Nikon SB-910 Speedlight now in stock

The Nikon SB-910 flash is now in stock at B&H.

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  • Roald – Norway

    Now I’ll have to wait out the release of the D-800 before I can catch a plane over to NY and BH.

    To all the rest of NR readers and Admin. ; Have a nice and peacefully hollydays.
    Best regards from Norway.

    • IndyGeoff

      TY Roald, same to you and yours

  • Yeah, I want two of them.

    • youbanned

      U gotted banned.

      oh yeah $50 more than an Einstein 640. Granted, more portable. but still.

  • Jack

    wrong spelling

  • Dean

    I heard that Nikon is using this technology in the upcoming camera releases…

    • Anonymus Maximus

      yes I heard the same thing, however one should clarify, that it is in fact the 2037 release of the D9

      • John Richardson

        2037? Woot!!!!!!!!!!! I’m starting to save right now!!!

      • Calibrator

        D6, more likely…

  • Mike Lyons

    I looked at the BH site and I am not able to tell if this flash still uses the SD-9 battery pack. Can anyone help me out?

  • Chris Zeller

    Holey smokes! It really is $550! Unbelievable. On the other hand you can still get refurbished SB-800s for $350 on the Nikon site.

  • James

    I’ll stick with my SB 700’s

    • iagree

      Those things rock. tiny..decent amount of power. great value.

  • fyi: You’ve got a typo in the title…

  • Ashton Kutcher

    $549? hahahaha

  • bill casper

    Ordered the 910, hopefully the heat issue is not anymore. I’ve used my 800, killed batteries got them so hot I could not even hold batteries while changing to new one. Had a 900 one shoot the beach changed prefs. and it still failed me. good thing I have a reliable 800 ready to go. I use the Ni MH 2500 mAh rechargeable for years, fast recharge time but when they die they slow a couple and totally die.

  • I just got my new SB910 today. It’ll push the good old sb800 in the background.

    • Johan Bünger

      I had my SB-910 for 1 week now, I think it seem to work better then my SB-900 but that might just be a feeling havent done any actual test to compare the 2.

  • R!

    Didn’t they say that the SB-900 was upgradable via firmware so why make us pay again ,still no led light for video ,well I think I’ll wait a lil more …

    • Calibrator

      There is a difference between an “upgrade” and an “update”, you know?

      Also: Many products with an “update path” only have that to sell them better…

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