Another full frame DSLR on the horizon: Nikon D600

On several occasions in the past, Nikon representatives mentioned that the D800 is not the replacement of the D700 but “a whole new category of camera”. There are rumors of a new, cheaper full frame DSLR camera from Nikon that will be called D600. Here are the preliminary specs:

  • Unknown MP count at that point
  • The new camera will be marketed as an entry level full frame camera
  • Auto DX crop mode
  • Dual SD card slots
  • In-camera RAW editor
  • Built in time-lapse functionality
  • There will be no build-in HDR feature
  • Possible integrated GPS
  • New external battery grip
  • To be released this summer

As usual, information about products that will be released several months in the future are not very reliable, so I would rate this rumors at 40% probability for now. If this turns out to be true, it will change the whole dynamic in the Nikon product line - maybe we will end up with three DX models D3x00, D5x00 and a high end D7x00 (all with 4 digits names) and the rest will be full frame cameras - D600, D800, D4 (with 1 and 3 digits names). I still believe that Nikon will release two more DSLR cameras in 2012.

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  • John

    I am curious about the following:

    1. Whether the D600 would be considered a professional or consumer camera body.

    2. What the shutter count would be rated at.

    3. Would it be compatible with the D3/D700/D300 batteries and MB-D10 grip (I am unfortunately thinking no with the whole battery issue in Japan.)

    This could make a nice backup camera.

    • burgerman

      Apart from the safety reasons (non exposed contacts) batteries move on for other reasons. The new one used in the D7000 D800 etc is the same physical size, but 19oomah rather than the smaller 1500mah D700/D300 type battery.

    • Zhang, Heng

      why d600, why not d710?

    • I don’t get why people are so concerned about the Shutter count…. (150,000) is not enough?
      I’ve never heard of anyone having to change there shutter and even if they do I think it’s not expensive at all.
      But maybe i’m all wrong…. if so please enlight me

      • 150k is not a lot for us pros. I got two D700 bodies one is at 110,xxx and then other standing 87,xxx. Do you want a car that is engineered to go 300k miles or you’re happy with 100k miles ’cause that’s how far you *think* you’re going to drive it?

        It’s 2012 we’re not in that fixing / repairing business model anymore also. Almost every consumer electronics are designed to be replaced after its expected shelf life / lifespan. When I was a kid TVs are repaired until they couldn’t be helped anymore; when your HDTV is broken, it is broken and you’re better off buying a new one.

        • Ty

          Also a working pro with two D700’s both with shutter counts in and around 175000. It’s paranoia. I get my cameras serviced regularly, and nothing seems to be wrong with the shutter. Camera manufacturers have to provide a lifespan for wear and tear parts like the shutter. I personally believe the shutter actuation number marketed with a camera is a gimmick.


        • D700

          All cars must change certain parts after a certain amount of miles. No difference there. Bad comparison.

      • NoFunBen

        my d700 is at 353,563 i did have the shutter replaced at about 220,000
        about 100,000 a year or 270 photos a day.

  • Brian

    DUAL SD CARDS????? Why is the trend towards making use of these slower and small/difficult to handle cards?? Please Nikon use Compact Flash!!!

    • EnPassant

      Nikon D4 and D800 use CF-cards, so what is your problem?
      It is easier to make space for SD-cards in smaller camera , especially with dual-slot.

      • NoFunBen

        sd cars are so small i bet they could put 3 or 4 in a camera!

    • Adi

      SD cards are not slow anymore. The top ones are actually faster for both read and write than most controllers are capable to write on them. If you have difficulties handling an SD card because it is small maybe you should think of bigger cameras too…

      • Monkey Nigh Mow


        • ThomasThe.l.

          consumers also don’t want to spend the extra money on cf cards. Ense why they buy the consumer grade cameras.

      • I don’t like SD cards frankly they freak me out. They’re so light and small that it can literally fly away if you blow at it. Having its contacts visible and can be physically touched really ain’t cool either when you’re shooting a paid gig and you want to do everything possible to make sure you can deliver the images. That’s enough reasons for all the pro line DSLRs to stay away from SD Cards.

