Nikon Singapore sent invitations for a “special announcement” on April 19th

The event details are now removed from the website

Nikon Singapore posted this on their Facebook page yesterday with the headline "I am a memory maker":

Nikon Singapore Pte Ltd

Dear NikonClubbers,

A special announcement will be made and you will get to hear it first! Register with us!
NikonClub Event Details :: Press Conference
‎10 lucky registrants will get to join us at Nikon Press Conference held on 19th April 2012, Thursday.

The Facebook post and the Nikonclub event page are now removed. This was the confirmation email sent upon registering for the event:

Dear ***,

You have registered for the following event, “I AM A MEMORY MAKER” successfully via the Nikon Professional Services site. Please print out this email and bring it along with you to attend the event.

Reference Number: 19April2012_PC
Event Theme: Press Conference
Organizer: Nikon xxx Pte Ltd
Event Date: 19 Apr 2012
Event Time: 12PM to 3PM
Location/Venue: To be disclosed

If you have any further queries, please contact us at ***.

Yours sincerely,
NPS ***

This event is for the new Nikon D3200 DSLR camera that is expected to be announced on April 19th, 2012.

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  • Jk

    Maybe they are fixing the d4’s crappy memory card identity crisis.

    If compact flash is “so the past” then what is it doing in such a state of the art camera? Even in slot two..

    If xqd is the wave of the future then it should be slot one and two.

    This is the reason alone I will not buy a d4 until it is consistent. If i need to by all new memory then so be it.

    • What’s got that to do with anything?

    • Martijn

      Why use WIFI B/G if theres wifi N….
      simple, backward compability for people who invested in very fast (and for them fast enough) CF cards. The next generation will probably have all QXD cards.

    • dwd

      You realize you get a QXD card and USB3 reader for free with the D4, right? So where is the issue? It’s not putting you out any at all but does give you headroom for the future.

  • suc kit

    How about fixing your totally lacking manufacturing capacity before announcing anything else Nikon, hm?

    • ben

      The dx cameras are made in Thailand , the fx ones in Japan. Some day nikon will start making an FX camera in Thailand. Untill then the FX shortage will not be hurt of helped by a new dx camera.

      • RondoX

        Yes and no.

        Nowadays, nothing is really made in one place anymore.

        While it is true, Nikon FX cameras are assembled in Japan, basic parts used in all Nikon DSLRs come from Thailand. The floods in Thailand were actually one of the main reasons the D800’s release was delayed for so long.

    • Andrew

      You must not own a business or else you would know that you do not have enough information to come to the conclusion you have made about Nikon’s manufacturing.

      Expanding manufacturing capacity is very costly. If that cost is passed to the consumer they will start complaining that the camera is too expensive and may not buy them in large enough quantities. Besides, how is Nikon to predict that the demand was going to exceed their expectations? But also, what if they had contracted components from other manufacturers for the new product being announced, they cannot just cancel those orders because your beloved D800 or D4 camera is suddenly very popular.

      • PeterO

        Andrew, I don’t know much about manufacturing but to your comment:
        “how is Nikon to predict that the demand was going to exceed their expectations?” Are you kidding??? The clamouring for a D800 by the readers of this website alone reached fever pitch in the middle of last year. If what you say is true, then obviously Nikon knows a lot about manufacturing but nothing about the expectations of their customers. Do they not have peons who read the internet about their products? Do they not do focus groups? What you are suggesting is that they dwell in an ivory tower of ignorance about their customer base. I think there are a lot of other things at play here and one of them is that Nikon knows that people will continue to buy their products no matter how bad their distribution of said products is.

        • zoetmb

          Yes, uses have been clamoring for the new models. But demand is not consistent and if you build capacity for the peak of the demand, then you’ve built in a lot of cost that you actually only need for a short time. Critics tend to point to Apple as an example of how it should be done, but Apple doesn’t own their own factories and sells more units in a weekend than Nikon sells in a year.

