Nikon D4 and D800 cameras were designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro

I reported this rumor over a year ago - similar to previous Nikon professional cameras, the latest full frame DSLR models were also designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. You can see the D4 and D800 pages on

Here is an old interview with Giorgetto Giugiaro on the Nikon D3 design:

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  • Next time he should make a provision for a built in commander for the D4.

    • =)

      • Hah. It’s been a long day, and this brought a smile to my face. Thank you : D

    • (To all the angry NR readers- yes, I know he’s not in charge of product development.)

      • doug

        Dude, you replied to your own post, twice, omg and i thought i had problem.

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          Dude, like, it turned out that i totally do have a problem after all.

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              You tell ‘im me!

            • LOL !!

    • john

      this fools got nothing on marc newson!

      • he gets slapped over his hands for swapping zoom in and out buttons and removing the thumb-bulge which helps with one hand holding

        • WOW–I hadn’t noticed that until just now. How bleedin stupid! Wtf?!

          No matter whether one is coming from the pro or a lower tier camera, the plus zoom has always been below the minus zoom. This is a huge stupid blunder.

          Whoever did this deserves to be kicked in the crotch until they bleed.

          Same with the person who changed the battery–Canon is using the same battery form with the same voltage in the 1Dx. Nobody else has changed battery formats or claimed there are new rules in Japan. The crap about the reason being regulations strikes me as utter BS.

          • Jan

            Really. When they changed the 5D2 battery they met the new rules. Why don’t you go back to your Canon camera.

  • Tell him to take more risks. Changes are incremental lately. I live the old f3 and f4 designs and how they’re so different.

    • I didn’t say change is always better, I said take risks; incremental changes are boring. Can’t see how that makes me a retard. Unless you think Nikon was retarded going from F3 design to F4..

      • Marcus

        Good design is design that stands the test of time. Design that asymptotically approaches perfection.
        If you think a camera is a fashion accessory, why dont you have a look at the pink coolpix line.

    • George

      Maybe you should look into the definition of retard, and perhaps google “caps lock”.

      • darren

        It’s a meme. Nevermind.

  • I’m shocked he designed these cameras. The D3 had such a beautiful flow in design that clearly came from his designs on the F5. The D4 and D800 seem like a blip in the evolution of Nikon.

  • bimmerdude

    I’m not surprised. Giugiaro was designing Nikons since the F3. I think the most beautiful Nikon by Giugiaro is the F4.

    Strangely though, the D4 looks very very Colani. And who is Colani? Well, he designs cameras for….. Canon!

    Colani changed it all with the Canon T90 in 1986. Back then all SLRs looked like bricks. Today, somehow or rather, all modern DSLRs look like the T90. Well, with some exceptions like the Olympus OM-D.

    • Matt

      The OM-D is not a DSLR 😛

      • bimmerdude

        Yup, your’re absolutely right. My bad.

    • Jabs


      I disagree – ALL subsequent Canon brand cameras may look like the T90 but not all SLR’ or DSLR’s.

      Look here:

      I was there when the T90 was introduced and I thought it was a ‘plasticky’ cheesy looking camera that unfortunately has influenced Canon since then.

      Nikon’s have gone in different directions and made form follow function but I still find all Canon’s except the old film F1n as hard to hold, uncomfortable to use for long periods, as Nikon always had softer cushioned areas that made the cameras and heavy lenses easier to hold for extended periods – just my take.

      The most influential Canon camera was the Canon AE-1 Program or maybe even the A1 but not the T90, even design wise. Ever held one yourself?

      Kodak might have aped Canon but not Nikon.

      • bimmerdude

        Well, the T90 was not as influential as the A1 because it was caught in the dawn of AF. When Minolta rocked the photography world with the 7000, all the attention was on AF. Later the EOS 620 and 650 stole back some thunder for Canon. Me, I went for the F4 and F8008. Later the F90x

        • Jabs

          I was also there when Minolta introduced their original Maxxum – crappy body but the Press or Photographic Magazines loved it.

          I was using an F3AF (which predated it) at the time and I thought that it was a much better camera but slower in AF speed with the 200 F3.5 ED-IF AF, but beat it with the 80mm F2.8 AF lens. I also used both these lenses on my own F4s plus the various MB’s or add-ons and the F4 was slower than the F3 by far. I think 5.7 fps versus 8 fps. Later on I think Nikon introduced a faster MB, but not sure – maybe F4E or something like that.

          People then thought that the Maxxum and the T90 were plastic gimmicky consumer or newbie cameras and it was the Maxxum 9000 that set the photographic community on fire. However, there were never enough of a variety of lenses for the Maxxum bodies.

          When Canon went to the EOS mount, they lost lots of Pros as they did not have the amount of EOS mount lenses like they had FD mount lenses plus the bodies were plasticky and really without areas to grab compared to their previous bodies just like they continue today. To me, the most comfortable Canon of all time was the F1n film camera with a motor drive, as my brother had one and I used it and then compared it to my F3’s. He also had an AE-1 Program (the second one) and an A1 and he preferred the A1 to the quirky AE-1.

