Nikon D3x now officially discontinued

I already mentioned that Nikon D3x is out of production and today Nikon Japan officially listed the camera as discontinued. Obviously the D3x and its price tag of $7999 doesn't make any sense after the D800 announcement.

The Nikon D3s was already listed as discontinued a month ago, the D700 got discontinued in January. Please note that some countries may continue to sell those models depending on their local inventory.

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  • Saad

    Woohoo! Thanks God the over priced camera is gone!
    Does this prove that the D800 is actually the D3X upgrade? 😮

    • Some guy

      IMHO the D800 is no D3x. Apples and oranges comparison.

      Personally, I am not buying DXOmark’s low light rating being so close to D4. It gives a false impression that D800 is about as good as D4 at low light and maybe overall image but dont mistake that for similar image quality at the pixel level.

      There is still a need for a 24mpix FX camera in the D4 generation lineup and I will wait for it. I am not looking for a ‘cheap D4’ but a 24mpix camera with specs and price right between the D4 and the D800.

      This camera needs to be…
      A) D800 body build type
      B) 24mpix FX current D4 generation technology sensor
      C) Exact feature list and specs of the D7000 with except
      1) 15-20 frame buffer
      2) 9 frame bracketing
      3) USB 3.0
      4) no popup flash (preferred) or one that will accept all TCE lenses comfortably
      ** I will buy two when I see it happen and ignore everything else because it will have the perfect balance of pixel level quality and resolution.

      • Mark J.

        D800 is everything the D3X wanted to be and more. I’ve played with both(and now own the 800) and honestly there is a reason the D3X is no longer in production. And that reason is that the D800 made it obsolete. Talk to any Landscape photographer and they will say the same if they have gotten to play with the new D800. It’s slightly better in all regards over the 3x and comes with more mp to boot.

        Totally agree though that the D4 has better low light capability. The D800 definitely beats the D3/D700 in this aspect, but it is nowhere near the D3s/D4 when going above ISO 800. That said, at base ISO the D800 blows the D4 out of the water. And holds it own up until about ISO 800. Which is all it really needs to do anyway as this camera is meant for people like me, landscape/portrait shooters who don’t need high FPS or insane low light capabilities as were shooting on a tripod, tethered to a laptop with studio lighting or taking long exposures.

        • “D800 is everything the D3X wanted to be and more.”


          I totally agree. The D800 is amazing.

          And not to contradict you, but if my initial (and admittedly cursory) tests with the D800 are any evidence, low-light performance is exceptional, and really does give even a camera like the D3s/D4 a run for their money. That might be an exaggeration, but certainly it makes the D700 look kind of stale. And I think the D700 is a remarkable machine — one for the history books. Quite a feat Nikon has pulled off.

          Oh yeah, and shooting the D800 side-by-side with the 5DmkIII…all I can say is I feel bad for that camera. The Mark III is pretty soft compared to the Nikon. Unless we were shooting bad copies of 2 brand new Canon lenses (whilst being stopped down to between f/8 and f/10 in the studio), there isn’t really a comparison. The D800 wins handily.

          • Yup…there’s no need for the D3x now with the D800 out.

        • truth

          besides low light performance of D3x is miserable as it gets in 2012. It was short timed camera.
          A850 was as good as D3x was and nobody bought them. this was for nikon last proof they needed before releasing D800, the everyone killer.

        • Here’s a D800 ISO 25,600 shot I did in *real* low light conditions:

          In the caption I have direct linked to the 16.2mp downsampled version.

      • Some guy

        Ron and Mark,

        Thank you for your feedback. I must admit I have yet to own a FX camera and obliviously was originally hoping that the D800 was going to be an inexpensive D3x with current sensor technology at 23mpix.

        I just had a hard time wrapping my mind around how the D800 ended up with such better sensor performance.

        Here is the logic I was using initially;
        A) The D7000 has pixel pitch of 4.73 and the D800 has a pixel pitch of 4.70.
        B) The D7000 and D800 I assume to be close to the same sensor technology given the relatively close release dates of the cameras

        So, hopefully you can see why I was assuming that sensor that uses almost the exact same pixel pitch should not be able to obtain well over twice the DXO mark low light rating.

        Ron and Mark,
        Thank you for including that you have first hand tested the D3x, D800, and D4 models, that means a lot of course because photography is about real world testing of image quality, not my misunderstanding of technical specs.

        One last question;
        With the identical pixel pitch of the 7000 and D800 sensors, why do you think the D800 achieves a low light score of 2853 when the D7000 could only achieve 1167?
        Is it the pixel averaging of the overall image that lets it do that well in low light? I just cannot wrap my mind around how a 4.70 pixel can see over twice as much light as a 4.73 pitch similar generation sensor….

        Some guy

        • Some guy

          er, I meant 24mpix in that first paragraph

        • Michael

          Because DxOMark is comparing at a fixed print size, not at pixel size. There’s no point comparing at pixel size.

          • B!

            Was it always that way? Were all prior medium format cameras tested in the same fashion with downsampled images? …..or did we come out with a new test just for the D800?

            I strongly believe the test is misleading. The score the camera obtains is based off a downsampled images not an out of camera performance.

            When downsampled, the ISO performance comes clos’er to that of D4 but once downsampled the image is no longer 36MP. The whole promise of high resolution just went out the window, no more cropping or images that print far larger than those out of a 16MP camera like the D4.

            Am I missing something?

