Weekly Nikon news flash #165

  • Nikon D4, D3s and D3 on a rampage:

  • Q&A with Joe McNally:

  • Project Cygnus III: Nikon D700 goes to 102,975 feet, takes pictures. See more on Facebook. The Nikon D300s camera from launch II was never recovered, so there's a D300s out there somewhere with lots of aerial footage on it (same D300s that was used in the initial launch):

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  • BartyL

    So, we’re a week closer to the D600.

    • Nah,
      We’re just 675 weeks further from the D1.
      That calculation was actually performed on a Nikon calculator though.

      • BartyL

        Hmm, well let’s just agree that we’re collectively a week closer to / further from some point or event as measured in weeks.

  • Matt

    I sold my 135mm f/2 DC after I bought the 85mm f/1.4G. I shoot a lot of action handheld, and it simply wasn’t the right lens for the job due to the relatively narrow DOF and slow autofocus. In the right hands, it remains a very good lens.

    • John

      I sold my 135/2DC after finding out that it was not sharper at f/2 than my ancient 135/2 AIS on my D700 and it was a whole lot more expensive. Plus the AF was so unreliable, especially in low light, that it made it almost unusable (even with AF fine tune of +15). Perhaps I had a bad copy. Perhaps the author of the article doesn’t really know what sharp is.

      • Jason.

        I have both lenses (2.0 AF-D DC, and the AIS) but have never compared them side by side on current digital bodies. What I do remember, however, is that its angle of view was slightly different. This issue came up after realizing that four or five different 24mm lenses gave completely different coverage. I then concluded that it didn’t make sense to select a “best” sample from the different generations (pre-AI, K-series, AI, AIS, AF, AF-D) since each lens had a distinctive look.

        The 2.0 DC has tons of purple fringing under some conditions and its focusing with some bodies can be way off. I haven’t tried the DC on a body with AF fine tuning but I wouldn’t be surprised if the correction brings the adjustment to one of the extremes. John’s experience is probably not unique.

    • LP

      Yeah Matt, I guess it was not right for that specific job, just out of curiosity, what was it, maybe something very fast or far away???… the 85mmf1.4G is the one lens that I’ll defend to death… and AF is not that slow, not for portraits and lifestyle photography… of course the 135 is more than OK, but the 85 is pure magic everytime, mounted on the D800 is a sure bet.

      • Matt

        LP – To answer your question, I shoot something very fast, both close-up and far-away: my kids! From the review of the 13mm f/2 DC: “This is not a kit zoom lens for kids and pets on a Saturday in the back yard.” I had to chuckle when I read this, because this is basically how I tend to shoot (minus the pets).

        It’s not that I couldn’t make very sharp, in-focus action photos with the 135mm f/2 DC, it’s just that I could so more consistently with the snappier AF-S of the 85mm f/1.4G. So, I didn’t feel the need to keep two “portrait” lenses, when one of them was clearly superior for my needs.

        With the 85mm f/1.4G, I’ll sometimes still get the eyebrows instead of the eyeballs when shooting close to the minimum focusing distance, even on a D800 with which it required a surprising zero amount of AF fine-tuning. However, the AF system hits far more than it misses, which – given all of the reportedly faulty D800s out there – DOES seem like pure magic!

  • hi

    that D300 can jump over the head of any lucky photograper!

  • PhilK

    I’m scratching my head trying to figure out what the point was of that clip of the guy holding down the shutter buttons on D3/D3s/D4, with no lenses attached..

    You can’t “burst” when there’s no light to take pictures with, unless you really really get excited about black frames…

  • Old Badger

    Re the item about Nikon disabling 3D autofocus on the D4 and D800 with f4 lenses and teleconverters:

    The item talks about 1.7x and 2x teleconverters on f4 lenses. Using these converters with f4 lenses produce apertures of f6.8 and f8 respectively. Nikon’s DSLR autofocus systems are specified to require a maximium of f5.6 aperture or larger, so these combinations are outside spec and may – or may not – work. People may have been lucky, and that may depend on the conditions. I can’t comment – I’ve only owned a 1.4x and an f4 lens – I didn’t see any point trying anything others as Nikon clearly says they are not compatitable (see Nikon’s lens compatibility chart).

    The D4 and D800 have a spec improvement – some (only some) of the autofocus sensors work at f8. Thus Nikon have ENABLED autofocus settings for these combinations that are now within spec and should work reliably. The 1.7x and 2x plus f2.8 lenses are not affected because those combinations have always been within spec (f5.6 maximium aperture). What’s gone is the ability to set something that has never been within spec and Nikon has never said should work; hardly a surprise!

  • neversink

    It’s comforting to see that Japanese journalists are condemning Nikon for having cancelled the exhibition they originally supported. That 40 photographs of elderly women who were sex slaves has created so much confrontation defines the real power of photography (that Nikon says it is so dedicated to.)

    • BartyL

      It’s disappointing that Nikon have still failed to clarify their reason(s) for withdrawing support for the exhibition.

  • GeoffK

    IF I had 4 arms like the guy in the video I could probably take a camera apart as quickly as he did. ;-P

  • A D700 at 100,000 feet, don’t drop it.

  • Glug glug

    Just needs Nikon to produce the D4 & D800 in yellow & blue; then folk will know which body goes in which housing……….

    • Calibrator

      Don’t wake up the sleeping dog!

  • Carmine Monoxide

    Robert’s Camera online shows the D800 in stock.

  • DaveyJ

    A submersible housing for a D4 or D800? Are you kidding? Maybe a D7000. Certainly a D90 but D800 or D4 no thanks. There are some pretty interesting UW ready cameras or ones that can have affordable housings. So this is an item I would not even check out on the Internet. I have more UW housings than most anyone I know. You would have to be doing that for a living. And from what I have seen in underwater photography making a living doing it is rare.

  • Jóhan

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    • inane

      Yes, but does it blend?

    • PeterO

      I had one too but the wheels fell off.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Priceless. The sorry I is too, my brother. The sorry I is too.


    About the Nikon 2000mm f11 reflex MIRROR :

  • Ric


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