Nikon D3s listed as “out of production”

The Nikon D3s is listed as "out of production" on this Romanian store. My understanding is that F64 is a reputable authorized Nikon dealer and the the biggest photography equipment retailer in Romania.

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  • Andrew

    Yes! D4 is coming.

  • D4! D4! D4!

    • Soon! Soon! Soon!

      • broxibear

        After the Olympics ? After the Olympics ? After the Olympics ?
        lol !

      • arizonaSteve

        Which do you think is going to be announced first? D800, D4? Simultaneously?

        • Andrew

          Makes no difference, all will be announced in January.

      • iamlucky13

        Do you think there’s any chance of the D4 and D800 being announced on the same day?

        The D4 rumor mill seems to be pretty quiet.

  • nathan

    That doesn’t mean much. On the Crutchfield site it shows the 24mm f/1.4G as out of production too. That’s where I bought my lens so I know they had it in stock at one point. Plus they have one at the outlet store right now ($1699 if anyone is interested).

    • Everlast

      Yes 24mm f/1.1G is comming! 24mm f/1.1G! 24mm f/1.1G!

  • treehaus

    It makes sense to me that that the d800 and d4 get released together as the specs dont really have them in competition with each other. With a 36mp d800 also maybe there will be no D4x, cant quite see any point to one at all now. The line up would be more consistent and logical, much like the Canon 5d 1d range. Just a thought

  • It might mean something and it might not. Perhaps the vampires have all bought Nikons.

  • Cosmin

    It true F64 it is the biggest photographic retailer in the country and in close connection with Skin Media the official dealer Nikon for Romania. They even have Street stores, called Yellow Store only Nikon.

    • Calibrator

      “Skin Media” sounds like a porn outfit…

  • we want D800 and D4 😀

  • Got my name on the list for D4 at the local supplier.

  • FM2Fan

    if Nikon would promote a trade-in, then many customers could uptake on the new models almost immediately and others get their scond D3S (fall-back)

  • Mr. Lee

    New camera will be announced Jan 6th, 2012!

  • i can confirm you that F64 is the biggest photo retailer in all of Romania, and a respectable shop. as far as the D3s being out of production, i can’t confirm that.

    • John Doe

      F64, beside being the biggest retailer in Romania, it also has the biggest Photo store in South-East Europe. If no newbie entered some wrong informations on the site, their credibility is 100% proven.
      Secondly, Romania is the country in Europe where Nikon has a the biggest most huge market share (around 70-80%), so the brand is keeping specific Interes here.
      If F64 can not supply a Nikon gear … nobody can.

      • Everlast

        … and the whole Romanian market is probably less than 3 % of the american market.

        • John Doe

          Maybe so, even if you pushing the figures :-).
          Off topic … We are so small and unimportant to Nikon that we had SB910 in stock faster than USA and other big EU countries.
          But form a supplier point of view, the lower the stocks you are working with, the faster you see the disruption in the supply chain. In other words, the news arrive a little bit faster.

  • ^ what do you base that off of?

    • (in reference to the Jan 6th announcement date)

  • Paulo G

    Hey Adm., and what about D400?

  • Brock Kentwell

    In Romania, D3s produces you!

    • IndyGeoff


  • John Richardson

    Here in Ukraine (probably Russia too) vendors are out of D3s and D3x also. Not expected to get restocked. When even Ukraine is told by Nikon they can’t get it and that is the butt end of Europe, it has gotta be true.

    • But you can always acquire D3100 in every store you’re coming! Hooray!

      Was looking for D700 in Kiev and Lugansk. Zero.

    • Allan M

      D3s out of stock in denmark to

  • Chris

    I don’t need a new body, I need some new lenses, at more affordable prices! Give me an 85mm f/1.8 AF-S for $450 or less, and bring the rest of the lens prices in line with the competitors. I’m sick of seeing Canon’s lenses $100-$400 cheaper, and that’s not mentioning the sales they regularly have. I love photography, and prefer Nikon image quality & body handling to Canon, but the lens prices are killer. I’m going to have to start buying third party stuff.

    Current body line-up is perfect, D7000 + a D3S is an amazing combo, I don’t need anything else right now.