          • Matt_XVI

            I have a quick question,

            I understand that this is how DXOmark is rating ISO scores and this makes sense to me. However I’ve been wondering if they have always used this method for testing, or if this is a recent change in procedures from testing at the pixel level (for say the D3/D700/D3S/D3X generation). It seems to me that if they were doing the fixed print size testing before that the D3X should have scored a little closer to at least the D3/D700 in regards to ISO ratings.

            Does any know whether this is the case?


            • Matt_XVI

              Wow! Seems like B! Had the same question and just beat me to posting it!

        • Michael
        • Jetfire

          You can’t go by pixel pitch alone. The quality of the sensor being able to handle that pixel pitch will be one thing. The next is how the camera processes that info. I’m willing to bet that the D800 does both a hell of lot better than the D7000.

          As for waiting for a 24 mpix in an FX, don’t hold your breath. The D800 is a great Camera deal with it.

        • @Some guy:

          D800 gathers 2.25 times more light than D7000. It should be at least 2.25 times better in low light for the same printed/displayed picture size.

          1167×2.25=2626 (ISO).

          For the difference between ISO 2853 and ISO 2626, consider a bonus from better microlens, the smaller pixel pitch and slightly newer technology in both sensor and noise reduction used in the newer and higher class D800.

          I hope is clear enough.

          Eventual, someone should test D800 in crop mode (DX) vs. D7000 strictly for the sensor technology progress.

          • It’s coming. I’ll have some real-world tests of the D800 in DX crop vs D7000, very soon. Even at the pixel level, the results will surprise. 🙂

            Keep watching the NR main blog for the article.

      • Anonymous

        The Nikonian 5D III, D900…

      • I think what you are looking for is the Canon 5D MkIII

      • PlainSimple

        I’m not sure why this is still being debated. The DxO test results in Screen i.e. per pixel mode show D800 to be almost exactly like like D7000 and about a stop below D700 in every metrics over ISO 400. I know everyone thinks this is a meaningless test and D800 is the best thing since sliced bread, but if used in cropped mode it is simply an overpriced D7000 albeit I hope with an improved AF system.

        • DShud

          Thing is, the D800 does 36MP a heck of a lot better than a d700 does. You can resize to 12mp with the d800 and bet the pants off the d700. In fact it’s closer to the d3s (I know I tested it).

          When will people get it?! High ISO isn’t about pixel pitch alone. You need to take into consideration print size and usability. Having a similar pixel pitch to the d7000 just means if you use it in DX mode, you have a crop camera as good as the best crop sensor in the world (noise wise). How’s that a problem?

          Therefore resizing to a common size using the same teachique is the best way to test/compare real world usability.

    • John Richardson

      I am sure it was easy to kill a camera that the Nikon warehouse probably had like maybe 2 in stock, and no hopes of selling even those.

      • Jason Waiting

        Both D800 and D3X should have discountinued status. Because neither is being shipped!

    • christian 1878

      The D3X still kicks ass people…I also have a D3s which is nice but overall nothing like the D3X when it needs to stand up. I am currently waiting on my D800E which I should get next week ! No need for a D4 for me. Instead I am waiting on the D4x or whatever replacement they will have for the D3X…it is obvious to me that the D800 is NOT that camera…When Nikon finally comes out with that D3X replacement THAT will be a camera for ALL others to bow down to !

  • Juicebox81

    Anybody else get excited when they get any email…. ONLY to be disappointed that it’s not an email from amazon telling you they’re shipping your D800?!

    • Joaquim Prado

      I did but from ritzcamera! Why is taking too long!!

      • Mark J.

        It’s taking so long because Ritz is notoriously slow to get new products in stock. When i made my mad dash to find a D800 after B&H screwed us all i called them up and they told me the pre-orders werent even going to ship from them until the middle of April. Thankfully found a smaller local chain that had some coming that weren’t pre-ordered and got it early last week. That is the key i think really to buying brand new gear these days. Avoid the big online retailers and large chains like the plague. Find a small retailer get your pre-order in before announcement is even made(most will do that for a $200 deposit) and then enjoy being one of the very first.

        • Jetfire

          I called my local Ritz after no word from B&H. All the D800s they received went out to pre-orders and they were still 76 deep if I wanted to get but on the list. So Ritz did get some just not enough like everyone else. I talked to a local store in Florida that near the hotel I stay at when I go there for work. He’s sent out all his D800 and I think has a 24 unit backlog. He’s looking like June/August to fill them all.

          Nikon just can’t make them fast enough.

          The D800Es are going to be worst because Nikon got a lot more orders for than they planned for.

      • Chezo

        Note for future releases: Do not preorder from B&H / Adorama / Amazon

        I actually preordered from onecall two days after announcement and they were able to get me my D800 last week.

        I was at B&H yesterday morning to pick up some filters and the B&H employees were asking me where I got my D800.

    • JR

      Yes! and I’m checking my emails more often too.

    • Me


    • Travone

      Still waiting for B&H :/ could be May

      • CMan

        Here’s the latest email I received (April 3rd)

        Hello ** ** my name is James F.:

        Thank you for contacting the Customer Service Department at B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio.

        You’re very welcome and I can completely understand your frustration in this very long delay. They have just informed us that we are expecting our next shipment to arrive at the end of May but we don’t know how many will be coming.

        Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

        Thank you, we appreciate your business.

        James F.
        B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio
        The Professional’s Source.
        E-Mail Customer Service Department

        • CMan

          I ordered mine at 6:05 am CST February 7 by the way

    • Still waiting for my D800 from Adorama. I ordered it on February 7th. Sure do wish it would come. I am heading to Banff and Jasper parks this summer to do some hiking and would love to take this amazing machine with me!

