First Nikon FT1 adapter now in stock in Europe plus a quick AF demo

The first Nikon FT1 adapter is already in stock at Foto Hans Keuzekamp (€269). Here is a quick demo of the AF with a F-mount lens:

A quick update on using the FT-1 adapter from Nikon Europe:

  • Autofocusing is possible when AF-S lenses are used. However, focus mode must be set to AF-S (Single AF) and AF-area mode is fixed at Single-point with only the center focus point used.
  • [P], [S], [A], and [M] exposure modes can be used with CPU lenses however [P] is recommended as it is optomised for use with the FT1.
  • [A] and [M] exposure modes can be used with non-CPU lenses. Aperture is specified using the aperture ring on the lens.
  • Vibration reduction (VR) will function when a VR lenses is used. Enable vibration reduction, or specify a setting, using switches on the lens.
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  • Xander

    Good news for J1 and V1 users, and to those who have invested in this system and have their own Nikkor collection.

    • +1 as I can see AF works good! So now all we need – new cheap wide prime lences (f/1.8) 20/24/28 mm etc.

      • Pollux

        You mean 7/8/9 mm – the FT1 has a sensor divider of 2.7
        So if you want a 50mm full sensor, it’s 35mm for the D7000 sensors, and ~~17mm for the FT1/JT1 sensor

  • R!

    …the size of the sensor makes any lens, a soft lens ,this is stupid ,and I love Nikon , they should have an APSC size sensor instead of that b…….t for unaware beginers buyers.

    • R!

      I use nikor AIS lenses on my micro 4/3 with the all metal novoflex adaptator for F mount ,It is smarter!!!!!!!

      • Camaman

        Smarter if you are a MF dinosaur …

        • Hom Thogan

          Awww look at the troll I bet he doesn’t has fingers to do MF and that’s why he’s angry! awwwww…

          We (can’t) feel your pain fingerless troll 🙂

          • jeriko

            Manual focus is fun and all but it is hardly practical for most situations today.

            • MF Dinosaur

              Hardly practical for lazy untrained folks perhaps. Some of us have years and years of practice with MF glass.

            • Hom Thogan

              Really? Because I see a lot of high end shooters using a Mamiya RZ… which doesn’t has AF *GASP!* 😮

        • chrisq.

          better yet just throw it on auto exposure too, might as well be as lazy as possible with your photography and let your camera do everything.

    • Troy

      I don’t think or hope anyone investing in that camera or this kind of setup really expect to take professional quality pictures…but I think we should wait to see some results before we say the pictures will be subpar quality

      • Pollux

        Seriously I fave a 10-30mm and since shortly a 10mm prime f/2.8. Just GREAT for street photography – small setup, won’t shy away people, and hell of a fast sharp and very light sensitive. I love my FT1 –
        For these occasions better then my flagship. Snapshots are finally possible in digital photography with FT1. Is your nikki doing 60 frames per second?

      • Hom Thogan

        LMAO 🙂 you are funny, You think cameras make people pro…Aaaah silly hobo! you are hilarious, here have a food stamp 🙂

    • how on earth does it make it softer? Larger sensors/pixel counts makes lenses softer.

      • because the f-mount lenses are designed to resolve much larger pixels on a much larger image circle. though I bet the better glass stopped down 2 stops will resolve enough for the CX cameras.

    • Hom Thogan

      High density sensors are able to extract more from wide aperture lenses, they suck when you stop down but they shine at wide open diaphragms.

      Sooooo you aren’t only troll: you are a lousy troll… Go back to Dpreview and come back in 6 months poorly trained troll!!

      • Joel

        Shut up with the troll talk. Its not funny anymore, say something useful.

  • frank

    I think you guys are missing the point of this adapter. This will make an awesome telephoto setup for those who might need some reach in a pinch. The fact it does AF and allows VR will make simple lenses like the 70-200 and 300 into super telephoto lenses with great reach!

    • Eric

      Exactly. I really would like to try it with my 85 1.4 or old 80-200 2.8

    • Kelly Jones

      I’m looking forward to seeing the results with this combo. Who knows, maybe a 70-300 VR on a v1 will turn out good results. The center resolution quite good on the 70-300 and you would get the equivalent view of an 800mm lens. I’m willing to waiting and see before making a judgment.

