improving my skills with what I have.

        Thanks for the update though.

        • Anne

          I hope you get it relatively soon. I do believe that the list will clear faster going forward.

          I have been busy at work since getting my d800 so dont have the time i want to just play around with it, sigh. I took some test pics over the weekend but wish i could take off and just focus on it. I have been reading the manual on the bus. Im contrasting the differences with my d90. Oh yes, i have a pretty fast llaptop9ua0sed for editing avchd files) and a usb 3.0 CF reader. The files are huge!!! Takes forever to import even jpegs using lightroom.

          Hope you get it time but also with enough time to get familiar with it before your events.

          • Anne

            Pardon my typos! I have a laptop used for editing avchd files…

          • Keri

            Thanks Anne. I heard back from the local shop and they said (whether it’s true or not remains to be seen) there is a decent possibility I could get it in a few weeks. Wouldn’t give me an exact number but said there were “several” people in front of me. Several is better than hundreds of thousands though. I’m not going to cancel my B&H order just yet but I’m much more optimistic about getting it before gymnastics competitions start now than I was yesterday. Of couse, today I was asked to be the photographer for a wedding shower being held on July 20. That may be tight. Even if I have it, I’m not certain I’ll be comfortable enough with it by then. I have been reading the manual too so maybe I can get through it a few times before it arrives. That may help with the learning curve.

  • Jennifer

    Anyone who doesn’t want to wait should really consider calling Pearl at PC Nation (no, I don’t work for them….) I took the advice of others on this thread and called her last week. I was third on her wait list, and she got 15 in yesterday…. it just arrived!! Her # is 800-235-4050 ext. 3009.


      Was that the D800, or an 800E?

      • Jennifer

        It was the D800. Not sure if she has had any of the D800E, but I don’t think it could hurt to give her a call, especially if you are in line at B&H or somewhere else where it may be a long time.


          Thanks! I’m already on her list at PCN for the 800E. Seems like shipments are still painfully slow on the “E”, at B&H and elsewhere. The 800’s seem to finally be flowing nicely.

          Does anyone out there have any D800E shipment news?


          • Not Flowing

            D800 flowing nicely? Like no delivery yet for order placed on Feb 7th, 8pm?

            • Anne

              Hi, check this thread. I’d swear someone said they got shipping confirmation the same day as me (2/7) at night. Are u PST? I ordred at 12:31 pm est on feb. 7. Good luck.

            • Anne

              Meaning, they ordred like 12 hours after me from B&H. I know adorama was filling evening preorders before b&h cleared 10am.

            • Flow

              Check the post above on PC Nation. I talked to Pearl today and she just got in 15 D800’s.

  • Got it!

    D800 shipped from B&H – with tracking #
    Ordered Feb 7th, 9pm, Eastern time, NY time

    Need Anne’s dog to model !

    • Anne

      Yay!!! My dog won’t sit still; every picture is a blur or of the back of his head. This weekend I’m gonna try doing some stills and landscape. I read a landscape book that gave tips on panoramas so I’m gonna try that with the D800 and Photoshop CS6.

      Congrats on your getting your camera!

  • Jason

    Thanks Anne!

    Yes, landscape will be more still than a happy tail wagging dog… and no risk of the lens being licked either. Post your weekend landscapes on flickr

    • Anne

      Lol, will do. Im on my way to B&H to pick up some filters and maybe an FX lens.

  • GS

    I have benefited from following this thread and so thought I would share my recent experience. I ordered from PCNation on June 17 th and was recently told I am 4th in line. However today I noticed that Kenmore Camera had sold a D800 on eBay and so I called and found they had one in stock. Phoned, ordered it, and have received tracking info!

    Their website now shows they are “on order” again. But this is the second time I have seen a sale on eBay from a store that then also shows one available online (other example was Cameta, but I didn’t follow up on that one). Might be worth keeping an eye on eBay for legit sales at regular prices.

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