    • Jonathan

      Yes! I get doubly excited when the email is from Amazon, and doubly disappointed when it’s telling me about “savings” on some item I have never expressed any interest in.

  • :-0 Now I have to admit that having a close realtionship with you Brick and Morter will get you a D800. I got mine two weeks ago becuse I’m a loyal customer. As such, I was not wait listed. I’m in camer heaven now that I’ve started to stock up on memeory cards.


    • Mim

      you’d also pay 30% more for your gear, if you live where I do

      • Ben

        30% wow i am glad i dont live there

      • Yeah… our major local store sells everything at the same price as B&H. And it’s Indianapolis… not exactly a top-tier market.

        • Mike M

          Indy isn’t a small city, and I assume you’re referring to Robert’s which isn’t exactly a “local” camera store. They’re pretty high on the list of national mail order stores, people all over the country buy from them. Heck people in other states that have bigger stores may buy from them to avoid the tax hit.

  • T.I.M

    Cool, so now they have more people and machines to work on the D800/E and get some in stock !
    Right ?

  • I wonder what a used D3x would bring today… When that camera came out everyone argued over why a modified Sony 24 MP sensor would be worth a $3,000 price increase.

    Now that we have 36mp in the D800, what is next?

    • Rob

      I think the D3x price will stabilize around $3500. Once you factor in the cost of the grip, having to deal with different, more expensive batteries and chargers, more memory cards, etc., the D800 gets up there. There are also benefits like having 2 CF slots, the grip being integrated (decreased vibrations), and what some people consider a more ideal MP count. Those give the D3x added value.

      They have been selling for $4000-$4500 on ebay, but I’ve seen some not selling for under $4000 depending on condition. This is with the D800 going for around $4000 on ebay. Once the D800 is widely available for $3000 (and eventually when used ones are $2600), that should bring down the D3x price well below $4000.

      • I am not surprised to see D800’s selling for a premium on ebay. This world is full of thieves.

        • soap

          I’m not sure if that’s an English vocabulary failure or an Economics 101 fail.

          Regardless, thievery it is not. There is no coercion involved. How dare you tell two consenting adults how much they must exchange goods for!

          • I did not mean thievery in the literal sense. There are many limits on pricing in a free market. Think of dumping at one extreme and price gouging after a natural disaster on the other, for two examples.

            IMO, it is unfortunate that certain parasites are able to make a living this way. They add no value, only causing already scarce goods be scarcer and then creating an artificial service by providing the goods without a waiting period. It is just like the ticket scalpers. Those who defend these creeps are probably part of their clan. They are the scum of the earth along with tow truck drivers and spammers.

        • Rob

          Capitalism = theft now? Do you live in bizarro communism world, or are you just incredibly uneducated?

          • T.I.M

            No, he is just an human been with feellings, some have positives attitudes, some others human beens have negatives attitudes.

            • Everlast66

              and Rob is actually a robot, he can not understand that 🙂

        • B!

          They are not thieves, they are business type people.

          Much like the bunch that bought Elmos for $35 a pop and sold them on ebay for close to $1000 each when there was a shortage years ago. If you don’t support it, don’t buy it; I know I never would.

          But to knock somebody down for making money just isn’t fair.

      • B!

        People are going to be surprised a little when they start buying accessories for their beloved D800. Grip – $500, D4 battery for the grip $150+, Charger for said battery $350 (my understaind is that you’ll need this for higher FPS @DX)

        Chaching!, your full-bodied (akward grip) D800 is now $4000 out the door. Maybe that D3X sounds like a great deal if you can get it cheap.

        And if you have ever handled both the pro body and semi-pro body with grip you already know the deal. After my D2x I just don’t see myself getting a smaller body.

        • ActionJunky

          The price of the grip is expensive. The MB-D10 still sells for less that $250 retail. However, you are getting a 36 Mpix camera with low light performance for $3,000. Tell me you could that a year ago.

          As for the price of the battery, you forgot one major option. I use only AA rechargeable batteries in the grip. The grip comes with the AA battery holder. I don’t purchase the special battery and charger and the AA batteries serve double-duty for my strobes. It is a bit heavier, but then again a few ounces on a pro-camera with grip and lens makes little difference to me. Plus the AA batteries yield 6 FPS in DX mode.

          Now ask yourself… could you purchase a 36 Mpix camera with vertical grip and low light performance for $3,500 a year ago… I don’t think so.

          • B!

            It’s very simple, the answer is no; the D800 was just anounced a little while back.

            Best part, technically you still cant buy it today. 🙂

  • Alpha

    D300s is also discontinoued?! When will its replacement come out? That is what I concern.

    • John Richardson

      I see that also….

      • John Richardson

        …… but then we already knew that!

    • The D300s has been discontinued in JAPAN (!) since a couple of months because it does not fit current Japanese requirements regarding the battery. – Old story…

      • WoutK89

        I think it is a similar story for the D3X, the battery of the D3 and older is not up the regulations anymore. Until nikon worldwide puts it as discontinued, this camera will remain for sale. Although technically the D3X is already replaced by the D800, the D300 and D700 series still didnt get the update being both discontinued in Japan.

  • Bjorn

    I did hear from someone that a D4x was in the works for a next year release with a bigger sensor than the D800. If thats true or not who knows but person who spoke about it was certain and had his sources but you cant beleive everything you hear.

    • Steve Starr

      I suspect some D4x is in the works too. Maybe 48-60MP (they’ll have to stay above the cell phone crowd now of 41MP and even the Point-Shoot gallery).