          I often shot an F3T or F3HP and MD-4/MN2 with a 50-300 F4.5 ED Zoom (big, heavy but sweet lens) with a Gitzo monopod and that is when you can judge how easy it is to shoot or use a camera all day. That lens had a 95mm front filter and I used B+W brand linear polarizers (which the F3 needed versus the F4 used circular polarizers) which I had to rotate by hand too while shooting. I also hand held it too while even taking verticals.

          Here is the really influential design of that time (the F4) – as I was there buying and using cameras in my Business plus read what magazines like Popular Photography, Modern Photography and others said in their tests of those cameras. The T90 was looked upon as how to get consumers to buy more cameras by ‘certain looks’ thereby increasing their sales, but it was an awful camera to hold or look at. To me, the new 1Dx might be the best looking Canon body in decades, as whenever I shoot any of the recent Canon bodies, I cringe at how slippery the body surfaces are and how my hands reach all over to find the controls and yes I am talking about their Pro bodies = awful in ergonomics. It’s like you need to spray your hands with a rubbery compound or dust on some of that stuff that gymnasts/rock climbers use before tackling a Canon Pro body – what are they thinking, I don’t know??? – LOL

    • EnPassant

      Colani only designed T-90, which I personally think is the only Canon camera having an attractive design.
      For the EOS-cameras Canon used designers in Japan, or even in house. They may have tried to follow the concept of Colani but never seem to have understood the delicate balance of curved and straight lines in the shapes of the T-90. Since then the Canon models trying to look like being made in the spirit of Colani have been ugly caricatures that in the worst cases more resembles the shapes of amoebae.

      • PeterO

        Yes, amoebae with some darth vader helmet head thrown in for good measure.

  • Simon

    It is a pity neither the D4 (10fps) or D800 (4fps) are as fast as a ferrari when compare to Canon competition.

    • Jabs

      Actually the D4 is faster in response than anything from Canon – fps is not the only criteria in which you judge a camera.

      Start up times and shot to shot performance is where Nikon beats them all. Digital Expeed 3 sees to that. By the time the Canon focuses, the Nikon has gotten several different shots and there is NO contest in low light down to -2EV or to autofocusing with up to F8 lenses, as neither Canon or Sony can do this. Marketing something as a fast camera and then being able to shoot really fast while autofocusing is NOT the same.

      I hear that the D4 can shoot at 24fps in CX mode and shoot 1920×1080 HD Videos plus stills too at the same time. Try that with any other DSLR or mirrorless except maybe the Nikon 1 – lol.

      Faster than anything on the market too.

      Speed is not just pressing the shutter button, but speed is what you can acquire of different subjects under varying real light conditions plus how many shots you can take before the buffer fills up and then empties (or keeps you waiting).

      How many images can either a Sony or a Canon capture in sequence at their advertised fps = the real differences between a Pro camera and a wannabe basically. If I can shoot really fast for 2 to 4 seconds then you have gained the bragging rights but still a useless camera for real situations = you gained only the bragging rights as you have no continuous throughput. You lost the shot then!

      That’s the reason for Expeed 3 and the QXD card in the D4 – faster than anything on the market and ready for the upcoming Olympics like no other camera on the market including the D800.

      • I realise that you are commenting about the D4 and this is a review of the D800 vs 5dmk3 but the review seems to indicate that the Canon AF system is now just as good as the Nikon system, when it comes to speed in normal shooting conditions:

        • Jabs

          The D4 is miles ahead of the D800 in speed but I get your point. The D800 is considered a slow camera and if the 5D MK3 matches it, then that’s like a turtle bragging that it matched another turtle – LOL.

          Let’s make turtle soup then.

          Me, I prefer fast cameras and though I plan on buying a D800E for its resolution, I need a D4 also for the speed, as my reaction times are too quick for a slow camera. Yup spoiled by F3’s!

        • Jan

          “in normal shooting conditions” everything down to the 1000D and D3000 is fine.

      • bimmerdude

        Ok, i’m not gonna compare Nikon Expeed against Canon Digic because I can’t but don’t forget the Canon 1Dx has multiple Digic processors with one specially dedicated to AF operations! Nikon’s D4 only has 1 Expeed to multitask. I think the Canon should be the speedier machine.

        • Jabs

          Actually Expeed 3 is multi-processor and has more digital channels of output than anything from Canon, so it has more bandwidth plus available channels too. That is why the newer Nikon’s since the Nikon1 System are so much faster than anything on the market. Nikon also has a larger metering system and does multiple face tracking while autofocusing, something they cannot do.

          This is one reason why the D4 can shoot so many RAW files and even jpeg’s at its top speed all day and neither Sony or Canon can match them, as they use an analog pipeline in their new cameras. That is why Nikon needed the new QXD cards that are basically SSD (solid state drives) with a PCI-E interface. This is also why the D4 has a Web Server built-in the body and you can control up to 10 D4’s from one D4 ‘master’ -from the available bandwidth and channels of its digital pipeline. Can you log into any of those cameras or use an iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone, desktop or laptop computer plus anything with a Web Browser to control or view the output plus remotely shoot videos or stills like you can in the D4? The D4 makes all other cameras on the market today look like last century tech = fact.

