Nikon D3200 sample images

Nikon France published some full size D3200 sample images on flickr (go under "Actions" and select "View all sizes" to get the full res version). 100% crop taken from the above image:

Flickr D3200 slideshow:

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  • Troll Alert

    I think a lot of the comments here are from people hired by Canon PR firms just to discredit this new camera. Are you people out of your mind? This is the D3X type of sensor at D5000 price. For people want resolution for travel photos, this is a perfect light camera.

    • ATM


  • Discontinued

    Hello Admin,

    my D800E has a hot pixel issue. Serial number is close to the end of the seven hundreds. Similar reports from others ? ? ?

    • Bobbo

      Is admin awake yet? Why aren’t we discussing the luminous landscape comparison of the D800/800e? Lots of interesting issues. Who has glass good enough to see the differences? A D800 owners mad that they didn’t get the “e”?
      Fun and learning to be had!

      • Joaquim Prado

        The E version has so much sharpness!! Amazing! I only get worried with the moiré, for general use I don’t think the E version suits all the needs, and also the regular version may look quite good with unsharpen mask applied but the E version doesn’t even need Unsharpen mask!!!

      • because I am keeping that discussion for when Cary publishes his own D800/D800E comparison on NR

    • no, have not heard anything

    • When you say “hot pixel”, are you referring to still or video? It’s not un-common for a modern sensor to have hot/stuck pixels visible in a still file , it’s actually less common for a sensor to NOT have stuck/hot pixels. They’re mapped-out at the factory. If there are more than a reasonable amount of hot/stuck pixels and they’re seriously degrading image quality, send the body back to Nikon to have the pixels re-mapped.

      If you’re talking about stuck/hot pixels in video, that can be more of a problem, if they’re plentiful and bright. A stuck/hot pixel issue in video is rare, but a lot more severe.

      If you use Capture NX2, use the “Astro Noise” feature. It will get rid of any hot/stuck pixels you may have in your file.

      • Discontinued

        Hi Cary,

        referring to stills only that was. In video no such thing occurs. In stills there are a few. One of them being the most annoying as this sucker has a rather strong tendency of growing into a spot/a cluster of pixels (depending on conditions and camera settings).

        What do you call “a reasonable amount of hot/stuck pixels” ? ? ?

        My D7000 is clean, my X10 is clean (no unusual blooming BTW) and my D300 was clean. Apparently I have been very lucky during the last few years, or rather unlucky this time.

    • C. Norris

      why are you asking about a D800 on a D3200 post?

  • matt

    As an amateur, why do I want this over the D7000? They appear the same on specs when you compare them on the Nik0n website. Any input is appreciated

    btw I currently only have my old reliable D50 🙂

    • Shawn

      I’m trying to cutback on this forum but I’ll be glad to chime on a fellow D50 owner. 🙂

      I recently upgraded from the D50. For me it really comes down to usability. The one painful thing about the D50 is that to change nearly any setting you have to dig in the menus. The D7000 has an awesome interface, all the settings are accessible via buttons and you can save off two sets of settings in U1 and U2 mode, incredible!

      Alas I could not afford a D7000, so I had to “settle” for a D5100. I do not have access to all the settings via buttons and I have no custom user modes. But I still have a huge advantage over the D50 because of Nikon’s new menu. I can change 90% of the settings in there without having to dig into the system menus. Also all of Nikon’s new cameras seem to come with a “My Menu” which you can assign to the Fn button. This is what I use to adjust the remaining settings (I add which menu options I want and pick the order for ease of use).

      It’s not as great as having direct access to all controls, but I can make most changes pretty quickly.

      The thing I see problematic on the D3200 is that the button is on the left side of the camera. I can, and usually do, operate my D5100 with one hand and the button is a quick press of the thumb and I’m able to change metering, focus, and several other options without moving my other hand.

      The other thing that killed me about the D50 is it didn’t show ISO in the viewfinder, I know the D5100 does (it’s a menu option that’s not on by default), but I don’t know if the D3200 will (have to wait to see the manual).

      I think you’ll find all of Nikon’s current lineup is a huge step above the D50, but if you are actually looking at the D7000 you might want to wait to see what the D7100 offers as I think we’ll see a refresh this year.

    • BartyL

      I updated from a D50 to a (2nd hand) D300s in the middle of last year.

      One of the things I like most about the D300s compared to the D50 is the large number of dedicated buttons for functions – this is something you can’t appreciate until you try it.

      In terms of operability, purchase the D7000 if you can afford it and don’t need whatever video improvements the D3200 might offer.

      Incidentally, I’ve spent some time over the past few weeks running some of my old D50 images through Lightroom. Nothing wrong with the image quality of the D50 (in terms of images meant to be viewed on a monitor anyway).