      • iamlucky13

        The 70-300 VR will not be a good lens for this. It’s a hair soft past 200mm even on a 6MP camera.

        The 70-200 would do well, but obviously it’s a different price class.

          • iamlucky13

            Yes. Looking at a picture at 1/3 the resolution with lots of contrast and sharpening added doesn’t really test the resolution.

            Don’t get me wrong. The 70-300 VR is my main telephoto and I use it all the time quite happily. But even on my D40 the resolution limit is easily discernible and I have to be conservative about how much I crop my photos.

    • Ball_Lightning

      Yeah it does. But for what? Not for Sports and Wildlife, because you lack AF-C.

      • We don’t need AF-C to shoot a bird on a tree or a moon in the night sky.
        And besides, you can shoot cool video!

        • Ball_Lightning

          True. But many birds and animals don’t idle around all the time. And only one focus point and AF-S is quite a limitation then.

      • BornOptimist

        They did shoot sport with manual focus in the past.

      • Hom Thogan

        You may be too naive young but let me tell you this secret: there were cameras without AF systems not so long ago *GASP* and they were used by photojournalists and nature shooters *GASP*, can you imagine they used analog film to capture the image???? *GASP*

        • iamlucky13

          This is true, but it can be difficult, even with a proper focusing screen and lenses designed with manual focus in mind.

          Without a proper focusing aid like a split prism, and with the short travel focus rings on most AF lenses, the Nikon 1 will be tough to manually focus.

          As for action, if the focus is snappy enough, AF-single can give pretty good results.

          • Hom Thogan

            Let me tell you a secret about mirrorless digital small sensor cameras…. Unlike they SLR cousins you don’t need a focusing screen because you have a 3.0″+ screen to check out focus *GASP!* and they have a magical “digital magnifier” *GASP!* which helps a lot and… be sure to grab yourself to something: small sensor cameras have the benefit of wider DOF!!! so the chances of MF properly are much higher than with a FX or DX camera!!!


            • jack yell

              Wow, imagine that would be very useful for shooting still wildlife, like, say, dead ones?

            • Hom Thogan

              Jack 🙂 you rock 🙂

            • iamlucky13

              Your sarcasm is annoying. It doesn’t help the discussion in the least.

              Regardless, focusing on a moving object using an LCD screen is not easy, especially if the distance changes substantially, affecting your composition. When you’re zoomed in on the feature you want to focus on, you can’t see what’s happening to your framing or the background.

        • Ball_Lightning

          No need to be sarcastic.

          I might be young, and it’s true, I did not own a SLR without AF, my first was the F-601. However, I do own AI-S and AI-P lenses.
          I also know they shot excellent photos without AF, which is great, but does not concern me. We live in 2011 , not in the past.

          I do not know how good the screens on the N1 system are, but they have a certain response time. The question is: how fast is it?
          The question is also: how fast is the AF on a real telephoto lens. I’ll test it as soon as my local retailer has one, but by now, I remain sceptical.

        • Rich in TX

          I am just here to read about this new format, mostly out of curiosity, but what keeps jumping out at me are your elitist, condescending remarks towards other people. Calling people with opposing views ‘trolls’…
          Dont you have a job or a life or something? read the article, post your thoughts, then get on with it. Why spend all day posting negative comments about other people? I would love to see your photos on your professional web site to see just how much better of a photog you are than everyone else here. lol

          • NW

            I agreed with you, Rich.

            After reading all Hom Thogan’s replies, it’s not hard to conclude that this guy has some mental problem.

            I’m glad he is not the real Thom Hogan. 😉


          • …aight, Rich in TX, let’s see some pics.

    • Pollux

      Right, Frank – a 70-200 will be turned into a 189-540mm ( times 2.7 ).
      I look forward to put my 28-300 FX at work as an 75-810mm …
      (Only need a carrying handle on the lens)

      • Lonnie Utah

        Good luck with the results, Pollux.

        Folks keep touting “This will be awesome for telephoto shooters”. Yes, maybe.