          But having said that, I will agree that Nikon has always been lousy at maintaining inventory and was so even before the disasters in Japan and Thailand. When I last checked around 3/19, B&H was out of stock on a third of Nikon’s lenses and the only bodies you could buy (aside from pre-orders) was the 5100 and the 3100. That’s leaving a LOT of money on the table.

          Nikon needs to find a way where each of the manufacturing lines can quickly be turned around to produce a different model.

    • Peter

      In 2011 Nikon has pumped out more DSLRs in a year than ever before. And that was in the year that both of their DSLR manufacturing locations had to shut down for several months due to the flood/tsunami in Japan *and* the floods in Thailand.

      So what’s wrong with their manufacturing capacity?

      • zoetmb

        As per my post above, what’s wrong with their manufacturing capacity is that there are too many periods where you can’t buy what you want, even on older models. And at any given time, a third of their lenses are out of stock, at least in the U.S.

  • Cynic Al

    Maybe they are going to announce the D800/D4 price hikes (“corrections”) for the Singapore market?

  • biho

    could it be an event for the lenses 18-300, 16-85 f/4, or even a new 80-400 ?

    • Todd

      Let’s hope it’s the revised 80-400!

      • plug

        300 f4

        • Donz

          yes please. Long overdue

      • FIXITT

        I,m with you there, bro — AFS all the way! Not the screwy lens that can only focus on landscapes and road kills !

    • Thomas

      I´d love to see a 16-85 f/4! However, i think it will be announced together with the successor to D7000.

  • Coolpux

    Nikon true Slogan is : “I AM A MONEY MAKER”

    • Come on, they are all money makers, looking at the price guide for Nikon’s new cameras vs Canon I think they are actually cheaper and the only thing I hate about Nikon is their lack of stock. I mean just move the bloody D700 and D800 factory to China where there s no earth quake or flood and keep production up so that anyone who likes to get one of these awesome cameras don’t have to pay extra and wait in the queue for month. I went down to a local discount camera shop in town (Sydney CBD) and apparently they have D800 in stock but the price is $4000 AUD for D800.

      • neversink

        Move the factory to China… You’ve got to be kidding…. With China’s quality control record???????? Man, there are enough problems with digital cameras, think of what the Chinese will add to the mess??? Maybe in ten or twenty years things will change in China…..

        • haha

          And stand a chance to have their factory copied… and we may have low quality look a likes that are cheaper?

          • allen23

            You sound like one of these people who spent $1 on ebay for a replica Iphone adapter and then spend your entire life nagging about its quality. Of cause it is fake, what do you expect if you pay peanuts to buy things on ebay?

            Ever put your hands on a YN560 flash or MEKI battery grip for NIKOND D700? I have and they saved me loads of money and I am not gonna pay $500 for a Nikon D800 battery grip as well. But hey that’s just me, maybe you don’t mind spending 5 times more over a piece of plastic because that is made in Thailand

            In terms of quality control it is all about factory management. Don’t we all use Iphones, Ipads Ipods made in china and LED TVs around the world?

            • Raunak

              Well said..

            • PeterO

              Ummmm, I do believe the Nikon CX line of cameras are made in China….

            • neversink

              OK.. Buy it in China…. You win…. However, you will probably be sorry in the end…. A d800 or D4 is not an iPhone.

        • 中國人

          You r rong! China blest cuntree in wurld! Mighty government tells me so on national state televlision, so must be tlruth.

          • Matt


        • rex

          C’mon guys. In China it would be up to Nikon standards. Are you really thinking that business processes ran by cheap labour force would equal to cheap quality. Please jump to year 2000+.

        • FIXITT

          All these talks about China makes me hungry. Chow mein, anybody?

        • zoetmb

          I really think that’s a stupid statement. There are many ways to work in China, both good and bad. They range from owning and operating the factory directly (although in almost all cases, you’d have to have a Chinese partner) to just managing the factory to the worst case of OEMing, where you send requirements to the Chinese manufacturer, but they design the camera.

          Obviously, we wouldn’t want the latter case. For the parts of the manufacturing process that use machinery, those machine tools are generally made outside of China and shipped there. There shouldn’t be any difference in quality in this case.

