Nikon SB-910 now shipping to dealers in the US

The new Nikon SB-910 flash is already available in Europe. The new Speedlight is now shipping to dealers in the US. Expect delivery to customers to start by the end of this week.

Check also this specs comparison between the SB-900 and SB-910.

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  • 700geek

    that’s a sign

    • in germany it is already in retail since saturday.

      • Frankc

        Uh, yeah. Did you not READ the first line in the article? I think Germany is in Europe. Duh!

  • Been there guy

    Santa got lost with his bagfull of D800 and D4. The Elf was carring the the flesh lights!

    • Calibrator

      The “flesh” lights?

      I don’t think he “carried” it…

  • Been there guy

    The design of the flash is down right ugly!

    If Steve Jobs worked at Nikon, all of the Nikon designers would been at the unemployment benefit offices.

    • Keith

      Been there guy…if Steve Jobs worked at Nikon…Flash wouldn’t be supported.

  • broxibear

    What are the price differences between the models in other countries?, here in the UK the differences are pretty big.
    SB-700 £240
    SB-900 £325
    SB-910 £450

    • Dennis Chan

      SB-700 $329
      SB-910 $550

    • I shoot Nikon

      There is a £125 difference between the SB-900 and the SB-910? Are those the official prices or what some retailers are charging due do scarcity? Seems like an insane amount to pay for just the thermal cut-off fix.

      • broxibear

        Hi I shoot Nikon,
        Those prices are pretty much across the retailers, the SB-910 is £450 everywhere, the SB-900 varies from £310 (special offer) to £370, the SB-700 goes from £240 to £285.
        There are plenty of SB-900s in stock, and considering how good the SB-700 is, that’s the model which is the best value unless you absolutely need the extra power…it’s £210 cheaper than the 910.

  • Don

    Still no lime green.

  • this just in……..

    Santa’s luggage got lost in customs and it may delay both D800 and D4 shipments

    …the SB-910 was in the carry on!

  • NikonSwe

    Already in stock in Sweden, has been since the weekend.

  • Adamz

    fully available in poland – but way to overpriced.

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