      Hopefully some built in radio type of flash control so I can finally ditch the Pocket Wizards too. Their current Crummy Light System (CLS) using light control is too problematic, eats batteries, and is unreliable around other bright lights.

      Whatever it is will have to have more wow factor than what Canon did with the III.

      • Thos

        The line resolution of the 35mm frame maxes out long before 41 megapixels.

        • trialcritic

          Can you point the reference for this comment.

        • Well, it certainly doesn’t max out at 36 MP 🙂 and 36 MP is not long before 41 MP. Sensor design keeps improving, that’s why a 36MP D800 outperforms a 12 MP D700 or D3 in low light. What are perceived or even actual limits today will not be limits tomorrow (meaning, in the future).

          • WoutK89

            isnt the D800 outperforming those cameras when downsized, and not at 100% resolution?

            • PhilK

              Yes, of course it means when downsampled.

              Would it have been reasonable to do a comparison between a 35mm film camera image enlarged to 8×10, and a 6x7cm film camera enlarged to 16×20, looking at both with the same magnifier?

              Of course not. But pixel-peepers often don’t seem to understand those simple rules.

              If you want to compare camera systems, you have to compare them at the same output size.

            • Mike M

              In the real world before techie computer types took over photography as a hobby in droves photography was about OUTPUT (EG prints) not looking at 100% crops of images. A 100% enlargement of a 36 megapixel image would be equivalent to looking at something on the order of a large poster in actual print size. The D800’s output at a given size vs the output of most other cameras made is superior, thus why everyone is raving about it. Anyone that rants about how noisy it is when they pixel peep doesn’t “get it”.

          • Vangelis Feleris

            I believe that the 35mm format will go up to 56MP very soon (if we take in consideration the density of a 24MP DX sensor) and in a few years will go up to 84 (very probably). I believe that Nikon is going to introduce a new kind of system for professionals in the years to come… maybe a new sensor related technology or a system with a bigger sensor..

            • silmasan

              24MPx3 full RGB sensor wouldn’t be that far off…

        • B!

          You obviously haven’t been introduced to the D800 yet. Had you done your research, you would have never posted that.

    • Ads

      I heard that a D5 is in the works…. it gives you the flexibility to switch from 12mp to 24mp, to 36mp, to 48, to 60. It also offer the ability for you to choose a focal point after a picture is taken…..

      It also offer touch screen, and you can actually call someone with you camera!

      • De Michel

        Actually its gonna be a D5 TC!
        T for preparing fresh toast on an assignment & C for brewing fresh coffee while shooting!
        After that the upgrade to D5TCF will come, thats when the camera also produces a fried egg to complete your breakfast!

  • The kid

    Does anyone know if the d800 is the upgrade of the d3x or the upgrade of the d700 because Nikon d700 was exactly like the d3 except a smaller body and 5fps

    • WoutK89

      D700 is, as officially said by Nikon reps, not replaced by the D800. This may be just marketing talk to keep on selling D700’s, but in my eyes a D800 is no D700 replacement.


        agree with u on this … & would like to see if smthg really comes out to replace d700, the best smthg with t d3s senzor ability – would be worth thinking imo … but that said, they can keep their mps for d800 & similar / anything between 16-22 mp is more then enough for what the camera of d700 kind is meant for. AND FIXED FOCAL LENSES UPGRADES …, please.

        regards, Jet

    • Mike M

      Neither, it is to the D3x as the D700 was to the D3, unless Nikon decides to go to camera + grip again for the high megapixel slower speed “pro” cam like they did when they released the F6 as compared to the F5.

    • Michael

      D800 isn’t replacing D700 but there isn’t any reason making a D710 when D800 is selling like hot cakes. D800 is a good move by Nikon, it doesn’t eat into D4’s sale as much. A D710 would have cut D4 sale by half.

      • Andrew

        The D710 would bring in substantially more money to Nikon than the D4, so any loss of D4 sales would not have any financial impact on Nikon.

    • Jetfire

      The D800 is the D700 replacement and some people just need to deal with that fact. Nikon’s Official response that the D800 sits along side the D700, is because they have to many parts to build D700 to get rid of (Natural disasters stopping production last year).

      • Andrew

        The D800 does not look, smell, or taste like a D700 replacement. It is a whole new category! These are the three main parameters for a significant upgrade – (1) speed, (2) ISO, and (3) MP

        1. The D800 speed (i.e. fps) is less than the D700.
        2. The D800 ISO is better then the D700, but does not a lot of ISO is given up because of the high MP count.
        3. The D800 at 36 MP is significantly higher than the D700 at 12 MP.

        Many D700 photographers want Nikon to leverage the significant light collecting ability of the new sensors in a D700 replacement than sacrifice it for more megapixel. Nikon recognizes this “obvious” fact and that is why they have officially stated that the D800 is not a D700 replacement.

        Conclusion: The D800 at 36 MP gives significant MP enhancement without the expected penalty in high ISO performance. This is impressive, and makes for a worthy upgrade to the D3x. But apparently Nikon wants us to know that they have an even more impressive camera to replace the D3x, and it will be called the D4x with maybe 52 MP, ideal for landscape and studio photographers. This camera may be priced at $7,999 again! But as far as a D700 replacement, it more likely will have a 24 MP sensor.

        Note: Just because the D800 is apparently your ideal camera does not mean that “people” need to accept your interpretation of reality. Nikon as a company cannot mislead the public. So it is wise to believe their official pronouncements!

        • Andrew

          One other parameter for any upgrade is (4) Image Quality (IQ), but for Nikon this is a given. IQ is where Nikon excels and as such, improvement in this area is always expected and taken for granted.