          For the parts of the process that are largely done by hand, there is no reason to believe that a Chinese workers is going to do a lesser job than a relatively low-paid Thai or Malaysian or Japanese worker as long as they are properly supervised by Nikon management. But the latter is the key.

          On the other hand, I really resent it when companies send manufacturing to China where wages are very low, but still charge the same (or sometimes even more!) for their products.

      • Tiger1050Rider

        No Earthquakes in China? WTF?

        You have to be kidding.
        They had major ones in 2008, 2010, 2011.

        Just google for ‘China Earthquake’.

        Now what were you saying about moving production to China?

  • This was for the D3200, but due to work force problems and possible manufacturing shift to China, this got delayed. The Nikon D400 is also delayed from September 2012 to December 2012

    • Alpha

      Where does this info regarding D400 come from? I have not seen any rumor about September or December 2012.

    • Blob


    • Donz

      I’m sure they’ll want to have the D400 available by the time of the Olympic Games

  • D400

    Yes! Wheres my d3200??

  • Nikon think about…

    …build a excellent camera to compete with Fuji X-Pro 1, with F-MOUNT!! and stop the prodution of J/V1 is a wast of time. p l e a s e

    • Nikon


      • Canon

        Yes, but it’ll be EF mount . K?

    • Sahaja

      F mount in a mirrorless camera?

      Perhaps they should revive the S mount and make a digital Nikon SP – I’d buy that.

  • What about the Nikon lens 18-300mm…. keep us informed !!!!

  • GL42

    Someone told me that optical stabilization with the Nikon lenses does not work when it comes to video- that can’t be right can it?

  • Susan

    Is there any hope for either the updated 80-400 or a 100-400 f4-5.6 in 2012?

    • Todd

      I’m going to Alaska in July and I REALLY REALLY hope I have the revised 80-400mm in hand. I will not hold my breath on that one though. If not it’s Canon City with their 100-4oo and 7D. Help me Nikon…don’t make me go to the other side!

      • Nikon Shooter

        Just use a 70-200 and a 1.7 teleconverter. A really versatile combo.

        • Dylan


          Or the 70-200 + a 2.0 converter, will also work fine and wll give you a good quality 400mm F5.6 for a very reasonable price… that of the converter!

          • Susan

            Considered that but that combo is almost twice the weight of the 80-400, and I shoot mostly handheld. I just wish that someone in the know (hint hint admin!) would say what he thinks is the likelihood of an 80-400 or similar update this year. Thanks!

            • Butch McLessie

              Lol I shoot that combo (on D3s no less) handheld all the time.

              Don’t disparage the good name of women everywhere by being weak and crying all the time.

            • Susan

              @Butch – Yeah let’s see you lug it up a 4000 ft mountain along with several bottles of water when you’re 60 as I am, you brat!

            • Granny McTroll

              Stop being so old. You bring shame to us old people. I carry a 200-400 on a D4 body up 6000ft mountains and I’m 74.

              Quit your bellyaching you whippersnapper.

            • Butch McLessie

              Lol yeh right. You mountain climb at 60. Ha! They have walker access?

            • Rock Mock Well

              Go to the gym S. 4000 should be easy.

          • Susan

            First of all I shouldn’t have mentioned age and apologize to any 60-plussers that I seem to have inadvertently offended. It wasn’t even necessary since anyone at any age who is seriously into hiking/climbing is going to prefer the lightest gear if given the choice between like-quality. Secondly, when doing wildlife I often have to keep the camera lifted and steady for several minutes at a time which is isometric and not the same as just lifting for a moment to take a shot. Thirdly, I am not a fan of teleconverters so weight wasn’t the only thing but I didn’t want to get into a discussion about TC’s. All I really wanted was an answer to my original question of the likelihood of the 80-400 update. Although I appreciate the 2 folks who kindly replied to my original post, and I may end up going with that combo if the 80-400 update isn’t gonna happen… but it would sure be helpful to know.

  • Spy Black

    Never mind all this nonsense, who’s the babe in the red dress? 😉

    • Informed person

      Is it Mrs Nikon?

