Is this the stolen Nikon AF-S 600mm f/4G ED VR lens?

A month ago, Nikon's NPS roadshow gear worth over $150,000 was stolen in Dublin, Ireland. Last week I received a tip that a Nikkor AF-S 600mm f/4G ED VR lens matching the serial number on the stolen equipment list (205164) was listed for sale in an European photography forum for $5000 (new price is $9,799.95). The listing has been removed since.

Please note that Nikon never confirmed the serial numbers of the stolen equipment, so all this could just be a misunderstanding. I have more images and screenshots of the original listing if anyone involved with the case is interested.

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  • Banned

    Can you post the screens, just curious. It’s a little funny on the photo here the serial number looks photoshop added… But why would anybody do this I don’t know.

    • don’t want to post the full listing, because this could be a mistake, this is resized crop of the image

      • regular

        Which country, then?

        • no name

          it’s a listing in Romania… it has no pictures of the lens.

        • no name

          it goes something like ” no sign of use or hits, almost unused”

    • MJr

      “It’s a little funny on the photo here the serial number looks photoshop added”

      It’s funny how people say that about anything. No matter how real it is.

  • Seb

    I´ve seen a listing for the Nikon D800 on Amazon Germany for 2500€ (Amazon´s price is 2899€) and had to think of the NPS roadshow gear as well… 😀

    • fiatlux

      The D800 got briefly discounted to about that price in a local store here in Belgium. Odd for a pre-order item, but I doubt they (one of the biggest Nikon reseller in Brussels) would sell stolen equipment

    • Regaudeo

      2500€ are 3325$ at today’s currency change!!! 325$ more than B&H price in the States. Is it clear enough?

  • T.I.M

    Buy CANON and you won’t have to worry about someone stealling your camera/lenses.

    • stormwatch

      LOL. Besides D800 and all those N lenses who on earth would need anything with canon sticker.

    • R!

      Yes because even thiefs know that Canon lenses sucks, lol!!!!!!

    • MuttonPuncher

      Ah that will be my lot in life. I will market Canon lens covers and body covers for Nikon lenses and cameras:^)

      • T.I.M

        Using bags and straps without Nikon brand/logo help.

        Also, if you have to travel by air, put all your gear in case and write “fecal samples do not contamined” on it.


  • Troy

    More than likely it’s the thief…who would buy the lens and sell it for that much under the reg. price

    • Jan

      80% of Canon ads I’ve seen list ‘used a few weeks old’ gear sold for 60% RRP.

      • BrandAgnostic

        Link please. Hell, I’d pay a full 61% on a few weeks old 24-70 or 16-35.

        (Hint: They’re more like 85% of retail even after years.)

        • B!

          With prices adjusted some things even sell for more than bought in years prior.

  • urgyen

    I just checked the list of stolen Camera gears and it’s the same Seriel Nr. and Lens (600mm).
    Is it really listed on an European Ebay ??
    But strange thing is the seriel Nr. which is right next to the Made in Japan print.

    • I’ve seen other lenses that have the serial next to the label.

    • it was not listed on ebay

    • I have few more tips on weird ebay listing with owners that do not want to give the serial numbers of expansive Nikon lenses.

      • Markus

        Was it listed on a Dutch site, also with a low priced 35mm f/1.4G lens?

      • Monkey Nigh Mow


        • Banned

          Yea these things tend to fill up your closet…

          • Frank

            They sure do. They have expanded enough to fill up my new van!

  • jonnie

    I would think that Nikon engrave the serial numbers of demo equipment in a place where the removal of the number by a thief will be blatently obvious.

  • R!

    Steeling is stupid for Camera or lenses this is so dumb ,that remind me when I got robed by stupid people once they stole 3 VCR that were’nt working and a oldstyle tv (that was in my country house) the insurance gave me 1000$ for that ,I want them to come bck get my broken fridge but they never came bck!!!!!! lol!!!
    Well crime don’t pay,be legit and you’ll sucess in life!!!!
    I still accept any of stolen lenses or D800 ,I’ll give them back to nikon after testing of curse!!!!

    • Ren Kockwell

      Spelling LOL.

      • It’s grammar that’s the problem not spelling. But besides that, to all those grammar nannies on this forum, don’t you guys realize this is an international site and people from non native English speaking countries post on this forum?

        I hate seeing posts about spelling or proper use of grammar. Get over it.

        • preston

          @ o.b.1ne
          In general I completely agree with you but in this case Ren was not offering the annoying “learn how to spell you idiot” response, but rather just saying that it made him laugh. It made me laugh too, but I don’t hold anything against a non-English speaker for this.