        A very subtle point that folks keep missing in this discussion is the 1/xx mm rule for shutter speed in order to get “sharp” images. So I now have a 500mm or 800 mm lens. That means I have to shoot at shutter speeds greater than 1/500 or 1/800 in order just to stop camera movement in the frame. Give the poor (noisy) jpg results and cooked raw files (added NR on the raw above 800 iso) this camera is known to produce, unless you are in very bright light, I’m not sure how useful those focal lengths are going to be with this set up. Most folks will be forced to shoot wide open, and this isn’t the strong suit for most lenses (wide open and max zoom).

        But as I said, good luck trying.

  • And a lot of good it does with a friggin 2.7x crop!

    Yeah, I may be a little bitter.

  • Phill

    Putting this sensor in a P7100 body WOULD make some sense. This DOES NOT.

    • I would more have liked to see the exspeed 3 processor in the p7100. Even with the upgraded exspeed 2 processor in the p7100 it isn’t exactly fast, especially when shooting raw.

      • WoutK89

        I dont think the processor is the bottleneck, I assume the A-D converter is.

  • NonAiLenses

    I wonder if this adapter will work with my non ai lenses.

    • Jon Porter

      It says it meters in A and M modes with non-CPU lenses, so that indicates there’s a meter-coupling prong on the device. That would likely interfere with mounting non-AI lenses on it.

      • Metten

        It probably meters ‘stop down’: The aperture is set on the lens and the camera meters through the set aperture. Not with aperture wide open like normal SLR metering.

        This allows for metering with any lens, CPU or not.

  • ATK

    No wonder..!! why….Nikon haven’t announced the price of this item with j1 and V1.

    $350 is the answer.

    • broxibear

      £230 pre-order price in the UK.

      • Everlast


      • FX DX

        I am unable to get my head around this. If I want a smaller body, why wouldn’t I go with D5100 instead. I will get better image quality, roughly the same size with lens attached, and it will be cheaper too. Nikon prices are downright outrageous.

      • ATK

        around $300 ?

    • Hhom Togan

      I wonder if most of the people that comment here are hobos?? they all seem to complaint about prices…

      Let me tell you a secret… there’s one thing called “Banks” where you can deposit money on a “savings account” you decide how much to save in this account and that let’s you plan for the future *GASP!* can you imagine the possibilities??? putting $80 bucks a week (instead of drinking overpriced coffee at starbucks, stop putting cancer in your lungs or reducing your spheric body by not eating fast food) and you could… save and… buy it *GASP!*

      • Alex

        Doesn’t matter how much money one has in the bank, overpriced is still overpriced. Speedlights, battery grips, teleconverters, etc etc etc

    • Jabs
      • ATK


        No bad for the price..I do believe it will be out of stock very soon.

        still not for me

      • Thanks Jabs, I missed that one.

  • I think its brilliant! put an 85 1.4 on their and you have a bokeh beast while being the size of a 3100 with a kit lens. Maybe not for everyone but what other similar system accepts a full line of glass that people already have?

    • Everlast

      Probably released the first one nearly 2 years ago, and now the one with mirror & motor

    • ATK

      Donot expect very good bokeh from this system. I (We) have already suffered from DX sensor with FX lens. with CX and FX lens, we will suffer more with the bokeh.

      • Giles Hamilton

        ….and then Nikon releases its “in-camera bokeh control” feature into the Nikon 1, which closely resembles depth of field with faster equivalent lenses and sensors, expect great bokeh!

  • WAlfaro

    Well, good to see the adapter, although nikon keeps limiting the possibilities as you can only use it in AF-S, why? Wouldn’t it be great to use it for nature photography with a 300mm which would be a 900mm? Again preventing the best uses… Very disappointing!

    • Hhom Togan

      Switch to BenQ please

  • T.I.M

    Ridiculous, useless, pointless, expensive, bulky… other shity accessory from Nikon !

    Wait few months and you’ll get it for few bucks on Ebay.

  • fgy

    stupid ever design, what the point of having a big lens on a small camera? nikon stupid

    • Yoan

      If you can’t see the point it doesn’t mean there’s none.
      Wildlife shooters who already have tele lenses would love the 2.7 crop factor of this. For example a 70-300mm lens will become a 189-810 one.

      • T.I.M

        Sure, why not 70-300mm + x2 teleconverter + 2.7 crop ?
        It’s not my opinion, it’s physic laws.

