Nikon D800 vs. Canon 5D MkIII shootout

I don't have anything new to report today, so enjoy this Nikon D800 vs. Canon 5D MkIII video shootout from CrisisLab (slightly NSFW).

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  • neversink

    It was funny…. But not so funny… Could have been a lot more hilarious…. but I did like the Craiglist jokes and the smashing of the Canon… Yum Yum….

    Am I going to take better pics with the D4 and D800 than I do now with the D700 and D3s and even the D7000… No.. the IQ might be better, the pixels might be better, but the subject, composition will not change.

    I still scratch my head everyday about why we all jumped into digital when film was more creative, had greater latitude, and gave us more time to relax…..

    • Tom


      I completely agree. I personally, and I could of course be completely wrong. But I truly do believe (because I felt it happen to my photography too), that when we started treating digital as viable as film, is when all of the fan boys showed up. And not just them. But the innocent wife, husband and kid with too much allowance, who can go out and get a decent DSLR for $400, less than the paycheck of a minimum wage employee, which means anyone can afford it, and see the results instantly. Allowing them to guess at settings or play with things until the 10th shot that somewhat looks sort of almost acceptable.

      I took color and black and white photography courses in middle school. We used a dark room. In my Senior year in high school, we used a dark room in black and white photography class, but also had computers where we digitized things with no precision or quality to really speak of. Now, no one practices, no one frames, no one cares. Granted. Some of the photos that come out of this gun and run style are simply phenomenal. You could not get those with film because you wouldn’t know how to change your settings until the shoot was well over with.

      But I clearly remember the day I put down my film cameras in trade for a digital camera, about in 2005. I remember the day, the week. I immediately changed my frame of mind, instantly, all of that film practice and craft. I would compare it to a medium format photographer suddenly using a point and shoot for their professional work.

      So really, we shouldn’t get frustrated when we go to the local flower show (like I’m going to this weekend at Epcot) and see literally half of the 500,000 people there, with a D90 or greater. These are people that didn’t want to put the time effort or passion or have no talent or personality for pro photo work, but still want the benefits. It’s anarchy. Who cares anymore, lets not worry about the details, lets just get the shot and we can all pretend to be serious people….until the novelty wears off of everything. I tell you what, you be my doctor, Ill be your lawyer.

      But in all seriousness, all aspects of life do progress and improve in efficiency over time, to the point where it eventually is so advanced that it by use of anyone, it far surpasses the best efforts of a genius artists could have ever conceived. We have 10 year olds with DSLRs that daddy bought them a month ago for a toy, that are creating better works than Rembrandt, with no effort at all. have you seen the amazing stuff coming out of flickr hive mind lately?

      • anonymous

        lurk moar

      • peterw

        exceptional pictures are still made,
        more than before, because more people are taking pictures
        it is a tiny bit more difficult to find them between all the bulk of bad, moderate or even rather good pictures, but you will recognise talent when you encounter it. You could scan 1pix and find talent a tiny bit faster than elsewhere.

        Sometimes it has little to do with technique, rather with vision and endurance – the latter you mention – so film or digital has nothing to do with it. Mostly light is most important.


  • Hendog

    This is brilliant!

  • sflxn

    Really great review. LOL at the stip tease. It was appropriate to have the slim dancing woman with the better ISO machine and the guy striping with noisier and noisier ISO. Very funny.

    • RC

      The review could have been funny AND G-rated. I’d take out that and the cursing. Other than that and some other minor things, it was hilarious.

  • chexma

    This video was probably intended to be funny but actually it was quite boring.
    It was inspired by those geeks who are trying to combine tech info with jokes like froknowsphoto or videocopilot but the humor was too flat.
    Maybe next time.
    I am a Nikonian but bought a 5D Mark iii.
    It has some nice features but I miss the robustnes of a Nikon.
    I am sure Nikon will offer a real descendent of the D700 within a year and then it is time to sell the 5D Mark iii 🙂

    • Henri108

      Just stay Nikon and buy some good glass, not a 5D… Your D700’s pictues will look awesome with the good glass (better then the 5d with the 24-104 kit)…

  • nah

    dxo review be damned, the high iso of the d800, at least in that video looks horrendous. i know this isn’t a scientific test AT ALL, but wow. I think I will save up another couple g’s and get a d3s while they are still around.

    • Freedom!