        • Tonio

          The way SD cards are designed their contacts are recessed but still easy to clean. I really don’t see any significant advantage of CF over SD today, and many disadvantages.

    • JJ

      On the consumer market SD cards are the standard. In which way are they hard to use. Almost all laptops have a build in SD-card reader, that way they are easier to use…

      • Liam

        Exactly right.

        • kg

          While they are small and appear to be fragile, it’s nice not to have to worry about bending the pins in a CF reader (camera body).
          They would be ok for me as long as they are fast enough.

          PS I don’t shoot sports vary often.

  • really?! there won’t be D400?!

    • Richard M

      If Magic Lantern have an ISBN for a D400 guide to be published on 4 September, ten my bet is that there will be.

      Final line up:

      Consumer DX – D3X00, D5X00
      Prosumer DX – D7X00
      Pro DX – D400 (and then D410 at next generation)
      Prosumer FX – D600
      Pro FX (high res 36Mp) – D800
      Pro FX (action/sports) – D4
      Pro FX (high res 54Mp) – D4X

      Scale up the latest DX sensor pixel pitch to FX and you get 54Mp.

      Just a prediction. Dreaming but yes, I do have a lot of Nikon kit which I have used for 35 years. Latest is a D800.

      • Vin

        I think you have it pretty right on. They will have the D5 , D900, D500, generation in 5 years.

      • Vin

        We will hear about them all in 2016 and the Pro’s, & the NPS will all have them for the 2016 summer Olympics.

      • kg

        It still leaves a hole for a D710. $1,500 to $3000 is a big jump.
        Pro body at 24mp?

  • Samas

    All these talks about an entry level D600 FX is fine. But WHERE THE HECK is my D800 I ordered in February? NR Admin or anyone… is there any news from the big boys (Adorama & BH) about new shipments? I am tired of calling them just to hear that they have no information. While big box stores are getting deliveries, how come these so called ‘pros’ don’t know crap about deliveries?

    • Trololol

      LOL got mine about a month ago bro. U Jelly?

      • xthey

        Buahahahaha. +1

    • Denchanter

      Same here. It’s going to be autum before mine comes

  • Gerard B

    D600 ?
    Not so logical to start the FX line with the D700 3 years ago, releasing a D800 (which is certainly not an upgrade of the D700) and then offering a D600.
    Will the Nikon marketing gods get an illumination and realize a lot of D700 owners are praying for the arrival of a D800s (D800 with sensor, AF, sensibility and software of the D4, without video)?

    • Andrew

      Do not include the video argument. Video is added as a free bonus, take it or leave it! Nikon can make more money by including video than if video is left out. How? Marketing a product with more features may increase sales greatly and thus result in much higher profit. In other words, it is as if by removing video, Nikon will make less profit per camera sold because of the loss of higher volume production. Think of the D800, though it is $3,000, it is outselling virtually all other Nikon cameras, including the Nikon D3100 that is currently selling for $550. So adding more features to a camera without increasing the price is not a zero sum gain.

      • Shawn

        “D800 […] is outselling virtually all other Nikon cameras”

        I’ve been looking for sales figures regarding the D800 and other models, please post your source for this information.


        • Rock Wellken

          He would if he could, but he made it up.

        • Thomas

          Looking at the supply/demand ratio of the D800, it is historically high for any SLR in the history of humans. You’d have to be daft to dismiss something that obvious, just because you don’t have “official numbers”. In the real world, people are capable of analytical thought. Hence why so many Canon users are in line for a Nikon camera.

          • Denchanter

            That’s all the evidence I need… Gut feeling!

  • Grind matthews

    Great. Will there be a preorder?

    Nikon’s preorder shame:

  • rico

    dx format : d300 -12 mp d400 –16 mp , d500 -24mp
    fx format : d600 – 16mp , d700 – 12mp, d800 36mp , d900 -24mp

    • Anonymous


    • Vladi

      D400 16mp and d3200 24mp just announced?

    • Srini

      D600 24mp + D700 – 12 MP = D800 36MP 🙂

  • Another voice

    Why not a D500?