  • T.I.M

    TO GOOD TO BE TRUE !!!!!

    Well, I did not open the champagne last night, I am returning the D800e, it’s already packed and will go back saturday morning.

    Why ?

    Because I tried to get rid of that yellow-green color on the back LCD for almost an hour, but no way to fix it.
    I understand that auto-brightness LCD can be a nice feature but if you have to check your picture on a funny colored screen, no thank you !

    Here come the worse, the camera lock-up !

    No way to turn it off and reset it unless I take the battery out for at least 30s, and it’s not a battery issue, it does the same with the extra battery I bought few weeks ago, I had the camera locked-up at least 4 times last evening.

    Do you picture me at a wedding to the bride:
    “miss, don’t say yes now, I have to reset my camera, it will take only a minute !”
    I think on that subject the D800e goes very well with the over-heating SB-900 !

    Sorry Nikon but I expect more from a $3300 “pro” camera.
    I’ll get my money back and wait 6 more months until the problems are fixed.
    To bad I’m honest or I could have sell it back on Ebay for $5,000.00

    Then I went on B&H website looking at the D700, guess what ?
    The only FX camera they have in stock is the D3x ($8000) !

    I won’t even bother calling Nikon, I already know the answer “we apology for the inconvenience, we are aware of the issues and doing everything we can to fix it as soon as possible….bla bla bla……sure)

    • Shawn

      Not like I know anything, but I thought I read you could turn off the auto-adjusting screen in the menus?

      • T.I.M

        Yes, I did and the LCD color was “better” but I pay for features that I’de like to use, what about you buy a brand new car but you could only open the right side windows ?

        • KenTi

          But what if you pay for in-car GPS and then only allowed to use it when the car is stopped?

          You complain, and adapt while looking for something that meets your needs 🙂

          Not faulting you T.I.M., I would be upset and disappointed as well waiting that long and find the condition sub-par. But I would use a different analogy.

          For me, the lock-up would be worse. Kind of like buying a car and having to stop every 5 miles, shut it off, wait 30 seconds and restart it to continue driving.

    • Bobbo


      Re-incarnated as a refurb for around $2500.00? Anyway, a real bummer otherwise.

    • KenTi

      Make sure you write the serial # down… Just in case a certain company decides to send it out as new again 😉

      Sorry to hear about the problems. On the bright side, it eases my sadness that I haven’t received mine yet. If it was me, I probably would have kept the camera (since I don’t use the LCD near as much as others) and just do a warranty repair job in a few weeks.

      You would think things like this would have easily been caught during the testing phase unless it’s an assembly line issue.

      The wait continues…

    • KenTi

      One quick question… what memory cards were you using? Was it writing to both slots?

      • T.I.M

        SanDisk SD extreme Pro 8GB (works fine on my D5100)

        • T.I.M

          Only 1 SD card (I’m waiting the CF cards price to go down to get a fast 16GB)

        • KenTi

          The sad thing is, I just received my 32GB SanDisk Extreme Pro CF card today for a camera that doesn’t exist yet…

          I’ll add that to the rest of my phantom D800E collection: 24-70 and 70-200 lens… (okay, I can still use the lenses on my 7000, but not to their full potential)

          • T.I.M


            You’re not alone,
            my 14-24mm f/2.8, 24-70mm f/2.8, 105mm f/2.8, 200mm f/2.0, 300mm f/4, 300mm f/2.8 and my PC-E 24mm are also waiting for a decent FX pro camera.

            Let’s be british and wait…..

    • TIM – did you really get the D800E? I doubt it.

      • T.I.M

        You, Peter ask me that question ?

        Just wait and I’m sure you will see more people complaining about quality control for the D800e.

        And why would you be surprise that a camera paid cash 2 months ago is shipped few days after the official release date ?

        It’s still waiting in my garage, give me $5000 and I’ll ship it to you (florida to florida you should get it monday !)

        • Because if you have it, you will sell it on eBay 🙂 Seriously – I usually get a dozen of emails when one of the major retailers starts shipping. This time I did not get a single email and you got the camera – like I said, you may be the only non-NPS who got D800E from B&H. Anyway, I think you should not return it, I am sure there will be a firmware update soon.

          • T.I.M

            So why you did not receive any email from the Ebay thieves ?

            The $5,000 D800/D800e they sell have to come from somewhere !

            I seriously doubt that they were “on the waiting list”

            Mine was probably an open box, nice !

  • John


    • zoetmb

      If you’re referring to the focus, you’re out of your mind. That image of the eye is perfect. Besides, even if it were soft, that would be the lens, not necessarily the camera.