          The key issue is that the D800 is such an awesome camera, and its high ISO is already so impressive, that the desire for a lower resolution D700 replacement is muted as far as many (but not all!) photographers are concerned. Also the ability to crop the 36 MP image of the D800 will satisfy many photographic needs. And at the price point of $3,000, the D800 is an incredible deal, especially for those who have long desired the recently discontinued $8,000 D3x. So it appears that the D800 has won over a lot of hearts and minds of those wanting a reasonably priced D700 replacement.

  • Kent

    The D800 is the replacement for the D700 according to the Nikon USA website.

  • Matt

    The D700 is also listed as discontinued, further proof that the D800 is its successor (and the D3X’s as well, for all practical purposes – unless we get a D4X at some point).

    • DR

      Going your way: D3x is discontinued due to D4 release which is it’s successor…

      If D800 is current wedding photographer’s body from Nikon, I will have to switch to Canon. 3000 pics x 75MB is 225GB… I still hope for D710 or FF D400, other way it makes no sens to me

      • Matt

        I’m sorry the files are too big for you, but extra hard drive space would be far less expensive than switching to Canon.

      • Michael

        Trust me, it’ll be around 35 mb. My 14bit 16mp raw is only 15mb.

      • Anonymous

        Another spray and pray wedding photographer complaining about file sizes. I did not realize that but looks like a thoughtful professional wedding photographer is now a dying breed. They have been replaced with the 1000 photos for $100 on a CD photographer. For a 6 hour ceremony and reception, if you take 3000 photos, that means 500 photos per hour. It is over 8 photos per minute!! Golly, at that rate, can anyone even pronounce quality?

        • DR

          In my country I usually work 11:00am – 1:00pm. Then 5-6 hours of portrait session the other day. It’s easy to reach the level of 3000 pics a wedding. At f/1.4, ISO 1600, 1/80 the Nikkor 85 1.4G isn’t sharp enough to justify the 36Mpix monster. It’s something we don’t need for weddings – why should I get additional disk space? D800 is overwhealming, D4 is bulky and expensive (I use 2 bodies) and after years of woking with D700 I expected a step up. With D800 I get nothing I need and loads of unneeded feataures.

          • Andrew

            Nikon has already answered your question, the D800 is not the D700 replacement, it is a completely new category of camera. So you and Nikon are thinking alike. Had you ordered the D800, thousands of wedding photographers currently waiting in line for their back-ordered camera would have gladly paid you for your unopened box. Anyway, have patience, I am confident that Nikon will be coming out with something that will appeal to you soon.

        • Andrew

          What’s wrong with carrying a machine gun, that’s how the West was won! LOL!

  • icSlowMo

    I bet Nikon will come out with a D4X with the same 36mp sensor just pro body and more processing power to get better fps out of it…. would think maybe even 2x XQD slots to deal with data rate going to them given CF wouldn’t be fast enough…

    • R R

      I´m with you on that.. 10 bucks says Nikon will make a D4x like you mention 😉

      • Travone

        They said that about the D90 as well.. I believe the D800 is the D700 replacement

    • B!

      That might make sense. They could even chop some MP out say down to 28 to provide 8-10 FPS. This however won’t be release soon as it would instantly kill the D4. 18 months?

  • BartyL


    • My guess

      … is that Nikon didn’t want it to affect D4 sales, so they terminated it.

      • BartyL

        OK. It makes sense when you put it like that. Guess they’ve gotta keep the bottom line in mind. Still, hopefully this means a D50 replacement is right around the corner.

  • Nikon USA still has the D3x & the D700 on their list of 10 available DSLR’s.

    Although I have no doubt that both have been out of production for some time.

  • R R

    oh well… never the less my D3x served me well, and it was by far the best camera I have ever had, I am looking forward now for a D800 and maybe even a D4, cause I will keep my D3x for many years more, I recently called Nikon service where I live and I am going to give it a shutter service so it lasts me, more years.

    I love my D3x, and yes I agree it was overpriced but it helped me battle those Canon boys in my competition very well. (when the D3x was the only body over 12 MP, it stood its ground very well against my competition, mostly 5D II, and for that I thank Nikon)

    Thank you Nikon for such a wonderful camera.. farewell D3x.

    • Joe W

      I agree with your comments and my overpriced also has been/is great. I rarely printed 16X20’s in the film days and it seems that is all I print because of my D3X. I think the D800 is going to be a great camera but I HATE having video capabilities on my camera. My back up is the D300. Good thing I am old since I expect my D3X to outlive me because I think the video crap will be on all future cameras.

      • Michael

        Having video features increases sales so it benefit you and Nikon. If you don’t like it then don’t use it.

        • B!

          Quite simple really. +1

  • Radek

    When?, amazon uk will ship my nikon d800 !!!!! 🙁 do you know any dates? when they will get new stock???

  • FM2Fan

    sad sad sad – the D3x is a remarkable camera – although expensive.

  • Srini
    • PhilK

      1) Using JPEG files
      2) No mention of if or how they are downsampling the D800 files
      3) The image magnification looks slightly different on each camera

      The text implies the shooting conditions were similiar, but in order to be a fair comparison they would have to downsample the D800 images, and I don’t know how or if they are doing that.

      • Srini

        I guess they are going to bring out a few more videos addressing various aspects….Let’s see if they provide some critical comparison.

  • burgerman

    >>> Personally, I am not buying DXOmark’s low light rating being so close to D4. It gives a false impression that D800 is about as good as D4 at low light and maybe overall image but dont mistake that for similar image quality at the pixel level.