        • Monkey Nigh Mow

          I hate seeing posts about people posting about spelling or proper use of grammar. Get over it.

          • yet you posted something about it. you are a monkey.

            • jack yell

              You all FAIL

          • Gerry

            Yeah hypocrite!!! You posted about admin typing expansive instead of expensive. That is just a slip on the keyboard and you can’t edit these posts. It isn’t necessary and the jokes are getting a bit old.

        • Sahaja

          There’s nothing wrong with pointing out spelling and grammar mistakes, if it is done in a constructive and friendly manner.

          When trying to learn another language it can actually be quite helpful when someone points out your mistakes.

    • fred

      Yeah, stupid people suck.

  • Dan Liddiard

    Maybe Nikon will finally get motivated and start putting in theft deterrent or recover means for the average user. E.g. LoJack for Camera. Or if a Stolen camera or lens comes in for repair notify the owner. Any other ideas?

  • mikils

    New development from Nikon

    The wt-6 A for just $9900 will have a gps beacon enbedded to help retrieve stolen equipment…

  • Frank

    I hope you’ve reported the information to Nikon so at least they can go to the authorities. Maybe it could prove to be a valuable lead that they could use to find and prosecute the offenders.

    No one likes a thief – not even other thieves!

  • Greg

    Too bad Nikon used canon video in their D800 promotions without consent of the photographer. Apparently Nikon is willing to steal as well. I am aware that Nikon quickly resolved the issue to the owner’s satisfaction. Before everyone jumps to nikon’s defense, I also shoot Nikon.

    • Maybe you should read the posts regarding this instead of commenting on something you don’t fully understand.

      The video was made by an ad agency. The ad was meant to be shown behind closed doors, it was not for the public. I can go on, but just look up the post and read the thread.

      • preston

        I wish someone would have made it public what ad agency that was so that they never get hired again. They blatantly STOLE intellectual property from creative individuals because they knew the video was to be shown “behind closed doors”. This is no excuse! They still stole the material and used it for commercial purposes. It is obviously implied that the camera being introduced is capable of the shots shown in that film, which is not true as well (for the shots from Canon, yes, but not the ones on specialty high-speed cameras). This is the type of thing that should put an ad agency out of business as it would in lots of other fields.

        • +1

          I don’t like the mindset of ad agencies thinking they can grab anything off the internet and not get caught.

    • The bigger issue for many of us working prosis with Nikon using any video shot with either there own or Canon’s DSLR gear is that, so far, they have not placed ANY new DSLR gear with any pro level video guys for testing and evaluation. Only Nikon sponsored still shooters. Who while great guys/shooters are not video pros. Certainly shows very little confidence in the video product. I can’t invest in gear that does not have unbiased third party evaluation available. And. no, I’m not expecting Nikon to match what Canon’s doing with the C300 and the whole series of PL mount lenses. All of which have actual professional level aperture rings. Kinda like Nikon used to have, actually…

      • WestCoastJim

        West COAST Jim.

        Darn iPhone…

        • BartyL

          I like WestToastJim better (but not WetToastJim).

  • Sahaja

    Who cares? Nikon were undoubtedly insured – though they may have had to fly in more equipment for their NPS shows.

    The only ones who may really suffer are those people who end up buying some of this stolen equipment thinking it is legit.

    • Hairy nipple

      Wonder if they are insured for the replacement value or retail value? After all they are the maker

  • I don’t understand why you would say the s/n must be confirmed, if it was Nikon that released them to start with.

    • Because Nikon never released officially the sn of the stolen equipment. Unless they do, it’s all rumors.

      • Jan Roddick

        But where do the serialnumbers in your story about the stolen equipment come from?

  • Vgri

    If I went to a foreign site I wouldnt even be able to understand what they are saying let alone respond.

    Photographers like to critique stuff.

    Maybe we need to add something to our responses that say; offer constructive critisism for spelling…. Yes or No

    Who knows maybe the person with the bad grammar was simply responding on their blackberry while driving?

  • At least with the Japanese authorities notified about this, you can be certain that the best trained allies in the war against terrorism, theft, evil in general, will be on it like the Israelies[sp?] are on their interests in their region.

    Make no mistake, Interpol ain’t got nothing on them that we are going to know about unless it is to their advantage.

    Spin Doctors beware, in an election year the American Internet will find the truth you really spin…

  • nikon-employee

    You guys, don’t tell any one I said it, but the D400 is gonna blow the D800 away….

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