        • OsoSolitario

          Physic laws?
          Do you know wich kind of sensor are inside the usual professional video cameras, same as used on National Geographic Wildlife documentaries? A FX one? DX maybe? NO!!!!!!!!!
          Broadcast videocameras usually use 2/3 inches sensors…. When used on wildlife locations, usually are coupled at Pro telephoto lenses from Canon or Nikon (with adapters) so the result is an huge increasing of image magnification.
          Nikon 1 system is not much different as a portable broadcast videocam works!!

          • T.I.M

            How can you compare a video (1900×1080 max) to a DSLR picture ?
            You don’t make any sens.
            But, go a head, buy that shit, and in 6 months when you’ll sell it on Ebay for $50 maybe you will remember what I said.
            Merry Xmas.

            • Daniel

              It seems like you such a pro guy who wish to take 300mm F2.8, 400mm F2.8, 500mm F4 and 600mm F4 even 800mm F5.6 AIS lense everytime.
              I think it is cheap and convenient to get a 800mm for normal customers, which makes sense. Yes, physic laws, do physical test every year see if you have some back problems.

      • ATK

        Think about 189-801mm f4.5/5.6 with this poor ISO sensor (compared to DX or FX).
        I think this set can only catch static trees from a mile way.
        You have to boost ISO up to 3200-6400 in order to get something slowly moving in bright light.

        If it is cloudy, this set will be doomed.

    • Hhom Togan

      It isn’t like Nikon is forcing you to buy it, there are lenses for the V1 that are small (even smaller than the big Sony lenses for their NEX cameras).

      If you don’t have a japanese guy with a Nikon t-shirt pointing a gun at your head while yelling in his language for you to buy it then you are free to not to buy it (just check under your bed… he may be hiding there…)

  • Finally got around to trying out a V1 in a shop. The interface was not anything like I expected–you can indeed change aperture and shutter on the fly while shooting video. I couldn’t figure out how to change ISO while shooting, so I’m not sure if that’s possible.

    Great viewfinder too. From a usability standpoint, I was ready to get one then and there.

    I’m glad I brought the video home and inspected it first–utter crappy. It has this jittery-ness when panning that I couldn’t shake. Tried processing it various ways to no avail. Just didn’t work as well as the video from Sony or Oly/Panny. It didn’t even look as good as the footage from my D7000.

    …back to the drawing board!

    • The V1’s video quality is actually pretty amazing, minus the lack of shallow DoF. Not sure what went wrong for you. Maybe your computer was having a hard-time playing the files back? My V1 review is almost done. It will have comparisons with the Olympus PEN EP-3 (both Stills and Video). Hang-tight.

      • Hhom Togan

        Our expect friend didn’t noticed that the “panning” sucks without a steady cam, glide cam or good tripod… *GASP*

      • Metten

        I have seen some examples of 1080i/60 footage and it is horrible. 1080p/30 is fine though.

        • That might actually be the case. Perhaps the 60i container is shite. Now I’ll need to retest!

          And in response to the other comments, no, it looks the same on the back of the camera, on my laptop, and on my properly configured desktop sporting an AMD 8150 and an Nvidia 560ti. It handles the Mercury engine like a charm. 1080/60p AVHCD from the 5n and 24p from my D7000 all play back fine.

    • Jabs

      Small body, long lens = the need for a Steadycam equivalent or a Video tripod to smooth out sideways panning.

      Pendulum effect.

      Operator fault probably!

      • 10mm is not “long”, even on the V1.

        And you assume incorrectly that I didn’t use a tripod or stabilized lens.

        I’m not talking jello (I think that’s what’s you’re trying to say with “pendulum”). I’m talking some other sort of artifact that appears to result from the 60i interlacing. Not jello jiggle–it’s alternating scan lines.

        …but thanks for trying!

      • Jabs

        ‘Pendulum effect’ refers to the effect that you get when you pan quickly side to side with a lens and the camera tries to keep up with your movements.

        Longer the lens, the worse the effect.

        Old grandfather clock movement – DING DONG – pendulum effect from old time clock mechanical movement.

        Get a sturdy tripod with a fluid head, as regular photographic tripods cause the effect. NOT ‘jello effect’. Light the scene better too!

        • Your utter lack of comprehension of anything I write here is astounding. Is it just with me, or do you do this with everyone? Apologies if this is a language thing and this isn’t your native tongue. Or perhaps a learning disability? I’m not trying to be insulting–I’m honestly confused at this point.

