Nikon D3s discontinued?

This could be a mistake, but Nikon USA removed the D3s camera from the DSLR section of their website. The Nikon D90, D3000, D300s, D700, D3x are still listed. Adorama currently has the D3s in stock.

Update: it's not a mistake - the D3s is listed in the "Archived Digital SLR Cameras" on the same Nikon USA website.

Back in December, there were some rumors that Nikon D3s is already out of production.

The D3s is also listed as discontinued on the official Nikon Japan website (this was not the case a month ago):

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  • burgerman

    The more I look at this

    The more I see that the D700 should/will stay. Its a well balanced line up. Its the entry level FX camera with a bit less resolution than the D4 and almost as low noise as D800/D4 and no video. Its still quite good for most people. It will probably hang around for years. It will fall in price inevitably.

    • PeterO

      …and it satisfies all those who want a still camera only with no video.

      • Land

        Yeah like me, I hated having a “video mode” on my other camera. It felt like I was shooting with a “do all” gadget but wasn’t great in any one area. I bought the D700 to upgrade to FX and also I was happy it didn’t have video and was just a still camera. It dampens my spirits to shoot a still camera with a video mode; it feels like I’m cheating on it when I use the other feature. 🙂

    • James

      Except that production costs for the D700 and D800 sensor (and other parts) are going to be roughly the same, so if Nikon wants to keep selling it at a low price, it has to be willing to accept much lower margins. So it’s not likely that we’ll see a sub-$2K D700; that niche will have to be filled by the used market.

  • It seems logical for Nikon to discontinue the D3s. They don’t want it to steal the thunder from the D4.

    • KT

      By the same token, they should have discontinued the D3X shortly after announcing the D800 but they didn’t. I guess they figured if someone is gullible enough to sink $8K into such an aging body then he/she deserves to have one.

      • bikinchris

        I am sure the D3X will be dropped when they have almost no stock left. I am sure they will have a hard time selling any new D3X they have in stock because of the low price of the D800.

  • RvF

    It makes sense, the D4 is the new updated version and therefore the replacement for the D3s…there is no point to keep it in production! Great camera though!!

  • Thanks for the Link to the Archived and Discontinued Nikons!

    My beloved F2 isn’t on there – Yay! I’m still relevant! 😉

  • This makes sense. The D3s has been surpassed and replaced by the D4. It is the D700 successor that remains a mystery.

    • burgerman

      Why does it need one? Its the very capable and cheapest FX entry level camera?

      How would you improve it? Its almost got D3S or D4 high iso noise, and its already got a slightly more expensive improved D800 model.

      That does better resolution, lower noise, movies if you want, (ignore if not!) can work as a DX camera with ease and use your existing lenses while you save up!

      What would a “new d700” bring to the table? And how could it be cheap if freshly developed?

      • Anonymous

        maybe after year when the demand for D4 and D800 flattens out and the cost of R&D been captured, a D4 sensor in a D800 body can be offered at a lower price point ($2199 ish). It can offer faster fps and higher ISO. There appears to be a good market for that, and Nikon can make some money there.

  • Catastrophile

    the by-now-old 12MP Nikons (D300 D3 D700) have become a joke in their later days considering the resolution & detail results of much newer cameras (even APS-C ones: eg NEX7), nice to see Nikon moving to hi MP in D800 and hopefully to a 24MP D400. very good idea to remove AA filter for those who prefer it removed.

    • As much as I appreciate and respect ur comment catastrophile, I disagree. I find myself thinking about a D700 to purchase as an upgrade to my D90. I really would love to hear news on a D400, but there’s is nothing. The D700 at the new price $2,199 is a good deal IMHO. I’ve shot with one and the IQ is still great and will continue to be great for years to come. It can make crystal clear prints beyond 16×20 and I’ve read a lot of reviews where the 700 beats a 21 mp 5dkii for IQ and performance so it’s not about mp’s or features. I will always think its about the photographer and not the eqiupment & hardly think a 700 is a “joke”

  • Florin Vant

    No news. D3s has been listed as discontinued on Romanian dealer’s sites for quite some time now.

  • PhotoGuy

    Perhaps we will now see a D700S … Put the D3S sensor into the D700 and the entry level FX body gets expanded low light performance. It seems like an easy upgrade for Nikon and it would allow them to continue to use the D3S sensor for a few more years. I understand that the frame rate isn’t as high as some would like it, but the D3S sensor was pretty impressive… A D700S seems like a great way to define the entry level FX camera.

  • Cam Ron

    As of 8 March 2012 Nikon Australia still lists the D3s as a current DSLR, but no sign of the D700. Perhaps it’s just a reflection of stock held by the official importer in various countries and both D3s and D700 are already consigned to the dustbin of history.

  • Arnold

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  • Alain Brin

    My wife & I shot over 5000 weddings with D3s cameras and they never once failed on us. Hats off to this iconic tool! Hoping for the D4s before the upgrade, but not holding our breath.

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