      Mom I’m not sure this video is the best way to gage the high ISO of the d800. Unless you are a canon troll that is

    • Keep in mind that those are the ISOs in video mode. If you shoot stills they’re totally different looking (and the Nikon fares very well). DPreview did their standard stills test charts, and the Nikon and Canon look totally different than in this video-oriented test. So if you’re primarily a stills shooter I would not base your decision on this at all.

  • MrMcBeevey

    Look at this ISO comparison. I thought the video was a joke in the article here because the woman is clearly more interesting than the man, but look a the stills:

    The D800 does horrible above ISO 800. That’s about on par with the D80 or D200!

    • Swoosh

      You didn’t look at the resized d800 pics did you?

      Unlike you, I actually own the d800 an it’s more like d700 t 100% and resized to 22MP maintains more details than the 5Diii (basically they match). Resized to 12Mp it gives the d3s a run for its money.

      You must be a canon rumours fan.

  • Sam

    Perhaps Nikon should employ pixel binning at extreme high ISOs to smooth out that atrocious noise. At low ISOs yes, fine, keep it the way it is but seriously that’s awful at anything about 800. You can’t let Canon win at ISO comparisons!

    • Füü

      Dude….. Stop talking and start thinking. Even that camera labs comparison’s with resized D800 to 22MP prove the d800 can keep up.

      Go back to canon rumours and enjoy basking in the bias.

  • Zeus

    That was fun! Especially enjoyed the 5D parts in the tea! Great stuff!! The song to the baby…priceless!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Valentino

    I’m a Canonista. . . . and I just want to stop by and suggest that if you want to buy the D800 or the mkIII, then just go about it and do it. . . . you will have a great time with either camera! I am EXTREMELY happy witht he mkIII and the new AF and ISO performance, I don;t need 36 MP, so I have hit the sweet spot here! The D800 is also a great camera and if you need the MP then go for it. . . . better than any MF out there for the price adn the iso it offers over the 800-1600 tops that you will find in any MF camera. Congrats to Canon ADN to NIkon for giving us amazing cameras! Now . . . . . . go out and take some photos!

    • peterw

      … or make a film as funny as that… 🙂

    • Cash

      I don’t need 36mp either, probably you don’t need 22Mp. But both cams can scale down and/or be cropped to suit. Seeing as the D800 has the same or better noise performance at 22Mp as the 5Diii, perhaps it’s a more flexible camera?

      Still both cameras are awesome and not worth switching camps for.

      BTW don’t try working with 36MP man, it’ll change your life and make u so jelly.

  • Zen-Tao

    It’s a pitty. The test finish on the best moment. Could we see the whole streep-tease test?

  • Scotch

    now that I know the the Canon is better for strip clubs
    I will get one for that…

    btw the reviewer is a fanboy

    • All the boobs

      A hilarious fanboy.

  • acuberos
  • I have that desire to have the D800

  • Hua Tao

    Isn’t the D800 designed to be a low iso camera?? Isn’t the D800 a high pixel camera designed for studio shots ? Since all cameras shoot at iso 100 (or even 50) in studios, what’s the point in these tests?

    • D800 owner

      The fact is the high ISO on the d800 is very good.

      Resized to match another camera and it’ll be very similar to any camera you can throw at it. It even is very close to the D3s at 12Mp. If you look at the camera labs resized comparions it equals or beats the 5Diii (retains more details).

      What I don’t understand is why people keep thinking this camera is just for studio and landscapes.

      I think as more and more people actually own the d800 this misnomer will disappear.

      • RC

        What you’re saying may be true, but 4 fps? 4?!?! That’s half of what the D300/700 can do with a grip. I’ve shot with a 3 fps camera before, and I really felt like the camera held me back. 4? I dunno…

  • Camera labs JPEG

    A note about the camera labs test everyone keeps referring to.

    That’s a JPEG test!!!

    All it shows is Canon’s tendancy toward over doing it with NR and Nikon’s tendancy to retain details (and therefore noise).

    They even said RAW tests are to come.

    “Of course the next test is to reduce the Mark III’s noise reduction and increase the D800’s noise reduction to see if they’ll meet somewhere in the middle. I’ll leave that for my RAW comparisons once the software converters are working satisfactorily.”


  • Hugh Janus

    Yup, it’s official. Canon blows. Nikon or nothing!

  • I love the humer in this video. Great post. Made me laugh.

  • Brian A

    That was AWESOME!!! I really don’t get the haters, grow up, get a sense of humor.

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