    • +1

    • Roger D

      She is my girl friend punk. You do not have enough class or money to spend any time with her.

      • Forever a clone

        I keep telling you, she’s just a photo on a computer screen. No matter how much you kiss the screen or call her “baby”, it doesn’t actually make her your girlfriend.

      • Hook

        Lol so you PAY for her time do you?! Lol

      • WengerIsGood

        Swap for my D800
        (pre order)?

    • American citizen

      Some bad cases of zoom creep here I’m afraid.

  • Tom

    I was really hoping the announcement would be: “We have filled all our remaining D800 preorders”.


  • Ne1 hear about shipments of their d800e ?

    • Rock Wellken

      Sorry, I only understand English. What does “Ne1” mean?

      • Anyone 🙂

        • Mister

          C’mon, anyone know what “Ne1” means?

  • doug

    dont care about the new event, the only thing i care is about those boobs in the picture of the event

  • Alwyn

    Moan moan moan, fuckit! can’t u ppl be more like Spy Black. Constructive comments that hit right to the heart of the issue. Now who’s the woman in the red dress dammit?!!!!

  • Crazy Pro Photo Guy

    I love how you’re all bickering over Nikon’s manufacturing and completing ignoring the fact that the chick on the promo site is smokin’ hot. At least Nikon’s got good taste.

    • plug

      Has she got any nikkors?

      • BartyL

        No, she’s not wearing any.

        • plug

          I hoped for some new micro-nikkors…

  • MJr

    Facebook ?

    Sounds like D3200.

    • Sahaja

      NPS– D3200?

  • HolySh

    Who’s that girl??!

    • August Writer

      Isn’t it Ken Rockwell?

  • Joe

    April 18th announcement is that Ken Rockwell is the new incomming President of Nikon

    • Val Thor

      Yes, this is correct. All Nikon dealers will be required to sell equipment through Ken’s referral links to he can continue to buy baby food, put his kids through school, family vacations, and purchase new cameras and lenses, etc.

      • forgotten bones

        Rockwell who?

  • Jason

    so, next to all the nonsense in here, how about some hardcore facts:

    D400 will be announced in september and first units will be available in late november
    D400 will have a 18 MP sensor with 8 PFS
    AF and processor will be identical with D800

    together with the D400 they’ll also announce the D700s
    unfortuntately I have no specs about D700s

    hope that makes you happy

    • Orilla

      There is no D700s.

      The D800 is the replacement for the D700.

      • Ren Kockwell

        So wrong. The D700 will be updated late this year or early next.

        • btdown

          Seriously man..don’t do that to me… the 700s thing legit?

          • American Citizen

            No, it will be a D700x with 36 mp. Price will be 1999 dollars.

      • WSY

        Nikon already said the D800 was not a D700 replacement, and logically it is not when based on the different market class the D800 is addressing i.e. high res low ISO low FPS shooting. But I too want to know if this D700s and D400 story is legit. I hope the D400 is a fully frame…or the D700s can bridge the megapixel gap between the D800 and D700.

        • Cary

          Has Nikon ever said Camera X is a replacement for Camera Y? When the D7000 was announced, Nikon was clear that it wasn’t a replacement for the D90, even after manufature of the D90 was ceased. Nikon doesn’t want to hurt sales of whatever legacy models it still has in stock. The D800 won’t be the replacement for the D700 until the current D700 stock runs out.

    • PeterO

      Forget about lemmy, Jason really knows………I’m hangin’ with Jason now……

    • “D400 will be announced in september and first units will be available in late November. D400 will have a 18 MP sensor with 8 PFS AF and processor will be identical with D800. Together with the D400 they’ll also announce the D700s unfortuntately I have no specs about D700s”

      This is clear non-sense. I do not think, there will be any such thing as a D700s, and if there will be, the only possibility would be something like the here postulated specs for a D400… D800 IS the update to D700, the often quoted statement from Nikon means (I believe) that is so much more than a simple update, not that there will be another update. Under no circumstances will there be two more FX (both a D400 and a D700s) in the next year, and I am sceptical about just one…

      I still think it most likely, that the D400 will be DX…

  • Brian Davis

    Damn that chicks hot!

