BestBuy may have Nikon D800 in stock

BestBuy now lists the Nikon D800 as available for order, but not available for shipping (it was listed as "sold out online" yesterday). You can check the "Shipping & Availability" link for the stores in your area where you can pick up the camera after purchasing it online. All stores in my area did not have any in stock, but you may get lucky. I believe the second shipment of D800 cameras is now hitting US stores - several non-NPS readers have already reported receiving their camera in the past few days. BestBuy doesn't keep a pre-order list, so there is a good chance that you may find one.

The Nikon D4 is still listed as "sold out online" but some readers were able to purchase it from BestBuy's website few days ago.

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  • Rich

    I posted on here the day this all started, and found one at a BB in Portland Or, even though i’m in Michigan! a couple days later, i got an email stating that it was not ready to ship and to wait a week or two. i was pretty disappointed. i’ve been very busy this week, and just haven’t had the time to stop into a local BB to try to talk to someone. But that’s ok now. i received an email last night that the D800 has shipped!!!

  • Bill H

    I actually found a D800E in stock at a camera store in Green Bay WI. Another store in Appleton WI had 1 person on their D800E waiting list. Nikon seems to be helping the small camera shops, and many desperately need your business. has a search by state and county – a number of shops I called were already out of business. Do yourself and small businesses a favor and shop locally.

  • CE

    My D800 arrived on Monday the 1st of May but only just opened it last night as I was out of town when delivered……First impressions; absolutely fantastic……amount of detail…to die for!!!! Only noticiable downside is the fps….but I can definitely live with that…..

  • Tomas

    Received my D800 from Amazon yesterday (8 May 2012) pre ordered on 7 Feb.

    • Jeff

      Thanks for the post Thomas. Looks like I have a while to wait. Ordered March 12, (will recieve June?, ugh).

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