Nikon D800 locks up?

Can you spot the problem?

I have noticed that the Nikon D800 locks up and the only way to reset it is to take the battery out. This happened to me several times while shooting with different lenses. Has anyone experienced this issue? I have not seen this problem being mentioned anywhere online.

On the above picture you see that the camera is turned off, while the LCD screen is still on.

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  • Baraldi

    User manual Says:

    If the Camera Stops Responding
    In extremely rare instances, the displays may not respond as expected
    and the camera may stop functioning. In most cases, this phenomenon
    is caused by a strong external static charge. Turn the camera off, remove
    and replace the battery, taking care to avoid burns, and turn the camera
    on again, or, if you are using an AC adapter (available separately),
    disconnect and reconnect the adapter and turn the camera on again. If
    the problem persists, contact your retailer or Nikon-authorized service

  • This is happening on my D800 too. It happened about three times in a row which is contrary to what the manual is saying. Feels like a firmware issue to me.

  • GfK

    D4 LOCKS UP too !!

    Yesterday I had a wedding.
    I shooted with my brand new D4 and D800
    D4 locked up 3 times and D800 locked up 4 times in an 7-hour shooting.
    I didn’t push the cameras to the limit, nor I did something strange.
    The card’s lamp remained on as well
    Only way to continue my work was pull out the battery
    but VERY AFRAID of losing images since it was still accessing the card.

  • We’ve shot three weddings so far.
    D800 locked up one time at the first one.
    Then it locked up numerous times at the second wedding and again a lot at the third one.
    I missed a few important photos during walking the aisle and walking in at reception at the second wedding and didn’t use D800 as a main camera at the third one. Back to our D700s:-(((

  • Martin Neville

    I really hope this stuff is sorted prior to my getting mine, makes me glad i am buying from a local shop.

  • markus welby

    Sounds like this is a Gateway product what with the system crashing all the time.
    I was wanting a 800E in a bad way but now I’m looking elsewhere.

    • markus welby

      I wonder if nuclear radiation works like
      “”a strong external static charge”” ?

      Can you say…Electro-Magnetic-Interference ?

      Where did I put that geiger counter?

      Wonder if any sub components came from a “warm” supplier?

      I’m glad I didn’t pull the trigger on one of these at the first announcement. I thought that there COULD be QC issues due to the unfortunate circumstances that befell the area where these are made.

  • GfK

    Hope it’s not hardware related.
    My D4 AND my D800 shows severe lock-ups
    I have to return them both…

  • I spoke to someone at Nikon NPS UK this morning and they’ve had several reports of this. It’s been passed onto Nikon Japan. So it’s being investigated I expect.
    I can’t replicate/reproduce it at will so declined sending it in.

  • Wes

    I had a D7000 that locked up, and a D600 That wouldn’t release the
    shutter. Just got it back – they said they could not replicate the
    malfunction at Nikon, so they sent it back. I am not filled with the
    greatest confidence, but will keep running it through the paces to see
    what’s what.

  • dvern

    My D800 locks up many times with a card error. It does not matter what card or cards I use. It also bumps up the exposure compensation each time rendering the images useless. Turning the camera off, waiting a few seconds and back on only helps for a few shots.

  • Ray

    D800/firmware A1.0 B1.01 – not direct lock up but turned the camera off but top LCD panel still active – pushed the “on” button pasted “on” to illumination button and then was able to turn off

    • Sky Shazad

      I still have the same problem as you, my D800 camera locks up and in Top LCD display I get Err but this seems to always happen in Live view when I’m trying to record Video, have you resolved this problem???

  • Crozard

    I have the same problem with my new D7100. Thank you for the solution “take the battery out”.

  • This happened to my new D800 bought in february 2014.

  • Edward

    I’m had the same problem recently. The LCD was showing anything and I had to take the battery out to turn the D800 off. What could be the problem?

  • ArtTech55

    Nikon D800

    Hi guys, I am having a fight with Nikon since a couple of month now since my mirror got stucked upwards in a middle of a shooting. After that Nikon send me a mail and told me to send them the camera I have been in a fight with them. I did send them my D800 and one week later they told me that I have been dropping my camera so hard that the house is dammage and beyond repair.
    Since then I have been in a fight with Nikon. I have never dropt the camera. I have been using Nikon and diferent Nikon models for 10 years without having a scratch on them and never had problems with other models. Now when Nikon totally changed the construction on the mirror this is happening to me…
    The camera is from 2012 and 30.000 shutter count. The camera is nearly brand new…. So if any of you out there having or had this issue and had a fight with Nikon… let me know. For the moment I have send a complain to Nikon Euope and will go futher up if needed. Oh,, I am living in Sweden if someone wonder why I send my complain to Nikon Europe.
    (The camera or any of my lenses have no damage mark what so ever. Not even a slightly scratches. All equippment is in top conditions.)
    Pro photographers/asossiates I am working with daily can confirm my care with my camera equipment.

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