    • T.I.M

      @Another voice
      The D500 is out of stock.

  • in4fun

    “Think of the D800, though it is $3,000, it is outselling virtually all other Nikon cameras, including the Nikon D3100 that is currently selling for $550”

    and on which planet is that reality?

    • Shawn

      I’d love to see some information on actual sales figures (or units produced) by model. My hunch is that this is completely false. My guess is that even though there is significant attention being paid to the D800 that it is for a minority of Nikon users. The majority being consumers who could care less about photo rumor sites, blogs, and message boards.

      • norbs

        I agree. No figures equal no real idea and no surprise if we’re completely wrong. most Nikon users don’t post here I’d imagine and Nikon may create a sense of demand and urgency by applying false supply problems. This would skew our view of demand (“must be a good product as so many are selling” or “crap I’d better hurry or everyone fron NR will get one first”)!!!

        I don’t have any evidence of this except to say that Apple created a false supply issue to artificially inflate demand and it worked for them. And don’t give me that “Canon” bullpie, 99.999% of trolls that threaten to switch are lying….

  • fxed

    Geez Luise, take the Sake out of the marketing department. Lets see, a crippled D700 that’s so bad it went down a hundred. What is a full frame entry level camera? Will it take all Nikon lenses? Will it cost more than a buck? The D700 really set the standard and although it has no video, thankfully, I feel fortunate to have one. I feel sorry for those who will step up to that camera if it materializes. The Nikon Coolpix P510 in Redondo Beach Red, that I just got an hour ago looks better than that camera. Excuse me for this rant, I’m going to go watch the blinking light on the battery charger.

  • Natan Lorenzi


    Are you kiddin’ me?

    D800 no signal on the horizon, and Nikon want release a new camera?

    F@!# Nikon!

    • the camera will be released few months from now, if at all

      • Denchanter

        When I expect to take delivery of my D800

    • Sahaja

      I’ll bet this one won’t be made in Japan and so it won’t affect D800 production

      • Poncho-man


        Perhaps it IS being made in Japan, hence the D800/D4 delays??

  • myl3s

    Adorama got in 40 d800’s today, no E’s.

  • NoProHere

    I’m sure Nikon is going to build a camera that rivals the D4 performance in smaller body with even more features. That’s what I would do if I were in charge, NOT!

    I’m not a pro. Shoot, I”m not even a good amateur but I have a D4 and a D800 and love both. I might even be interested this new model if it’s significantly better than my D700. Yes, I have one of those too. Most people that are posting won’t even buy a new camera, even if it’s built to their fantasy specs. But that won’t stop them from blathering on…

    I really enjoy the banter about the naming convention…lol Who cares what the new model is called. Again, you aren’t buying it anyway.

    No, I’m not a troll. I actually own a boatload of Nikon equipment and wouldn’t think of switching to anything else.

    • Mix

      I have 5 Nikon D7, 100 Leica M9, oh yeah and a private jet so I can carry all my camera equipment…:)

      • NoProHere

        Hey Mix, can I borrow your private jet. Mine is down for maintenance. Oh, I don’t need your cameras. Now back to the regularly scheduled topic.

        • Jim

          Ah, small dick syndrome. Never mind, I’m sure your wife gets satisfied by someone…

    • This guy has it right.

  • Anonymous

    D600 -> 16mp FX, entry level pro FX, 4 fps (general-purpose, affordable) $ 2500
    D400 -> 16mp DX, pro & best low-light fast DX as good as D700, 10 fps (wildlife, sports, affordable) $ 1700

  • Anonymous

    D800 -> 36mp FX & 15mp DX – for studio, landscape & PJ, reasonably priced for what it does – $ 3000 (unfortunately on black market up to $ 4500 nowadays)
    D4 -> 16mp high-volume pro FX – for sports, fashion & weddings, expensive but not exorbitant – $6000

  • Haswell

    If the new FX camera is using a 16 or 24 MP sensor, they should be able to up the frame rate to at least 5 fps, plus a higher 6-8fps in DX crop mode. This should distinguish it from the new batch of DX cameras. If an entry level 3200 can offer 24 MP+video+ 4fps, the new FX should be able to offer more. Priced at D700 level, the D600 can sell like hot cakes and Nikon can respectfully retire the incredible veteran that is the D700.