    • Joey Baloney

      Screw you, she’s freakin’ hot! Come on, at least Nikon’s good at giving us some fan service once in a while. Or would you rather a oiled-up hairy bare chested man holding a shiny little Nikon D3200? 🙂

      • Jimmy B

        Haha sorry, I just like how you respond to the lady in the ad. I guess you fellas don’t see too many slender ones in the US.


    • yu soghay

      She’s hot if you’re into big-boobed trannies, sure.. Like with everything nikon these days, they got some shemale just to screw their customers like they do with everything else. You want a d4? We have announced it, but you just can’t have it. Want a hot chick? We got a tranny!!

  • doug

    My wife said that the vibrator is the replacement for my dick, just like the D800 is the replacement for the D700, both the vibrator and the D800 do a much better job than its predecessor with much more options for a fraction more of the original price(i’m cheap)

    • Shah

      Ex-wife you mean?

      • Marriage counsellor

        No she needs someone to pay for the vibrator

  • ActionJunky

    Based on the title, I am betting on a new online, sharing and storage service.

    I hope that I am wrong.

  • neversink


    New lens to be announced:

    13mm – 800mm f1.4 and it will weigh in just under two pounds…. No barrel distortion and the whole lens is one big sweet spot….

    The woman with the boobs told me… (Oh, don’t all women have boobs!!!!!)

  • Probably another coolpix.

    If Nikon releases a 24mp entry level DX camera, all I can say is they are firmly dedicated to the megapixel wars. For the user of that camera the only benefit will be the ability to crop more. The additional resolution will not be realized because few will use quality glass or a tripod.

    • Ben

      i think lots of cropping is what they want.

      I just has some one ask me for camera advice. I asked what she wanted to do with the camera, she says to take a photo and if she likes one little part of it then to cut out just that little part and print it really big.

      Then she says she can already do it with her little point and shoot. and she likes the 20x zoom of the point and shoot. she asked what lens will have a bigger zoom range then the camera she has now.

      I guess it is good nikon is coming out with a 18-300mm. what most people want from a camera and what the people in the on line photo community want is very different i guess.

      Nikon will sell lots of 24MP d3200.

      I should buy stock in Nikon japan. Living in the US what is the best way to buy stock in a Japanese business?

  • They just keep annoucing, and I still didn’t get my camera from amazon…….

  • 700 s or 700 x ?

  • jon d0e

    that’s miss singapore right there..

  • malchick743

    Jeez. Why is it that a press conference is often so discreet and off-limits to non-media public Joes? Oftentimes non-press people (dealers, PR people etc.) are invited to such events too……

    And, is it really prohibitive for non-press people to get their hands on press material? And why??

  • photdog

    Though I’m very pleased with what the D800 delivers -especially if I finally could get one- I think Canon does concerning video, what I thought is addressing the right target group. Lets be honest: video, for 90% of the typical DSLR customers means shooting family and holiday clips. There are a bunch of journalists doing reportage on pro-level. And all the real movie guys invest such vast amounts into equipment that some 1000 bucks up or down doesn’t really matter, if quality and handling justify it. While in no shop I asked at, any D800 / D800E is available, I’ve seen the 5DmkIII in the window display waiting for a buyer. Probably feeling, that they won’t be able to repeat the success of the 5DmkII (for the video features) Canon moved into another level: the C300 and now a C500 and a 1D C 4K announced – of course with their DSLR mount.
    Thus I wonder, if those proclaiming full-bodied “video in DSLRs has come to stay” will be right. Sure, video has its place. But I think within one our two generations from now, videowill have left the pro and semi pro DSLRs for the sake of specialized video tools. Of course the entry level DSLRs may be a different story…
    However, as a still photog I don’t really care.

    • trialcritic

      It has been estimated that Nikon will sell more D800 to videographers than to still photographers. This was a major empty issue for Nikon that they finally conquered. BTW, these are not for casual photographers but pros and serious amateurs. Having the video in D800 reduces its price due to increased purchases, simple economics.

