Nikon D3200, WU-1a, Nikkor 28mm f/1.8G pre-order options

Nikon D3200:

Nikon 28mm f/1.8G:

Nikon WU-1a:

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  • Jt

    wow, finally out.

  • HLT

    Yeah right, another pre-order from B & H? I wonder which will get here first. The D800 or the 28mm, the chicken or the egg?

    • I don’t think there will be any NPS pre-order priority with the D3200.

      • SoftonDemand

        Good point. Im still worried about the 28mm 1.8 if NPS gets first dibbs

  • Foolishcfo

    Oh goody…another Nikon preorder. Someone hit Nikon up the side of the head and tell them to stop crying wolf and actually deliver their products.

    • elph


      Whew, excuse me.

      • Foolishcfo

        Don’t Nikon users hold their camera makers to a higher standard? We haven’t seen anyone report on receiving a D800 the past couple of weeks so it may be a quality issue right now and not a supply/demand issue. I just received an email from B&H stating they had no idea when or how many D800’s they received. Even though demand exceeds supply, Nikon should at least be able to tell its vendors when supply will be forthcoming. If its a technical issue then I’m glad they are addressing the problem.

    • TC

      If you visit , you’ll see that those folks have their share of issues also

      +1 Elph

    • D400

      Yes, Please go to canon rumors and see what they have there. People are asking whether the 1dx will be delivered during, or after the olympics.
      Also the 5d3 could go the same way. . . .

  • Willis

    For the first time, I’m feeling like my D40 is old and busted.

    • Zorro

      I’m not. 24MP – ridiculous!

    • raze

      Your D40 can sync with flash way better than D4 an D800 🙂

      • Who needs flash with ISO 12,800?

        • zoetmb

          Ever hear of fill-flash, so you don’t have shadows under someone’s eyes? Or to reduce contrast if there’s bright sun one side of someone’s face?

  • Though announced with the D3200, the 28 is obviously targeted at the FX crowd, more specifically moving to D800 from DX crowd… great, but a bit less useful on dx….

    Now show some DX love with a 18/2 or 16/2 or 16/2.8 please nikon!\

    By the way… I got tired of waiting for your 80-400 refresh, so I went with Sigma. Please don’t lose to Samyang next! 😛

    • Mark J.

      Higher end DX lenses wouldn’t make Nikon all that much money is the problem. Most people willing to invest the type of cash to get fast primes are using FF cameras. So while yes, there may be some, even a decent amount of people interested in quality DX lenses, it’s just not something Nikon is really going to put the effort into as it’s not as profitable as releasing high quality FX lenses, which also work on DX.

      • A decent amount of people is interested… given the popularity of “low DoF” shots ands street photography… a wide fast prime would sell well just like the 35 1.8 sells well, I guess problem would be to build a good enough wide fast prime and still keep a decent margin..

      • Sahaja

        They really need a 16mm DX prime lens and maybe a 12mm one as well. For longer focal lengths DX shooters can use FX prime lenses – but for wide angle FX lenses aren’t wide enough on DX because of the crop factor.

    • Mike M

      I’d say it’s m0re likely targeted at the “buying a lowered MSRP or used D700” crowd, but yeah, it’s definitely not really that sensible to buy for use exclusively on a DX cam when the 35 f1.8 is 200 bucks or less, 28 isn’t that much wider. I think this may be an interesting compromise replacement for the old 35 f2 AF-D. If I was an FX shooter I’d be all over it.

    • Boosh

      Me too, I got the Sigma 50-500mm OS for an African safari. It was awesome up to the point the autofocus stopped working about half way in to the trip.

  • Nino N.

    28mm f/2.8 will be my next target 🙂

  • Gareth

    $700 for that 28 is looking mighty tempting

  • anon

    28mm 2.0 ais is better

    • D400

      Oh, so how did you manage to get your hands on the 28 1.8 so quick?

  • Ryan

    Well it’s either the new 28mm Nikon or a Rokinon 35mm F1.4. Never thought I’d go for the Rokinon (Samyang) but it is performing better in areas than its Nikon and Canon equivalent. I also have no issue with it being MF, anyone with the Rokinon have some feedback? This looks tempting, but after being a user of 1.8G glass and not being entirely happy with the results wide open and only having 7 aperture blades, I feel like I should try something else.