    PS: I think Nikon is trying to separate their DX & FX line in a very clean manner:

    D3X00/D5X00/D7X00/D9X00 (?) will be all DX. Seeing that Nikon is making D3200 as fast as D5100, the rest of the product may get a bump as well. The new D7100 may replace the very popular D300s as a semi Pro DX body. Or it could be the D9000. I heard one of the high end DX bodies may get 10 fps.

    D6X0/D8X0 is mid range FX models: D600, low MP, high fps, super ISO; D800, high MP, low fps, good ISO. D600 for PJ/enthusiast, D800 for studio & landscape.

    D4 is a weather sealed PRO FX body with insane fps for sports shooters.

    Then again, Nikon hates speculators and fan-boy guessing games, so they could be spreading disinformation to obscure their release pattern.

  • Paul

    I just wish they would hurry up I need a new Pro body might just have to buy another d700 at this rate

  • newbie

    It’s a very good time to be a Nikonian
    I’ll wait till the end of the year when all new cameras announced and decided which one to take my D7000 place

  • Zhang, Heng

    why D600, not D710?

  • Vin

    The D700 was never the entry level FX. Pro cameras vs non-pro camera,? People can make money with any camera, Pro cameras do not make you a Pro photographer. Professional photographers that make a lot of money with images do not always use the most expensive camera. If they make a D600, it should be a great camera for Pro, and non pro’s.

  • I thought this was the following camera … 😉

  • Zhang, Heng

    maybe D600 would be a non-pro full-frame camera, plastic body, without shoulder screen, without AF motor on camera body, multi-cam 1000 AF sensor (11 points), 16MP, single SD slot, hmm, cheaper than D7000…

  • Dhyan

    I have been reading lately a lot about the coming together of entry level and professional FX cameras. I even read that in some years from now all cameras would be full frame and DX will be history. Of course these are all speculations. In a way it makes sense, more and more people buy entry level cameras in which they will develop more knowledge about the basics of the camera. Or would there be people that just buy it because they think it is “cool” and shoot in auto mode all the time???
    Some might. There is a bigger density in semi pro photographers, probably all wanting to become pro. ( and many will probably never make it anyway) It is a logical step in my understanding to create a “in between”model, that is an entry level for good price but has the features of a full frame pro camera. But then again…all are rumours for now.:)

    • Richard

      At present the cost of an FX sensor is believed to be 9 or 10 times that of a DX sensor ($450-500 versus about $50). When FX sensors cost $50 and can be produced in sufficient volume to meet demand it may be that the DX sensor becomes less prominent. Neither of those things are likely to happen any time soon so the DX sensor is likely to be around for the foreseeable future.

  • Dhyan

    there is always the planned obsolescence.
    I don’t find 150.000 a lot honestly.150 times 1000? you sometimes shoot easily 500 pictures with one shoot if you have a long day in front of you with different models.
    But maybe it is a gimmick as someone wrote.

  • Patience runnin THIN

    I heard a Rumour Nikon was actually SHIPPING something…. oh wait, just a rumour. Sorry.

    I like to see something on a store shelf before I get any more excited about rumours. Right now… my attitude is… WHO CARES.


  • I for one welcome the addition of a potential D600. Nikon would be a whole lot more competitive in the DSLR field with an entry level D600 competing with the 5D-mk2 staying in the market as a cheaper alternative. I wouldn’t mind to pick up one of those as a backup to my two D800 bodies, or they could really use something that’s less than that 36MP sensor for those who don’t need that kind of resolution but would love to shoot full frame. I think built-in GPS will be the future of most P&S cameras in order to compete with the phone cameras which are basically taking over the market, but I would be happier if they would work on bluetooth connectivity or wifi connectivity to make bridging with a phone possible somewhere in the future.

  • SSri

    Is that a perfect fit between D7000 and D800 for $2000 bill?

  • HotDuckZ

    Hope for EN-EL15 and the best noise performance on horizon…

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