      Canon is having a hard time as the 5D III is not a major improvement over its previous model and is not selling. You can walk into a store and buy it. I have friends who are serious Canon customers and are waiting for 6 months for the model to drop in price before buying it. They estimate that it will drop at least to $3000 by that time. Canon has not done any change to their production system to make it easily available.

      Nikon D800 has a long waiting list due to multiple reasons. Do check

      • trialcritic

        Sorry, left out the link

        Thom article on D800 Production

      • Tom

        Stupid article. If he actually tested the camera he’d know the dynamic range of the D800 is better than the D700, 5D MII, and the 5D MIII.

        Is this your site you’re trying to pump to sell bad e-books?

        • Tom

          (At all ISO’s)

      • photdog

        Well, it seems you don’t have read my statement thoroughly before replying: First, I didn’t doubt the D800’s qualities at all. Second, I already stated, that the 5DmkIII is available while the D800 is not.
        Sure, the most of the D800 buyers will use video – and why shouldn’t they? My point was to estimate (my personal estimation!) that 90% of the users in the D800 camera class (thus including other high end models) will not use video for professional purpose or in a pro manner for instance doing videos like they were presented with the announcement of the latest Nikon flagships.
        I furthermore concluded, that it is to doubt, that video will play such a roll in future high end DSLRs like it does no. I rather see it as a temporary hype, which might go away (at least will be diminished) due to the offer of gear being even more specialized on video. And as we can observe, this is obviously the avenue, Canon is already pursuing now.
        Would I do video –again, with the exception of journalism- I’d rather go for a dedicated video body. And as of now, I even don’t know if the possibility of fitting DSLR lenses is such a tremendous advantage, as they neither have motor zoom nor is it easy to achieve smooth aperture changes with the G lenses.
        However, if you watch the “Making of” of Nikon’s Chicago clip, you’ll get an idea, what it really take to do video in this level. That’s not something you get out of the blue, just because you own a D800 or D4!

        • Tiger1050Rider

          DSLR uses and Video.

          A few weeks ago we asked this question at my Camera Club. Of the 25 members with Video Capable DSLR’s only THREE had done much more than trying it out ‘just in case’. Ironically, those three were long standing members who had been in the ‘Cine’ section many years aso.

          I know that this is not representative but perhaps you might like to rethink your statement.

          Or pehaps (to the ED) this could be the subject of a Poll.
          Now that Video Capable DSLR’s have been available for several years how much have you used the Video Capability?
          1) Never
          2) Hardly at all
          3) Some of the time
          4) All the time (Stills? They are so yesterday)
          5) What’s Video?


  • Greg

    I’ve been reading all the chatter about the Nikon proDX / entry-level FF speculation. Also, interesting to see the posts regarding the DX 16-85 f4 and 24-70 f3.5-4.5 patents Nikon has filed recently in Japan.
    I’m wondering about the feasibility of a D300s/5dMKIII ish sized mag-alloy frame with somewhat upgraded D7000 electronics that could accommodate a 16MP DX or 16MP FX sensor. Not all the electronics would be common – as the frontend amplifiers would have to be tuned to each sensor parametrics. In addition, some portion of the viewfinder imaging optics would also have to be designed to accommodate the respective sensor area. But couldn’t most of the remaining camera package be common? I’m not familiar enough with the details of the submodules in a modern DSLR to judge. Seems like a way for Nikon could amortize the manufacturing costs against two camera models and satisfy two user bases.

  • Joaquim Prado

    If nikon release a new FF camera below D800 and made in thailand lots of D800 pre-order will be cancelled for sure! maybe this is a way to keep things more calm and regular!

    • Rob

      With current fab technology it is impossible to produce a new, full frame sensor that is profitable in a camera notably cheaper than the D800. Sony can do it because Sony tends to lose money on every item they sell. Nikon cannot do it.

      • BartyL

        I seem to recall reading somewhere, maybe a Thom Hogan article, that a FF sensor cost around $500. That’s around 1/6 of the retail cost of a D800 in the US, which would imply they could have some room to move elsewhere in the construction of the camera.