          “Pendulum effect” is the same thing as “jello effect”. It is the result of the sequential (read:progressive) scanning of the sensor from top to bottom. Panning sideways results in an effect similar to a tall pile of jello from side to side. Vertical movement results in a different form of distortion, but it too is a result of the same scanning issue.

          Cameras don’t “try to keep up with your movements”, unless you’re describing a VR lens or AF tracking. Neither of those have a bearing on the jello issue.

          Long lenses do indeed exacerbate the effect, however, as I stated, I was using a 10mm lens on the V1, which equivalent to about 27mm. 27mm on 35 is not “long” by any definition.

          The jello effect is actually not a new thing–Speed Graphic cameras will exhibit the same effect with their “high speed” slit shutter if you pan them during exposure (I don’t know why you would, but google it for some interesting old pictures. Or buy one and try it–it’s a neat effect.) You can also get a similar effect if you shake a betterlight back or have motion during exposure. (see: Similar cause, different effect.

          Lighting has no direct bearing on the jello effect. If a camera suffers the effect a certain shutter speeds, you can probably just adjust ISO or aperture (if they are adjustable on your camera) to avoid those shutter speeds. Of course, if your camera only does video in full auto, lighting may be a factor in how you experience the effect. In fact, in bright light with short shutter speeds, I felt the effect was more obvious on my old D90, than with longer shutter speeds.

          The V1 one does indeed have very little jello going on. It does absolutely have some ugly interlacing artifacts in 1080/60i mode.

          Instead of ignorantly assuming I’m doing something wrong (even after I’ve spelled out that your assumptions were incorrect) you should go try it out.

          If you don’t care to, you could just politely stop trolling.

    • nathan

      Goes to show that if you want video just go out and buy a dedicated video camera. No jitters, no jello, and no problems.

      • If low light ability and high bit-rate/low compression video aren’t important to you, then no, no problems at all!

        So far, no self-contained, non-interchangeable lens video camera compares to the footage I can get with my D7000.

        So, no, it doesn’t go to show that “you want video just go out and buy a dedicated video camera” at all. Unless you’re talking something like an FS100. Or the new Canon rig. But those are a bit out of my range and seriousness level for video.

        So nope, you’re confused about what gear other people want. And you should stop guessing and making unsolicited suggestions that are off the mark. Unless you just feel like being argumentative. –in which case, go to town, people love to argue on the internet!

  • Landscape Photo

    Expensive body, expensive adapter for what it does.

    I’d rather crop from a D800 raw image as tele-extender usage. Why bother for any further extender effect not even knowing if aerial resolution of lenses will ever fully support that tiny pixel pitch even stopped down. Btw, it will be diffraction limited @ f/5.6 or so.

    It may be worth giving a try for wildlife photographers.

    • Hhom Togan

      I can’t see the logic of comparing a 350+850 bucks vs 4,000 bucks 🙂 I mean I know you are all hobos that live on dimes (because it seems everything is expensive) but you are the first aspirational hobo of the website.

      You have earned the “Hobo of the week” food stamp 🙂 just remember seven eleven doesn’t counts slurpee’s for food stamp exchange.

      • Landscape Photo

        Thanks for your “kind” remarks !

        I said expensive for what it does. Instead of throwing $1000 into bin, I’d rather buy the D800 when out.

        Already having a D700, it won’t cost me $4000 but in the range of $2000-2500. Sure, not a bargain but worth for getting rid of 10-12mp range I’m stuck for 6 years.

        • Hom Thogan

          Still doesn’t makes sense… My main worry with the rumored D800 is that the high density sensor doesn’t helps with the downsampling causing moire… Of course this will have to be seen if they manage to control it via the image processor somehow.

          Think of this you are downsampling 30 something megapixels to less than 6 (yeah it is idiotic…) and thus there has to be a side effect to it aspirational hobo 🙂 (Like the 5D MKII and D7000 moire problems in video).