    Still the stupid pixel/noise myth goes on. Its been proven once and for all to be rubbish just as physics says it is. At a “Wedding” for EG a D800 can produce low light shots IDENTICAL to a D3X or a D4 once printed out. Printing it RESAMPLES the image to the same size. Or would you suddenly print all the D800 shots massively bigger???

    So you would view at 100 percent, or print a 100 billion pixel cameras output at planet size then? Or just the same sizes as before? DXO are not stupid. They rated the sensor as best on the planet for a reason. And high ISO performance is practically the same as the D4… At any given output size. While being able to record much more detail, dynamic range, at the same time…

    They are comparing a cameras photographic quality not its”magnification”… Viewing a camera with 10x the pixels at a HUGE magnification about the size of your garden would be rediculous, unless you do the same with the low megapixel image…

    Having printed large images from D3X and D800 at identical high ISOs I can assure you that the result is so similar you cant tell which is which. Other than detail… Which is better on the D800.

    • burgerman

      Meant DS3 in all instances above obviously… Not awake!

      (The D3x though that I dont have, was also was likely as good as the D3 or D700 at the same output size…)

    • B!

      But prior cameras weren’t downsampled to 8MP to show superiority when first 12-24 MP cameras came out. They were faaaarr superiod without any downsampling gimmics.

      • burgerman

        I have always compared images at OUTPUT size on screen, or on a print, since there is absolutely no point in doing otherwise. Because to do so would be meaningless.

  • Btdown

    What? The d800 is no d700 replacement. I passed on the d800 waiting for the true d700 replacement…until then I keep rolling d700. I really wish there was a definitive answer on this.

    • bobby

      there was an answer, it just not the one you wanted to hear.

      • Travone

        @bobby +100

      • Andrew


    • The D800 is A replacement for the D700… just not THE replacement. 😉

  • qou vadis, nikon?

    300 and 700 were basically the same body, this trend will go on.
    next generation will be a D800-like body with option for either DX or FX, sharing MB-D12 and en el15. whatever the specs will be, they will cater the pro-DX-party and the D700-successor-party.
    i my world, they would offer a body with built in grip…

  • Well, I for one will miss my D3x once it’s gone (Still waiting on the D800). It’s been my go-to camera for 3 years or so and I vividly remember how when it came out all the threads about:

    “Can the lenses even resolve 24MP?”


    “Who needs 24MP, 12 is fine”


    “I’d need to get a new PC to process those images!”

    Oh well, time marches on. Looking forward to one day seeing the D800 I ordered from Amazon 🙂

  • Che Ibarra

    I got confirmation from Amazon that I will get my pre-ordered D4 on April 21th. When I read all the rave reviews from reviews sites and you guys I get mixed feeling. Some days I think of canceling D4 and ordering a D800. I shot a lot at night and cycling and running races which is why I decided on the D4. I can end up with 1200 images from a race sometimes so the 36mp raws and jpeg conversions might be a little too much for my liking. I also do landscape on my free time. Tough choice but from what I read here the D800 is amazing. I am leaning towards keeping the D4 and then selling my D7000 with 18-200vrii and grip so that I can have the D800 as my second camera. I’ve never shot FX and dying to upgrade. What do you guys think?

  • Gordo

    Guess this means we can expect a D4X at the end of the year? I find it hard to believe Nikon would abandon their flagship camera.

    • B!

      It will probably be until September until all pre-orders can be filled. Then you’ll have a frenzy before the holidays again. If anything D4+ would be release it wouldn’t be for another 12-18 months. Purely speculating here.

    • Andrew

      First the D300s replacement (i.e. D400) with a DX 16 MP sensor – highest priority. Nikon desperately needs a camera in a price range between the D7000 and D800, something like $1,600.

      Secondly the D700 replacement with a FX 24 MP sensor though they really should give it the D4 16 MP sensor, but this one will be cheaper than the D800, something around $2,200.

      Third and last will be the D3x replacement (i.e. D4x). The D4x will not come out before September 2013, the D800 will suffice for now. No one needs the D4x right now.

      • A.T.M

        I’ll take a D4X right now

  • Marco 2k7

    I’m pretty sure this proves the theory about the D800 being the leader of the new nikon high megapixel line and the d4 of the high speed line. from now on, it would only be more D4s-D5-D5s and D800x-(D900?)-D900x ecc.

    no more high megapixel sensor for the full grip bodies.

    And it does make sense. That’s expansive stuff, absolutely not needed for a tool that’s mostly for studio.

    this way the d4 is expansive but ready to battle the elements and travel.

    the d800 in cheaper and directed to studio. but it can be completed (grip and battery life) with the MB-D12 and become a decent tank, almost a d4 in terms of toughness, like a D4x but way cheaper!!

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      Not so. My hubby shoots 90% of his work in portrait orientation. He uses the D3x and before that the D2x. Just for the built in grip. He/we tried a D700 with grip for 2 weeks, really gave it a fair shot. It is a great camera, but working with the grip for long hours in portrait mode is uncomfortable. Plus, it squeaks and torques with everything bigger than the 70-200/2.8.
      And a camera + grip often weighs MORE than the Pro body. And with a grip you have to carry double the amount of batteries too.
      For all these reasons he’s sticking with his D3x and hoping a D4x will someday appear.

      • Sure you didn’t get a knock-off grip? While it’s absolutely true that the D700 + MB-D10 was slightly larger and heavier than the D3… the connection is absolutely rock-solid. No twisting or torquing or squeaking. Absolutely a perfect extension of the camera. And I even attach my strap to the tripod socket of the grip, so it’s getting a lot of force applied to it.