          The D4 has clean (no control overlays) HDMI output in Broadcast resolutions which neither have – all due to Expeed 3 and other components.

          Neither Canon’s or Sony’s new bodies can shoot as fast as the D4 does in CX mode (2.7 crop) wherein it shoots videos and stills at the same time @ 24fps.

          D4 and D800 = way beyond anything on the market in REAL performance = fact!

          Canon’s metering system slows down at lower EV’s and cannot shoot at -EV2 like the new Nikon’s can. Nikon can autofocus with TC’s and F4 maximum aperture lenses which neither Sony or Canon can.

          Try shooting with a 300mm F4.0, 500mm F4.0 or 600 F4.0 with a 2X converter that would now make them all F8 maximum aperture lenses and see if either Sony or Canon now autofocuses.

          That is a real problem!

          Speed is one thing, but being able to focus in low light and acquire an image quickly = Pro camera. Try focusing fast and then distinguishing between people EVEN when they leave the frame and then you point back at them plus now the camera remembers and see if anything but a Nikon can do that??? The camera recognizes what was previously in the frame = Nikon’s brilliance and no one else has that.

          Game over!

          • rs

            So why do so many pros buy Canons? Why when you watch an event why do you see so many beige lenses? Why do so many of my friends have Canons and think they are so superior? Is it just because they are not informed? I shot Minolta when I shot film.
            When I switched to digital in 2004 I did lots of research and that is why I went with Nikon. But I can’t understand all these Canon shooters, who think their camera is the only game in town and I have a substandard piece of crap. Where does this mindset come from? Does anyone have an answer?
            I think Canon is ok, I just think for me Nikon is a bit better overall. And I liked their UI better.

            • Jabs


              First of all I do NOT hate Canon or Sony, as I actually have an old Canon film body too – slippery exterior and with a broken drive – lol.

              Thinking back – when digital exploded, then Canon brought out the first POPULAR full frame (Kodak was first, as far as I remember) DSLR plus had higher megapixels and then ran over Nikon basically, as Nikon had only DX bodies.

              Nikon countered finally with the FX D3 Series and then the D700, so many Companies invested over the years in the Canon system and have not looked back. Me personally, I can easily see a tremendous difference between Canon and Nikon lenses, as a long time user of Pro Nikon lenses (had about 20+) – the contrast and colors were always superior to me in Nikon’s, especially in their ED glass long lenses. Canon has caught up and makes some better glass (a few) with some better features but Canon’s reproduction to me, looks like Leica’s (which I don’t care for from my owning one Leica and my brother’s use of their rangefinders). When you compare a classic 105 F2.5 or a 55 F2.8 Micro-Nikkor to any lens, you will see why Nikon is so great. Don’t even talk about the 200 F2, the 300 F2.0, the 300 F2.8, 400 F2.8 or the 500mm and 600mm F4.0 giants.

              I love lenses like the 58 F1.2 NOCT, that to me is the best 50mm lens ever made and even with a current Pro Nikon digital body, it still is awesome. Look at the reproduction from a current 24mm F1.4 ( and see one of the best if not the best wide-angle lenses ever made. That’s the stuff of legends.

              Basically SI and many of the people shooting Tennis, Super Bowl and such magazines bought Canon’s years ago and it is too expensive to change brands. Some are changing or using both Canon’s and Nikon, but I buy my own gear, so don’t care what they use. At the regular Olympics, I see lots of Nikon’s but in the last Winter Olympics, I saw many Canon’s and the red channel mess dominated the images from there.

              Some love Canon, some love Nikon – I love ultimate performance and not the politics of the issue. I look at the image and THEN decide the merits of a system as I use cameras plus Video gear bought by me and rarely rented stuff, except Movie, Video and Sound Reproduction gear in NYC when needed.

            • Jan

              Typical fool. Beige lenses? Ever seen the Nikon beige teles? Ever seen the Sony beige teles? Ever seen the Pentax beige teles? Ever see the Tamron, Sigma, etc?

              Clearly a fanboy who knows nothing of the camera world.

            • rs

              Jan you are so far off. What a laugh I got. You see a pro at pro sporting events, pros taking photos of the president or what have you. You see a lot of Nikons and Canons. Who uses Sony and Sigma etc. in this group? 1-2% ? I might be a fan boy; after all I make money with my Nikons. Been a photographer for 45 years. Learned on an 8×10. That is why I asked my question, back when we all shot film I rarely heard this type of BS that I now hear in the digital age. Personally I don’t give a rat’s *ss what you shoot, you either have an eye or you don’t.

          • bob2

            @Jabs–thank you, in all honesty, for that very thorough yet clear explanations!

            BTW, I not impressed with Sony’s AF system in the A850/900–slow, clunky and failed to acquire focus when I tried it at a camera store. Reminded me of 1st generation AF systems, especially compared to Nikon’s D700.