          So your 4,000 bucks investment doesn’t looks any better than the 850+350 investment 🙂

          • I understand your concern for moire, but it’s a little off. Here’s why: color moire is the one that causes the biggest issues–it’s difficult to process out. Color moire is a result of the bayer array. A higher pixel pitch will effectively give you a higher sampling frequency, which means that the color moire will also happen at higher sampling frequencies (read: higher resolutions)

            The result is that the color moire will be much smaller/finer. So small that it will probably not be visible at all when downsampled. It doesn’t become more obvious when downsampled. Example: the D3, D300s, and D90 all suffered much worse moire in video than the 5dmkii. Anecdotally, I find that I encounter much less moire on my D7000 than I did with my D90.

            If you really wanna nerd out, download test shots from dpreview and imaging-resource from 12, 16, and 24 megapixel sensors, sharpen them until they alias and downsize them to a 1920 horizontal. I bet you’ll see less color moire from the higher MP shots.

  • mikils

    Ok, Nikon, you delivered, good luck with that, now back to work on DSLRs

  • Capture nxFAIL

    So, essentially a lot of people are saying that this adaptor would be good for wildlife photographers… is that all? Any other uses for it? Might make a good spy cam. Perhaps even good photos of the moon if you like.

    • Hhom Togan

      I´m naming you “freaky”because you are the first one to think about using the adapter+camera as a spy cam, oooh you freaky hobo!, you hobos are so funny :).

      Here you have a food stamp, remember that food stamps aren’t valid to exchange for Playboy or Hustler magazines at 7/11 🙂

  • Ken Rock

    This mirrorless system started off wrong. Just trashing away the work of previous engineer who retired.
    1) iPad1 launched with thousands of APPS from iPhone were ready to go at the announcement.
    2) Nikon own DX sensors and whole DX lens concept. Still mount all previous NIKKOR LENS.

    Why can’t just remove the mirror off the D3100, slim down the body, and Release to Production with 35mm 1.8G Kit or Body Only and still charge $1000 while attract more point and shoot ppl who will later move to D8000.

  • Discontinued

    The V1 makes the FT1 + 50 1.4 look like a 200 1.4. How disappointing it is just a 135 1.4 equivalent (just kidding). Can’t make my mind up – shall I buy it? It does 1080 at 60 fps, right?

    • Hhom Togan

      If you need to ask a bunch of strangers if you should buy the camera then I wouldn’t recommend buying it… simply because if you are so dummy to trust a bunch of hobos with computers then you must be out of your mind 🙂

      *Goes back to bridge to his cardboard house*

      • Discontinued

        Funny ! ! !

        My question was meant rather rhetorically, hence a statement (can’t quite fall the V1 but I do want 60 FPS @ 1080 for doing slomo). There is still hope Nikon will put that feature into a DSLR. Would beat Canon’s 1DX. Oh well, there goes my hope.

  • WoutK89



    • Hhom Togan

      Oh you are hungry? silly hobo I told you a diet isn’t good for your health :)… look the hobo over there did a rat soup! if you exchange your collection of nails you can eat some! …What?? you don´t like rat soup… but you are a hobo… close your eyes and imagine it is spam soup 🙂

    • Spam will make u fat. Its fast food. Americans, stop eating fast food. Hobo’s need healthy food to sustain them while they try and protect their little cardboard cover from flying away in the wind on the bridge. Give food to Africa.

      • Hom Thogan

        Keep in mind hobos live in the cold street, they need the calories and the fat Spamm gives them to survive! they are the opposite from the normal american with a house growing fat and fat (they say the next step of evolution in america is to go rolling instead of walking :)).

        If we leave to americans the task of sending food to Africa they are more likely to open McD, Wendy’s and KFC’s instead of actually giving food…

  • ATK

    Just wonder what if FT-1 and V1 with slow lens at f3.5 or 5.6 ??
    Even first entry D-SLR have the problem with AF performance

    • Hom Thogan

      Use fast lenses

      • ATK

        How fast ?? 1.4 maybe too fast.
        This would be the AF problem also.

        • Hom Thogan

          Why would it be too fast??? :│!!!??? f/2.8 might be more than enough…

          I´m naming you “confused” because you are one heck of a confused hobo 🙂

          • ATK

            the best AF performance is around f2.8, not 1.4.
            50mm 1.4 or 24mm 1.4 I considered them as a bit slow AF lenses.

            With this demo for the first AF shot, it is a bit slow (for me). After that it seems fast, of course, it had already in focus, and the distant didn’t change !