        The D800 is smaller, and therefore the grip should have a slightly smaller footprint as well. I bet it will be closer in size to the D4 than the D700 was to the D3. I bet that also means it will be more comfortable… not that I thought the D700 grip was such, and I have extremely tiny hands.

  • joeyG58

    Has anyone actually heard, how many D800 or D4 has been pre ordered? I’m saying is by the end of april they should have another 30,000 more D800 to spread around. Are we in the millions preordered ?

    • Jetfire

      The more important thing is how many D800s did Nikon have built at time of the release. One camera Store owner I talked to said Nikon has been building since November. That could be 5 months worth of 30,000 a month, just to take care of NPS and some local pre-orders. We could be looking to August and October to fill current orders if that’s true.

      D800Es are going to be worse.

  • RvF

    It simply makes sense.
    Don’t fight it and go with the flow…makes my life easier:-)

  • tuo

    I will say it here first, so mark my word.

    In the not to distant future, Nikon will launch a new format closer to middle format (like Hasselblad, 645 etc.). The cameras will have very high resolution CMOS sensor, for which the D800 is “a test run” if you might say so.

    They will feature more bells and whistles than most medium format cams (autofocus points) and will have an adapter to use nikon f lenses made for fx format, where the sensor will disable some of it’s pixel (like the dx mode on the fx bodies).

    It will be priced to compete with current medium format systems + backs (where the prices are dropping left and right…do they know more 😉 😉 😉 ) but will be cheaper as “the new kid on the block” and will of course launche a new series of Nikkors for the new format.

    Existing Nikon photographs can step up to this format, still use their current lenses in day to day work while buying new “medium format” lenses.

    It will happen 🙂

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      No. The MX project got binned in the light of the rapid increase in resolution in 35mm sensors. Think about it, 36mp in a 35mm format. Launching a new, much higher res medium format line would have such a tiny niche market, you may as well give them away. How many top of the line backs do Hasselblad and PhaseOne sell a year? How much market share could Nikon conceivably eat away from that?
      MX was a great concept 5 years ago but has been rendered economically dead by improvements in sensor technology.
      The reason MF prices are dropping is because of falling sales due to the economic downturn and the D800 now becoming a viable and much cheaper alternative. I’d say the D800 is Nikons clearest answer to the question if there will be a Nikon MX system. 🙂

      • Nikon could do it on a larger scale and for less money. Nikon has a much higher R&D budget than the medium format competition. There are still things you can do with a much larger surface area sensor that you cannot do with a smaller one (think FX to DX even).

        Nikon could *kill* a $25k PhaseOne back for probably $10k. Hell, they *could* just make backs… but that doesn’t sound like something Nikon would do.

        I think it’s silly to say it doesn’t make *any* sense. I see trouble in having to design large, expensive glass for a whole new mount. If they were smart, they would use an existing mount like Hasselblad’s… but seeing as Nikon is almost like Sony when it comes to proprietariness… wouldn’t happen. BUT, they really would probably only need to make 3-5 lenses to have a full system.

    • SNRatio

      Sure, any MF-type projects by Nikon have been put on hold awaiting, at least, the upscaled versions of the current 24MP APS-C-sensors – which will get us to 54MP FX. I think we almost surely will get there. The really interesting question is whether there is anywhere far to go further from there, with single-exposure (readout) Bayer type sensors.

      I doubt that, mostly for physical reasons. The ISO 800-3200 territory has been opened now, and there are way too many important applications where it is needed (keeping shutter speed low enough for the tiny pixels is just one) for it to be given up to a higher resolution very few will benefit that much from.

      Several lenses, also consumer quality, may be able to outresolve a 54MP FX sensor on the central spot. Very few even of pro quality are able to exploit even the 24MP D3X sensor fully, and I think we will hear much more about these problems when tens of thousands of serious D800 shooters try to get the most out of their 36MP sensors.

      Therefore, even though the “full well capacity” may be doubled or more by taking several sensor readouts per shot, glass quality will still be limiting. And my guess is that it is way simpler and cheaper to build lenses for a 36×54 sensor (r=64.9mm) than to increase the resolution of current top 43.3mm image circle glass over the whole image circle correspondingly. A series of primes, like 36, 50, 80, 110 and 150mm, plus a couple of t/s variants, would go a long way. Then we would be at around 120 MP, almost fully resolved, with an upscaled 24MP APS-C sensor and glass with the current top FF resolution.

      The market probably isn’t there today, but I guess it will develop over some time. I also think it would be wise for Nikon to forgo the 36x48mm step and go directly to 36×54. Personally, I would be soo happy to return to the old 120 film format in digital – when I eventually would be able to afford it, is quite a different question. But I don’t think those machines would have to be that expensive, provided there is a mass market for them.

      And 3rd party lens makers would surely fill in with more affordable glass.

      • SNRatio

        Correction: Of course, it’s d=64.9mm on a 36×54 sensor, not r! Which, btw, is not that far from the image corcles of current t/s FF glass. (Relevant for the price considerations, among other things.)

  • jorg

    I like your story, stranger…come sit down.tell us more…

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      The End. 😀

  • D700guy

    Really? I ordered my D4 from Adorama the day it was announced, jan 6th.
    I got this email today in reply to my inquiry of its where-abouts:
    “We sincerely apologize for any incovenience this has caused you. The first shipments that we received was alloted for the Nikon Professional Service (NPS) members only. Currently, there is no official ETA from the manufacturer for our next batch.”

