Top 10 NikonRumors posts for April 2012

These are the top 10 most visited NikonRumors posts for April 2012:

  1. Another full frame DSLR on the horizon: Nikon D600
  2. Nikon D800 vs. D3s and D7000 comparison by Cary Jordan
  3. More Nikon D600 rumors
  4. DxOMark verdict: Nikon D800 – 95, Canon 5D Mark III – 81
  5. A quick Nikon D3 vs. D4 high ISO comparison
  6. Nikon D800 locks up?
  7. Nikon D3200 sample images
  8. Nikon Singapore sent invitations for a “special announcement” on April 19th
  9. Nikon claims that the greenish D4/D800 LCD screen is more accurate than the D3s/D700
  10. Nikon D800 vs. Canon 5D MkIII shootout
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  • Matt

    Busy month

  • mix

    Busy month for Nikonrumors. Slow months for those who ordered D800.

    • Jake

      Ohhhhh myyyyy goddddddd. We get it. You ordered a D800, and it hasn’t arrived yet. That’s what you get for being an early adopter. Get over it already.
      You guys are all children, I swear.

      • Pop

        I guessing you got yours.

        • Foolishcfo

          Yeah, Jake got his pink Coolpix piece of crap.

          • PeterO

            The pink coolpix with the attached 70-200 VR? Wow. Lucky guy.

      • Haha, right on Jake. I’ve got no idea why the whining is so particularly bad on this camera release.

  • The D600 is a pretty significant item. Combine that with some non pro FX lenses, no D300s replacement and no new DX lenses and it might be we get low end FX instead of high end DX.

    • texajoe

      Nikon wouldn’t do that. Someone wouldn’t get into FX if they have already invested a lot into DX lenses…

      • PHB

        Nothing about D600 looks remotely credible. It is a hoax.

        No pricepoint info is ever credible in my view. And nikon prices have been going up not dowm. A lower cost fx makes sense. But it would be a D7000 derrivative with that chassis, not a slightly lower spex D800 at half the price.

        A variation of the d3x sensor in the d9000 for $1500 might be credible. But it would be a consumer camera like the d7000, not a d700 replacement.

        I still think a D400 is going to appear. There is just enough juice for one more round of pro dx. But that is probably the last gasp. The d800 is the real pro dx model.

        • Dimitrii1130

          ..whats about sony’s 24mp FF sensor..? and there are no rumors about a new dx sensor.. (but there should be a new dx sensor for d7100)

          i don’t think there will be a d400-there are hardly any pro dx lenses.
          maybe two versions of d7100 or a slightly improved d7100, which is called d9000. (don’t think so)

          moreover, fx is the future – i want a d600^^ (d9000/d600 – this is just a name, but d600 sounds better and it would make more sense.

          • Rob

            FX isn’t the future. FX is the future for serious enthusiasts who stick with the hobby for a long time. FX sensors will always cost 5-10x as much to produce, and a lens on FX loses the 50% reach advantage of DX. The masses don’t want to spend 5 times as much on a sensor that when they can’t tell the difference between the IQ, and they don’t want to have to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars more for longer lenses for the reach they want.

            If anything, I’d argue that CX to 4/3 sized sensors are the future.

            • Rob

              That is, CX is the future for the masses (hobbyists).

              Also, “…on a sensor when they can’t tell the difference…”

            • Jake

              FX sensors may cost 5x more to produce, but sensor production costs are still falling. No one has seen price estimates in more than half a decade, and I would be very, very surprised if FX sensors still cost $500 to produce.

              What I would like to see is a future without DX. Within 10 years, Nikon could revamp their entire DSLR line to be strictly FX, and let CX take over the market of the D3XXX series.

              FX bodies don’t have to all be huge, beefy, feature ridden metal bricks; you could fit an FX sensor in a D3200 body, though you’d have to redesign the mirror and prism assemblies.

            • BartyL

              DX offers a smaller field of view. It does not offer ‘more reach’.

            • PHB

              Smaller sensors are certainly cheaper to make than large ones, large sensors have a higher maximum resolution than small ones and the F-mount performs best if the sensor is the size the mount was designed to support.

              Other than that, there is really nothing to choose. There are advantages and disadvantages to small sensors and large ones. They are nothing like as major as folk here claim. So for instance you will get better low light performance on a 85mm f/1.4 on FX than the 50mm on a DX. Which is entirely due to the fact that the 85mm has a much bigger aperture, the sensor size is irrelevant, So a $1500 lens works better than a $500 one. What a surprise!

              The reason DX is not going to be the format of the future is that CX beats it on every score where DX wins over FX. And in addition you get to use mirrorless short focus lenses which are cheaper and better than retrofocus designs.

              If you wanted to shoot wide in the past the answer was likely ‘get a leica’. Today the V1 looks a lot better on the specs than the baby Leica does and for much less money. I would expect that a future version will slay the Leicas across the board.

              There are still good reasons to go with a DSLR and an F-mount lens. But they will increasingly favor the FX side as CX eats the DX space.

              The D800 does not need to drop in price very much to make a D400 moot. A D400 with a 24MP sensor could certainly sell for $2000 right now. But I can’t see a huge demand for that when the D800 drops to $2500 or so.

      • Well, I went from DX to FX a few years ago and sold several DX lenses. I lost a couple of hundred dollars, but it was worth it.

    • Rob

      D600 won’t happen, or at least not under $2000. Wouldn’t make any financial sense.

      • Dimitrii1130

        “cheap” camera and expensive lenses. enough financial sense? 😉

        • Joaquim Prado

          D600 at $1.999,95 !! “bellow”2k.