            Of course you are totally correct !!!, I am confused since V1 and J1 on the market!!!! ha ha ha

            • ItsaChris

              on high end nikon SLRs f1.4 does provide the ability for faster AF then a 2.8 lens. on some other brands this is not the case.

              but some of nikkor lens like the 70-200 will have faster AF then say the 50mm 1.4 because of the motor not the AF sensor.

              I am not sure faster lens will provide faster AF on the v/j1. but there will be at least less LCD lag in darker areas and less heat given off by the sensor.

  • Chris Zeller

    Holey smokes! That really makes the V1 huge even with one of the smallest F mount lenses available. Kind of defeats the whole Nikon one system compact concept. Put any zoom lens on there and the whole camera will be ungainly and not at all compact. I could see using this thing in a pinch, but I don’t expect many Nikon One owners will be buying F mount lenses just to use on their V1s.

    I think a lot of people are missing the boat here with the One system. The problem really isn’t the small sensor, its that the One system really doesn’t fit into any DSLR owner’s. I have my DSLR for serious work and a P&S S95 for active sports where a DSLR isn’t appropriate. The One system is way too big to replace my S95 and not capable enough to replace my D7000. I just don’t need anything in between–much less something that demands I buy into a whole system. Its like an ipad. I don’t need anything in between my iphone and my laptop. (Though thy sell lots of those and I’m sure they will sell lots of V1s)

    • Good iPad analogy, with the same results… don’t buy one! Why would anyone buy a V1 if it doesn’t do what they want? But instead they waste time on this forum ripping it to shreds having never touched the damn thing! Stupid. How about something like this: You’ve got a nice kit of Nikon gear but want something small, light, fast and with image quality that blows any P&S out of the water. And one extra benefit? You can adapt any of your nice Nikon glass to it, just because you can. Got a 70-200 2.8? Now you can play with it as a 189-540 2.8. Not bad for an extra $269 investment, eh?

  • kaze kaze

    now we’ve got the nikkor to work (sort of), if only next we got the CLS to works then that’s a true Nikon camera system. Just my inputs…

  • Simple Mathematics:

    Prices in USD:

    Option One:

    V1 – $900,00
    Adapter – $270,00
    70-200 VR II – $2.400,00
    Total – $3.570,00

    Option Two:

    D7000 body – $1.300,00
    TCE 20 III – $499.00
    70-200 VR II – 2.400,00
    Total – $4.199,00

    Difference $630,00 – for better DOF, Video, Versatility, Grip, Handling, Re-Selling price. Ok you lose 0.7 x zoom but wtf , buy an 300mm f4.

    IF you already have the glass and the money good for you, buy a V1 do some samples and show to us (full resolution please).
    V1 is just a toy for Big Kids Play, try your 85mm 1.4 AF-S and have fun, if you have money.

    Just trolling this big coolpix.

    • .7x and… 2 stops! It’s 2.8 on the V1 vs 5.6 with your TC2. Actually it’s not .7x since the D7000 has it’s own 1.5x crop factor. More like V1 loses .3x but gains 2 stops of lens speed.

  • Luis

    So if the pixel density is on par with a D7000, why am I going to stick a 70-200/2.8 on this and force a crop when I can just put it on a D7000 and do a 2.7x crop after the shot and achieve the same basic crop? It isn’t as if there is a huge difference in size/weight between a D7000+70-200 and a “1”+adapter+70-200. Or put the 70-2000 on a D5100 for that matter.

    Seriously, if I am going to be hauling out my 70-200/2.8, or 200/2, or 800/5.6, or other big glass, why I am bothering with bringing out a “1” to go with the lens?

    My take on this system was that it was to be something portable and unobtrusive. While this adapter would make my existing arsenal of lenses work on the “1”, by the time I tack it on then add a DX or FX lens the rig has grown quite a bit.

    I can maybe see popping a F/1.4 lens on it since the fastest Nikon 1 lens is 2.8, like they did in the example. I’m sure they picked that lens for this demo due to it’s relatively small size.

    • Hhom Togan

      Because every TC available (even the ones from Nikon) degrade a WHOLE LOT the image quality and it is visible in video. Bad Idea hobo!