            • Jabs

              From when I started looking at film SLR’s and then doing exhaustive research before I bought my first one, there has been a clear Leica, Canon and Nikon divide. Being of an Engineering and Art background, it allowed me to look at things from a technical as well as ‘design for use’ plus flexibility standpoint.

              My first real camera was an F3HP when there we two F3’s – F3 with the DE2 head and the F3HP with the DE3 head. I bought an MD-4 shortly after plus the Ni-Cads and chargers plus never looked back. I then bought every F3 head, except the one on the F3P, as it was not available separately and all the F3 focusing screens except maybe two or three. I bought two more F3’s after that (F3T and F3AF) plus I mixed and matched heads, focusing screens and accessories to make the body that I wanted or needed for each shot or job. I shot mainly Industrial equipment with stainless steel and white finishes, ideal for the then TTL flash of the F3 with polarizers, as I basically hated lightmeters (never bought one but used my brothers Gossen Luna Pro a few times) which agreed with the F3’s meter mostly, so why bother. By the time you meter, the subject is gone anyway = what I believe.

              Never tried a Sony Pro body, so can’t comment on that – lol. People like what they like and Nikon’s lenses focused in one direction and Leica’s did in the opposite direction like Canon does, so that caused a great divide from the 1950’s or maybe before (not sure what direction the rangefinder Nikon’s focused) – lol. Too late to fix that, as I choose Nikon Pro bodies as my first SLR and everything else now is weird to me = my take!

      • bimmerdude

        Yes Exspeed 3 but don’t forget the Canon 1Dx has multiple Digic 5 and one dedicated to handle AF operations alone. I think the 1Dx might be the faster machine.

        • bob2

          “I think the 1Dx might be a faster machine.”

          Just wanted to understand how you came at this this conjecture/conclusion? Or are you just flame-baiting Nikon fanboys?

      • Peter Gerber

        You are such an ignorant person. It is unbelievable!!!! Canon is even faster than NIKON you ignorant!!!!!! How dare you to tell us such bullshit as you did in your post? How blended has one to be????

        • Jabs

          14 fps versus 24 fps – at both of their fastest fps under special conditions.

          Now who is ignorant?

        • derWalter

          good trollin

          made my day

          thx i can go offline now and rest 😛

    • lets hope they are more reliable than a ferrari and dont break down when it rains!

      • silmasan

        don’t know about your nikon but my ferrari doesnt break down when it rains

        • Sports


        • neversink

          Yes, but your Ferrari has to be tuned up every 500 miles, if not more. A lug nut for the wheel on a Ferrari costs more than $100. My Nikon D700 still shoots beautifully with more than 300K clicks… that’s better than any other camera I have had, or car. My neighbor has a Ferrari, but I drive 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I bought new and my wife drives her cream puff 1995 BMW convertible, which I keep in perfect condition. Both have more than 120K miles. Of course, I have to maintain them more than I have to maintain my D700. Don’t know how many clicks I’ll get out of the D800 or D4….

          • silmasan

            dont know about your ‘hood but we usually don’t nikon our ferrari and vice versa

      • BornOptimist

        Isn’t it better to compare reliability against Lamborghini, since Italdesign is owned by them?

      • Al

        The 5D III already breaks down when it is sunny …

        • Jabs

          LOL – too funny.

          Maybe they need some sort of high temperature shield like have on the D4.

          Or lemonade time – maybe sunblock – LOL.

          Time to go.

          • fedupwithjabsranting

            Please do go and don’t come back.

  • stepper

    Hmmm…. not the best of his work I would say.
    Don’t get me wrong, the D4 and D800 aren’t necessarily “ugly” in my eyes, I just don’t think Giugiaro nailed it like he did with his previous F designs (especially the F4s).

    For some reason all of these “celebrity” camera designers seem to be missing it lately.

    • Jabs


      I bought an F4s and had at the time three F3’s (F3HP, F3T Champagne and F3AF) and thought that the F3 looked better and so did most of the people did then.

      Many said that the F4 was too wide and too slow, but the F5 was better proportioned. In my hands,, the F4s was great but the F3 was better. The softer textures on the F4s was indeed more comfortable, but the F3 with the MK-1 bottom mounted plate was more comfortable with long lenses or for vertical shooting = my take from owning these camera plus shooting a lot with them.

      • stepper

        Good point.
        I guess many of these designs take a bit of a while to get used to. I’m sure the F4s was quite an odd looking thing when it first came out compared to the F3. But now-a-days its a popular favorite in the sexiness category. Afterall, I thought the D700 looked ugly when it first came out. The slouching shoulders combined with the huge pentaprism just made it look silly. But now I think it looks perfect!

        Reminds me of when BAND AID came out with “Feed the World” and Sting showed up in that rediculous haircut. Anybody remember how hideous he looked? …

        Well, click on the link below and you will see that his haircut really wasn’t as bad as you remember it, and everybody else’s hair is just out of this world wacky!