          • Yeah, this is probably what we’ll see. No biggie. We just bought another D700 for wedding work.

    • D400

      I never understand why people think an FX d32oo will render obselete the DX D4

  • Apoplexia

    Admin or anyone else, Any news/rumors on new lenses ( TELE?)

    Read something about possible 80-400 replace a while ago (like 200-500 ^_^?)

    What about a 300 f4 is ?, i need some decent glass for the d800,

    or will a 2x converter be sufficient with a 70-200 f2.8 for now?

    • The 70-200 VRII and 2x teleconverter are an excellent combo. This combo actually performs much better than the 80-400mm vR @ 400mm. We own a 80-400mm VR and it’s a dog over 365mm. With that said, I actually love the 80-400mm up-to 350mm. I’m hoping the 80-400mm VR replacement is a killer and is coming soon; this lens is desperate need of a refresh.

      Of course, you loose the wide-end focal lengths with this 70-200mm VRII / 2x teleconverter. In my opinion, if you’re trying to get to 400mm, you probably don’t need to go any less than 200mm on the short-end.

      The 200-400 is SPECTACULAR as well, but pricey. The 200-400 is one of my most coveted lenses (i.e. lenses I don’t currently own). I’ve been seriously considering a 200-400 – we just need to justify its place in our kit.

      • Apoplexia

        Thanks alot for your comment!, i’ll try and get the 2x converter soon :), unfortunately the 200-400 is way out of budget for me atm :(, especially since i recently aquired the d800 and 70-200

        on the other hand it forces me to be patient :P, hope they announce a replacement for the 80-400 soon ( or 300 f4 for that mather)

      • I agree – the 70-200 + 2x teleconverter is an excellent combo (especially on a D800), this is probably why Nikon has not updated the 80-400mm lens.

  • Joaquim Prado

    The largest d800 shipment to the US has sink in the ocean on its way to the american continent! Thats the only explanation I can think about this delay! Great deals but no cameras!

    • Rob

      Mine is on a truck to get delivered to my house tomorrow. I guess mine was on a different boat that didn’t sink.

      • BartyL

        And in news just in, trucks all across the USA have begun spontaneously exploding for no reason…

      • Foolishcfo

        Who did you order your camera through? Just curious who is actually shipping.

        • Joaquim Prado

          I did from Ritz. It taking forever to delivery my camera. They are propable mad at me becuse I complain every 3 days. hehehe. But I am really anxious.

    • Michael

      To sell it on ebay, there are people who sent submarines to the ocean to sell it at
      A higher price.

  • Landscape Photo

    I’ve heard some rumors that part of the initial D800 shipments have some minor/moderate defects, here and there, as broken mirror, shutter button issues, random lockups, screen color issues, etc.

    Those may be the cause of the shortage, since Nikon may have called the faulty parties and working around-the-clock to find immediate solutions. Yet, this is not the first camera on the world which has such problems.

    Patience… A couple of months is not the end of the world. Until then we may keep using our lovely cameras as whatever we have got.

  • I think the delay must be due to some sort of problem that they had to go back and correct. I got my D800 yesterday from Amazon (finally!), and the box tab was creased (meaning it had been opened), and the bag that the actual camera body came in was very wrinkly and not tight over the body, as if someone had taken the body out, and haphazardly put it back in. I can’t imagine that Amazon would have any reason to open the box. My theory is that there was a problem with the bodies that they already produced, Nikon discovered it, went back and opened each camera box to check/fix the problem, then repackaged and sent out. Just a guess.

    • Rob

      Could they be checking for the recalled battery?

    • Andrew

      I have no knowledge on how these things work, but my guess is that the manufacturer may open random packages to examine them as a means of quality control or maybe open all the products to update their (i.e. the camera in this instance) firmware. The same thing happened to one of the new Sony PS3 gaming consoles I had bought. But then again, I have had them now for over 3 years and they have all worked flawlessly. So it turned out to be a non issue for me.

      I also saw a new Nikon D800 box being opened and it had the same loose crease you mentioned. Amazon is excellent when it comes with delivering new products. The only time I have had a problem was when a manufacturer sent newly released items to Amazon that had been opened by the manufacturer. I knew this was the case because when I returned the item to Amazon, the replacement package had also been previously opened. Then I knew that it was shipped like that from the manufacturer to Amazon.

    • Trance

      Mine arrived yesterday from Crutchfield. Same situation on my D800. Even the plastic cover of the En and Sp manuals are ripped open. Maybe, it’s supposed to be shipped to other country and they just change it to USA model at the last minute .

  • glen

    what about the D4… maybe deliver after the olympics????

    • D400

      D4 is already shipping to those who will need it for the olympics. The 1DX will come after olympics

      • glen

        i need one for such purpose. why it seems not be delivered to me?.. or only me?

        • Tiger1050Rider

          If you are an accreditted Journalist/Photographer for the London Olympics then you will get you D4 before the games begin in July.
          My cousin is one and Nikon have promised him his D4 in time.

          If you are not then you will jsut have to wait along with the rest of us.
          At least we (nikon shooters) will have D4’s and D800’s for the games. The Canon crew don’t seem very happy not to be having the 1Dx in time

        • I got a D4 from retail store(walkin) in HK on the 18 of Apr so I believe it the matter of can you find one
          when i am test the D4 on the 19 of Apr I slip of the stair and broke my leg, Ground until now by doctor…..

          • BartyL

            Is the D4 ok?

            • john

              the D4 is fine, seem like every one ask about the Camera first ^^”

  • Jabs
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