      • Luis

        My TC-20E III works quite well on my 200/2 VR. Image degradation is very negligible in still images and it is completely a non-issue with even 1080P video, which is of much lower capture resolution, grabbing only a scant 2MP from the 16MP D7000 sensor.

        The TC does not perform quite as well with my 70-200/2.8VR-II for still images as is does on the 200/2, but certainly not so bad as to preclude it’s usefulness when final print sizes are going to be 8×10 or smaller (i.e. most sports shooting). Under 1080P, again, the difference is pretty much transparent due to the low capture resolution of 1080P.

  • jake337

    I wish I could afford and want to see these lens tested on this camera.

    Nikkor 50mm f1.2 ais
    Nikkor 58mm f1.2 Noct
    Nikkor 200mm f2
    Leica Noct f0.95

    Any and all f2 or wider lens available in nikon mount.

    • Hhom Togan

      And I bet you want someone to do it for you for free?? 🙂 Silly hobo…lol

      • jake337

        Lol, by test I mean just see some pictures taken with these lens attached to this body. If I had these lens and the body, I would do it.

        You can find examples of the nex, micro 4/3, etcf with these types of lens. Would like to compare, that is all.

        Not actually testing, just snapshots.

  • I want to try it with my 70-200/2.8 VR!! (:

  • Giles Hamilton

    This camera is truly a fantastic innovation, its fast, it has great quality, it’s compact, it’s light to travel with/or as an edition to your kit bag and now with this adapter, very, very flexible in a mixed shoot situation. This camera has brought stills and video capture much closer together – thankfully in this multi-media required age. In the future, smaller sensors will no doubt go beyond what some of the best DSLR’s can do today, once that fully happens, most the arguments here go mute. Nikon will be ahead of the game once that happens.

    Putting things into perspective here, the only negativity I hear verbally from this camera or accessories are not from any professional peers, but just amateurs armed with DSLR’s proving a “technical” point, or even camera salesmen who always seem to no better beyond any professional needs…..

    …….When I first walked into the shop to look at the Nikon 1, the sales assistant says, “don’t look at that, this is more professional” (naming no cameras). I said, why is that, “well it’s got a bigger sensor” he replied, I asked why do I need a bigger sensor, the reply was “bokeh”, whats bokeh, he replies, “its what professionals use” …. geez so old skool!!!!

  • Janet McDowell

    Well I think this settles it. Nikon sees its future with the mirrorless & given up on the DSLR.

    New Nikon’s mirrorless is out…. … … .. . . .how…. ………exciting…. …….. ……… …………… ..

  • John C Picking Jr

    This is the complete dumbing down of society. I bought a D700 just to use my AIS on a modern camera. With the electronic rangefinder MF is fast and accurate.

    • John C Picking jr

      I can MF but can’t post. This was supposed to be at the top in reply to a guy who thinks manual focus is stupid.

  • AnNoyed

    Hom Thogan is quite possibly the most insecure (and inept) person on this forum. Why not try the other approach and actually help inform the discussion, rather than trash talk your way to everyone’s shit-list. Not capable of it, are you… That would require intelligence and dignity… neither of which you seem to possess…

    In that regard, you are the troll and hobo, my friend… (and a sorry one at that) “GASP”!

  • Casey

    Who wants to see Hom thogan’s portfolio?……..I DO!

    • Joel

      Yes Please!

  • Chris Zeller

    The name says it all–not his real name and semi-posing as someone else who is respectable. What do you expect. I read the avatar and I ignored him. Same for those with names similar to Ken Rockwell.

  • Ken Hogan

    Sorry everyone, I am not that “Hom Thogan” so please do not direct at me….that Hom Thogan is so annoying.

    The fact is: most big mouth talkers, who spend more time talking in forums, do not have any good portfolios…..pros spend time to shoot, experience, and improve their photography skills……big mouth talkers spend time googling unreliable sources and talk trash.

    I do not think that they own the cameras they are talking about..and I bet they are **really good at their point-and-shoot cameras…or use “Professional” P mode with their DSLR. Lol.

  • I suggest that from now on no one is allowed to comment on the new 1 Series Nikons until they’ve actually used it. That would eliminate 99.99% of all comments, sarcasm and ignorance. It wasn’t designed to compete with the D3s, and it blows away P&S cameras – including P7100 and G12. I’ve personally seen a lot of good images coming from these cameras.

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