        • Jabs


          The F4 was like a combination FA and F3 (had both), so some loved it while others hated it. In my town then, there were some rich people who would buy any newly introduced Nikon body sight unseen, use it for a few weeks and then sell it back to the Dealer. I would go to this Dealer and buy this brand new stuff at discount and not look back. Got a complete F3AF set with the TC-16AF, both the body (F3AF), the 80mm F2.8 and the 200 F3.5 AF with boxes and cases with the USA Warranty Card for $1600 US dollars shortly after it was introduced. Bodies were warranted for one year and lenses were 5 years then.

          People would pre-order stuff and use it for a little while (same today) and then return it if they hated it, but the Dealer could not sell it as new. Bought a 300mm F4.0 AF and a 50-300mm F4.5 plus an F3T and an F4 like that too all boxed and basically unused, as the expensive stuff would sit at the Dealer ( I guess waiting for me -lol) while the cheaper stuff would sell quickly.

          People hate changes and Nikon made a big one in the F4 and I got laughed at by the Pros and Newspaper guys who saw me with my F4 and F3AF shooting Parades or Downtown cycling events. They liked the F3T Champagne as many had not seen one, but they thought that I was weird – LOL. When my chromes (Fujichrome 50D or 64T) came back from Fuji Labs in Anaheim, California, then they all shut up and again asked me what I used. Then I had the last laugh.

          Same today with the D4 and the D800 plus before that with the D3 and D700. What’s new???

  • Andrew

    On a scale of 1 to 100, the design of the D800 gets a 100!

  • Jabs

    Legendary Italian designer and to me superior to Porsche Design House.

    Love his designs plus D4 and D800 are evolved designs where form and function meld into camera systems with well thought out control placement even beating the legendary D3 Series.

    On top of his game even at his age. Timeless designs for sure plus not pretentious but technically pure designs.

  • Adam

    I find the D800 and D4 design to look rather good actually, especially the grip, though I wonder what happened to Nikon Red Triangle below the grip, now it looks more like a line.

    • I, also, like the angle that the triangle had.

  • neversink

    Design over function…

    Don’t get me wrong… I love good design, but why no simple memory settings. I thought Nikon had learned its lesson and the U1 and U2 settings were just the beginning. Then they got rid of these for the D4 and d800. They also buried some of their important functions in the menu. ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!

    And I have news for Giorgioro…. Nikon isn’t a “sculpture,” It’s a camera made in a factory. If I want sculpture, I’ll go to the Storm King Art Center, the Uffizi, MOMA or take a sculpting class.

    Nikon, I want a camera that functions brilliantly — I don’t need a gimmick. I don’t need someone telling me that what I have purchased is a piece of sculpture. It doesn’t look like a piece of sculpture – it looks like a tool called a camera which is supposed to take photographs, sometimes these photographs become works of art.

    • Neversink

      oops – i meant giugiaro – However you spell your name Mr. GG, you are a designer, not a sculptor. And there is nothing wrong with that. Just hate it when people elevate design to art….

      • Hendog

        No, you’re right, they are not high art, they are design. But good design is just as worthy. There is no reason that these designs cannot also be beautiful/seducing/inspiring, which I think some of them are.

        There is no reason we cannot have something which is entirely practical to also give us aesthetic pleasure. Quality aesthetics are driven firstly by function, every industrial designer knows this. It is a harmony/synergy of design and function, not one over the other.

        The best industrial design does not hinder, rather, it can increase functionality/usability. Put in the hands solely of an electronics engineer, it would be uncomfortable, ugly and no one would want to be seen with one.

  • Andrew

    The D800 design melds both the modern and classic in a way in which form blends effortlessly into function. I love the slanting angle on which the D800 logo rests. This is a timeless design for the modern era.

    • neversink

      andrew — “You may think this is “a timeless design for the modern era.” But to me, that sounds just like jargon . Did you learn to speak like that in design school??? I don’t care about the melding of “modern and classic!!!!!” I care about being able to use the camera to its fullest. There are lots of great camera designs out there, the Nikon just one of them. The problem is I take pics for a living. i don’t need a status symbol to take a photograph with, nor do I want one. I cover the damn logo anyway when I shoot. A nice piece of Gaffers tape works great. What I need is for the camera to function correctly and not to be dependent on imbedded menus for important functions.

      I feel Nikon has lets down a bit…. The quality of the image of the d800 is incredible, but sometimes the process to use some of the functions has become more cumbersome….

      • Andrew

        You seem to be spilling a lot of ink arguing your point but you make no sense. The functionality of the D800 is awesome! The image quality (IQ) of the pictures from the D800 is awesome! The low light performance (i.e. high ISO) of the D800 is incredible. The picture details obtained from the D800’s 36 MP sensor is stunning! The D800 is a beautiful design and its performance is unmatched. Nikon is the #1 camera brand, and the D800’s design and functionality shows why.

        • neversink

          I agree with you. the picture detail is beautiful. But so was the picture detail I captured with film when I used the Nikon Ftn, the F2 is its various configurations and the F3… Those were my favorite Nikon cameras… I did not like the F4 or the F5, but the F6 is a stunning film camera.