  • Martijn

    why is it so hard to make the wireless component possible on the D7000. i’d love to have that option, and about every cheap camera can do it these days, except DSLR’s. wireless chips are about 1 square cm, and flat as a penny. why is it so damn big?

  • [Admin] does it again. Thanks!

  • R!


    • R!

      For thoze that dont understand 9 blades is making nice n beautifull perfect round coloured light out of focused pills in blurry bckgrounds (bokeh),while less bladed lenses get unregular octogone pentagone and all type of gones that looks crappy for a serious shooter that likes real Bokeh!!!!!!!

      • R!

        Actually we dont need 9 blades in wild angle really,but in a tele like the 85 f 1,8 or on the 50 f1,8 we sure need it,Its on the 85 micro VR since you get this outofocused pills more often on micro bokeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        …It’s on the 50 f1,4 also,this is why I recomand for serious bokeh chaser to get 9 blades absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • R!

          CORRECTION!!!!!I just tested the new 50 f1,8 and 85 f1,8 and they have both perfect round light pills only the 35f1,8 has lower 7 blade diaphragm that makes irregullar out of focused light pills!!!!!!!!
          Good job Nikon.

          • R!

            85 f 1,8 is almost completely round…..,while the 50f 1,8 is litle less round!
            Well nine blades still better!
            … and not cheaper!!!!

            • Ray

              Not sure if troll or moron…

            • MB

              Moron is used to depict mild mental retardation, certainly not the case here.

    • 7 blades make nicer sun stars

      there is no real OOF to speak of at 28mm

  • It is completely stupid that the door of the 3200 has to be open to use the WU-1a, by the looks of the photos.

    I can see many a ripped off plug cover. And many swearing photographers trying
    to grip the camera where the door is open.

    A small opening in the plastic, to be closed with an extra part, so that the
    transmitter would go through the door would have been so much better.
    Or a plug location on the outside.

    • jorg

      thought so too. but the door is made of rubber, so an optional door with openings for the the ports should show up from third party manufacturers.
      best would be openings which can be opened/closed via sliding from the inside. that makes one custom-door for eG
      -external powersupply for temp. extreme/outdoor/timelapse
      -audio + mic + usb 3.0 for videographers

      • One should ask “why is the WU-1a not integrated in the body?”

        it could be removable like a battery if there are different types for different regions…

        No let’s put it on the side, on a really annoying place so you can easily break it too

        • jorg

          this has been discussed here several times, also regarding wireless flash-control.
          different countries with different wifi/wireless etc regulations would cause loads of troubles with those cameras for user and manufacturer.

          nevertheless i too think this open side-door business is hilarious in 2012. that whole interface needs a redesign.

          • Sahaja

            I don’t buy this argument. Samsung has just added built in wi-fi to their newly announced NX series cameras. How do they do it?

            Also my wireless router didn’t come with a label, or anything in the manual, saying it can only be used in certain countries – and the wi-fi my tablet computer works wherever I go without changing frequencies.

    • Me

      I don’t think the soccer moms buying this will worry about that…

  • Ralph

    More preorders, seriously???? This is a joke right.

  • R!

    …60 fps in 720 p HD video sounds nice on the 3200’s 24 mpx new sony sensor.
    I hope the continuous contrast autofocus in video mode has improoved also.

  • Great! Another tool for Uncle Bob who takes pictures! Now they have another thing to mess around and make it harder to the Pro whos shooting the wedding!

    By the way I am never preordering anything from BH, those lazy Jews got me waiting for a month and a half already with my D800! And on top of that they take vacations!!! Workers there are very happy resting almost all the year!! Heeeesh!

    • D4oo

      THey closed for Ramadan as well. So why not lazy muslems? You are scared that the muslems will blow you up.

      • Jediphotographer

        Yes those too, in fact there are lazy people everywhere…

      • Jediphotographer

        By the way I was treated like shit by their customer service so that´s why for my first comment.

        • Edmon

          Shut up u too .

      • Sahaja

        And what about all those lazy people that don’t work on Christmas, Easter or on Sundays?

    • Me

      Seriously? If you want to have an off-topic discussion perhaps you two should make a coffee date and spare us the BS.

  • Curious George

    Who the hell in their right mind would pre-order S&*t from Nikon right now? LOL

    Nikon, why don’t you work on getting us our D800’s first?

    This company leaves me scratching my head sometimes.

