Nikon D800 is “a whole new category of camera”

Nikon published a new behind the scenes Q&A session with some of the engineers/designers who worked on the Nikon D800/D800E cameras. Some quotes:

"Some may think that the D800 is the successor to the D700, but we were looking to bring the world a whole new category of camera."

"We also achieved superb reliability with a magnesium-alloy body sealed to make it dust- and water-resistant. In addition, we used almost the same shutter, aperture, and mirror mechanisms as the D4, able to withstand 200,000 cycles, and reduced the release time lag to about 0.042 seconds for an enjoyable user experience."

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  • Mark

    Canon 5D iii’ has Native ISO 100-25,600 sensitivity. This is Nikon D800’s H2 setting. This did it for me. I’m selling my Nikon gear.

      • Mop

        Hope 5D3’s AF is a lot lot faster than 5D2. Also that 5D3 doesn’t need 20 firmware updates to work properly like the 5D2. Also hope the 5D3 AF works in low light better than 5D2, poor 5D2 users needing torches to AF when even 40D users don’t.

    • nowell wisch

      So what gear are you selling? I just dumped all my Canon 5D gear to get the D800E and could use some glass.

    • You sell your Nikon Equipment only because of Numbers :))))

      • CanonDrone

        +1 @ Karl

        By the way Mark, I work for Canon.

        We have a lot of customer that have come from Nikon and were not so happy with what they got, and regretted it… the glass is not greener, only much the same. We also get people that threaten to switch to Nikon and some probably do.

        I don’t care for the big corporations that only care about the coin in their pocket. I care about the art of taking a photo. I have taken some of my best photos on cheap cameras. It is not the camera; it is composition, with your understanding of light and photography that take a great photograph and make for a great photographer. Go out there and take great photos, use whatever tool you think will benefit your work

        Does the builder marvel at his hammer once he has finished building his house?

      • Dan

        Images are out…you can’t even see grain till 25000iso! This thing is like having a D3s with 22MP for half price. That is what most of us were hoping for in a D700 replacement. Oh well.

    • PoD

      Just sit to wait and see
      Which one is the king
      Do not be impatient.

    • Rhyan

      Changing Nikon to Canon due to …hm.. no reason….

      I bet you’re attracted by the top feature 5d mk3 offers – the RATE button… now that’s what I call ‘ergonomics improvement’.


    • burgerman

      Of course you can always turn the hi res D800 down to Canon level to get the same or likely even better noise… And speed/small files etc. The difference is that you can also shoot at 36mp if you want.

      As I keep saying but nobody seems to get, noise is a function of sensor area (not pxel count) and output size…

    • Zoron

      I have a sauce that MX Nikon M1 is coming in 2013.

    • OlfertsDiller

      but you don’t have any Nikon gear…..

  • Hard to tell exactly what’s going to happen, accept for the new bodies to continue to get more and more expensive.

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