          I don’t even mind that the D800 shoots at 4fps. That is fast enough for me, even when I am shooting sports or wildlife. I’m not trigger happy. I always try to wait for the right moment. the AF is fast and right on – much faster than my colleagues’ Canons. In fact, when i was shooting film, motor drives were a godsend, and 4fps then was considered incredibly fast….

          However, the problem with the Nikon D800 has to do with the fact that I have to go into menus to switch AF modes. Why isn’t there a function right on the camera body for something this important. I don’t want to waste time going into imbedded menus for this. This is my biggest gripe. I could accept this begrudgingly, if Nikon had kept the U1 and U2 memory banks they added to the D7000 — something “inferior” Canon has had on all their pro DSLRs. I could use four or five of these memory banks where I can permanently, not temporarily, store different camera functions for different purposes and shooting conditions. But two banks are better than none. On the D800, Nikon gives us no real true memory banks.

          I like the D800 – Fantastic images no doubt, but please Nikon, think more about the photographer’s needs in this age of digital.

          Is Nikon the best.? Who knows? Who cares? It’s my main camera system, though I still use my Hassy, Mamiya, Nikon, Leica and view cameras with film…. I don’t think there is a best, and I don’t worship camera brands. However, I do admit to loving my Nikon equipment. But I also love my Leica lenses. I still have some incredible Zeiss lenses from the 1950s on my old Exacta vx11a (retired in the display case and my first serious camera when I was a pre-teen)… all the cameras I have used in my arsenal are beautiful.

          But I am not blind to the faults of the D800. I hope I have made a little more sense why i am disappointed a bit in the D800. And Nikon is great, but I couldn’t care less if it was number one or not. I use Nikon because it is the best DSLR out there despite its faults — and I love the Nikon glass. But I don’t like hype, and I couldn’t care less who designed the camera. I care about the functionality of it. So Nikon, give me more functionality at my fingertips and real memory banks. That’s all I am asking for.

          • EnPassant

            Wow! What a rant! You seem like a seriously disappointed Nikon user. What prevented you from changing to the brand with the many white lenses? At least the design of their cameras would not bother you! And for a long time, until D3 came, many pro’s prefered the closest rival to Nikon because they had better cameras.

            Still I find it odd you complain about design. You do know that the designer of the body shell, which this post is about, have no or very little influence on what functions, dials, buttons and displays the constructors decided the camera will have, don’t you?

            And what photographs do you take if you can’t appreciate nice shapes in objects?

            • neversink

              Did you not read my comments? I did not at all state I was a disgruntled Nikon user. In fact I stated that I loved Nikon, but was only slightly disappointed with the D800, and was trying to intelligently explain why. I stated that it took incredible pics, but I don’t believe Nikon is above being criticized. I have been using Nikon cameras since the 1960s. I will read 48-50 in the manual (if I was wrong I apologize.) I have already read the manual, but I may have missed this. I will wait until later and go through the manual again with camera in hand.

              I also think the Nikon is a beautifully designed camera, but that I noted, design is not why I buy a camera.

              What kind of photos do I take, you ask??? My work varies quite a bit. I was lucky to start out in annual reports (mostly industrial photography,) went into photojournalism (loved the work and hated the pay, and went back to corporate, taught photography over the years at different institutions. My personal work could be described as abstract, nudes, nature and street photography….

              In the 90s I was given the chance to stay at an art foundation in Europe and did so for three months.

              I have to admit, as I have on this website before, that I still prefer film, thought the image quality of the D800 is amazing. I do wish here were permanent memory banks. if I made a mistake about the AF controls I apologize. I just got the camera, and will reread the manual, which is now filled with lots of yellow sticky notes.

              I have to admit that my preference for film is based not so much on the quality of image issues any more, but on the organic nature of film. I also felt my clients were less rushed and were much nicer before the digital world.

              Because I don’t worship Nikon doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the design. Just because I don’t worship the iGod (Steve Jobs) doesn’t mean that I don’t like his computers. Like the Nikon, the Apple computer is gorgeous. But both put products out that aren’t above critical and intelligent discussions.

          • Robert

            Hi there is AF changing button on the D800 it is on the top of the tiny af/mf switch left front side !

          • Brian

            @ neversink “However, the problem with the Nikon D800 has to do with the fact that I have to go into menus to switch AF modes.Why isn’t there a function right on the camera body for something this important. I don’t want to waste time going into imbedded menus for this”

            Read pages 48 to 50 in the manual

            • Robert

              Swich between which AF modes? If you press the tiny button and turn the wheel you can cange immediatly betw AF-C and AF-S in Live View you can change even more option by pressing the tiny button.
              As well I think the button is positioned quite well and logically.

            • neversink

              I’m boiling water for my coffee….. As soon as I push down the French press, heat up the milk and have a cup of java, I will pick up the manual and reread pages 48-50 with camera in hand…… I hope this was just an oversight…. Still would like to know why Nikon decided to get rid of those permanent memory banks.

          • Andrew

            neversink, you make a lot of sense. Thanks for the reply!

  • Joaquim Prado

    Pretty mad I am not going to receive my D800 on time! Now the cameras are expected to start shipping by the end of this month! How many comera did nikon sale on those pre-order? a million?