  • T.I.M
    • T.I.M

      ******** SOLD *********

      Look at the item location: Brooklyn

      Check the Q/A
      Q: Is this a US Model or not.
      A: yes. this is a us model, with us warranty from a authorized reseller in nyc.

      I’m not saying that employes from big online/retail stores are getting the D800/D800e first and selling them back on Ebay for BIG profit.

      I’m not saying that, I’m just thinking it…….
      Because if it was true…..that would make many customers sooooo mad !

      • Joaquim Prado

        And a while back ago someone told that nikon has nothing to do with something like this, 4,8k for a D800E it’s a absurd and even more someone buy it!!

      • fxed

        Tim, you are so full of shit. If you have the D800E, take a photo and paste a link for us to see it. Leave it in the box, that would be proof enough. Why would you wish that the person who bought the eBay camera gets a camera with the same issue as yours? Immature! Then you make the veiled reference to a camera store and we know which one. Yet, have you looked up the many stores in Brooklyn that are fraudulent or that sell an item for dirt cheap but the battery will cost you $500 and by the way use Manhattan addresses just for show. You have all that pro glass so tell me what camera do you use? FX cameras D3, D3x and D3s the semi-pro D700?

        • T.I.M

          I’ll be happy to help you , just pick 2 of my lenses and I’ll take a picture with your “fxed” name on it.

        • T.I.M


          “Why would you wish that the person who bought the eBay camera gets a camera with the same issue as yours? Immature! ”

          People who buy the D800/D800e on Ebay for $5000 are the sames people who sell medecines x10 the price after a war strart, It’s called speculations.

          I have the money to buy a D800e on Ebay for $5000 but I would prefer wait 10 more years to get mine (a good working one ?) rather than give money to theses thieves.

          • Joseph

            I don’t see the problem. People luck out, get the camera, and if they want they sell it, go ahead. Oh no, it’s more than they paid? It’s called a free market. If the camera sucked, or was easily available, they wouldn’t be able to get even the price paid for it.

            Now if a retailer is “covertly” selling them at a premium…that’s different.

        • KenTi

          Not to feed fire to the flame, but I have the 24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8 and the TC-20EII – all bought from a local store in anticipation of the D800E. I also have the 105 2.8 and a 80-400 4.5-5.6 (along with a couple of DX lenses – 18-200 and 35). I’m not a pro and only have a D7000 so I’m wasting great lenses on a DX when I want an FX. People can have pro lenses but not a pro body yet. I even have a full studio downstairs with alien bee and Einstein strobes but only take pictures of my beautiful family.

          Also, not to either say yes or no on whether T.I.M. has the camera (if not, he’s a darn good story fabricator ), but how would one “prove” they have a the camera? Just uploading a picture doesn’t prove it as they could have gotten it off any web site and/or wrote their own EXIF information into it.

          Either way, I’m still eagerly waiting for my camera along with all the others. T.I.M. having the camera or not doesn’t change that fact 🙂

          • T.I.M

            You should keep the 24-70mm & the 105 macro and sell all the other lenses.
            With the money get a 200mm f/2, incredible lens (I use it 95% at f/2).
            And as a bonus you get a great 400mm f/4 combined with your TC-20EII
            I have the Nano Coating VRII version but I think the first version (much cheaper) is good too.

  • Is noone else incredibly bored of these OMG LOOK HOW MUCH I CAN CROP THESE IMAGES reports on blogs, facebook, nikon websites etc. Great, well done you can take a lot of megapixels. now…. anyone able to show me where this actually matters?

    • Eric
    • Richard M

      I print at up to 48 by 32 inches. For these large prints I had to use film (Velvia on 35mm will just about do it) or medium format. My D800 gets close enough (easily 24 by 16). Just imagine a D4X with the pixel pitch of D5200. That would be a 54Mp sensor!

      • Richard M

        Meant D3200 (not D5200) of course.

        I have also got a more than acceptable 48 by 32 inch print from D800.

  • Peter

    Geez, while everyone is saying this and that about the pictures and camera, I want to see more of that beautiful creature…are there more photos of her?

  • Leo

    No night photos. At this range NIKON must show his muscles.
    At day time photos have good quality.

  • Kim Seng

    Nikons keep rolling one good camera after another. Sure Nikon is doing something good.

  • Only Nikon

    Now that we have the Nikon “bookends” when are we going to hear about the stuff in the middle? The D400, The D7100, The D5200. I am not interested in the top and the bottom.


    Probably the same sensor as the Sony NEX-7 camera. Good when it gets enough light, but not so great in dim light. To much noise. This is just a new consumer camera and not very interesting to the more enthusiastic available light photographer. If I were to look for a smal camera I’d go for a micro 4/3 system. Smaller, lighter, no slapping mirror and image quality that is just as good or better.

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