        The D7000 retails for around 75% of the cost of a D300s in Australia despite having a newer, higher resolution chip with better noise handling, better video etc. One difference is the body construction, another is fewer dedicated buttons for various functions. Bear in mind that the D7000 still uses some titanium in its body, but still retails for around AU$500 less than the D300s.

        Which leads me to think that they could actually put the D800 sensor in a ‘semi-shelled’ body minus a few bells-and-whistles and sell it for around $2500 and still make a profit. Put the D3s sensor and ASICs in a full polycarbonate body and I think $2000 is possible, & it wouldn’t even impact very much on D800 sales.

        Do I think this is likely to happen? No, but it’s definitely possible.

        • Sahaja

          D3s sensor? – surely they have stopped making those.

          • BartyL

            Maybe, but it’s probably just a stepper program for fabrication ‘bots, I don’t imagine re-starting production would be a biggy – I’m sure I’ll be set straight on that if I’m wrong.

  • MarkH

    “Memory Maker”? Clearly not a professional gear announcement but a consumer announcement.

  • Hey! Have you seen the big fail with the Canon MK III ???


  • Avoid Dubai

    I have just been offered a D800 by Grand Stores in Dubai for $4300.
    They are the main source of Nikon gear in Dubai.
    Is there any rational explanation for such a price in this so called shopping mecca?

  • In the Know!

    You just don’t get it. It’s an entirely new revolutionary concept. The D3200 will have no sensor! No more pixel envy. You take the picture and the image that you see through the view finder remains impressed in your memory. No more hassles with memory cards or post shot elaboration or archiving. Simple and elegant.

  • doug

    ATM im just waiting for te D800E to come out just to see how good it compares to the D800, yeah i know you gonna tell me: go out and take some pictures, well i have and i must say that the D800 is the best camera ever.

  • T.I.M

    Could you get rid of that hot girl with the red dress and show us some infos about the D800e release (already on Nikon French website but not on Nikon USA !)
    Is all America on a complete full stop during Jewish hollidays ?

    • yes, Europe usually gets shipments few days before the US

  • Mike

    Imagine this Nikon lineup:

    D3x00 series
    D5x00 series
    D7x00 series
    D9x00 series (D300s replacement)

    D400 (“affordable” FX in the $2000 mark)

    That would blow the competition right out of the water 😀

  • david distefano

    i’m sorry guy’s but i can walk the campus at stanford or uc berkeley and that lady in red might rate a second look so keep your minds on photography and the piss poor customer service and supply line of nikon.

  • Pixelhunter

    For sure the announcement will not concern the Nikon D400.

    Amazon Germany just announces a book on the camera for Mai 2018.


  • Urghey

    You guys drooling over that girl. She’s a famous Singaporean drag queen named: Kumar.

    Yes. U R all ghey.

    • VoteforMe

      If the so called “Kumar” is that hot in this red dress we do not care what he was before 😀 😀

      • Ura Ghey

        You should look up the definition of “drag queen”.

        Being a real man I care about wimen having teh right appendages.

  • Watching closely 🙂

  • lol a Urghey – drag queen or not she’s attractive.

    • U R Foggot

      And u r ghey. Join a pride parade an tell your parents the truth.

  • Erik

    I still think that Nikon is not replacing the consumer camera’s this year. It would be too early I think, and in wouldn’t make any sense because Canon is not going to announce it this year either.

    And when Nikon is releasing the replacement consumer camera’s this year, and Canon does it in 2013 then has Canon the better consumer camera’s for probably the same price. So Nikon will wait another year and will then release the D3200, the D5200 and the D7100.

    I think the D800 is more a replacement of the D3x because the D4 is the a replacement of the D3s. I think they will announce this year two professional DX cams (there are enough professional photographers who see the crop factor as a must), and I think they call it the D400 (for the ISO performance) and the D500 (for the megapixels). Then they will announce a FX D710 later this summer for the ISO performance, and then you have the D800 for the megapixels.

    I think that is a really nice camera line:




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