    • Andrew

      The D800 may end up being the most successful camera ever from Nikon. It appears that there is incredible demand and as the photographic press start reviewing the camera, the sales are likely in increase further. I will not be surprised if the shortages extend for a year or more. If you ordered your camera early, you may likely receive yours soon. But for those ordering now after all the positive press and reviews, my thinking is good luck!

      • Joaquim Prado

        well! I ordered mine on march before any review and I am hoping to receive at april 16. If I don’t well will have to wait until july 🙁

  • D400

    Hmm not many comments on this post. I will have to add my own off topic comment.
    When you shoot an insect close up and you nail the focus, you get what looks like moire. Is it actually moire? Do you get more of it shooting on a D800E than a D800?

  • Karen G.

    The best design at all times:
    -Asahi Pentax Spotmatik
    -Canon AE 1
    -Nikon F

  • Frank

    Thank you, Nikon, for not using Mark Newson!! (who??)

  • Rob

    These cameras are still too heavy, considering P&S as a weight reference,

    • jeriko

      Ya think?

  • hq
  • Joe Jaro

    Told you I did so!

  • Joe

    ma, you guys talk too much.

    • silmasan


  • Frank Miller

    Even if Nikon cameras are great I would never buy one. This is because of all this stupid and even religiosly blinded Nikon fanbase that lacks objectiveness. A lot of comments here from Nikon users express their blind hate against everything not from Nikon. You have the only and best system in the world you believe. There is no other camera it seems capable of taking good pictures. Many of you sound just disgusting in you comments. Please show a little more respect and do not the same mistakes as all those arrogant Apple followers! Thank you!

    • Valerio

      It seems that the only blind here is you, when you say that you “would never buy one because of all this stupid and even religiosly blinded Nikon fanbase that lacks objectiveness”. So, even if you consider great something, you would never buy it for a fan? Good luck for your war of religion.

    • D400

      Hey. . . . we can’t help it if nikon is so much superior to the competition. Don’t shoot the messanger!
      What are you doing on nikon rumors anyway?

    • Andrew

      Frank, thanks for asking about our objectiveness. Now let us reason together. The Nikon fan base you talk about own a lot of different brands of cameras and are pretty objective if you hang around this blog and read a few posts. And as professional photographers, many have friends who own other brand of cameras. I for example own two Nikon DSLRs, too many Nikon Lenses, a Panasonic digital camera, and I bought Fuji and Canon digital cameras as gifts for family members. So I hope this helps towards making me more objective. But photography is about passion and from time to time, one may encounter a product that may elicit such passion; products like the newly released Nikon D800 and D4 cameras. I make no apologies for exhibiting such passion. But I think you are wrong if you translate such passion into an evidence of a lack of objectivity.

      The D800 is not only an incredible camera, it caught many professional Nikon photographers by surprise in terms of its features and performance. In the early 2000, Nikon was struggling against Canon in the digital arena, but now the tide has changed. Nikon now clearly has the edge. This is to be expected with rapidly changing technologies. You should learn not to throw away the baby with the bathwater. That is, don’t fault the product because of your perception of its fan base. This is a time of great excitement for a lot of people who like the Nikon brand and also those who are heavily invested in Nikon accessories such as expensive professional lenses. Why the excitement? Because Nikon has generally exceeded most peoples expectations with their new cameras (i.e. D4 and D800) released in 2012. But also in part because these cameras have been delayed a long time. When a camera such as the D800 (with 36 MP) comes to market with a price tag of $3,000 and makes obsolete a camera such as the D3x (with 24 MP) which was selling for $8,000, this is cause for celebration, especially since it is able to achieve this technological feat with amazingly high ISO performance, which is stunning. Buying a superior camera does not make one a better photographer, but it sure can help! And being able to do so (i.e. purchase such a camera) at tremendous savings is even more cause for jubilation.

      You have to be careful not to walk up to a group of people whose team just won the World Series and take the philosophical high ground and call them a bunch of fanatics – figuratively speaking. Maybe it is time for you to read the Bible. Solomon in the Book of Ecclesiastes starts by saying “Vanity of vanities! All is vanity.” This statement seems to support your argument. But if you read further in Chapter 3 he states “There is an appointed time for everything… A time to give birth, and a time to die… A time to weep, and a time to laugh… A time to throw stones, and a time to gather stones…” Please realize that this is not the time to throw stones. Try not to be angry at the world because a few people are gathered together “laughing” or having a celebration . What is wrong if people think that the product they have bought or are intending to buy is the best product that their hard earned money can buy? Maybe you have bought a camera and it is not a Nikon product. That is OK, you can still take award winning pictures if you have the right photographic techniques or if you are simply lucky. My camera is a few years old, and I am still happy with its performance; I don’t need the latest and the greatest to take quality pictures. Try not to read too much into comments on this blog. Just because someone thinks that their product of choice or its brand is the best does not mean that they do not appreciate the other brands out there. So please try not to take this thing about brand loyalty or passion towards a brand too seriously, we are all just having fun. These things do not define us as people. As the preacher says, ALL is Vanity!