  • `Would it not be intersting if some of the newest technology in the V1 found its way into a DLSR. I anticpate something revolutionary in the next DLSR 🙂

    • Levi H

      I was kind of expecting this too, but I feel like Peter would have found something about it by now. He hasn’t listed anything about a “revolutionary” new feature in months.

  • Levi H

    Do you know what I think would be amazing? Releasing 3 cameras at the same time, or soon after each other:

    D4 – as listed, fast, high ISO, low MP
    D800 – slower, D700 ISO, with high MP
    D400 – FX. smaller D3s. not as much features or speed. The D4’s little brother if you will.

    This would be amazing.

    • Agreed amazing … singe me up 🙂 It’s Christmas time and I’ve been good. I’m ready for all the Nikon gifts my credit card can handle 🙂

    • Mike

      That would mean:
      d3s -> d4
      d3x -> d800
      d700 -> d400

      Hum… Nikon’s logic 🙂

      • Andrew

        This makes sense. The numbering scheme for the D700 did not make sense. Nikon positioned the D700 as a prosumer camera only to find the pros buying it and considering it a professional camera. Nikon thought that by adding a flash, this will convince professionals that it was a high-end consumer camera. But professionals wanting a budget camera did not care, and bought this camera in droves. So Nikon is now realigning their numbering scheme and re-positioning the successor to the D700 as a professional cameras and making its name consistent with its professional models. It is a little confusing at first, but over time we will get used to it.

    • javaone

      My hope is the d400 is based on the Sony Alpha 77 sensor but with a little higher ISO added.

      I want a replacement for my D300.

      Nikon should keep the high end DX alive.
      The market is there for people wanting to upgrade.

      • Andrew

        Who knows, maybe the new high end DX is actually the D7100, and all else will be full frame (FX) for professionals.

  • Hmm, that’ weird, it can’t be still because of the Flood can it?

    If that’s not the case, maybe the D800 and D4 are going to arrive quicker then expected? Late January/Early Feb?

  • goldaccess

    I would not read much in a web site glitch of a Romanian outpost.


    Hey adm… If the D4 is announced in January, How long until B&H or other dealers will be taking pre-orders. How long after announcement does it take to place one on backorder. …

  • lolly

    I don’t think anybody should be surprised by this “out of production” news. Let’s hope there’s a nice sticker-price (MSRP) surprise for the D4. I still think the D4 will be announced before a D800 unless it’s the overdue D700s that’ll be called D800.

  • George Terry

    What will this mean for the price on the D3s?

    • broxibear

      Hi George Terry,
      I’ve seen a few posts where people are hoping the D3s will drop in price but I really don’t see this happening. When the D3s came out the D3 didn’t come down in price, it just became unavailable to buy. This is what will happen with the D3s, you just won’t find it in stock anywhere…infact in many countries it’s already out of stock and has been that way for some time.
      If you’re lucky and find a smaller retailer with a D3s they want to get rid of you might get a bargain ?
      Here in the UK I’ve noticed D3s stock going down in the past few weeks but the price hasn’t.

  • Mark

    Good-bye, D3s,
    We hate to see you go,
    Good-bye, D3s,
    Here comes the new D4!

    Okay, what do you expect with only 30 seconds of effort? Keats? 😉

  • Oh, dear. What can I say…God help us if our Romanian Nikon Rumors sources say so…I am excited like everyone else about the upcoming D4 anouncement but would not hold my breath the lack of inventory in Romania. Also, if Nikon regards that market as the best-selling European market…God help them too. Most of the professionals that I know there use Canon.

  • this_is_not_my_d800

    at launch:

    D4: $5999
    D800 : $3499.

    • I think more than that.

      • silmasan

        Um, I don’t like your thinking 😀

      • Ho-ho-ho

        me neither !

  • Here in NL more and more webstores report the D3S as ‘out of stock’ , whilst one of them also mentions ‘out of production’….

    I’m somehow thinking that Nikon have decided to leave the D3S (afther the Thailand disaster and the Japanese safety-legislation issues,) for what it is (was :)), and now go all-out for the D4 ….

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