    • Zorro

      Nobody is pre-ordering from Nikon.
      People are pre-ordering from retailers (Amazon, B&H etc).

    • Sahaja

      This camera is made in an entirely different place than the D800 – and probably in far larger quantities. Anyway, its release will have no effect on the delivery date of your D800.

  • I want to like the D3200, I really do, but it still has the D5100’s 15-minute video battery, prob terrible no-assist focussing, and, get this, MONO on the mic in for video. Noone else deliberately neuters their cameras like this. You make space for a jack in, and include HD video capability, but you make the jack MONO. It just blows my mind out of purchasing mode.

    The irony is that now who wants the D7000 (backordered for months anyway), since the D3200, from the samples I’ve seen, CLEARLY has the better final images.

    If Nikon would semi-weatherproof this pocket-portable body which I prefer, include a stereo in, and a decent focussing motor, and a fatter battery or pack, I would buy 2 for around 1k, and they would sell like crazy. Instead, they’re just blowing up their own market.

    • okay

      The Nikon site says external stereo mic.

    • Jolle

      From Nikons homepage:
      Audio recording device: Built-in monaural or external stereo microphone; sensitivity adjustable.

      Where did you get the mono information from?

      • I think it was on the dpreview specs site, or possible PCmag. If its wrong, then great. Would be a dealbreaker if its mono. Unfortunately, I’m sure the battery will still be an issue for video.

        thanks for the juvenile response, texass

    • Rich in TX

      with the D3200, if Nikon would just weather seal it, make the body out of mag-alloy, have an integrated battery grip, add the D800 sensor, integrate the wifi dongle thingy, include gps, and up the fps to 11, for under $800, I would love it

  • Brent Schmidt

    Is this the same screen as what was on the D3100 or is it the D90/7000/D3 etc one?

    • Jolle

      From Nikons homepage:
      Monitor: 7.5-cm/3-in., approx. 921k-dot (VGA) TFT LCD with 160° viewing angle, approx. 100% frame coverage, and brightness adjustment.

      So it seems that the monitor is much improved over the D3100.

  • MikeV

    some more sample pics taken by the 28mm 1.8g on Nikons website (looks sharp wide open)

  • Steven Robinson
  • peter

    Thats insane price ! (speaking for DX users)
    why would someone want to pay $700 for a 28mm. Price should be atleast 150 – 200 less. Should be priced closely around the 85mm 1.8G

    Perfectly useable 35mm 1.8G (only 6mm narrower) is a fraction of cost of this 28.

    The people who have the money to spend should be looking at the fantastic 24-70 2.8.

    I have a feeling Nikon is jacking up their prices based on the “hype” the 1.8G’s have been making.

    First we had the 35, then 50, then 85 now the 28 ! (all 1.8G’s)

    • peter

      btw, I hope they are not trying to “make up” for the estimated $$ losses (supply shortage etc) during the Thailand flodding.

  • $700 is roughly translated to about $1100 in AUD prices. The AUD is worth more than the USD so I suppose that makes perfect sense… If you want to get ripped off by Nikon that is. 🙂

  • John Richardson

    OK. The 28mm. But WHY?? Was there a horde of photographers begging for this ODD focal length? I mean seriously, WTH? The DX 18-200 starts DX at 27mm, were FF people just chomping at the bit for this? Did Nikon just pull the number 28 out of their ass?

    Who the hell needs this? Have you ever heard of anyone begging for this? Don;t give me that crap oh yeahI can use it for weddings, hell thou can use the new 85 instead. Am I gone throw the money at this because I JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT for that ONE instance I need that fast?

    NO. I can’t seed where this glass comes from and I am not going to contribute to Nikon’s oddball crap just to say i have it. I may be a Fanboy but I am not throwing money away on this a prime…. Save your money and get the Holy Trinity instead.

    • Sahaja

      Not an oddball focal length – 30 years ago 28mmwas probably the most popular focal length for wide angle lenses on 35mm SLRs. Prime lenses of particular focal lengths do seem to go in and of fashion sometimes – but I still like 28mm.

      On a full frame 28 – 50 – 105mm is a very useful 3 lens kit. If you want to supplement it with something wider or longer then 18 or 20mm and 180 or 200mm does nicely.

  • Jim

    Does this WU-1a work only with a D3200?

  • Daijoubu

    Any preorder for the D3200 body only in Canada/North America?

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