    I’m thinking I wont see that D4 for another 6 or 7 months. At 5000 a month and probably a thousand vendors all over the world, that would mean Adorama probably gets 5 D4’s each month to hand out to the 1,000 who preordered with them.

  • neversink

    So… If the D800 is so much better than the D$, I mean D4, then why why why is the D4 twice the price of the D800??????????????????????????????

    • TT

      Companies don’t necessarily think in terms of “product X is twice as good a product Y, so we can charge twice as much” or “product X is half as good as product Y, we can only charge half as much”. Consumers use logic like that to justify their decision one product over another. Corporation develop pricing strategies based on what they believe their target audiences are willing to pay for each respective product.

    • First you’re comparing apples to oranges and missing the fine nuances here. The D800 and D4 are contrasting pieces of equipment, one being a work horse and the other which I would define for special purpose. They are two completely different cameras that share batteries, memory and that’s about it. My differences explained above, responding to “Mr. Real Photographer”. If you need enormous amount of data for large prints and you’re shooting at slower moving targets and environments the D800 is the way to go.

  • zoetmb

    I realize that Nikon is still recovering from the disasters of the last year, but they have always had problems keeping items in stock.

    I believe that B&H is the largest independent photo dealer in the world. In any case, they’re certainly a very important account for Nikon. The only Nikon DSLR bodies they have in stock are the D3100 and D5100. Nikon might as well take out ads stating, “Go buy Canon or Sony”.

    Even before the earthquake in Japan and the floods in Thailand, Nikon left tons of money on the table. It’s actually worse now then it was during those disasters. And when I checked a few weeks ago, 32% of Nikon’s lenses were out of stock (in the U.S.). While a company might not want to invest in the capital to meet peak demand, Nikon doesn’t seem to want to invest to meet even average demand. Or, they simply aren’t supplying the U.S. very well because of the weak dollar against the Yen.

  • SNRatio

    The D3X was Nikon’s first venture into high-res, large sensor land. As such, quite succesful, and the D800 is, rightly, considered more as a D3X successor than the still awaited D700 follow-up.

    The D800 follow-up is rather likely to be a 54MP FX model. But – wouldn’t it be wiser for Nikon to go for a 120 MP MX model instead? I think it would. A $4000 body with f/2.8 primes in the $1000-3000 range. It would make ISO 12800 workable, so, except for speed, it could be a jack of all trades.

    Think of all the D800 users. What do they upgrade to? It will be very hard to downright beat the D800 sensor on FX. Something will have to be sacrificed. Just look at the D4 sensor. In quantum efficiency it seems to be a step backwards from the D3s sensor. So, even though a 54MP sensor would offer some improvements over the D800, dont expect too much when integrating results over the whole FX sensor area.

    The next large step will be increasing sensor area. And the economics of imaging gear goes by the large steps, not the small ones. Just ask Canon about that.

  • Real Photographer

    All you morons that think the d800 is better than the d3x are out of your mind and IN MY HUMBLE OPINION are a bunch of amateur photographers who most likely will continue to take images of crappy sunsets and foggy mountain passes. The d3x’s build quality is far superior than the midget sized d800. All of you think megapixels matter 24 vs 36??? Seriously not much different. All you people have is slightly larger crappy photos of sunsets that will no doubt end up on your flickr page and or tumblr account. Speaking as a professional photographer this is a dark day in Nikon’s world. The d4 misses the mark with 16mp, 18mp is the magic number for most editorial needs, basically gives you enough for a DPS. 16mp falls 2in short which means having to uprez your images everytime. 36mp just means storage issues, slower download speeds and more retouching. Have fun with your piece of crap d800. The d3X is Nikons best camera, hopefully they replace it with something of equal value. Have fun shooting crappy birds and your ugly friends

    • Andrew

      I just got done talking to a used car salesman when I saw your post. Let me guess, according to you “18mp is the magic number” because a company by the name of “KARNON” has a magical camera with 18mp, is that right? And you want everyone to buy “KARNON”? TANK YOU for educating us.

    • Interesting.. I hope you see this response, because “All you” or “All you” and or “All of you”, and I’m out of breath. I would like to mention that if “Real Photographer” is in fact HUMBLE, and I’ll add would you please tighten-up your grammar, and act a little less angry because I would really feel a great deal of discomfort with “you” dealing with anyone that might be.. well human. With your disgusting post, apparently rendering all of us (All you) “morons”, give us a bit of credit even if we didn’t combat your ridiculous post. We all know that each Nikon body gives the opportunity of choice, for which job we need them to do, thus needing different requirements. I don’t think the replacement for the D3x is the D800, although the title of this column is D3x officially discontinued, you can still buy Nikon direct for under $8k. Meanwhile you can get a similar pixel count and higher sensitivity sensor from the D4, not to mention the machine gun effect from the 10-11 fps continuous shooting. Bottom line, if you’re a landscape/architectural photographer the D800 is an option, and if you can find a D3x pre-owned that’s well taken care of, fine. My personal preference is the D3s vs the D3x, because I need performance for the “paying jobs”, and will soon add a D4 for the same reasons. Cheers, and to “Real Photographer” work on your anger, and let’s back up our comments with some “real” information next time.

  • ArtY

    It is still there. Must have been a mistake and they re-listed it with the current products again.

    and it is no longer in the Discontinued list

    • this is not the right link – the one I posted was form Nikon Japan

  • fotojev

    Haha D800 has more pixels but for me I like to toss the body around in the sand and snow and such. D800 won’t do haha.D3x still rules!

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