      • Terry Dadswell


      • neversink



        You need a vacation…..

    • Terry Dadswell

      Frank, careful not to fall into the same faults you are trying to state here. Any camera you invest in and like will cause you to become a loyal fan of that company.

      As a Nikon user I myself, I still appreciate cameras from other companies including the other of the big 2. I have seen some amazing shots taken with the other of the big 2 but that doesn’t make me want to change my equipment as such. Like others on this site, I have a lot of money invested in Nikon lenses and find the Nikon lenses suit my needs very well. I have been using the same camera for the past 4 years, waiting to replace it with something like the D800. Now that the D800 is in the wild I can finally do so. Unfortunately because of the overwhelming popularity of the D800 I have to wait like almost everyone else to receive it. This site is a Nikon site so one is going to find Nikon people talking about Nikon product. If you go to another site based on the other of the big 2 you are going to find the same lingo happening. Fanboy’s bashing the other of the big 2. Use your common sense when making rash statements like this on any site you visit. Oh, and if you are a Fanboy yourself then enjoy it but don’t troll elsewhere just to show your discontent.

  • Dweeb

    So what, doesn’t make them better cameras. Just stokes the hype machine. Looks too small to hold especially since theres no left side to it.

  • Valerio

    I come from Italy and I loved this video, but the translation is not so good.

    • Totally, sometimes the translation is completely unrelated to the the original 🙂

  • Frank

    Don’t all Nikon and Canon cameras look somewhat the same? One might be bigger or smaller or has buttons on the left instead of the right side! All I want to know is who designed the first cameras? I can design the next nikon camera (of course based on the current cameras – they all somewhat alike). Maybe I’ll have a few optional buttons to make life easier and design the camera a little smaller and lighter!

  • TheInconvenientRuth


    Image 6/8 on the Giugiaro D800 page has watermarks on it..

    Lazy web designers…

    You’d think that they’d have decent imagery of their own designs….

    • that’s crazy – I was also hoping to see few alternative designs instead of the final product which I have seen already

  • Bozo

    I can only see a reflection of the past from this video.

    No wonder they need new blood for fresh ideas.

  • T.I.M


    They are suposed to re-open on Sunday April 15th, here is what show B&H website page;

    “We are not accepting orders at this time. Online ordering will resume at 9:00PM EDT on Wednesday, April 20th.
    Our SuperStore and offices are currently closed and will reopen on Wednesday, April 27th at 9:00AM EDT.”

    I have a $3300 pre-order (paid) for the D800e, I would like to know what’s going on !
    When you call B&H 1-800 number, an answer machine say that they will re-open on April 15th, did some guy hacked the website and changed the dates ?


    • Oldf*rt

      It’s called Easter Sunday.. One of the few days when retailers get a break from rabid, feverish, fanatical CONSUMERS! Give ’em a break, Call them for counseling in the morning 🙂

      • Oldf*rt

        Sorry… about the Easter bit. Thats just here in the little island

    • Dale

      It’s not called Easter, but rather Passover.

      B&H and Adorama are both owned by Orthodox Jews. (More specifically, B&H is owned by Hasidic Jews.) That’s why both stores always close early Friday afternoon and all day on Saturday—the Jewish Shabbat (Sabbath) runs from sundown Friday to Sundown Saturday. The Jewish restriction against performing work on Shabbat also applies to all major Jewish holidays, except for Hanukkah.

      I’m thinking that B&H might have had a glitch on its website, specifically combining this year’s and last year’s closing schedule. This year, Passover ends at sundown on April 14. April 27 was when B&H and Adorama reopened after Passover in 2011.

      • neversink

        B&H does NOT charge your credit card until the order goes to the shipping department. I have ordered from them many times.

        Jewish holidays are determined by the lunar calendar. The week of Passover falls on different dates each year, depending upon the 28 day moon cycles starting with the new moon. B&H close their business often during the year for the various Jewish holidays. I don’t mind that they put their holidays before business. It’s a pain for my schedule, but one has to respect everyone’s beliefs. I give them credit for being able to run a great business and yet still stay true to their roots.

        Don’t worry, they will reopen soon.

  • Marco

    Ah no wonder i have always loved Nikon design, it was designed by a fellow Italian! The translation is not so good on this video i must say though.

  • H

    I only will buy a digital ff dslr from them if they take the old F2 with small prism-design !!

  • doug

    I just think that he is about to die, i know that for a fact because professional in most areas tend to go bonkers just before they die, hence the ugly D4 and D800 designs.

  • Innhitman

    Who gives a rat’s ass who designed them. All I care about is why they are not available. Nikon shooter here who will never recommend Nikon products due to their lack of communication regarding the availability of the new cameras. D4 and D800.

  • RvF

    Frankly I’m not surprise that Giugiaro is still behind the sexy design of Nikon top cameras, and you can really tell the difference looking at the competition!

  • jorg

    i love giugario!! also a very good car designer. so he desgined both my car and my camera. how about that?

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